Do you have an existing problem and are looking for an approach? A six-sigma process improvement approach would help you out.


How was the approach invented? Walter Shewhart, a statistician, in early 1930s developed the improvement process and this was called as the Shewhart cycle (a process of Plan-Do-Study-Act) and thereafter, the roots of DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) followed this process.

Select the Right Projects 

Prior to starting any improvement plans, it’s important that you consider projects that are useful for development. This will set you up for progress. 

There are deterrents to smooth activities in any business and Six Sigma certification gives rules to enable you to choose the correct projects at the perfect time. When projects are chosen, you and your improvement team(s) can utilize DMAIC to additionally refine the undertakings and come up with quantifiable, practical outcomes. 

Generally, a decent project for development: 

• Foresees issue within a current procedure, 

• Tries for lessening the lead time or imperfections and aims at cost savings or improved profitability, is measurable (has collectable information) and results in a good improvement. 


What is the issue that you want to fix? This Phase is Lean Six Sigma’s improvement process and sets forward the principal action.

A Project Charter is made by the action group which is a guide of the procedure and they start to understand the requirements of the clients. It’s an important step to look into the initiatives and scope of the organization. 


How does the procedure currently perform? Or on the other hand, how big is the issue? To keep up the life of the project, it’s important to measure. As the group starts gathering information, they see what the clients care about. This focuses ahead on two points: decreasing lead time or improving quality.

In the Measure Phase, the group considers the baseline of the process and focuses on present execution while refining the measurement definitions. 

What is causing the issue? 

  • Groups generally proceed further without investigations without realising the issues. Here, the Analysing phase comes to action. Before it leads to new issues, appropriate action is taken to avoid wastage of time, resource, or any other differences.
  • One needs to create investigations put in ideas (rather than solutions) to see why issues exist and then work ahead to find solutions and prove their theories.
  • Before you think of implementing the solutions, one needs to go through the data and process analysis.


What steps are taken to lessen the issues? Through the Improve Phase, the group conceptualizes arrangements; thinks about procedure changes, actualizes arrangements, and finally, gathers information to affirm there is a quantifiable improvement. In order to improve the customer experience, effort should be taken to prompt good solutions and innovation. 


How would you continue the improvement? In the Control Phase, the group is centered on making a Monitoring Plan to keep estimating the achievement of the refreshed procedure and building up a Response Plan in the event that there is a downfall in performance. Once set up, the group hands these plans off to the Process Owner for continuous support.

When it comes to doing certifications, the most widely recommended answer is Henry Harvin or the American Society for Quality, in short ASQ. This blog will take you through the two career competent organizations six sigma (in India) and the differences in the way of approaches towards value creation.

Henry Harvin is an organization focussing on career development and aims at value creation. Their courses are based on skill development training, content services and advanced education. Henry Harvin helps in developing business and methodical skills, which directly helps in improving the work style of the company you work in and maximise customer value. 

ASQ (known as the American Society for Quality) is a global community of people dedicated to quality who share the ideas and tools that make our world work better through training, professional certifications and knowledge to a great number of associates.

Classroom training is provided that helps to understand the concepts in detail giving best results. They too continuously innovate in products, processes, people and markets to build the highest levels of operational efficiencies and meet tomorrow’s critical challenges.  


  • Henry Harvin conducts training courses for Six Sigma certification, they provide result-oriented training and teach how to get accurate results and optimize the cost. There is an option for six-sigma certification online. Seasoned Industry Experts (with more than 10 years experience) with specialization in Lean and Six Sigma bring valuable experience and success across diverse domains and industries. These experts are on the panel of Henry Harvin Management Academy.
  • Six Sigma course accompanies five levels of certification and they are acquired through the approval of a body named the ASQ, which is called the American Society for Quality. The level comprises the basics and points of interest of the sigma accreditation.
  • ASQ offers on-site training programs as well. As per ASQ Six Sigma reviews, they offer certification for White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification. Public training courses are conducted by ASQ BoK (Body of Knowledge) in almost all metro and main cities, its objective being knowledge accessible to everyone through its trained professionals. 


