What is IFRS?

IFRS stands for International Financial Reporting Standards. These standards are set by the International  Accounting Standard Board (IASB). IASB is an independent private sector body that was formed in 2001 to create a single set of global accounting standards.IFRS is now used in 120 countries.

Based on these standards financial accounting policies and practices are followed. 

IFRS sets the common rules to make the financial statements transparent, consistent, and comparable globally.

Top 10 IFRS Courses in India

Henry Harvin Best Certification Training and Courses

Henry Harvin Ranks #1

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1. Henry Harvin

  Henry Harvin is one of the best institutes that provide  IFRS Course.

IFRS course by Henry Harvin offers the following benefits:

  • The IFRS Course offered by Henry Harvin can help you to become a certified IFRS expert, which is in huge demand in and outside India.
  • This course can help you improve your understanding of IFRS to prepare financial statements for companies.
  • It offers about 60 hours of live online sessions + 20 hours of recorded sessions.
  • The course curriculum at Henry Harvin is created by leading experts. It’s aligned with the ACCA diploma in the IFRS curriculum and is periodically updated to the latest version.
  • They focus on providing knowledge to their students, through theory and practical training.
  • Henry Harvin is trusted by 160+ Corporates and 60+ Colleges
  • Students are trained by the industry experts, along with the training they will also have the facility to undergo projects in financial reporting, income tax,  and more. 
  • You can earn a certificate which will make you fit to work in 100+ nations.
  • you get one-year membership of Henry Harvin Finance Academy

Henry-Harvin logo

Henry Harvin has both self-paced courses and live online classes. The course fee is INR 15000/- for the live online classroom and INR 13500/- for the self-paced course.

It’s better to prefer a live online classroom because it has everything that a self-paced course has + you get one-year gold membership, monthly Bootcamp sessions, unlimited live sessions, and mentoring by award-winning trainers.

At Henry Harvin, they reshape the growth of individuals and organizations globally by focussing on value creation and by delivering excellent training

Henry Harvin is recognized for their unique way of teaching and providing quality content to the students. They make sure that the students learn, experiment, implement and excel in their respective fields. 

Also, Henry Harvin provides these courses:

  • Post-graduation program in Accounting and Taxation
  • Financial statement analysis course
  • Post-graduation course in Income tax
  • Financial modeling course
  • Stock market course

Henry Harvin IFRS course fees:


Cities in India Where Henry Harvin Course in Provided:  

BangaloreChennai,  GurgaonKolkataMumbaiJaipurHyderabadLucknowChennaiGurgaonKolkata, Pune

Other Henry Harvin Courses:

ACCA CourseFinancial Analytics CourseFinancial Modeling CourseRPA Certification Course

Henry Harvin® IFRS Course Ranks #1 in India by The Tribune

Also check this video:

2. Synthesis learning

Synthesis learning provides training in finance, accounting, and related courses, they also provide customized learning interventions for large organizations and corporates across India 

The key benefits of Dip IFRS are:

  • Online and Classroom training in “Multiple Locations” across Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Indore.
  • Participants are trained under experienced professionals from the finance industry
  • Deep understanding of the list of IFR standards.
  • High standards of theoretical and practical learning.
  • Job opportunities and Internships through a network of TNCs and MNCs

synthesis logo

The main purpose of IFRS is to provide transparency, accountability, and efficiency in the presentation of financial information across different countries.

3. EY IFRS course

Ey IFRS course is designed in such a way that it will help the students to prepare for the IFRS examination conducted by the global body for professional accountants. By doing this course participants will get a deep understanding of IFRS.

 course includes:

  • 10 live interactive sessions of 6 hours each
  • 15 hours of recorded videos
  • EY Presentations
  • 75 hours of training
  • Access to EY Learning Management System (LMS) after completion of the program
  • Comprehensive study material from BPP Learning Media
  • Participants will receive a ‘Certificate of Participation after completing the course. 

Course fee:INR 20,000 + applicable taxes

EY logo

4. Finpro

Fin Pro Consulting is an Indian consulting firm that offers its client a wide range of advisory solutions related to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles  (GAAP) it’s conversion and training, financial reporting, mergers and accounting, IPO reporting and management consulting solutions.

