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“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them” – Chris Grosse. Success is not by chance but is a result of the correct decision coupled with disciplined efforts. Apart from grit, expertise, and a focused approach, professional success also depends on setting up a benchmark.

Are you an accounting or finance professional? Have you made up your mind to register for the IFRS certification course? Bingo, if you have because you are halfway there.

IFRS certification is the most reputed skill that can yield maximum job opportunities and pay hikes. Due to globalization, many companies are implementing the list of IFRS standards. Therefore, the demand for IFRS certified executives are certainly on the rise.

What Is The List of IFRS  Standards?


IFRS Standards

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International Financial Reporting Standards or the IFRS standards are accounting rules that are approved by the International Accounting Standards Boards (ISAB).

A non-profit organization conceptualized the list of IFRS standards to bring a set framework for accounting.

The goal of implementing IFRS standards

  • The sole purpose is to make sure financial statements follow identical principles across the world while reporting the performance of a firm. 
  • List of IFRS standards brings transparency, accountability, and efficiency within the financial market by providing accurate information. 
  • Helps to understand financial performance and risks

Advantages Of Implementing The List Of IFRS Standards

As different countries follow different accounting standards, sometimes this creates confusion among stakeholders. The list of IFRS standards allows companies to divulge their financial data in a standardized manner to confirm consistency and accuracy.

  • By putting these standards into practice, countries can attract foreign investments and thus increase the capital flow. 

  • It will be easier to grasp investment opportunities when financial statements are prepared by employing a common accounting principle. 
  • Stakeholders can take pragmatic decisions because they are well cognizant of the opportunities against the risks.

What Is The IFRS Certification Course?

IFRS Certification Course

 A curriculum that is designed to build knowledge in international financial reporting standards (IFRS). Upon the completion of this course, students will get a thorough understanding of the list of IFRS standards and their practical application.

Benefits Of The IFRS Certification Course

The IFRS certification course will help you to develop an understanding of the list of IFRS standards. Hence, It will be of great advantage if you are in the field of finance or accounting. The list of IFRS standards has been adopted in 120 countries all over the world to ensure uniformity and reliability. As a result, there is a dearth of skilled professionals in this field. A thorough understanding of the IFRS standards will open doors to global work opportunities. In brief, it will be a value add to your resume and give your career a big boost.

Learning Outcome Of IFRS Certification Course

  • Understand the international reporting standards
  • Comprehend financial statements
  • Understand how assets and liabilities are identified
  • Understand measurement and declaration of a different list of IFRS standards

IFRS Applicability In India


IFRS in India

India is an emerging economy and shortly to join the league of adopting the list of IFRS standards. The Government of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) issued a note on 2nd January 2015 defining the phases of the proposed implementation of Indian accounting standards(IAS) together with the list of IFRS standards. Many companies in India are keen to follow these principles to grow their business within the global market. Businesses are inclined to follow a globally accepted uniform reporting system which can help them to make informed financial decisions. Since the implementation has already begun in India, there will be significant demand for certified professionals with lucrative salary packages.

Benefits Of Adopting IFRS For Indian Companies

Many benefits that the list of IFRS standards can provide to Indian investors are 

  • Transparent report
  • Open to the global market
  • Does not have the restrictions of the current reporting system
  • Sound financial decision making
  • More inflow of foreign fund in the market
  • Reduction of compliance cost

As the awareness grows about the list of IFRS standards and companies adopting the framework to serve international clients, there is a growing need to train accounting professionals. Therefore, the demand for IFRS certification courses is clearly on the rise in the Indian market.

Career Prospects For The IFRS Certified Workers In India

There is a massive demand for IFRS certified workers in India. Guidelines in the list of IFRS standards are updated continuously. Therefore, there will always be a demand for IFRS-certified experts. Besides this, knowledge of international standards is always a plus. The government is taking various measures to improve the economy. So, it is necessary to have a solid understanding of finance and keep yourself updated.

