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If you are passionate about technology and wish to become a successful RPA programmer, then this article will give a thorough insight into the significant features, benefits, and scope of a Robotic process automation course. Above all, the best thing about the online best RPA courses Singapore is that you can join from any corner of the world. So, let’s have a glance at some of the best 10 RPA courses Singapore.


Most of the RPA training institutes mentioned below are mostly e-learning institutes and provide thorough knowledge on the subject. RPA courses are designed to reduce work and increase productivity. As a result, with the top courses in Singapore, you will undoubtedly hack the course with flying colors with the top RPA courses in Singapore.

Enhance your technological

traits with the best RPA

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About RPA courses Singapore

Singapore has been a dream country for many and thousands of people flock to Singapore primarily for higher studies, jobs, and businesses. On the other hand, it is a country that has long been stated as Asia’s Silicon Valley. Eventually, Singapore provides a wide range of job placements. Therefore, the city implements a digital and data-friendly policy that makes it a gorgeous place for tech businesses and the best RPA courses in Singapore.

Furthermore, Singapore government agencies and companies are required RPA to automate processes. Moreover, there are ample RPA jobs in the Singapore IT industry for well-versed RPA developers. Consequently, a lucrative job in Singapore will be no more a dream, by choosing the best RPA courses Singapore.

So, if you are confused and unable to decide on the best RPA course in Singapore- with the help of this article, you can gain expertise and knowledge from the best trainers in the industry.

Hence, if you are searching for Robotic process operations, below mentioned are the Top 10 RPA Courses in Singapore.

Let’s have a glance at the top 10 RPA courses in Singapore:

2. Uipath

Contact – (844) 432-0455

best RPA courses Singapore

It runs free training RPA programs all over the world. UiPath is globally recognized. It builds the skill and the product knowledge for the role you want to play.

Eventually, UiPath aims to reinvent the way people work by balancing RPA course learning and delivering robots for each student. Nevertheless, the RPA course is 100% professional and makes you confident enough to grab the job opportunity on a decent salary scale.

Also, it is a perfect platform to acquire and develop vast knowledge and prepare for the start of an automation career.

Key features & benefits

  •  Firstly, increased productivity
  •  Secondly, automate a wide range of task
  •  Thirdly, it has a very good overview of training and development opportunities in Robotic process automation.
  •  Fourthly, Multi-tenancy
  • Furthermore, it is suitable for any role that includes junior RPA developers
  • Next, allows you to achieve a higher salary as a UiPath-certified professional
  •  Finally, provides expertise, and skills with tools and implementations


  •  Introducing UiPath Orchestrator
  • Robot provisioning and license distribution
  •  Unused automation folders

Course duration

30 hours





3. Udemy

Rating -9.5/10
Contact -0700190519

Udemy is a well-known online learning platform offering diverse courses for a better future. Moreover, RPA is one such course offered by the institute and aspires to elevate the workforce of the top global developers.  Hence, the tool is specially designed for managers and leaders to enable them to make their teamwork proficient and stress-free and co-operating by giving 100% growth to the company.

Key features & benefits

  • Subtitles
  •  Quizzes
  •  Coding exercises
  • Practice test
  • No coding language is required
  • Understanding of simple, reliable, and pragmatic ways to create enterprise-grade automation
  • Learn to automate 8 real-world business processes with live examples


  • Excel
  •  Text
  •  Database,
  •  File system using UiPath activities

Course duration

10 hours


Rs. 455 to 3,499/-



4. Edureka

Rating – 9.5/5
Contact – 8951755405

Top 10 RPA courses Singapore

Edureka is an e-learning platform, that provides comprehensive computer science-based online training methodology to enhance your future career, as well as your current management position. So, if you are passionate about trendy technology, make way for Edureka Robotic process automation. Also, it provides expert trainers from the industry.

At this point, it is one of the most reliable online training institutes providing simple techniques and high standards of teaching RPA certificate courses in Singapore.  

Above all, Edureka is a great option for RPA courses as it stands as one of the top RPA courses in Singapore, which provides an exceptional teaching methodology for the learner’s workforce. It is a complete e-learning platform for beginners and professionals who aspire to upgrade their expertise in top management services.