Course objective:

  •  Interactive Live online weekend batches
  • Mock tests
  • 75 hours of live sessions
  • Live problem solving
  • 30 hours of pre-recorded videos

Course benefits:

  • In-depth understanding of IFRS principles and rules
  • Skills necessary for preparing financial statements
  • Experience in developing professional judgment on practical application
  • Understanding of key differences between International Financial Reporting Standards, Indian GAAP, and Ind AS

Course Fee: 19000 INR plus GST

5. Zell education

To succeed in today’s dynamic and highly competitive world you need to have both theoretical and practical knowledge. Zell education provides a diploma in IFRS by ACCA

Duration: 3 months

Batch schedule: weekends

Study mode: classroom and online

zell education logo

 In This course, you will learn about financial statements, presentation of financial statements and additional disclosures, preparation of external financial reports for combined entities, associates, and joint agreements

Program highlights:

  • Largest Dip IFRS institute in western India
  • Regular mock tests
  • Exclusive Dip IFRS qualified faculty
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Hands-on industry experience with on-field assignments

6. Global FTI

The ACC diploma in IFRS provided by globalFTI helps to build on technical and practical knowledge of IFRS.

The course introduces the candidate to the system of setting standards and international framework of accountingglobalfti logo

Course details:

The ACCA Diploma in IFRS program covers the following topics:

  • International sources of authority
  • This course covers the preparation of external financial reports for combined entities, associates, and joint arrangement

Course fee is INR 20,000/-  + Taxes as applicable

The course includes 60 hours of live, interactive classroom training, doubt clarification.  In GFTI’s, students are trained under experienced ACCA faculty, and they are provided with a study material from ACCA-approved publishers.

7. Grant Thornton India

Grant Thornton provides several IFRS courses, these courses can be an instructor-led online live program, E-learning program, or classroom program.

ACCA Diploma in IFRS-live training:

In this course, you will learn about complex financial reporting standards.

It offers about 95 hours of training+ 20 hours of recorded videos. You will be provided with the training material, BPP study material, post-training support, and a certificate of participation 

Course fee-INR 24,000/- excluding taxes

DipIFRS Exam is held twice a year in June and December.

Certificate in IFRS E-learning:

The IFRS e-learning course makes the learner understand the concepts of IFRS deeply and helps to prepare for the ACCA diploma in the IFRS exam.

Course fee: INR 15,000/- without taxes.

  • 70 hours of study
  • include 48 hours of recorded videos
  • 22 hours of other content and assessments

ACCA’s diploma in IFRS:

 Classroom training 

Course fee: INR24,000/- without tax.Grant thorton logo 8. KPMG

KPMG provides training on ACCA’s IFRS certification course. This 

The training program helps the accounts professional to have a deep understanding of global accounting changes

KPMG provides this program in Bangalore as well as other locations also.

KPMG is one of the leading finance and business advisory, internal audit, tax and regulatory services, and corporate governance.

Course benefits:

  • Participants will have access to LMS for one year. This includes,
  • Session presentations, and summary of standards 
  • Participants will learn the difference between IFRS, Ind AS, and Indian GAAP
  • Sessions are conducted by an experienced professional of KPMG India.

Who should attend?

  • Consultants, practicing Chartered Accountants, Cost, and Management Accountants (CMO)
  • Finance and accounting professionals
  • Post Graduates, graduates, and semi-qualified CA who are part of the finance/accounting team
  • Chief Financial Officers (CFO), Chief accountants, Finance Directors, Finance manager and strategic planners.
  • Accountants and analysts

Course fee: INR 32,608/- excluding GST and exam fees.

kpmg logo9. PWC India

PWC India provides diverse training courses based on deep subject matter knowledge and global experience. The highly qualified and experienced professionals at PWC will help you to understand and implement the concepts of IFRS.

PWC delivers the highest quality content to the students.

ACCA DipIFR: the ACCA DipIFR is an IFRS qualification by the association of chartered certified accountant (ACCA).

