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Owing to COVID 19 there are considerably more individuals spending time online. This has prompted me to choose in terms of Digital Marketing Course in European Countries. A lot of people are confused about what to do after school.

A few people decide to finish their degree while some go abroad to settle down their profession. 

Some people choose to work from home and turn to become a freelancer. If you are looking for career choices, then read about Digital Marketing. 

This will surely help you to make your profession to the next level. The scope of digital marketing is high in demand for other nations too.

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The total population throughout the world is in billions.

And the most fascinating fact is, these days individuals are more associated with the internet. So, the business in abroad totally relies upon digital marketing endeavors.

Digital Marketing Overview

Digital marketing is a modern marketing approach in which the products and services are promoted through the Internet.

There are many platforms available on the internet such as Facebook, OLX, Twitter, youtube via vlogging, blogging/content marketing and SEO techniques etc.

For example, on Facebook products are promoted through pages via following and the pages must be attracted in such a way that must attract the target audience.

On Youtube, you can promote your product or service by creating a nice video explaining the features of the product and on OLX you sell products by uploading its pics and providing attractive information.


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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in European Countries

Choosing the right Digital Marketing Course in European Countries can be challenging. With all of the available choices, it’s important to find the correct fit.

When it comes to making your selection, the practical decision should be one that shows all aspects of digital marketing in-depth.

A balanced education program should include SEO, content marketing, paid search, and more.

The best courses offer students the opportunity to learn hands-on by practising activities and learning from some of the best industry experts.

1. Certification Course in Digital Marketing from Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the main organizations that help professionals to gain expertise in various disciplines.

It trains executives and students in content writing, digital marketing, and six sigma and numerous other professional courses.

Rated as one of the top private institutions around the world that offers one of the best content digital writing courses and digital marketing courses.

After finishing the course, the students are encouraged to take a temporary job with the institute to learn and skill themselves as per industry requirements.

Experts trained by Henry Harvin are in great demand and favoured by industries because the candidates come with hands-on experience which he acquired during the time of their temporary job.

Course Duration- 4 weeks

 Digital marketing course helps you to learn vivid segments of marketing like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, Email marketing, Inbound marketing, Content marketing, and web analytics. 

Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing by Henry Harvin®

Ranked #1 Amongst the Top 5 Trending Digital Marketing Course by India Today | Validate your professional skills in the field of Digital Marketing

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Marketing is an integral segment of an organization, so the demand of digital marketers is elevating day by day. Specialization in SEO and SEM can help you to grow your business.

Henry Harvin equips the candidates with a plethora of marketing tactics and strategies. Moreover, they assist you with digital marketing tools with online marketing courses.

It helps you to apply different marketing techniques to your company website.

They will guide you through practical experience in branding products. You can acquire diverse information by promulgating your products and services.

Henry Harvin gives you many benefits in a digital marketing course. They help you to study on virtual platforms and can access e-learning.

It includes recorded videos, case studies, games, and prodigious projects for the acquisition of your knowledge in the digital world.

They will also provide you with brush-up sessions for revision of the course. Furthermore, they help with the latest information about the market.

You can convert your stepping stone into a milestone of a career in digital marketing. You can touch the skyscrapers of the digital world with a digital marketing course.

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2. Professional Degree in Digital Marketing from Noroff School of Technology and Digital Media

The digital pioneers of the future study at Noroff. You will be hands-on from your very absolute first day.

The business part will be following your studies from your very absolute first day.

We have placed ourselves in the shoes of your future employer and came up with a wish list.

Build a profession as a digital marketer and make results with digital advertising, search engine optimization, privacy, and analytics.

This education centres around vital and focussed online marketing and social media. The program has a solid focus on practical skills.

The teaching depends on professional information and continuous efforts on exercises. Along with this, you will work with a bigger mandatory task related to the topic.

The main half is comprised up of five themes, while the second semester runs in blocks where you focus on one topic at a time.

After the examination will be refreshed on digital marketing through modern and savvy channels.

You will have information, knowledge, and aptitude that can instantly include business esteem through increased visibility on the Internet, ad networks, social media presence, and the organization’s website.

You will get a fundamental introduction to the marketing profession along with a solid stage in performance measurement and investigation.

This will empower you to capture new opportunities that emerge.

The program provides an introduction to client dialogue and you also figure out how to keep yourself up-to-date with what’s going on in the marketing world even after the program.

Program Information

Location: Oslo, Norway
Duration: 1year full-time
2 years part-time
Fees: EUR 3.600 – per semester full-time
EUR 1.800 – per semester part-time

3. Online Digital Marketing Course from European Summer School

European Summer School occurs in Prague, both current and chronicled capital of the Czech Republic.