While ASQ reviews say that its training courses adds to quality and advance learning to improve business results, Henry Harvin employs the industry experts for its training courses that are incomparable and definitely a better choice for acquiring best Six Sigma certification.


  • Henry Harvin provides certificates based on the six-sigma training, and is awarded post the examination. Further an experience session for 12 months/24 hours is part of the program which focuses on implementation challenges and these can be added to your portfolio.
  • Your profile can stand apart with the global credential of ‘Certified Six Sigma Executive’ and the hallmark of CSSE is added next to your name.
  • The Six Sigma Green Belt Certification provided at the end of the course will distinguish you from the rest of your peers. The black belt certification is the CSSBB certification.
  • ASQ certifications are granted by an established, autonomous professional affiliation not partnered with any business entity.
  • ASQ accreditations are globally recognized and endorsed by almost 125 organizations around the globe as per ASQ Six Sigma reviews. ASQ adheres to ISO 17024 standard.
  • A certified person on six sigma belts has a thorough knowledge of all its aspects and also an understanding Six Sigma principles and DMAIC procedure.
  • Also, they are good with the Lean concepts by which they are able to identify the specific tools. 


While a certified Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, according to ASQ reviews, demonstrate team leadership, understand team dynamics and assign team member roles and responsibilities while explaining principles including supporting system and tools,

Henry Harvin says that the six-sigma green belt certification distinguishes you from the rest of your colleagues and while creating an extra edge, will help you score better in interviews and jobs and this is possible when you have extra qualifications from a good institute like Henry Harvin offering best six-sigma certification.


Henry Harvin

  • Henry Harvin conducts 6-days/48-hours Classroom Training Session + 50+ hours of e-learning access and 24hours of live brush-up sessions to get practice, implement and resolve doubts.
  • Also, classes are held on Sunday which are highly interactive with lots of discussion and participation using Adaptive Probing Methodology.
  • Project experience Expert sessions add to your portfolio and this also gives revision to your learning. You can get the experience of 12 projects over a span of one year post formal training provided by the Institute.
  • Moreover, you can have lifetime access to courseware, data, case studies, articles, videos etc.


  • ASQ provides 9 days Classroom training that helps to understand the concepts in detail with best results. It is required for the Six Sigma Black Belt certification to complete at least one project of six- sigma and also a project affidavit needs to be submitted.
  • According to ASQ six sigma reviews, while preparing for the exams, it offers training and related books and guides for reference. After every 3 years, a recertification of your being a six sigma Black Belt is required as per guidelines of ASQ by means of documenting RU credits or testing.
  • ASQ arranges for weekend classes on Green Belt course (SSGB) with a duration of 8 days.


Many are not comfortable with the classroom courses of ASQ as there are certain other criteria to be followed, in comparison, Henry Harvin is much thought of as having consistent and quality classroom courses which can be followed much easier and acclaims to be the best six sigma certification.


Henry Harvin

  • Henry Harvin charges for the six-sigma course is very reasonable. The entire course costs INR 17,500.00 if you want a green belt certification, a sensible investment considering the multiple benefits that it awards. For the 48-hour black belt certification course, the enrolment fee is INR 30,000.00.


  • As for ASQ, the Greenbelt course fee is INR 32,400, and Black Belt fee, is INR 59,000


With a reasonable fee structure and any hassle-free registration, a conventional classroom model of teaching is made available at Henry Harvin and is considered the best for all age groups. The classroom teaching also comes with multiple benefits as it encourages discussion and debates in the classroom.

As compared, ASQ has a more expensive fee structure. Also, Henry Harvin aims at much clearer concepts than ASQ. Therefore, Henry Harvin’s course offers the best six sigma certification.


Henry Harvin

Among different courses offered by Henry Harvin Education, Six-sigma green belt certification is the most perceived course globally. This course manages estimation, control inside an association in regards to plans, calculations, analysis, translation, and a lot more procedures.

