What is RPA? 

RPA Training in Hyderabad: Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is a software tool used to reduce manual intervention and automate repetitive tasks that may solve various problems and save much of your time and money. Therefore, there is a growing demand for RPA professionals so it is necessary for you to enhance your skill sets by enrolling in RPA course

Why RPA courses?

Everyone wants to automate repetitive tasks, and with the growing development in technology, there is a huge demand for RPA courses. Every industry is it small-scale or large scale willing to automate the process. However, this is the fastest growing yet a newly emerged tool that is in high demand in today’s market. 

The global RPA economy is expected to reach $ 8.75 billion by 2024. Not only one, but many reasons to enhance this skill by professionally undertaking a course. 

Below are the top 5 reasons why you should learn RPA 

  1. RPA is the future 
  2. Collaboration with AI and ML 
  3. Increased job opportunities and High salary 
  4. Remote working 
  5. Be one step ahead 

There are various tools available in the market that are used in RPA.

The most popular tools used are

RPA courses

  • UiPath 
  • Blue Prism 
  • Automation Anywhere 

Most institutes offer training programs using these tools. Do your own research on the most demanding and high-paying tools skill set. 

Hyderabad is the golden city of India and a hub for IT sectors and pharmaceuticals. In fact, it is a fast-growing city with the best education system that also offers more opportunities for individuals and the ability to create startups. Moreover, Hyderabad is the hub for RPA training. Hence doing your training under the expertise is an added advantage. 

Anyway, without further delay, let’s dive into the Top 12 RPA courses in Hyderabad 

1. Henry Harvin: RPA Training in Hyderabad

Henry Harvin Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin’s Automation Academy offers Robotic Process Automation courses. The academy is set up with an objective to bridge the gap and upskill the in-demand automation skill set. Henry Harvin aims to generate more than 50000 employees with the required skill set in the field of automation by 2023. 

Features of Henry Harvin RPA course 

  • Learning access to all the recorded videos and projects 
  • Free monthly brush up sessions for 12 months 
  • Guaranteed internship with Henry Harvin after the training program 
  • Job opportunities provided 
  • Add on courses to develop the soft skills 
  • Exposure to more than 10 industrial projects 
  • Trainers with in-depth knowledge of the latest RPA tools and software 

 Henry Harvin offers 3 types of RPA training methods.

The course offered by Henry Harvin ranks No.1 in India. Also, this course is designed and developed by NASSCOM in association with industry experts. Moreover, this is the government of India-approved course. More than 6520 members have benefited from this course.  Not only that, you will earn a globally recognized training certificate at the completion of the course. As an RPA developer, you will be trained in more than 10+ industrial projects and earn Certified RPA practitioner credentials (CRPAP) that symbolize your expertise in the field. 

Learning Benefits

  • With Henry Harvin, you acquire a new generation of automation skills
  • Learn to automate the manually performed workflows that are based on rules, replicated across different projects, time-consuming, and large-scale in nature
  • Able to identify the workflow, process mapping, and bots
  • Be eligible for better job opportunities and networks to grow in the field of automation
  • Enhance your credentials by specializing with RPA using the certification in the world of automation to lead the organizational ladder
  • Get trained in RPA using the platforms from scratch.
  • Gain organizational growth or job opportunities in automation processes with higher-paying salaries. 
  • Upgrade your Resume with the credentials of Certified RPA Practitioner (CRPAP) and grow professionally.

  • With RPA certification course Become an expert in automation with components to be globally accepted as a professional.

Henry Harvin® RPA Course Ranks #1 in India by PC Quest

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2. Ayyapan Training: RPA Training in Hyderabad

The RPA tools training in Hyderabad by Ayyapan training is offered by industry experts. This course covers both practical and theoretical concepts. By the end of the course, the trainees from this institute will be job ready by acquiring the necessary skills to excel in the field of Robotic automation. RPA certification is provided to all the aspirants upon the successful completion of the course. 

Ayyapan Training institute in Hyderabad offers RPA training on different tools 

  • UiPath Training
  • Automation Anywhere Training 
  • OpenSpan Training 
  • Blue Prism Training  

Learning Benefits

  • They provide 100% job opportunities to all the candidates 
  • Job-oriented training programme 
  • The aspirants are trained on the current and the advanced industry requirements
  • Hands-on experience on the live projects to gain practical experience 
  • Apart from technical skills, the candidates are trained in interview skills and resume writing 
  • With over 300+ placement tie-ups, Ayyapan has a track record for 100% placement job guarantee 

3. RPA UIPath GuruRPA Training in Hyderabad

        Contact No.  090325 06835

RPA UIPath Guru logo

RPA Uipath Guru is known for its result-oriented training. The course is structured with an advanced syllabus and the concepts of Custom Activities, Web Services, and Reframe Work. This training institute is extensively inUipath training. There are many RPA software available, but the UIpath is the most advanced and updated tool which is widely used. 

