RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. An RPA developer designs, develop, and implements RPA machines and systems. Due to the revolutionary features of Robotic Technology, the demand is growing nowadays. This blog will assist you in becoming an RPA developer from scratch. Let’s discuss in detail what is RPA developer.

RPA Developer


RPA Developer

What is RPA?

Robotic process automation is known as RPA. It’s important to stay updated with technology. This technology automates repetitive business activities using AI and machine learning algorithms.

Meanwhile, it allows the software to let machines work on any website or application, as humans would. It helps with transaction, computation, and query tracking.

Every industry introduces RPA. It boosts productivity and reduces the demand for human labor. Businesses, thus, want RPA developers who can help develop automated systems. Therefore, enroll in RPA training to become a professional in RPA.

What is RPA Developer?

RPA developers focus on business functionality. They optimize the work process using business processes and analysis. Additionally, RPA developers create, assemble, and put into use RPA machines. Additionally, they are responsible for developing automation activities and resolving automation issues. For the automation process, they additionally utilized several tools.

Skills Required to Become an RPA Developer

Strategic planning 

Firstly, set your goal and map them to your workflow. It will make your execution easier.

Strong Analytical

You must assess the correct procedure and offer a suggested environment. As an RPA developer, it will be your duty to master the technology. 


Even though, It is challenging to automate. You have to encounter bugs and must take care of those problems. 


The RPA developer’s job is to develop untried solutions to ensure automation.  

Programming Languages

RPA developers must understand programming languages like C, C++, Java, and Python. Furthermore, they will construct software products and adapt to the programming language.

Finally, RPA developers should determine whether the platform offers a unique workflow.

RPA Developer


RPA Developer Skills

Understand AI and ML concepts and SQL.

An RPA developer must maintain their current knowledge when working with AI and MI. Any automation process requires artificial intelligence as a foundational element. As a result, the RPA developer should be able to include AI in the program to boost productivity.

Moreover, it will improve the products’ quality in this way. You must be familiar with machine learning’s foundations. So, the developer should implement the embedded machines. 

In this situation, SQL is crucial for the RPA developer to pass data from the enterprise. Hence, they will be able to comprehend the dynamic facts of the organization as a result. They must be able to retrieve data via SQL queries. 

Learn to Use Popular Robotic Process Automation RPA Tools

An RPA developer must know all the automation tools to increase automation’s efficacy. However, the program has many capabilities built in to make business processes more straightforward.

UiPath and Blue Prism are two tools the developer must be familiar with. The UiPath is used in manufacturing processes. It demands the repetition of any mechanical function without requiring a human reference.

Take part in RPA development projects to improve your practical data abilities.

You should have more expertise and practical project experience as an RPA developer. Robotic process automation is necessary for providing the proper services. It can benefit businesses in several industries. 

And also, you’ll go along more and be better able to understand sophisticated, complex applications. It is one of the most well-liked technologies. It is growing for improving real-time business processes.

Thus, enroll in RPA training to become a professional in RPA course in Henry Harvin Education


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Henry Harvin

One of the top websites offering training and consulting services is Henry Harvin. This institute offers training courses in 11 Indian cities. They do provide over 600 courses in 27 different categories. The goal of Henry Harvin is to use cutting-edge technology and high-quality resources. And also use content to alter the progress of both companies and individuals.

Benefits of Taking the RPA course in Henry Harvin 

  • You will be trained on next-generation automation techniques. Specialists do it with in-depth familiarity with RPA tools and software. 
  • Moreover, the second skill you will learn is automating laborious and lengthy manual procedures. 
  • Learn about workflow, process mapping, and bot integration, among other things. 
  • Henry Harvin provides training in Blue Prism, RPA using Uipath, and automation everywhere. 
  • Additionally, their RPA classes aid in your mastery of bot control.
  • Additionally, you will discover how to use the Uipath platform. It will improve security and administration capabilities. And learn about automated UI interfaces, rest, or web services.
  • Additionally, the training enables you to develop competence in digital transformation. It helps you to build a digital workplace that promotes rapid corporate growth. 
  • Besides, the most important thing is to gain practical experience through their projects. It includes data manipulation, UI interactions, and exception handling. 
  • And you are also improving your ability to complete back-office operations quickly and accurately. 
  • And also, you’ll learn to automate various systems, databases, apps, and manual tasks. 

Henry Harvin RPA course fees:

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Career Options

Process Designer

Workflows for RPA efforts must be created and maintained by process designers. And also, they collaborate with clients to develop a plan for implementing the existing procedure. Moreover, ensuring the system’s quality aligns with industry best practices. 

RPA Developer Salary as a process designer 

At first, starting pay for the RPA process designer role in India ranges from INR 6,00,000 to 8,00,000. Earning potential for qualified applicants with 2–6 years of relevant experience ranges from INR 9,00,000 to 15,00,000. 

Automation Architect 

As automation team members, the automation architects develop RPA initiatives for businesses. Depending on the organization’s tools, development expertise may or may not be necessary. 

And also, Automation architects create the technical requirements and architecture for RPA projects. Furthermore, they must have firsthand experience with Automation Frameworks to carry out such activities. It includes UiPath, Open Span, Java, JS, Python, Ruby, VB Script, and many more.

RPA Developer Salary as an Automation Architect 

At first, an entry-level automation architect in India averages around INR 10,00,000 a year. Similarly, you can hold senior positions with 3–9 years of work experience and a yearly salary of roughly INR 19,55,0000. 

Production Manager

RPA production managers help business outcomes by building a feedback loop. And also supporting project integrity and prompt adjustments. After the RPA project has been tested and implemented across the organization, their work starts. 

RPA Developer Salary as a Production Manager 

Initially, the average salary offered to trained freshers by top IT companies is INR 7,00,000. Similarly, Senior professionals may earn up to INR 18,000,000 per year.

Future Scope of RPA Developers

RPA Developer


RPA Developer Future Scope

Robotics are employed by businesses worldwide to support their external and customer-focused procedures. As a result, Top employers in India for RPA developer jobs include Siemens, Tata Motors, Ford, Citi Bank, Wipro, and KPMG. Many high-paying opportunities are available in the UK and the US as well. 

Moreover, the present market trends show that RPA has the potential to be a solid and adaptable instrument. And also, it can support greater productivity and creativity across industries. when incorporated with other technologies and human resources. 

RPA Developer Job Description

Example 1 :

The following images show a few job descriptions on for RPA developers:

RPA developer job description


RPA developer job description

Example 2:

RPA developer job description


RPA developer job description


All the tools and soft skills you need to succeed as a developer have been covered in this article. Hence, these are the factors you should consider while studying and/or dealing with businesses. RPA developers might grow more in demand in the future. They have also started to use automation techniques to improve quality and efficiency.


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Q-1. What is RPA developer?

Ans- A developer who works on designing, constructing, and implementing RPA machines and systems is referred to as a “RPA Developer.”


Q-2. What is RPA developer full form?

Ans- Software robot creation, usage, and management are made simple by robotic process automation (RPA). Moreover, it mimics how people interact with computers and software.


Q-3. Is programming knowledge necessary for RPA developer?

Ans- Yes, programming knowledge is required to become an expert in RPA. But even non-programmers and RPA developers can discover RPA solutions that employ less lines of code.


Q-4. Is the RPA course difficult to learn?

Ans- The RPA system is exceptionally easy to use and implement because it is made to help end users navigate. Additionally, it enables staff employees understand which tasks ought to be finished quickly and simply.

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