Do you really become a perfect teacher and wish to teach abroad with well-paid opportunities? Do you feel you are not good at English speaking and afraid of facing classrooms?

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3. How to Become an ESL Teacher? A Career Guide

The full form of ESL is English as a second language, schools often use the term ESL (sometimes called ESOL or English for speakers of other languages). As the name reflects the program that educates the learners who are non-native English speakers and often describes ESL teachers and students.

You can upgrade your English speaking proficiencies with ESL courses to prepare for the TOEFL and IELTS language tests.

Working as an ESL instructor, teaching non-English speakers, can be a highly rewarding career. Ambitious ESL teachers have the choice to teach learners in their own country or abroad, and many have the flexibility of working remotely, by using their laptops.

Here you have to follow basic steps if you want to become an ESL teacher:

  • All ESL teachers are needed to possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, preferably in education, English, or teaching English as a foreign language, writing, and speaking
  • Learners have to complete Coursework on topics like how to inspired adult students, creating lesson plans, working with people with learning disabilities, teaching diverse cultures, and use technology
  • After finishing their bachelor’s degree, the teacher must complete an ESL training program. This will train them how to evaluate a students language skills and allowed them to meet the needs of the licensor
  • ESL teachers require to have a license to qualify for a professional post. Because the need goes change globally and by country, it’s important to study the needs for your geographic locations

Common Requirements for ESL Teachers

  • four-year bachelor’s degree in education or in a related field
  • TEFL/TESOL certification

These certifications are the most commonly recognized proficiencies for teaching English to know native speakers. TESOL has been created for teaching English to second-language speakers in an English-speaking country, while TEFL is for those who will be teaching ESL in a non-English speaking country. Many posts, however, will take the certification is equivalent

  • Computer knowledge

ESL teachers often are needed to teach classes online and therefore must be skilled with computer literacy

  • Written and verbal communication skills

To assist learners to master the English language in both written and oral form, ESL teachers must have excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • ESL teachers work with non-native speakers to assist them to learn to speak, read, write, and understand English. They might work in private or public School language institutions, or teach private lessons out of their home or the homes of students.

The term ESL is just one way to refer to the program but other related terms which vary by regions, state, district, and/or School include, there has been mentioned some best certification programs:

Culturally and Linguistically Driven (CLD): used in the US for English language learners 
English Language Learners (ELL): used for students typically found in k-12 environments
English Language Teaching or Training ( ELT): same meaning as ESL and mostly used in the UK
(Teaching) English for Academic Purposes (EAT or EAP): teaching learners how to write formally, perform, and give a presentation, academically in English
(Teaching) English as a Foreign Language (TEFL or EFL): teaching English in a non-native speaking country
Teaching English as a New Language (TENL or ENL): used in some States instead of ESL
(Teaching) English to Speakers of Other Languages ( TESOL or ESOL): uses as English is the second language, English as a 3rd or 4th language
(Teaching) English as a Second Language (TESL or ESL): teaching English in a native English speaking country
(Teaching) English for Specific Purposes (TESP or ESP): the teaching of English that is associated with a particular industry such as business or technology
Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): a test of English language needed of global learner who desires to study abroad in a country where English is spoken, for example in India

Role of ESL Teachers: Job Description

  • An ESL instructor is assigned for providing lessons and support to learners who want to learn English as a second language. ESL instructors use real-time practice to support students.
  • ESL constructors must be creative, adaptable, and capable to understand a variety of cultures expected when working with learners from different cultures
  • Those who teach English or a second language also act as an instructor, advisors, and liaisons to learners and families of different cultures
  • In the public school, ESL trainer main work with students of all grade level K-12, often moving ESL learners out of the regular classroom to a designated region, where they worked with them in smaller groups or one-on-one to upgrade their English qualifications
  • These small groups may consist of English language students of different ages and grade levels who all required help with their English language skills

ESL Teacher Needs and Their Common Tasks

  • Teachers of ESL, draft and deliver lessons and evaluate learners on their strengths and weaknesses. They may instruct the whole class, or in the public school, or in the smaller group
  • ESL instructors organized activities and conducted grade tests. They might work with children or adult learners of various ages from different backgrounds
  • A flexible teaching style requires is an excellent communication skill
  • Besides instructing learners in the subject of English, ESL instructors must prepare lesson plans, complete related paperwork, and keep informed with new teaching techniques and standards
  • ESL teachers required proficiencies in computer and various classroom techniques due to the increasing use of technologies
  • Teachers as a second language often spend nights and weekends greeting papers organize their lessons, activities and meeting with parents, and other school faculty
  • Instructors of adult students specifically may be required to teach classes outside of the regular working classroom, since adult learner often do their jobs in the daytime