Prague is one of the five most visited urban regions in Europe, and its area in the focal point of Europe makes travels to other main destinations such as Vienna, Berlin or Budapest more than straightforward.

Digital Marketing is an extremely wide blend of marketing channels and individuals. In this course, you will figure out how to make a marketing strategy and different online marketing channels – PPC and RTB, social media, e-mail, affiliate, content marketing, and more.

You will pick up information about SEO and web examination, website development and usage of online marketing, and also where to discover the most up to date information, patterns, and devices.

Program Information

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Duration: 10 Days
Fees: EUR 650

4. Higher Marketing and Digital Advertising Program from Spain Business School

Spain Business School centres around business, legal and operational training, following a top-quality eLearning philosophy utilized by the main business schools of the world. During an unprecedented emergency few sectors that proceed or have a greater push to market and steady advancement.

The expansion in digital consumption makes these discipline experts are sued every day, more in a consistently evolving environment.

The Superior Digital Marketing Program, through the correct blend of general and specific knowledge, permits students to obtain the skills to have a generous competitive advantage in building up their professional abilities.

For all these reasons, if your future is in marketing, you think digital.

The Superior Program in Marketing and Advertising Digital is focussed on a wide range of experts requiring to enter the digital environment worries on the part of the digital marketing sector of extraordinary current interest.

It is intended for both profiles the management level to middle management, technical profiles, independent professionals, businessmen, entrepreneurs, etc.

The Superior Program in Digital Marketing has the ideal blend of experts and instructors to give a theoretical and practical nature and present the most recent trends in the digital environment for students to accomplish the best specific targets of the program.

Program Information

Location: Madrid, Spain
Duration: 6 Semesters
Fees: EUR 1,850

5. Superior Program in Digital Strategy from The Valley Digital Business School

We are a business school that spent specialized time in the digital sector. Our training schedules take place in Barcelona, Madrid and the Canary Islands. 

Our educational offer is described by specialization in the advanced digital business area and by being adjusted to the profiles of the students, experts, supervisors, and organizations.

If you want to acquire a thorough and comprehensive vision of the keys to the environment and the digital economy, the Superior Program in Digital Strategy will find the levers to fulfill the needs of the market and understand how this change influences organizations.

It is focussed on experts and entrepreneurs who need to understand the digital ecosystem and the regions that make it, from a prominently practical methodology.

Program Information

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Duration: 110 Hours
Fees: EUR 5,500

6. Short Course in Social Media and Online Marketing from International Business School

The International Business School The Hague (IBSH) is an innovative institute of business and board built in The Netherlands and is situated in the city of The Hague.

The IBSH is unlike many other business schools in that it has specifically planned its Ph.D., Master, and Bachelor programs to provoke its students to turn out to be better business pioneers.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is quickly turning into a significant part of the promoting efforts of numerous organizations.

Marketing by social media offers major advantages for marketeers but also poses new difficulties.

This course gives a practical introduction to SMM and hands-on training with a few of the significant social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Towards the end of the course, members will have acquired information about marketing procedures and the use of online stages.

 Program Information

Location: The Hague, Netherlands
Duration: 2 Weeks
Fees: EUR 3,100

7. MSc in Digital Business Analytics from Leonard de Vinci Group

The program investigates various advanced digital business plans, analytical systems, and new devices that shape the present business environment.

It plans future advisors to become executives and part of the worldwide community in this digital world.

The course plans students for various career opportunities on the international scene in the field of digital business consulting, e-commerce, digital value chain management, digital ventures, and business examination.

The Leonard de Vinci Business School (EMLV) is near to the organizations that shape the financial scene of tomorrow and in this way prepare managers to answer the requirements of multinational and global organizations.

The school, particularly suggested for its addition pace of young graduates in their first employments, encourage students to build up their network and gives them extraordinary global career perspectives.

A few visits to French and international firms as well as to new companies and one of the most exceptional start-up environments and business hubs in Europe “La French Tech” are part of the program.

MSc Digital Business Analytics is intended to provide students with abilities and the expertise to flourish in powerful business environments.

Participants will figure out how to ace the businesses examination, advanced techniques, and digital tools that will give them a competitive advantage in today’s and tomorrow’s business world.

It structures future chief consultants to assume a crucial role in the decision making of organizations, technology strategy, corporate innovation, business enhancement, and improvement of existing organizations or new businesses.

The program joins theory and practice to create applied research aptitudes expected to win in the digital age.

 Program Information

Location: Paris, France
Duration: 1 Year
Fees: EUR 10,200

8. Master in Digital Marketing and Communication from Bologna Business School

Bologna Business School established in 2000 is the business school of the University of Bologna. BBS positions among the most creative business schools in Europe and is one of the most legitimate institutions in Italy. 