Top 10 IFRS Certification Courses In Madurai

After doing my research on a few parameters, I am listing below the list of the top 10 IFRS Certification courses available in Madurai you can join

  1.        IFRS certification by Henry Harvin Finance Academy
  2.        Ernst and Young (EY) IFRS course   
  3.        PwC India – DipIFR
  4.        KPMG – Diploma in IFRS by ACCA
  5.        Grant Thornton –  ACCA Diploma in IFRS
  6.        Manipal Prolearn – EY and MAHE Advanced certificate in IFRS
  7.        IMS Proschool – IFRS with NSE Certification
  8.        Certificate course on IFRS convergence by ICWAI
  9.        Fin pro consulting- Diploma in ACCA IFRS
  10.       Takshila Learning – ACCA Diploma In IFRS

1. IFRS certification by Henry Harvin Finance Academy

Henry Harvin logo

Henry Harvin has designed a unique training program that will impart knowledge on the list of IFRS standards. The candidates will also get an in-depth understanding of the principles of the framework. Besides this, they will know how to implement it in financial reporting for the Indian market. The IFRS Certification course at Henry Harvin is created by experts. It is aligned with various bodies and updated timely as per international standards. So far 8,000/- participants have reaped rewards of the Henry Harvin IFRS certification course in their career. The course is trusted by 160+ corporates like Abbott Pharma, Avon Cosmetics, Hostbooks, and 60+ colleges like IIM and IITs

The Highlight Of The Henry Harvin IFRS Certification Course

  • Live virtual training of 60+ hours including brush up sessions for a year and e-learning access
  • Highly skilled mentors who are subject matter experts in respective domains with 10+ year of experience
  •  Opportunity to work as an intern with Henry Harvin and partner firms
  •  Weekly 10+ job Opportunities offered by Henry Harvin

  • One year free membership of Henry Harvin Finance Academy which includes e-learning access, brush up sessions, games, projects, and case studies
  • Opportunity to do live projects during training

Learning Outcome Of Henry Harvin IFRS Certification Course

  • To make the trainees aware of the principles of IFRS standards and their implementation in the marketplace 
  • This course includes both the IAS(International Accounting Standard) and the list of IFRS(International Financial Reporting Standards).
  • This training program will help the trainees to understand the global standards and help them to prepare statements of financial position, statement of equity, income statement, etc.

Henry Harvin’s Training Methodology

  • Students are given live projects for a better understanding of the concepts
  • A mixture of training methodologies used to achieve the desired learning outcome 
  • Presentation, group discussions, and brainstorming sessions make the sessions engaging for the participants

Cities in India Where Henry Harvin Course in Provided:  

BangaloreChennai,  GurgaonKolkataMumbaiJaipurHyderabadLucknowChennaiGurgaonKolkata, Pune

Other Henry Harvin Courses:

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Henry Harvin® IFRS Course Ranks #1 in India by The Tribune

Also check his video:

2. EY IFRS Course

EY logo

EY is offering a diploma in IFRS by ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

The outline of the IFRS certification course offered by EY is to establish an understanding of IFRS standards. You will get an in-depth knowledge of the framework, its concepts, and practical application in the Indian market

Course Offerings

  • 75 training hours
  • 15 hour of recorded videos
  • Comprehensive study material
  • Access to EY learning management system after successful completion
  • EY presentations

Learning Outcomes Of EY IFRS Course

  • Comprehend IFRS standards in detail
  • Implement the relevant standards in the financial reporting
  • Identify the disclosures for the firms in the reporting
  • Prepare group financial statements

Course Fees

INR 20,000 + taxes per participant. EY will offer certificates of participation to candidates with a minimum of 80% attendance. Candidates who want to appear for Diploma in IFRS by ACCA are required to pay the additional fee to ACCA.

  3.PwC India – DipIFR

PwC’s Academy logo

Diploma in IFRS is an online program offered PwC India for accounting professionals.

PwC aims to create an engaging and valuable experience for the student so that they can help organizations in this constantly evolving financial landscape.

Course Highlights

  • Qualified faculty with extensive hands-on experience
  • The concept of IND AS are covered
  • Internationally acknowledged ACCA diploma in IFRS upon certification completion
  • Administrative support for exam registration
  • Practical assignments and updated contents

Check for- Accounting and Taxation Certification Course

Learning Outcomes

  • Thorough understanding of IFRS rules 
  • The grip on the practical application of the IFRS framework
  • In-depth knowledge of the revenue and leasing standards with case-studies from industries 
  • Expertise in creating the consolidated financial statement

   4. KPMG – Diploma In IFRS by ACCA

KPMG logo

KPMG is offering a diploma in IFRS and planning. The course has been formulated to familiarize the candidates with the standards of global accounting. KPMG`s diploma in IFRS is focused more on the IFRS standards. They also offer diplomas in ACCA which is recognized in India and around the world. So far, KPMG has trained more than 9000 students to date.