The course is structured in a way to benefit all the individuals and categorized into 3 levels beginners, intermediate and advanced levels 

Learning Benefits

  • The trainers have 14+ years of experience in IT and 4+ years of experience in uipath 
  • Learn from the experts who have strong practical and theoretical knowledge 
  • You acquire the knowledge of real-time scenarios and examples 
  • You get support throughout the programs to complete the projects and training 
  • Develop your soft skills and interview skills with mock preparations 
  • 100% placement assistance to all candidates 
  • Advanced RPA developer certification at the completion of the course and exam

Course Details 

  • Duration – 5 weeks 
  • Mode – Online / classroom sessions 

4. iTask Technologies: RPA Training in Hyderabad

iTask Technologies

iTask Technologies offers RPA Training by experienced professionals covering all the concepts from basic to advanced levels. It also gives learners an in-depth knowledge of multiple Robotic Process Automation concepts, RPA Lifecycle, Citrix Automation, the deployment of various tools, automating the virtual environment, and the functionality of various tools.  

iTask offers training and certification on 

  • UiPath
  • Automation Anywhere
  • Blue Prism

Learning benefits 

  • You provide 100% job assistance to all the candidates 
  • Gain industry-specific certificate 
  • Introduction to RPA 
  • Design considerations for an automation solution
  • Capturing and interpreting the existing application
  • Advantages of RPA 
  • Windows Desktop software UiPath
  • Automation of back office daily processes
  • Using variables and arguments for data manipulation
  • Text and image Automation
  • Workflow automation, debugging, and exception handling

5. Jay IT solutions: RPA Training in Hyderabad

        Contact No. – 9949400877

Jay IT solutions

Jay IT solutions offer the best RPA training courses to interested candidates. The course is designed to be easily understandable and earn certification through real-time hands-on experience. Exam assistance is given to pass the certification exam. 

Modules covered in the RPA training programme 

  • Automation anywhere.
  • UI Path.
  • Blue Prism.
  • Open Span.

Learning Benefits 

  • The training is provided by real-time experienced trainers with access to the live applications 
  • Every trainee gains hands-on experience on the live projects 
  • All the recorded sessions and study materials are provided 
  • The classroom premises are equipped with the best lab to learn the course 
  • The course is structured in competency with the corporate standards so it helps the students to crack the exam easily
  • Mock exams are conducted 
  • Gain practical experience by solving the customized challenges 

Course Details 

  • Duration – 30 Days 
  • Fees – INR 7000
  • Mode – Classroom / online sessions 

 6. Jason Technologies

Jason Technologies

The main aim of Jason technologies is to make training a fun experience. And they offer courses on RPA training. Under RPA there are 3 modules offered by Jason technologies 

  • UiPath 
  • Blue Prism 
  • Automation Anywhere 

Learning Benefits 

  •  Gain experience with real-life case studies and how to implement the RPA tools 
  • You get 24*7 support to clear all your queries then and there 
  • Regular assignments to enhance the learning capabilities 
  • On the course completion, you will be assisted to work on Jason’s projects
  • Certificate provided on the completion of the training 
  • Instructor-led live training offered to each individual 

Course Details 

  • 30 Hours of Online Live Instructor-Led Classes.
  • Weekend Class: 10 sessions of 3 hours. Weekday Class: 30 sessions of 1 hour 
  • Mode – Online/ classroom sessions 
  • For – Non-technical business executives 

7. Teja Live Tracks

Teja Live Tracks

Teja Live tracks training and development and is best known for its classroom and online sessions with world-class quality training. They provide training with realtime examples at affordable costs. The main aim is to provide job-oriented training and enhance professional growth. 

It is one of the best RPA training institutes in Hyderabad and provides hands-on training experience with live projects. Teja institute offers expert trainers on tools 

  • UiPath 
  • Automation Anywhere 
  • Blue Prism

Learning Benefits 

  • Detailed learning of all the concepts and tools in RPA 
  • Case studies to gain real-time experience 
  • Support throughout the training process 
  • Certification on the completion of the course 
  • Job assistance provided to all the aspirants 

Course Details 

  • Duration – 90 days 
  • Mode – Classroom sessions 

8. Magnitia


Magnitia provides complete knowledge to understand the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) concepts, application, and usability on various tools like Automation Anywhere (AA), Blue Prism (BP), and UIpath.

Magnitia’s RPA Training will help you to crack the RPA Developer Certification Exam and help you stand out amongst the competition. In this training, you will learn about automating the virtual environment, Citrix automation, and more through hands-on projects with real-life case studies. Get the best RPA training from top certified RPA mentors for a head start in this automation field.