TheMaster in Digital Marketing and Communication is a reaction to the quick pace of progress inside the world of communications, offering the most recent abilities and tools for digital correspondence.

By building up solid marketing establishments that emphases on the creation, management, and performance analysis of social media content, the course permits students to build up the capacity to interpret organization’s needs and change them into effective and powerful content and communication plans.

This type of training – adaptable and constantly developing tries to encourage students to consider on the future of advanced digital media, because of the constant discussion with a different class in terms of educational background and geographical origin, and a Faculty that comprises of academics, managers, and a portion of the sector’s driving business people.

In only one year, the Master in Digital Marketing and Communication gives the individual and expert development expected to launch a career in an organization or digital agency, not to mention the value of spending this time in a multiculturally-rich condition, which wires development with the experience and prestige of the University of Bologna.

 Program Information

Location: Bologna, Italy
Duration: 1 Year
Fees: EUR 14,800

9. MSc Digital Marketing from GISMA ULaw

GISMA was pleased to declare its partnership with ULaw in 2017. Because of this cooperation, GISMA can offer a scope of postgraduate programs including human resources, marketing, and information management.

The GISMA ULaw campus is situated in the German capital of Berlin. All of our programs are taught in English so that students from all over the globe have the chance to come and study with us.

The MSc Digital Marketing Course is planned to furnish students with a fundamental understanding and basic information of digital marketing, hence upgrading their expert potential in this ever-expanding field.

In the present technologically advanced business world, digital techniques are a major part of every organization’s marketing procedure.

This course will give you the basic abilities to effectively create digital marketing strategies and put them to use.

It will cover a scope of key areas including basics of the digital business environment, information-driven decision making, and leading marketing techniques in the present business world.

This course is perfect for individuals who need to enter the marketing world and gain expert information on digital techniques utilized in today’s business world.

Regardless of whether you are looking to progress in your current career, switch careers, or seek a profession in this field, this is the course for you.

Berlin is the best in the class advanced digital hub with its diverse population, the ideal area to experience international education.

You will get a chance to immerse yourself in the dynamic culture Berlin has to offer while getting knowledge into German organizations such as Sony, Deutsche Bahn, and other key corporate players.

 Program Information

Location: Berlin, Germany
Duration: 1 Year
Fees: EUR 19,250

10. MSc In Digital Marketing and Sales from Kedge Business School

KEDGE Business School is a French business college with 4 campuses in France (Paris, Bordeaux, Marseilles, and Toulon), 1 in China (Shanghai), 1 in Dakar, Senegal, and 3 partner campuses (Avignon, Bastia, and Bayonne). KEDGE is one of the 10 best business schools in France and is positioned 35 in the FT European.

Digital marketing is having a tumultuous affecting society in general, clearing aside the established practices of organizations, government bodies, and users.

New professions and new practices have risen, bringing about a skills gap in the market and an urgent requirement for new management training in these regions.

The new MSc in Digital Marketing & Sales launched by KEDGE is intended to prepare students to get the logical and business-related abilities expected to have a successful career in the digital environment.

Its instructional method is based on a cross over vision dependent on 4 pillars: strategy, procedure, structure, and digital marketing. Students will graduate as highly skilled digital marketing specialists.

You will find inside and out the overall digital marketing world concentrating on the abilities and information you should incorporate and put into action strategies with high added value for organizations.

The program centres around topics like social media marketing, information analytics, digital strategy & content marketing, e-commerce management activities, and so on.

Program information

Location: Marseille, France
Duration: 1-2 Years
Fees: EUR 15,000

11.Edinburgh Business School – Digital Marketing Accelerator Course

Edinburgh Business School offers Digital Marketing Accelerator courses through a unique partnership between them and practitioners in the digital marketing industry, providing expert insight into the latest industry best practices, strategic thinking, and tactical approaches.

It is not a master’s in digital marketing in Europe, but a digital marketing course in Europe that provides learning materials in the form of “micro-learning” videos. Moreover, it provides a global overview of the latest trends in digital marketing concepts and best practices. Learners will be familiar with all digital marketing concepts including screen recordings with voice-over demonstrations, website review tools, market research, and campaign analysis demonstrating best practices for strategic thinking, and tactics.


  • No physical presence is required as there are no “live” lessons. Study at a time that suits your work and family schedules. 
  • Self-assess your learning through interactive quizzes.
  • At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion from the Edinburgh Business School.

Course Duration

This Digital Marketing course in Europe includes over 20 hours of his videos and reading material available entirely online.

12.Future Learn

A British online education platform offering many continuing education courses since 2012. As Europe is one of the best country to study Digital Marketing, you can also get a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing in Europe through Future Learn. Here’s the Digital Marketing Fundamentals course, which FutureLearn has partnered with HubSpot to offer.