Key features & benefits

  • User-friendly interactive training 
  • Live & trending courses
  • Flexible class hours
  • Provide completion of certificates
  • Highlight courses industry skills
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Affordable
  • Immense learning around the clock


  • Web scraping
  • RPA bots
  • Introduction to UiPath
  • Cloud computing
  • AI & ML

Course Duration

4 weeks




5. Croma Campus

Contact – 9818014543/ 8660674718

best RPA certificate course Singapore

Croma campus is an intensive, interactive training program giving core insights into unexpected prospects of RPA that supports them in deploying the required knowledge to use RPA tools at offices or workplaces. Therefore, it is regarded as the best training and placement institute.

Moreover, RPA is one of the most significant IT skills required for a lucrative career scope.  Furthermore, if you complete one RPA certificate course via Croma Campus, it would make your profile stronger and at par with the industry’s needs. 

Key Features & Benefits

  • Allows real-life case studies
  • Provides assignment
  • Gives lifetime access
  • Instructor-led sessions
  • 24×7 expert support
  • ‘P3 model certifies’ 100% placement openings to registered candidates.
  •  Attractive package with a well-known training company in India.
  •  Finally, mock interviews are held before the real-time interview.                   


  •  Blue Prism certification training
  •  UiPath certification training
  •  OpenBots certification training

Course Duration

2 months





6. Coursera

Rating -9.7/10

best RPA course Singapore

Coursera is an online US-based learning platform offering unlimited access to 7000 + courses. It handles a vast array of courses that supports you to master a skill. So, subscribe to an RPA course for specialized learning and be a part of a complete RPA specialization course and earn an RPA certificate.  Above all, it enables you to pause your learning or subscription at any time.

Furthermore, the RPA specialization course will help the candidates to assimilate the knowledge and skills learned and build an end-to-end automation solution for a business project.  Besides, there are 6 courses in their specialized courses.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Hands-on project
  • Flexible schedule for deadlines
  • Comprehensive knowledge
  • Professional-level skilled instructors
  • 7 days free trial


  • Basic introduction to UiPath skills
  • RPA lifecycle, introduction, and design automation anywhere
  • Data manipulation in RPA
  • UI automation and selectors 
  • Control flow in RPA
  • Automation techniques in RPA

Course duration

12 weeks





7. Cloud Foundation

Contact: 630-598-7717

Top 10 RPA course Singapore

The Cloud Foundation is a 100% e-learning institute for candidates whoever aspires to learn the best RPA course in Singapore. It delivers corporate-level training to corporate employees with expert professionals for skill development in a redesigned way. It offers a wide range of courses on various IT subjects for certificate, master, and corporate training in a fast mode and simple method.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Learning at your flexible timings
  • Lifetime access to videos & materials
  • Lab access facility
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Self-paced training
  • Onsite training on desired premises


  • Automation Anywhere
  • Blue Prism
  • Open span
  • UiPath
  • UiPath studio

Course Duration:

3 days


Not given


both virtual as well as classroom

8. Mindmajix

Rating: 9.3/10

Mindmajix - YouTube

MindMajix is one of the best online training platforms for training and self-paced videos of fresh candidates and corporate employees. Moreover, Mindmax offers 400 IT courses ensuring complete course content. In addition, they improve your technical aspects and take it to a new standard.

So, if you are looking for a comprehensive training center then MindMajix can be one of the perfect decisions for a successful career in RPA.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Flexible timings
  • Minimal fees
  • The RPA certification course is structured to make you a pro in automating several business tasks that are tedious and time-consuming
  • Complete guidance for acquiring certification
  • Higher accuracy in detecting errors
  • Real-time project use cases
  • Free demo on request


  • Review the code in Uipath
  • Overview of process automation
  • Basics Introduction to Robots
  • Operation of software

Course Duration

30 hours





9. Inventateq

Rating- 9.3/10
Contact -8042024661

Inventateq is one of the best RPA certification training institutes approved by the government of India in Bengaluru and Chennai that ensures 100% job placement to their candidates.