Highlights Of The Course

  • 75 hours of virtual live training
  • Weekend batches
  • Demonstration on topics such as IFRS and, Ind AS and general accounting principles will be given
  •  Exam preparedness mock sessions will be conducted for the students 
  • Experienced trainers who are from KPMG India
  • Access to learning management system (LMS) for a year that includes videos, modules, etc.

  Learning Outcomes of KPMG IFRS Diploma

  • Detailed understanding of the global framework 
  • Practical application of the key elements in the financial reporting 
  • Help the companies understand the financial report and disclosure requirement
  • How to prepare group financial statements 

Course Fee

The course fee is INR 32,608 exclusive of GST. The fee also excludes the examination fee payable to the ACCA for the diploma. KPMG certifies all the trainees who have enrolled and attended 90% of the sessions.

     5. Grant Thornton Bharat – ACCA Diploma In IFRS

grant thornton logo

This training program is designed for finance candidates who would like to have a detailed knowledge of IFRS. This is based on the ACCA syllabus. 

 They aim to cover the concepts of IFRS and its difference from Ind AS (Indian Accounting standards) and IGAAP(Indian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). Besides this, the course also helps to understand how to implement IFRS in India. As industry experts, they help the trainees to understand complex concepts by sharing experience.

Learning Outcomes Of the ACCA Diploma In IFRS

  • Reporting skill as per the standards of IFRS and Ind AS
  • Expertise to create group financial statements with subsidiaries and associates
  • In-depth understanding of accounting and disclosure requirements
  • Understand complex reporting structures like financial instruments, consolidation, etc.

Highlights Of The Course

  •  95 hours of learning and an additional 20 hr of video lessons
  •  Training material including BPP study material
  •  Case studies
  •  Post-training support and query resolution
  •  Certificate of participation

Course Fee

24,000/ per participants excluding exam fee

  6. Manipal Prolearn – EY And MAHE Advanced Certificate In IFRS

prolearn logo

Manipal Prolearn, a part of Manipal Global Education Services, offers various certification courses across different domains. Advanced diploma in IFRS offered by Manipal Prolearn in partnership with EY will equip the trainees with the knowledge to make accurate and comprehensible financial statements.

 Course Highlights

  • 1546 candidates have been trained so far
  • 200+ hours of training
  • LMS access for 24*7
  • 3 Doubt clearing sessions
  • The course curriculum is aligned with the ACCA Diploma in IFRS
  • The learner will get a joint certification from EY and Manipal Prolearn after successful completion
  • Study material is sourced from BECKER, an approved publisher by ACCA, UK

Course Fee

25,700/ INR per participant

7. IMS Proschool – IFRS Course With NSE Certification

proschool logo

The IFRS certification course offered by Proschool is in partnership with NSE academy. It is one of the first organizations to be affiliated with NSE India. The syllabus has been carefully designed by the experts keeping in mind the industry standards.

Course Highlights

  • Study material prepared by industry experts
  • Access to online study material 24* 7
  • They prepare the candidates for both the diploma and the certificate courses
  • Joint certification issued by NSE academy, NSDC, and IMS Proschool
  •  Expert trainers from the industry
  •  55 hrs of live sessions and 15 hrs of recorded video sessions
  •  Interactive doubt clearing sessions

Course Fee

25,000 (All inclusive)

    8. Certificate Course On IFRS Convergence By ICWAI

ICWAI logo

The government of India is planning to implement the list of IFRS standards in phases. Thus, ICWAI is offering this IFRS certification course to train all its students on IFRS standards. The objective of this IFRS certification course is also to make the members understand the practical aspects of IFRS.

Course Highlights

  • Explanation of the concepts by examples and case studies
  • Arrangements of the contents in a logical manner
  • A simplified explanation of the clauses of standards given by IASB
  • The E-learning course is of 100+ hours which covers 34 standards
  • Video lessons are interactive which promotes a rich learning experience


ICWAI-MARF certificate will be given to the candidates who pass the online test.