The module involves learning methodology and learning integrated modules. The syllabus is designed and structured as per IASSC book of knowledge. There are various levels right now the most proper level among those levels is the Six Sigma Green Belt level. Six Sigma certification in Bangalore remains among the best preparing areas in India. 

Features (Learning-based)

  • Get hands-on involvement with applying six sigma tools and procedures to genuine business issues. 
  • Cultivate capacities in reality-based dynamic and information-driven critical thinking, along these lines improving procedures and execution that prompts an increase in income, lower expenses and decreased cycle time 
  • Gain experience of 1 full project during study preparations and 12 activities over a range of one year 
  • Job Oriented Outcomes: Fill the Void of Talent Shortage in Analytics Domain by getting qualified for a great many High Paying Jobs in India and Abroad with an upgraded profile through this ability and certification. Furthermore, get promoted from your present situation with an included range of abilities. 
  • Startup Focused Outcomes: Leverage the intensity of six sigma by establishing the framework of a Process Driven Startup Company and High-Quality Products and Services. In this way, improve a current startup, yet in addition begin a new one!


ASQ courses are designed and developed by experts who have experience in theory and practice in quality tools. There are certain prerequisites for the ASQ Green Belts:

  • Work Experience: Six Sigma Green Belts are representatives who invest a portion of their energy in process improvement groups. They take care of value issues and other quality improvement projects and are associated with Lean Six Sigma. 
  • The Six Sigma Green Belt certification requires three years of work involvement with at least one territory of the Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge. 
  • It’s necessary that candidates must work in a full-time, paid job. Interns, center or some other course work can’t be applied toward the work experience necessity

ASQ reviews say that they offer courses for quality experts of all experience and aptitude levels, such as:

  • New to Quality – where understanding of quality aspects is not clear and is searching for ideas to address issues in the work environment. 
  • Quality Practitioners – Seek information on quality ideas and devices as answers for issues they face. Quality might be a work responsibility. 
  • Quality Professionals –They look for information to improve their own or their company’s performance, build up their careers and teach others all through work, about quality. 
  • Academics are teachers or students in advanced education having some expertise in the proper investigation of quality. They are likely engaged with quality-related specialized or business degree programs.


ASQ, requires its candidates to have work involvement of at least 3 years in any of the territories of Six Sigma Belt BoK. As per ASQ reviews, in spite of ASQ having set regulatory path on its courses conducted, it’s all the more necessary to understand that comparatively, Henry Harvin has much better pathway as it follows some basics before moving to many advanced levels of learning and does not have stringent criteria for achieving six sigma certification.

Henry Harvin believes in clearing the fundamentals and the standards allows the certification holder to keep pace with the most recent improvements in the industry and distinguishes from rest of your peers.

Henry Harvin helps in improving the business procedure. After the course, you will end up being a specialist in dealing with the manufacturing procedure of the organization.

The courses help you to have an understanding of the modern practices to keep up the service quality as well. It gives chance to work on multifarious tools. Hence, Henry Harvin is most recommended and is considered the best six sigma certification.


Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin has planned its training programs with the goal of understanding it with ease, to enhance your determination, applying a logical mind and strong investigative aptitudes, encourages leadership qualities. This leads to understanding the course in a better way.

It has led to higher efficiency. From the point of view of a business, people who prepare themselves with Henry Harvin Six Sigma processes, they definitely possess higher skill and effectiveness – decreased overhead and higher profitability.

Moreover, Henry Harvin Six Sigma has been utilized to look into any errors and expelling them from the procedure of products to improve quality procedure. Achievement in improving the time and cost aspect in production will enable your association to show profitability.

So, less mistakes for your organization, improves client relations. With less errors, quicker production, and the capacity to satisfy the customer’s needs either early or on schedule, will keep the customer reliability intact. 

On acquiring the certification of Henry Harvin Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt, an individual is both taught in Six Sigma philosophies and also, he becomes a change operator within the company. The certifications also open ways to advancement to higher organizations and, as you may expect, expands your situations of getting an occupation with an alternate business.