Learning Benefits 

  • All candidates are guaranteed 100% placement opportunities 
  • Both practical and theoretical training is provided 
  • The course is structured for all levels from beginners to advanced level
  • Get trained by experts with more than 20+ years of experience in software and have trained more than 1000+ students 
  • Get support until you complete the course and through placements 
  • Not just classroom training but the students gain practical experience to be experts 
  • Gain knowledge through real-time case studies and get to work on live projects 

Course Details 

  • Duration –  90 days 
  • Mode – Live online and classroom sessions 
  • For – Graduates / Non – Programmers / working professionals 

9. RS Training

RS Training

RS Trainings is one of the best quality training centers for online, Classroom, and Corporate Training In Hyderabad. They also provide RPA Tools Online Training worldwide. RS Trainings is an excellent RPA Tools Training center in Hyderabad. After the course, you get support for certification, Resume preparation, and how to prepare for interviews.

Learning Benefits 

  • In RPA Tools Training sessions are taught with examples and with real-time scenarios.
  • How to approach the job market, Resume preparation, Interview point of preparation, how to solve problems in projects in the job environment, information about the job market, etc.
  • Provides all recordings of classes, materials, and sample resumes. 

RS training provides RPA training on Blue Prism tools and is categorized into beginners and Advanced Blue Prism RPA training. 

Course Details  

  • Mode – Online and Classroom training 
  • For – Professionals from Analysts background.
  • QA Engineers
  • Testers and technicians Freshers /
  • Professionals from any field

 10. Extra Course

Extra Course

ExtraCourse is the No.1 RPA online training institute offering online and classroom courses in Hyderabad with expert guidance and placement assistance.

They offer a 100% practical driven program through unique experimental learning, focusing on a comprehensive practical approach. However, they follow a holistic curriculum that has been designed by Industrial experts in a systematic approach from the beginner’s level to a more advanced study.

This course is for those seeking to learn about RPA and build software robots. By the end of the course, you will learn to identify business processes for automation and understand the logic of building a software bot using the features and functions of RPA tools.

Learning Benefits 

  • The curriculum is designed by Industrial Experts 
  • An extensive study on real-time projects
  • Handouts, Exercises, and Assignments on each and every topic 
  • Gain experience by working on Real-time scenarios
  • 100+ Hands-on Practical Assignments
  • Real-time work on current projects
  • Helps you build Resume 
  • A Series of Mock Interviews conducted 
  • Guaranteed 100% Placement Assistance
  • End of the day you receive the recorded class sessions 
  • Gain Certification on course completion 

Course Details 

  • Duration – 
  • Training – 1 month 
  • Workshop – 25 Days 
  • Training and Workshop – 2 months 
  • Mode 
  • Weekend and Weekday classroom sessions 

11. Techify Now

Techify Now

Techify now Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Training in Hyderabad focuses on standardized, monotonous, expectable, and rule-based activities that do not require professional judgment, insight, or collaborative decision-making.

Tools covered are UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere

Learning benefits 

  • Results-oriented training 
  • Easy access to all study materials 
  • Expert trainers with more than 15+ years of experience 
  • Flexible training options with weekend and weekday batches 
  • Courses are offered at affordable prices 

Course Details 

  • Duration – 45 Days 
  • Mode – Classroom 

12. Emax Technologies

Emax Technologies

eMax Technologies is the innovator for ERP classroom and online training in Hyderabad. They are the No #1 ERP Training institute in Hyderabad providing a matchless environment of ERP Development and ERP Training, thus keeping the balance between theoretical knowledge and real-world experience.

Learning Benefits 

  • Expert trainers with years of experience with the technologies 
  • Study materials provided 
  • Access to the lab equipment 
  • 24*7 support throughout the completion of the course 
  • Job oriented training 
  • Guaranteed placement assistance 
  • Training on various tools used in RPA 

Who can do RPA courses? 


  • MCA
  • Btech/MTech/MBA
  • Freshers
  • Working Professionals on Other Technologies
  • Supportive Executives
  • Business Process Executives
  • Manual Testers
  • Any Degree (B.com/BCA/B.Pharma/Bsc)

RPA courses

What is the Future of RPA? 

Ans – Robotic Process Automation is not die-and-replace software. Many organizations have already implemented RPA as it is more reliable, yet there is more potential for it from the business perspective. In fact, when collaborating with AI and ML is known as intelligent automation, intelligent process automation, and cognitive RPA, this provides a range of solutions that enables enterprises to automate more complex, less rule-based tasks.

Hence it is always good to be one step ahead in the game. With the day-by-day increase in demand for RPA, there is more demand for professional RPA developers. So grab the opportunity and gain the necessary skill sets to have a brighter future in Robotics. 

What Is Robotic Process Automation | What Is RPA | Robotic Process Automation In Hindi

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