Rita Mae Brown, an American feminist said that “ Language is a road map of culture”. Learning a new language broadens your linguistic set. Many times it may open new opportunities in academics, tourism, and work. The German language is the official language in Germany. It is also the official language in Austria.


It is one of the recognized official languages of  Switzerland. Just making Germany a popular language in European countries. The challenge, however, remains on how to learn it. How to learn the German language is the question that arises in the mind of many. Let us know more about the ways to learn the German language Course. 

Before we dive deep into learning the German language, let us understand how to go about learning it. Learning the basics is mandatory. What would be basics be? Well, the basics can be first learning the alphabet order. Know the pronunciation of each alphabet. The next would be using these alphabets to make words. Knowing words and their pronunciations. These words help to expand the vocabulary. Once the basics are done, we can say we learned the basic German language.

With these basic words, we now have to add grammar and form sentences. We need to learn the linguistic cases for males and females. One needs to know the conjugations. The context in which these sentences are to be spoken also needs to be known. We know practice makes it perfect. To put what is learned is necessary. Therefore it would be advantageous if the German language is practiced on a regular basis. You can have a language-speaking partner or a one on one tutor. When you practice speaking, that is the time you know that mastery over the German language is achieved. 

Learning the German language may look difficult, but not possible. To learn the German language one has to be dedicated. Dedication is required in putting efforts to learn the language. Dedicated time to practicing the learned German language is important. There are various methods to learn the German language. One can learn the German language offline or online. The German language can be learned either free or paid. Many also try and enroll in classes via app or at a coaching center. The German consulate to offers courses at beginner and advanced levels.

Some learners opt for tandem partners to help them in grasping the spoken and written language with ease. Before choosing the mode to learn the German language it is necessary to evaluate the most feasible options. To know that lets us see various ways in which one can learn the German language. One can start learning the German language for free by beginning it at home. This can be ideal for beginners who are still testing waters.

Self-learning the German language at home with self

As mentioned it is for beginners who want to test the waters. This mode of learning the German language can be slow and at the pace of the learner. While learning it at home, one can follow the steps given below:

  1. Learn and master the alphabet –  Master the alphabet with its vowels and consonants. Also, know the pronunciation of each alphabet
  2. Learn words – After learning the alphabet, start learning words. To make learning The German language easy, start with easy words. One can also include important words that are used daily to start with words. Words, like please (bitte), or thank you (Dankeschön), can be learned.
  3. Basic grammar – This section could be done at home or with the help of a tutor. In this section, one tries to learn the basics of grammar. It is very important to master it. Learning the parts of speech is crucial for both the written and spoken parts. First, begin with very basic sentences like How are you (Wie geht’s?), or You’re welcome (Bitteschön). Once the basics are mastered and expression of tenses and mood changes are known. Complex sentences can be taken upon with practice.
  4. Speaking in the German language with peers regularly – Practice makes a man perfect. Regularly interact and speak in German with someone who knows the language fluently.
  5. Listen to music and watch German movies – It may be difficult initially, but with time it becomes easy to understand the language as well know the perfect pronunciation. 

Learn the German language using videos or Podcast

Videos provide an excellent audio-visual medium to learn The German language. There are many videos on YouTube that can help understand the German language. Bibis Beauty Palace, Aile Rebecca, pallet, and German Lets Play are a few YouTube channels. The YouTube channels have diverse content from cooking to travel. The content gets refreshed time and again and is very informative. The same goes for German video games. 

In a podcast too along with the sound of language, a range of different accents can be learned. GermanPod101 is a popular podcast channel. This channel offers thousands of podcasts to students. In this podcast, the objective is to help students learn the German language. Listening to the tutors helps the students to pronounce the sentences. A podcast can go a long way in helping learn the German language with ease. 

Learning the German language with language books

Books are an excellent way of learning the German language. Books can kick-start the learning process for beginners. Given below is a list of a few books that will be helpful

  1. For beginners, the books recommended help to get a hang of the German language. Language Hacking German (Benny Lewis), the book comes with an audiobook. The book is divided into chapters that cover basic conversation. A conversation about self, polite conversation, etc. The Everything Learning German Book: Speak, write, and understand basic German in no time” – Edward Swick, and German Made Simple: Learn to speak and understand German quickly and easily” – Arnold Leitner Ph.D. are also a few books that would prove helpful
  2. For intermediate level learners – Intermediate German: A Grammar and Workbook (2nd Edition), Sammelsurium: A Reader & Workbook for Intermediate German, and Schaum’s Outline of German Grammar (5th Edition) are a few books that come in handy. These books help learners to understand complex sentences. The books have over 400 exercises to master the language.
  3. For advanced level learners – To understand the deep insight into the German language, advanced learners can rely on a few books. Handbuch zur Deutschen Grammatik, 5th edition is recommended.
  4. There are a few audiobooks too that may help in brushing up the German language when learned. Learn German the easy way 2019 is one such book

Learning the German language using apps

The new Z generation learns lot many things on web devices. There are a few apps that help learners learn the German language. There are a few apps that are available for adults as well as kids. 

