Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work”.

                                          —- Peter Drucker

Project Management is the use of major work of a team to attain goals and meet success at a specific time. The main challenge of project management is to achieve all the project goals within the given limitations. The primary limitations are scope, range, time, quality, and budget. The secondary challenge is to develop the allocation of necessary inputs and apply them to meet pre-determined objectives.

The objective of project management is to produce a complete project which obeys with the client’s objectives.

Program Management Software:-

Program Management Software is a software used by a wide range of industries for project planning, scheduling. It allows project managers and the entire team to command their economy, range, quality management throughout the project.

Project Management software helps project managers and team members to collaborate and meet goals on time.

Tools used in project management:-

There are many tools that make project management more successful and systematic. The commonly used ones are Gantt charts, PERT charts, mind map, calendar, timeline, WBS chart, status table, and fishbone diagram. These tools are all tremendously useful for visualizing the scope of a project.

Some of the free project management tools are

  1. Scoro:- score is a software-as-a-service solution for professional and creative services. The all-in-one businesses management software combines project management, sales, billing and professional services.

Scoro is a comprehensive solution that combines all the feature’s you might need in project management software.

Some of the great features of scoro include

  • HI-Level overview at a glance:-

Deliver high-quality work on time by planning, scheduling and track in the gall of your projects in one place. It visualizes the progress using the project timeline. It prioritizes assignments, avoid overlapping.

See the big picture and direct your complete project portfolio in personalized views.

  • Make every project a success:-

As it keeps up with the progress and the details of each progress such as activities, income, billing, time spent, expenses…..etc.

It tracks the project profitability in real-time, including quoted vs actual results, labour cost.

  • Automate routine tasks:-

Turn quotes into projects sent out invoices based on the work done directly from the project view.

Keep an eye on your project without spending tens of hours on manual reporting.

Eliminate the repetitive and time-consuming parts of project management with the help of project templates.

With scoro’s dynamic reports, a granular overview of everything you need to know to succeed.

  • Time and work management:-

Delivers assignments on time using tools like calendars, task lists, timesheets, all are interlinked.

Manage your framework load efficiently by using customizable task bundles. Monitor billable and non-billable hours with ease.

Review your team time usage, and avoid errors in invoicing and reporting. It preserves accurate time recording by locking your team’s timesheet entries on a weekly basis.

  • Bring structure to your team’s work:-

Define your team woodworking hours, avoid over bookings and schedule your teams to work based on real-time.

Use the task matrix to plan and stay up to date on team goals.

  • Streamline your workflow:-

Keep everything you need to get work done in one place.

Once the work is done, generate an invoice directly from the project view, detailed work report or the original quote.

  • Sales and CMR:-

Track your opportunities and deals in real-time. Get a visual outline of your sales funnel and customize statuses to match your sales process.

Compile quotes and invoices as personalized PDFs in just a few clicks.

  • Supercharge your sales process:-

Standardize and simplify quoting using client profiles standard quotes, and custom multi currency price lists.

  • Track sales goals and performance:-

View and manage your pipeline from any device and improve deal velocity.

Track individual and team sales targets as well as sales budgets using the customizable dashboards.

The speciality of scoro:-

Helps to streamline your entire work process so you need not use many tools for every task. All your information is stored in one place.

  • Pricing:- from $26 user per month.
  1. Asana:- Asana is a web and mobile application designed to help teams organize, track and manage their work. It combines elements of project management, file storage and helps to manage projects across team without email.

Some of the features of Asana include:-   

  • Create custom calendars and views:-

Nail your timing by viewing work on the calendar. Easily spot holes and overlaps in your schedule and make adjustments.

  • Streamline work request:-

Create a standard work intake process with forms. Make it easy for others to request work, and get the details your team needs upfront.

  • Track tasks and add followers:-

It tracks the tasks done by the team and followers to the project.

  • Increase your team’s efficiency:-

Team’s report they get more done with less time and help them execute work successfully.

  •  The speciality of Asana:- Asana is a easy use tool with simple layout if you are in a small team with not complex projects then use this.
  • Pricing:- free for up to 15 members.
  1. Podio:-

It is a project management tool and collaboration software. Podio is a flexible and highly personalized online hub for work and team communication. It supplies a web-based online platform for organizing team communication, business processes, data and content in project management.

Some of the features of Podio:-

  • Workflows:-

The workflows features enable you to add if-this-then-that logic to Podio apps.

  • Communication and online meetings:-

Social activities streams reduce time-consuming cc-email threads, increase transparency and boost knowledge sharing.

  • Calendaring:-

Personalised calendars on Podio give you the option to view only events and deadlines directly connected to you.

  • Workspace:-

Workspace connects groups of people with the Podio apps they use together to organize their work.

Workspaces are usually created to manage projects or for the ongoing running of company development. 

The speciality of Podio:-  workflows features allow you to add logic to Podio apps.

  • Pricing:- pricing from $24 per month per user for the full suite of features.


Jira is a cross-platform issue and bug tracking software with advanced project management features. Jira Software is part of a family of products designed to help teams of all types  of work  

Some of the features of Jira:-

  • Tracking:-

This issue tracking software tracks the ongoing project at any stage. Using JQL, the personalised query language of Jira allows you to filter or sort issues based on the various standards.