  • An introductory course in digital marketing in Europe.
  • Not only will you learn the basics of the digital marketing mix, but you’ll also learn about the marketing channels you need for your digital campaigns. 
  • A certificate is received upon completion of the course.

Course Duration and Fees

This is a 4-week course, 3 hours a week. An unlimited subscription allows you to use this course at a price of INR 750/-.

13 Esade – Digital Marketing

Globally, ESADE Business School ranks among the leading universities for the quality of the teaching experience it offers its students, research, and facilities. Europe is the best country to study digital marketing, ESADE Business School is one of the best digital marketing schools in Europe.

Speaking of digital marketing programs, it’s a master’s degree in digital business. Although taught in English, few electives are taught in Spanish. Learners can also take language courses in Spanish, French, and German. In addition to lectures, students learn through school trips and skill workshops.

Course Duration

This master’s in Digital Marketing in Europe is offered for one year.

14.King’s College London

King’s College, London is a public university, recognized in several global university rankings, offering a Master’s in Digital Marketing. Learn digital marketing in the best country to study digital marketing and from one of the best institutions of digital marketing.

In the best countries to study digital marketing, the duration of this master’s degree is one year and is offered only in full-time study mode. More focused on theory, the course can be said to be research-oriented. This will familiarize students with the fundamentals of marketing decisions and the application of research in this leading digital marketing course in Europe.

Course Duration

As mentioned above, this course is offered for one year.

15.Hanze Summer School

Europe is a culturally diverse country, making it the perfect country to study digital marketing in Europe. Hanze University of Applied Sciences offers the Doing Business in Europe – Marketing/Market Entry Summer School course, which introduces candidates to digital marketing business in Europe.

This digital marketing course in Europe covers topics related to international business and marketing and their application in specific EU countries. This course is for international students who want to learn more about how the EU works and how it affects the way business is done in its member states.

Course Duration and Fees

The course lasts 17 days and costs €1,950 per module.

An Insight into Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the demonstration of promoting and selling items and services by utilizing online marketing strategies such as social media marketing, search advertising, and email advertising.

Digital marketing is the utilizing of the Internet to reach customers. Digital marketing is a wide field, including attracting clients by email, content marketing, search platforms, social media, and more.

Advanced Digital Marketers are expected to be skilled in a variety of areas, including analytics, copywriting, creative direction, sales, computerized media, and more.

But unless you’re prepared to invest a significant amount of energy and money by investing in a college degree, you need a faster, more effective way to stay relevant in an evolving market.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Marketing?

Having a solid digital presence will help you in numerous ways:

  • It will make it simpler to create awareness and commitment both before and after the sale.
  • It will assist you to convert new buyers into rabid fans who purchase more frequently.
  • It will launch a verbal exchange and social sharing—and all the advantages that come with them.
  • It will shorten the buyer’s journey by introducing the right offers at the perfect time.

Criteria you should use for assessing Digital Marketing Courses and Institutes

Before opting for a Digital Marketing Course online or offline, here are few pointers to assess the ideal institute or course structure.

  • Certification: Certification is not a replacement for aptitudes learned and hands-on industry experience, in any case, can add to the CV of a fresher making an entry into the field or for an expert looking to make a career switch. Decide for certification courses recognized by different educational bodies and corporates.
  • Course Curriculum & Faculty Expertise: Gauge the Institute or the course offered dependent on the educational program, faculty expertise, preparing modules, and importance to the current business trends & practices. A program being controlled by a digital marketing agency is very significant.
  • Reviews and Suggestions: Check for reviews and proposals from industry specialists & previous students through Google, online education portals, or discussion forums. Contact alumni on LinkedIn for their immediate feedback, where possible.
  • Placements: Explore the foundation’s placement opportunities or institutional tie-ups for live projects & hands-on understanding of obtained advanced digital marketing abilities.

How to pick among Online and Classroom Courses for Digital Marketing in European Countries?

Online Courses are commonly more advantageous for many people, especially working experts as they can be attended from the comfort of one’s home/office. 

Also, with innovation improved, online instructor-led virtual classrooms are as good as actual classrooms, with webinar software allowing for both peers to peer interaction as well as student-teacher interaction and cooperation.

Webinar recordings are likewise accessible for those individuals who miss out on meetings. 

Classroom programs would possibly work best for you if you are the character type that inclines towards learning in a classroom environment or if you’re not very alright with learning in a live webinar design.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Abroad


So, you know how good a Digital Marketing Course is and secure your future. Consider yourself to be an effective individual and step towards digital marketing.

Anybody can learn digital marketing, even after 12th.

It is not important that students from a computer background can do this. Digital Marketing Course is for everyone. Regardless of what’s your age is, you can do this course anytime and become a digital marketing specialist.

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