     9. Fin Pro Consulting – Diploma In ACCA IFRS

fin pro consulting logo

 An Indian consulting firm Fin pro, offers a large number of advisory services on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), reporting, training, etc. Finpro conducts diploma in IFRS accredited by ACCA, UK. The course is created to provide a working knowledge of the IFRS framework, Its principles, and practical implication.

Course Highlights

  • 75 hours of online training
  • 30 hours of video recorded lectures
  • Study material including sample question paper
  • Weekend sessions
  • Each session is dedicated to a standard along with its practical application
  • Mock tests are conducted for exam preparedness

Learning Outcomes of Fin Pro Consulting Diploma in ACCA IFRS

  • Knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards framework
  • Expertise in creating financial statements 
  • Develop an understanding of the practical application 
  • In-depth understanding of differences between Indian GAAP, Ind AS, and International Financial Reporting Standards

Course Fee

The program fee is INR 18,000 ( excluding GST)

       10. Takshila Learning – ACCA Diploma In IFRS

takshila logo

The course offered by Takshila learning is designed for the students who want to gain an understanding of IFRS. This course focuses on the practical understanding of the list of IFRS standards.


Course Highlights

  • 80 hours of recorded video sessions
  • Online mode of delivery
  • Topics are allied with the latest syllabus of ACCA
  • 80+ Practice Sample Paper 
  • 80+ Model papers (Topic wise)
  • Faculty Support Via Whatsapp, Conference call
  • Doubt sessions – Via Whatsapp, Conference Webinar
  • Webinar – Regular period
  • Study Material – Downloadable(PDF)

Course Fee



To conclude, I believe choosing the best IFRS certification course is very important. Henry Harvin Education has carved a niche for itself in the field of education by offering well-defined learning solutions. One of the key highlights of the IFRS certification course offered by Henry Harvin is its guaranteed internship opportunity. Besides getting a chance to network with professionals, you will also refine the knowledge gained during the training period. Participants have shared excellent feedback about the certification. So, what are you waiting for? Call the helpline number to register for the Henry Harvin IFRS certification course today.


Q-1. What is ACCA?

The Association of chartered certified accountants (ACCA) is a global regulatory accounting body. ACCA`s headquarters are in London. All qualified chartered certified accounts are ACCA members. There are more than 104 ACCA offices in more than 52 countries. It also has 228,000 members, and 627,000 students in 181 countries.

Q-2. What is Indian Accounting Standard (IAS)?

Indian accounting standard (IAS) is the accounting standard that was issued by the accounting standards board. The body was enacted in 1977. This standard is adopted by businesses in India.

Q-3. How the assessment for ACCA Diploma in IFRS is conducted?

Diploma in IFRS is a three hour written examination conducted twice a year in ACCA’s approved exam centres. The passing percentage is 50. The questions are a mixed bag of calculation, descriptive and scenario-based case studies

Q-4. What are the eligibility criteria to register for the IFRS certification course?

Any qualified accountant who has two years of relevant working experience. Without a degree, an ACCA Certification in financial reporting is required to apply for this certification course.

Q-5. What is Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)?

The accounting standards accepted by the U.S securities and exchange of commission (SEC)

Q-6. Who should attend the IFRS certification course?

1. Chartered accountants, financial professionals, and company secretaries
The IFRS certification course will immensely benefit accounting and finance professionals.
2. Finance managers/ Accountants
Understanding the guidelines and regulations, managers and accounts can bring much-needed transparency by identifying risks and opportunities
you can work as a consultant who can help companies migrate to or Implement a list of IFRS standards
4. MBA finance with an accounting background
This course will benefit management professionals and entrepreneurs. Once you are aware of the global standards, you can ensure compliance

Q-7. What are the career opportunities for IFRS Certification Course?

1.Banking and Insurance companies have a huge demand for IFRS certified workers. 
2.In a consulting firm offering advisory services to the financial organizations
3.You can open your consultancy firms and get hired by reputed organizations 
4.Many non-financial companies are also implementing IFRS guidelines.
5.You can work as a trainer to help with the IFRS training and certification

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  1. This detailed information regarding IFRS(International Financial Reporting Standards) which has been implemented and it’s applicability in India is very well explained. I am a MBA student with specialization in Finance and this blog has expanded my knowledge a lot. Thank you

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