  • Unparalleled connectivity with Jira add-ons:-

Moreover, the 800+ add-ons and plugins for Jira available in the Atlassian market place allows you to control everything about a product. The popular add-ons for Jira are.

  • JIRA Toolkit plugin
  • Portfolio for JIRA
  • JIRA charting plugin
  • Tempo timesheets for JIRA
  • Suites utilities for JIRA
  • Script Runner for JIRA
  • Atlassian REST API browser
  • Great product integrations:-

The integration features of Jira software make the software development easy and calm together with other tools.

The Jira integrations currently offered by the vendors are as follows

  • Salesforce sales cloud
  • Service desk
  • Zendesk
  • Tempo
  • Gantt-chart for Jira
  • GitHub
  • Gliffy
  • nFeed
  • Issue creation:-

Now no need to copy from the user’s emails to excel sheet anymore. Jira features support in creating tasks, bug reports and helpdesk tickets.

There are two convenient ways to create issues:-

  • Emails- sending a mail to a pre-configured email address.
  • Web- filling the form given on the respective web pages.

The speciality of Jira:-  JIRA is designed for software development teams, makes it the perfect IT management tool.

  • Pricing:- starting from $10 per month (up to 10 users), $75 per month for 15 users, $300 per month for 50 users.
  1. Trello:-  It is a project management application and a web-based Kanban-style list-making application which is a subsidiary of Atlassian. It is known for visualizing project tasks.

Features of Trello:-

  • Well-organized board and card system:-

Trello’s developers definitely looked for the easiest and most user-friendly workflow organization method and came over their unique board and card system for complete progress views.

  • Smooth editing:-

Its main work is to keep your project management organized, using the simplest possible drag-and-drop mechanism. It makes sure and edits task lists in line.

  • Collaboration:-

One of the benefits we consistently note in our Trello is that many experts would argue it is above all collaboration systems. using it, you can enable your entire team to participate in important discussions, send diatribes and notes, comment on individual tasks and assignments.

  • Flexibility:-

Since the app is open-ended, Trello can be used for organizing and type of task small or big, business or otherwise. That you can use the app to manage your company’s daily goal.

It keeps track of meetings with colleagues and organizes anything personal life.

  • Organize anything, together:-

You can add checklists, attachments, and due dates to the cards. This is especially useful for collaboration in a large team.

This ensures that everyone can see the status of the project and keep track of all the tasks needed to complete it.

  • Easy to use:-

Adding tasks is easy. You can create a task by adding a new card and typing in a title for it. Then you can add labels to categorize the cards.

  • Automation:-

Trello also has an assistant robot that can automate tasks built into the app. But the feature that shines is that you do not have to learn complex code to make the most. You can write the code in English.

  • Integrations:-

Trello works with public developers APL’s, means that you can connect it with literally every third-party app/system, extension, or plugin.

  • The speciality of Trello:-

Mainly for start-up companies, it is the most visual way for teams to collaborate on any project.

  • Pricing:- free for personal use, $9.99 user per month for business.
  1. Base Camp:-

Base camp is a real-time communication tool that helps teams stay on the same page. It is a preferred tool for thousands of project management tasks.

Some of the features of base camp:-

  • Increased accountability:-

It enables users to see exactly what needs to be done. The to-do list features allow them to create to-do lists for all the work they need to do. They will assign a task to another user, and optionally add a due date and other, necessary details.

The software will automatically follow up on overdue tasks. Assignees are notified about new tasks with the notifications tool. They can view tasks together from every project on one screen. Thus, everyone can quickly see where things stand regarding their projects.

  • Efficient communication:-

 The alliance tool makes it uncomplicated to communicate around tasks or share new ideas about the project with the message board features, discussions are arranged within each project.

They can got a single place to keep up with everything, without having to switch between multiple apps. The check-in tool gives the team a way to provide status updates on a regular basis.

  • Target marketing:-

Base Camp is for companies of all sizes. It is valuable for freelancers, small shops, mid-sized companies, and multinational enterprises. Different types of teams, such as co-located, geographically distributed, or virtual can benefit from using it.

  • Customization:-

Users can personalised every project and pick only the tools they need. It has apps for iOS, android, mac and PC platforms…..ect.

  • Integration:-

It integrates with many desktops and mobile apps, time tracking, invoicing, and accounting apps, reporting, charts, and planning apps, and more.

The speciality of base camp:-

Base Camp is free for everyone.

  • Pricing:-  pricing $99 per month for unlimited users.
  1. Wrike:-

Wrike is an online system for project management which helps to manage their ventures. The work is more efficient to write. It is an end-to-end solution that enables developers to develop and assign tasks to create a workflow.

Some of the features of Wrike:-

  • Scheduling tasks:- project scheduling lets you schedule the smaller tasks that make up the whole project. Planning also includes start and end dates and resource to which the task is assigned.
  • Easy time tracking:-

Most creative agencies bill by the hour, therefore they must be able to track billable hours. The software should come with a built-in timer so that you are able to easily track your teams hours.