In this course, the participants will learn to develop knowledge and understanding of International Financial  Reporting Standards. They will also learn to apply the list of IFRS standards with a deep understanding of underpinning concepts and principles.

pwc academy logo

What participants will receive:

  • This program prepares you for ACCA dip in IFRS.
  • This program also covers the concepts of Ind AS as a part of the curriculum.
  • A mock test will be conducted to check your understanding and preparation for the ACCA diploma exam.
  • In this program, the participants will be provided with ACCA-approved study material and they will also have access to session recordings for 1 year.
  • Sessions are conducted by industry experts.
  • Interactive support of the trainer during the session

What participants will gain?

An In-depth understanding of IFRS. Skills related to the preparation of financial statements under IFRS Experience in the field of IFRS

Participants will also be taught about the key differences between IFRS and Ind AS.

Duration: It’s an instructor-led 75-hour program.

Course Fee – 24500 INR

10. IMS Pro school

IFRS Course offered by IMS  has a well-researched and industry-relevant curriculum.

At pro-school they focus on building a new age skilling program, innovating how to engage the youth, motivating and guiding the youth to build their future.

Pro school IFRS training is currently available in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, thane, Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kochi, students who are outside these cities can opt for an online program.

Study options:

  1. Live online training

 55+hours of live and interactive training sessions

Clear your doubts to face to face with experts

Course fee: INR 25,000/-

  1. Classroom training

3 months training program on IFRS available on weekends

Course fee:32,0000/-

  1. Self-study

One year access to LMS

24*7 doubt solving forum

Course fee:12,500/-

In this course, you will learn to apply relevant financial reporting standards and understand IFRS. students are trained under industry experts.

pro school logo

After completion of the course, students get a joint certification from NSE academy, NSDC, and IMS preschool.

Advantages of implementing international financial reporting standards are:

  • A single set of accounting standards globally
  • IFRS would make it easier to monitor and control subsidiaries from different countries 
  • Highly transparent 
  • Encourages cross border transaction and investments
  • Facilitate international acquisitions and mergers
  • It creates more flexibility in accounting practices 
  • IFRS would create a higher return on equity
  • It offers accounting professional more opportunities in any part of the world, where they follow the same accounting practices
  • It is beneficial to new and small investors

Career options after completing IFRS course:

The need for IFRS  professionals and experts is increasing enormously. After completing your Diploma in IFRS, you can find many jobs in the accounting and financial sector of various industries, and the best part is you are not limited to a single country. Companies are increasingly upgrading professionals with the knowledge and experience of IFRS along with their accounts and finance degrees. Hence, if you wish to excel in your career in finance, you should consider taking up an  IFRS course to improve your career prospects. Some of the options are:

  • The Banking and insurance sectors are the best platform after completion of the IFRS certification course.these sectors provide huge opportunities for IFRS-certified people.
  • Audit firms make one’s way up after completion of  the IFRS certification course.
  • Professional advisory companies hire IFRS-certified people and take advice about financial programs.
  • Other companies who accepted  IFRS standards also hire IFRS-certified people. 
  • Accountants in private companies and MNCs
  • Financial consultant
  • Teacher in the finance education sector
  • After IFRS qualification you will be eligible to work in 100+ countries

Who can take the IFRS course?

  • Chartered Accountants CA, Company Secretaries,  ICWA, and other finance professionals.
  • Chief Accountants and Finance Managers.
  • MBAs majored in Finance and working in the accounting domain.
  •  Semi-qualified CA, CS, ICWA, working in the accounting domain.

How to become an IFRS expert?

In today’s world, everybody knows the importance of IFRS  for career growth. To become an expert gain the necessary knowledge of accounting / financial reporting, earn an educational qualification. Acquire in-depth knowledge about each standard. As we know amendments are a part of accounting standards, hence, as an IFRS professional, you should be open to learning and continuous improvements. Develop your knowledge and keep practicing.

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Q-1. What is the importance of IFRS?

 Applying IFRS provides high-quality accounting standards that bring transparency, efficiency, and accountability to the financial market around the world.

Q-1. How many countries use IFRS?   

IFRS is used in at least 120 countries, including European countries, also countries in Asia and South America excluding the U.S. which uses GAAP.

Q-1.  What is the career scope of IFRS professionals in India?

IFRS professionals are in huge demand in India, Indian companies are facilitating the learning of IFRS standards for their existing employees and hiring new candidates with IFRS skills.


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