Sidrah Maryam


Edtech stands for education technology that is the technology dedicated to developing and applying the tools into the classroom to create a more engaging and individualized learning experience. The goal of EdTech is to improve student outcomes, enhance their learning abilities and reduce the teaching burden on instructors. …

Introduction to SAP HANA  SAP HANA Training Course is a high-performance analytic appliance that combines the features of in-memory computing and columnar database management system, a duo that tremendously enhances the speed of operation when performing real-time analytics and for developing and deploying real-time applications. Sap Hana is…

Metaverse courses

Have you ever thought about what falls under Artificial intelligence? I must say almost everything. In this digitalization era every app, every website, and every machine is using AI(artificial intelligence) to get the best results. AI is used for face recognition locks, machine translations, digital personal assistants, to…

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