  • Efficient task management:-

The tool should provide drag and drop functionality option to allow you to create project folders and organize tasks.

  • Chart by Gantt:-

A Gantt chart is a bar chart that is commonly used to explain and regulate a project plan in project management.

  • The tools of partnership:-

The tools of partnership allow a team to share efforts or feelings on all or part of a study. Cooperation would also promote effective team contact.

  • Tracking task:-

When given a mission, it needs to be monitored. Tracking lets you know if a task is progressing according to plan.

  • Notifications:-

When a project falls behind schedule deadlines, then several project management applications instantly submit updates.

  • Customizable workflows:-

Every teamwork in its own unique way and you should be able to customize the software for your way of working.

Basically, you need a solution with customizable statuses and workflows.

  • Pricing:- starts at $9.80 per month, per user. There is a free version and Wrike offers a free trial.
  1. Redmine:-
    Redmine is a free and open-source, web-based project management tool and issue tracking tool. It is highly flexible by its volunteer’s community. It enables users to manage multiple projects

Some of the features of Redmine:-

  • Multiple project support:-

Manage all your projects with one Redmine instance. On each project, each user can have a different role. Modules can be enabled/disabled at the project level.

  • Gantt-chart and calendar:-

Gantt-chart and calendar are based on the issues start and due date.

  • Custom fields:-

You can define your own custom fields for issues, time-entries, projects. A custom field can be displayed on the issue list and used as filters just like regular fields.

  • Feed and email notification:-

Project activity, news, issues, issue changes are available in it.

  • Flexible issue tracking system:-

It defines your own statuses and issues types. The workflow transitions can be set up for each issue type and role through the web-based administration interface.

  • Repository browser and diff viewer:-

Existing repositories can be attached to each of your projects. Redmine lets you browse their data, contents, view and……etc.

  • Multiple database support:-

Redmine runs with MYSQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite

  • Multiple LDAP Authentication support:-

Redmine lets you authenticate users against multiple LDAP. Accounts can be created on-the-fly when the user is found in the directory.

  • User self-registration support:-

Optionally, you can allow users to register online and three accounts activation methods are available: automatic, manual or through an auto-generated URL sent via email.

The speciality of Redmine:-

It is an open-source tool with multi-language support. However, to use this tool first you need to download it.

  • Pricing:-  free
  1. Omniplan:-

Omniplan is planning and project management software. omniplan gives you the power to direct complex projects, correlate teams and continuously improve your processes.

 Some of the features of omniplan:-

  • Budget management
  • File sharing
  • Percent complete tracking
  • Project planning
  • Product road mapping
  • Gantt-charts
  • Resource Management
  • Pricing:- omniplan pricing starts at $199.00 as a one-time payment per user.
  1. Zoho projects:-

Zoho project is a cloud-based project management tool. It helps teams streamline their upcoming work and tasks.

Some of the features of Zoho projects:-

  • Task management:-

It breaks up a big project into easily manageable parts. Assigns work to your team and specify the start and end date. progress can be reviewed from a variety of locations throughout the app.

  • Task and milestones:-

Set your goals as milestones and break them down further into tasks.

  • Time tracking:-

We have several tools like timesheets, calendar, invoice help you stay on schedule, coordinate work and account for every hour of work.

  • Creating a task list:-

When teams implement proper task management protocols and schedules, they increase the chances of being able to work continuously, without delay or interruption.

One of the key project management features of Zoho projects provides involves task lists, which users can create in any project.

Tasks are activities that should be accomplished in a specific period of time.

  • Sharing documents:-

Zoho projects provide users with tools for managing and sharing multiple types of documents, including .doc, .xlsx, .docx.pdf, and other types of files.

Hierarchical folders can also be used to store documents in a way that mirrors the structure of existing workflows. Zoho projects will send automatic notification to selected users when your file has finished uploading if you choose that option.

  • Setting tasks dependencies:-

Project Managers understand that tasks are not silos and team members cannot always have finished working on their own. Setting task dependencies is on way to link related tasks.

  • Hosting chart room discussion:-

When back-and-forth emails get to be too much, Zoho project users can move their discussions into private chatrooms. Built-in chart rooms provide large groups with a place to discuss important topics.

Organizations always have the option to achieve chart transcripts, as a way to save important discussions for future reference.

  • Utilizing interactive forum:-

Project forum serves as a way for organizations with physically separated  teams to bring employees together through the web.

Unlike chart rooms, forums do not necessarily function in real-time and users do not have to be online at the same time to use this feature.

Post a new topic in your company’s forum. When you start a new topic, Zoho projects will give you the notification for any team members who are interested.

The speciality of Zoho projects:-

It can be integrated with the Zoho CMR and other tools which helps to manage almost every aspect of your agency in one system.

  • Pricing:-  up to 20 projects $ 25 per month, unlimited projects $99 per month, CMR and other additional features come with an extra price.


Project Management tools are not a solution or remedy, but rather a critical tool in the never-ending process of the business. It enables the entrepreneur to minimize the risks and increase the potential for success. Therefore, project management software is a crucial tool in developing a project and thus every company should implement in it in their system.

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