ESL Teachers Payout

  • The report by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) that the average annual salary for elementary school and high school teachers is $60,000+ respectively
  • It also reports that adult literacy instructors or adult ESL teachers an average salary of $50,000+ and related BLS category of adult basic and secondary education,  instructors report an average salary of $50,000+ per year
  • The payout is directly influenced by job training, education, experience, and locations, etc. and available funding for the ESL program
  • Job opportunities for ESL teachers might be more in States with larger non-native English populations, like California, New York, and Texas, etc.
  • While the BLS does not provide a specification for ESL instructors, it does assess a 3% increase in elementary school teaching jobs and a 4% increase in high school teaching jobs by 2028
  • Adult literacy instructor jobs including ESL may be expected to fall by 10% through 2028 due to changes in government funding for the sorts of program

How Can You Boost Your Teaching Career Through Skills and Experience?

  • Prior experience working with ESL learners can assist prospective ESL teachers to stand out
  • A master’s degree in ESL or a related field might above help and might increase high-income opportunities
  • Those who teach English as a second language should have excellent communication and organizational skills, presentation, and sound decision-making skills

4. A Career in ESL Teachings

There are various sorts of ESL careers, depending on the categories. Let’s have a look at the different types of ESL career lifestyles to see if it’s a good fit for you!

  1. “Back home” ESL instructor

Most people don’t wish to stay abroad forever, there are a lot of ESL jobs back home. Several universities need a year for learners who don’t have TOEFL scores. You might work with learners on general English or something more specific like college essay writing.

  1. The long term ESL instructor overseas

Many teachers get good jobs at an International School, University, or organization, and become professional career instructors. You will have the chance to be promoted to Department head over time, with more advantages and nice income to go along with it.

  1. The Traveling ESL instructor

You can also work as a traveling career ESL teacher. Working as a teacher in new and enthralling countries is your way of seeing the world.

5. Can I teach English online after becoming TEFL certified?

TEFL certification will qualify you to teach English online also, a leading market that offers opportunities to earn a good payout teaching English as a foreign language, whether you are living in any country, or if you are teaching English abroad in a non-native English speaking country. Many English teachers abroad teach English online part-time as a way to supplement their income as English teachers.

Some also teach English online full-time which provides them the chance to move more frequently from one country to another, while still earning money because they can teach English online from any location as long as they have good internet access. Most teachers are able to make a minimum of $10-$20 (USD) per hour with a flexible work schedule.

Besides, the above-mentioned advantage there are various advantages briefly discussed below:

This certification boosts your market value at the international level; high-income opportunity; develop your classroom confidence; stabilize your global career; give value to your CV or resume; freedom and ability to work overseas; during an online TEFL course, you can do your full-time current job, etc. and many more.

6. How Could you Find ESL Teaching Jobs?

Are you running around attempting to begin the perfect ESL teaching job?

Well, stop running and cool yourself down behind your laptop for a while!

Online ESL teaching jobs are extending as rapidly as the schools that offer them, and they are easier to discover than you may imagine!

I am going to show you the three best sites to hunt these jobs and how?

Before starting, I would explain something important as all the work is remote, the recruiting process is much easier and there is none of that technical paperwork.

Most places just want your CV and to fill out some information. The hand always keeps in mind that there’s one more major chance you can go with – Be your own Boss.

These ESL job boards are often visited by the ESL teachers and schools looking to appoint teachers with a plethora of postings. Well, times have changed and these boards generally have a good supply of online job postings nowadays. Let’s have a look at some ESL teaching job boards:

1. ESL jobs

Smaller than the others with few selections, but at a certain time can have a good arrangement of available jobs since the site is updated regularly


One of the best sites for hunting teaching jobs. The ESL teaching jobs update every day so keep coming back to check here regularly.

3. ESL jobs world

A large site with a great selection and easy application process where you just upload your CV. You could apply to multiple jobs in no time

4. Dave’s ESL cafe

Low budget but still offers quality work and popular for the low postings charges offered to employers, making for more posting than other sites

5. Teaching

This permits you to apply directly with your resume and video to your profile to job postings with a single thick

6. Teach away

The teach away causes a variety of new jobs included every day and permits you to hunt by job title, key responsibilities, firm, or place. On the website, you will also search a detailed view of the job market for teaching English abroad globally, and advice on career from experts on blog added info on which countries pay the highest income for teaching abroad

7. Transitions abroad

It fits you if you are expecting a licensed English teaching job abroad! Transition Abroad TEFL job board is short to support you in finding your perfect job