Apps for adults – 

Rosetta Stone – This app is a paid app for 12 euros per month and is available for both Android and iOs phones. The app uses an interactive mode for learning. The user can switch language modes to English to understand better. The app uses pictures, text, and audio to make learning easy. Another feature of this application is where the learner can interact live with tutors. 

Memrise – This app keeps the original teaching approach to teaching the German language. The app has a spaced-repetition scheme to optimise the learning retention process. This way the learner always can revise what was learned previously and then move to learn the next lesson. The app is available for free for both Andriod and ios phones.

Anki – The app works on the flashcards mode for learning vocabulary. A user can make his/ her own flashcards. The app is free for Andriod users. IoS users have to pay 20.99 euros to subscribe to this app.

Apps for kids – 

Duolingo – The app was developed keeping in mind the help learn basic grammar and vocabulary. To make learning fun, lessons are divided into smaller classes with interactive modes. The learner is encouraged to play against time and win to stay on the course of learning. Users can also track their progress with the help of tests. The app is available for free for both Android and IoS users.

Mindsnack – The app makes learning easy. The mode of approach to teaching is via using games. There are 9 game sets made with an objective to teach fundamentals of grammar and vocabulary. Audio-video interactive is used while teaching through this app. The app is available for free for both Andriod and ios phones.

Study Cat – The app teaches fundamentals of learning ie reading, listening, and pronunciation. The course is designed such that it is fun-filled to make the learning fun. The importance of using words and phrases in the correct context is also taught.  The app is available for free for both Andriod and ios phones.

Understanding the pros and cons while learning the German language on phone apps

  • Pros – While learning on the app it can be done at ease and with your pace. Learning on the app can keep up with travel to work. A student does not have to stop learning even while traveling. As long as a student has an internet connection, learning can take place at any place and anytime.
  • Cons – An app can only be as effective as its user. While learning on app, there is no constructive feedback given to the learner. This can act as a stumbling stone since the learner never can gauge if the learned language is up to the mark. Though learning via app gives a sense of non-stop learning, it can quickly also push a learner into too much or too little mode. The language may or may not be learned at the required speed and with an adequate amount of concentration. 

Learning the German language online

Many learners opt to learn the German language online. For these learners, there are many options. They can learn through websites or through online classes from institutes.  There are many websites that offer courses online that helps in grasping the German language. Websites offer to learn for free as well as paid.

Websites that help learn the German language for free

  • GlobalExam – It is a dedicated e-learning platform, that has helped many learn and master the German language. Real-life scenarios are also brought up to master the language. The courses are structured with scripts in real work scenarios to correct the language in the native language. The website offers group video conferencing courses. It is a predetermined program to be done either as individuals or in a small group.

  • Busuu – A learner can log in to the website and open an account. Once done the learner can start learning the German language for free. Courses available on these sites are for beginners, elementary, intermediate, advanced, and travel levels. Taking a test is mandatory to clear the levels.

  • Learnalanguage.com – The site offers courses on the basis of language acquisition. A learner learns the language in modules like words, grammar, usage of phrases, and a dedicated German dictionary. There is also a blog that is dedicated to learning the German language. A learner can put this to use and master the language.

Paid websites that help learn the German language 

  • GlobalExam – By paying 29.90 euros a learner can subscribe to the website. Though the website offers free courses, paid ones have their own advantage. The advantage comes in form of 100 mock tests, 50,000 exercises that correct your grammar. The biggest advantage is 45 specialised courses to suit the learner’s need. 

  • Babbel – The website caters to the needs of the learner from beginner to advanced levels. The USP of the site is the speech recognition tool. The tool helps to improve vocabulary and pronunciation. The first session is offered free by the website. Once the learner gets a hands-on, the subscription can be sought. The website also has an app named Babbel. This again helps the learner to keep track of the progress made.