In addition, it believes everyone should get the opportunity to learn and grow for future technological development, and therefore brings reliable online top RPA courses in Singapore with high-performance cloud services, and many other courses for a skillful workforce that works sans any error.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Real industry-specific projects, hands-on experience
  • Job oriented courses
  • Mock interviews, Mock  exam  preparation
  • Instructors from IBM, DELL, Accenture
  • You get a globally recognized  certification  after course completion
  • High salary prospects in MNC 


  • Blue Prism
  • Automation Anywhere
  • UI path
  • Open span tools

Course duration

3 months




online & offline

10. Udacity

Rating -9.5/10
Contact- 360012175852 (toll-free number)

Top 10 RPA courses in Singapore

Udacity, a universally online learning platform, introduces its Robotic automation developer nano degree course, which was created in Silicon Valley with the involvement of leading companies like Google, to provide tech-based Amazon, web services to provide tech-based subjects such as RPA using Uipath and artificial intelligence. However, the RPA course Singapore provided by Udacity is very beneficial for candidates, who wish to boost their project management skills.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Initially, it provides scholarships to students who aspire to RPA courses by Udacity.
  • Next, candidates get hands-on practice to tackle any uncommon challenges in the field of programming.
  • Further, the course helps candidates to have world-class exposure to numerous career opportunities in highly established fields such as RPA developer, business analyst, and many more.
  • At the same time imparts comprehensive knowledge of experts. 
  • As well as 24/7 customer support
  • At last, flexible learning is provided.


  • Intro to RPA with Uipath
  • Data and string manipulation & Ui activities
  • Variables, argument, and control flow

Course duration

4 months


Rs.77,646/- per month



What is RPA?

Robotic process automation or RPA is a process for automating business operations accurately with the support of robots to minimize human intrusion.

Following, with the progression in internet technology, the world is booming toward machine learning and Robotics. At this point, advanced technology has invented Robotic process automation (RPA) globally to reduce human workload, making it stress-free and easier.

Why are the RPA courses in Singapore popular?

Robotic Process Automation is the need of the hour. Therefore, the need to fasten up the work was observed by the technical expert and institutes globally, and therefore RPA training institutes were introduced by skilled trainers to make it more innovative and accurate.

Furthermore, Singapore is home to the majority of the top MNC companies. And thus, the professionals working with top MNC companies possess the expertise and good knowledge in the RPA domain, most importantly providing training online in Singapore. Rather, it is a place where one can earn well and lead a contented lifestyle.

Accordingly, with the upsurge in demand for automation in business functioning, that may include HR, customer service, or back-office automation, the popularity of skilled RPA professionals is also on the increase. As a result, the amalgamation of digital and human intervention in RPA aims to create several new and exciting career prospects in the future for next genre.

What is the scope of the best RPA course in Singapore?

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  2. Jitendra Kumar Reply

    The training’s emphasis on collaboration and teamwork was refreshing. I had the opportunity to work with fellow students on RPA projects, which simulated real project dynamics.thanks for share this article.

  3. I am truly amazed by the depth of knowledge I gained in this RPA course. The practical exercises helped solidify my understanding, and now I feel confident in implementing automation solutions.

  4. Enrolling in the RPA Training Certification Course by Henry Harvin was an excellent decision. It provided comprehensive RPA training, practical projects, and a recognized certification, boosting my professional standing.

  5. The RPA Training Course is a must for professionals seeking to excel in automation. It offered practical training, real-world projects, and expert guidance to enhance my RPA skills.

  6. I highly recommend the RPA Course. It provided me with a comprehensive understanding of RPA concepts, hands-on experience with automation tools, and practical implementation skills.

  7. Completing the RPA certification course was a milestone in my career. The comprehensive curriculum, industry-recognized certification, and practical assessments provided the credibility and expertise needed to excel in the field of Robotic Process Automation.

  8. The RPA training course provided a solid foundation in automation techniques, equipping me with the skills and confidence to streamline processes and achieve remarkable efficiency gains in my organization.

  9. The RPA course’s knowledgeable instructors and interactive learning environment made the complex concepts easy to grasp, ensuring a rewarding and enriching experience.

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