8. Go abroad

go abroad will link you with large English teaching posts and let you enter your desirable teaching place, added short-term and volunteer English gigs

9. Total ESL

Total ESL is a perfect site to hunt English teaching jobs by area. Just enter your favorite place and you will get the list of opportunities on Total ESL 

10. ESL Base

Any list of the best job hunt sites for English teaching jobs abroad would be incomplete with ESL Base. You can discover hundreds of English teaching jobs by country on ESL. It lets you sign up for job alerts and they cause a Nifty guide to spotting ESL job scams

11. Go overseas

If you are on the search for an overseas English teaching post, go overseas should be on your list to check daily updates

12. ESL Employment

ESL Employment is another important job board for wannabe TEFL instructors – both at home and overseas


This job portal site gathered teaching job listings in the largest ESL hotspots around the world. You also have the choice to upload your resume and specify which countries you are most willing to teach in, which act as open invitations for recruiters to connect you

14. i-to-i

It links new experienced instructors and fresh graduates with the wealth of TEFL teaching opportunities overseas in more than 20 countries

15. ESL job feed

ESL job feed lets you hunt around available ESL posts with factors like place, job type, and employer. This site is also having handy resources for working ESL instructors, so go and check those out!

17. ESL Teachers Board

ESL Teachers Board having comprehensive job listings for those searching to teach in Korea and Japan. They offer much more ESL teaching resources for working teachers as well

18. Reach to Teach

Reach to Teach has a broad list of ESL job openings. And it also featured other resources like stories and tips from other experienced people who have taught English overseas.

There are sites like Skima Talk and Cafe Talk where you can apply and set your rates, lessons, and schedule according to you.

These lists of ESL job portals above do not mean to be exhaustive, it could be a good location to begin on your journey to hunt a teaching job abroad you really desire to go!

Applying on the best ESL teaching job boards is a good beginning, but it is not that the battle is ended. You still have to land the job.

Now’s prepare yourself for ESL teaching jobs! Happy ESL job searching!

1. With a TEFL certification, Teachers can Benefit out in Several Ways:

  • Qualify for teaching jobs

 The minimum enrollment requirement for most well-paid jobs, with the best offers, is a level-5 TEFL certificate. 

  • Earn the Skills Needed to Teach Abroad

A TEFL certification makes you teach English language skills, plan lessons for foreign language students, renew your knowledge of English grammar concepts, and many more.

  • Stand Out in Job Applications

Even in circumstances where the hiring school has not clearly listed a TEFL certification as a requirement, it is always regarded as a strong asset and could help set you apart from aspirants who are not TEFL certified.

  • Get a higher Salary with more Reputable Schools

Teachers with a TEFL certificate qualify for teaching positions with more reputable organizations, which means better advantages and higher salaries. 

  • Why do I need a TEFL Certification to Teach English Abroad?

 The minimum admission requirement for most well-paid jobs, with the best offers, is a level-5 TEFL certificate.  A TEFL qualification can also assist you in countries where getting a visa may otherwise be very difficult.

Your TEFL Certificate is an important record that can assist you to find a job teaching English as a foreign language. It reveals to potential employers that you have received training and achieved the required standard to become a teacher of English as a foreign language.

If you have been browsing the internet hunting for courses, you might have checked that there are different certifications. These include:

  • TEFL



TEFL and TESOL are certificates awarded to aspirants who have studied to teach English as a foreign language to adults and children. CELTA is a certification course in English language teaching to adults only.

2. Why Study for a TEFL Certificate?

If you want to teach English as a foreign language there are a few things that you should Keep in mind:

  • You should know the teaching techniques

  • You should have an awareness of what teaching a classroom of learners is all about

  • You should have a knowledge of what you’re teaching

  • You should be able to Organize and Execute your English Classes

If you don’t study for a TEFL certification course, then there will be things you don’t know. and you won’t receive the all-important TEFL Certificate.  Yes, you might have an excellent clutch of English language, but do you know what to do with a blended capacity class or how to teach perfectly for 50 minutes or more?

You’ll gain an understanding of how to teach reading, writing, listening, and talking. You’ll be given grammar lessons and tips on teaching grammar concepts. If you take the combined course, you’ll also get to know what it’s like to stand up before a class of students and do some teaching.

By studying with The TEFL Academy you’ll be taught what you require to know to start your career teaching English as a foreign language. There are things you will understand as you become more experienced, but the certification course will give you a strong framework.

That means when you do begin your first job, although it will be nerve-wracking, you know you’ve got some solid instructions behind you. So now you know the reasons why you should go for a TEFL Certificate.

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