  • Deutsch online – Reading, listening, writing, and speaking are the four pillars of learning a language. The website is designed based on these principles. Various learning modes are available. One-on-one tutoring is possible too. A diploma degree is conferred on the learner at the completion of the course.

Learn the German language online with institutes

Sometimes it may be cumbersome for a learner to learn without a tutor. But learning going to institutes physically too may not be possible. In such a scenario there are institutes that offer courses online with help of tutors. 

  • Henry Harvin language academy – The academy offers German Language courses at A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2 levels. The A course is of 56 hours each. The B and C courses are 66 hours each. The academy offers live online interactive classrooms sessions with experienced tutors. The tutors are professionals with over 15 plus years of experience. They have delivered more than 350+ lectures, and have been keynote speakers at various occasions. The tutors have helped more than 1000 students clear their exams successfully. 

The course comes with a Gold membership benefit for its students. The benefit is in terms of recorded lectures and videos. Free boot camp sessions and global guaranteed internship with Henry Harvin and its working partners. The students are also helped in placements and internship programs, which help them get a cutting edge over others. Boot camps and hackathons come in handy in the journey of learning the German language.

  • Udemy German courses –  The USP is that the academy offers courses that are tailor-made to suit the requirements of the learner. The course fees vary depending on the need of the learner. The instructor-led programs are very impressive and they come with a 30-day money-back offer. More than 300,000 students have benefited from learning the German language with the academy.
  • Language Pantheon – The academy boasts of 70 plus experienced tutors, who give teach in online classrooms. The support team is available to students 24×7. Dedicated Whatsapp groups are provided to provide assistance to students with faculty to clear doubts. The course is available from A 1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2 levels. Every batch is formed to match the student’s requirement to learn the language. Weekdays and weekends and super fast batches are available.

Learn the German language with institutes

  • Cambridge institute – The institute has regular batches throughout the week for 2 hours. They also have special weekend batches. They train the students so that they can excel in the international exams. The students are trained for the Goethe Institute Certification. They have courses for intermediate as well as advanced levels. The exams are conducted based on the standard pattern.

  • ASAP German Language Institute – The institute has over 9 years of experience in teaching, translating, and editing. The institute offers courses at all levels. The teaching methodology is using visual charts, video clipping, and audio labs. The institute backs a list of successful candidates who are cruising in various sectors of the industry.

  • Sprachenatelier Language Studio – Trains students for the German language tests and has a very high success record. It goes beyond the traditional way of teaching and educates students about the various cultural and belief aspects of German. They help prepare students for the TestDaF Examination, DSH Examination, and Telc Examination

Creative ways to keep in touch with the German language

With learning comes practicing. It is very important that the language is practiced daily so that easy recall is possible. While speaking with someone every day may not be possible. So, the next question could be how to keep in touch with the language and how to keep recollecting the words. Given below are a few fun tactics:

  • Every phone has language settings. Change the language setting in German. This works two ways. First, the daily dose of the language and brushing up the commonly used phrases can happen. It also keeps your privacy intact, so even if someone snoops into your phone, it is highly impossible to understand what is written in your chats.
  • Read the newspaper. If reading a newspaper in German is not possible you can access the .de net and read from websites in the German language. 
  • Write the normal things that you commonly use in German
  • Play games in the German language either on your cell phone or on the gaming box
  • Cook recipes that are written in German, this will help you know the German name of the ingredients and brush up on the language.

Learning the German language may look like an uphill task. But with dedication and consistent efforts, it will reap benefits. Knowing the German language will help professionals get better work opportunities. For students, it would mean studying in renowned government institutes with minimum fees. For travelers, the experience may multiply manifold. 

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Q 1. How long does it take to learn the German language?

Ans.According to the US foreign service institute, it takes approximately 750 hours or in simple language 36 weeks to learn the German language. But to become a master and speak the language fluently, it may take a few tears of practice.

Q 2. How does one know if they’re fluent in the German language?  

Ans.To each his own, there is no yardstick as such to known fluency. It is commonly acknowledged that if a person knows about 10,000 words of the language, they are considered fluent.

Q 3. Is it possible to find job opportunities in Germany?  

Ans.Medical personnel, engineers, and IT jobs are in great demand in Germany. The population of Germany is aging, hence the demand for fresh recruiters is always high. You can search the EURES site to look for jobs

Q 4. Does knowing the German language mandatory in European countries?


Ans. While English is spoken widely across the globe. German is a popular language in European countries. Knowing the German language definitely is advantageous. 


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