The six sigma cultivates capabilities in fact-based decision making in your business. Furthermore, it adds to analyzing and solving management problems by using its 20+ Management tools thus sharpening the business acumen and commitment to improve processes.


ASQ believes that in the present worldwide economy in case you’re not excelling as a business, association or expert, or keeping pace with the most recent improvements in your industry, you’re losing the chance to compete. 

ASQ reviews say that clients look for a business-basic differentiator rather than quality. The 8-days Green Belt course teaches the DMAIC system which is about how to define, measure, analyse, improve, control, utilizing models from varied businesses.

The 15-days Black Belt course gives you the aptitudes to save money for your organization cash, lead groups, analyse business and activity procedures, and execute efficiencies into performing capacities.

Through its courses, ASQ believes that one can achieve great upgrades in basic business processes. The course enables us to apply factual and critical thinking devices to improve a project, eliminate errors and waste by applying lean and six sigma. By learning to execute ASQ six sigma strategies, one can analyse and evaluate information that empower procedure upgrades.


While both the institutions aim at essential skill benefits that have been set forth through the six- sigma courses, Henry Harvin aims at the basics taught through six sigma which helps in creating a strong base and helpful to the industry which may be missing through training courses of ASQ. 

Henry Harvin helps in improving the business procedure. After the course, you will end up being a specialist in dealing with the manufacturing procedure of organizations. This course will help you to have an understanding of present standard modern practices to keep up the service quality.

Henry Harvin is obviously a better choice because of the thorough knowledge it imparts to its learners and hence offers the best six- sigma certification.


Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin’s certification for the six-sigma training is recognized everywhere throughout the world. This gives worldwide traction to your CV since employers will quickly comprehend the certification and consider you as qualified for work.

Henry Harvin’s Lean methodology brings practicality of statistical tools and gives a chance to practice in groups. Its strategies orient members towards fact based dynamic, use information to reach business decisions, analyse current patterns and measurements for their practical use, also innovate and enhance for execution improvement.

Its Lean Six Sigma shows you another technique and new procedure of working together which improves a person’s competency, as additionally, the business procedure and furthermore decreases the deformities from the process.

Henry Harvin Six Sigma approaches can influence various parts of business, from improvement in goods and services to employees dedicating more into the final product.

Henry Harvin Six Sigma empowers an individual to know finance basics:

On the off chance that you are not a finance person, you will be glad that Henry Harvin Six Sigma takes you through all the conditions and equations of finance and gives you a continuous flow of money which will assist you with understanding and realizing the financial backing identified with the project. 


As per ASQ reviews, it integrates lean standards into the Six Sigma DMAIC approach within their classroom programs. They try to demonstrate quick outcomes for the organization with an applied task that you plan all through the course. Black Belt trainers will likewise give ongoing training after the course is finished. 

ASQ believes that its Green Belt training, upgrades your aptitudes and makes you a progressively significant contributor to any organization as a Black Belt.

You will develop your existing information base of lean and six sigma tools to the Black Belt level and have the option to apply them to a wide range of processes over every economic segment including manufacturing, finance, medicinal services, training, administration and government.

The material for this class was created by a community-oriented group of the main subject matter specialists explicitly chosen by ASQ for their skill in the methodology.


While ASQ has its own way of developing the skills for bringing in results to an organization, Henry Harvin is most preferred as its methodology and process are much recognized as it understands the science to develop high-quality products/services.

It develops the capability to look beyond the present field with this domain while using a unique methodology.

While ASQ believes in practical experience it takes you through, Henry Harvin cultivates capabilities in fact-based decision making and data-driven problem solving through its significant Management tools.

Thus, Henry Harvin is the most recommended institution as with your analytical background through its six sigma courses and levels of expertise, you become eligible for high-paid jobs.


The significance of the Six Sigma certification is rising these days. As an employee, it will give you incredible fulfillment that your organization is controlled by extraordinary experts who are concentrating on the quality of products and services.

This course will furnish you with the development in a vocation that you have consistently been looking for. This will help you in rendering better services and set a valuable standard for your organization. The Six Sigma permits boosting the benefit with slight changes in the working approach and diminishes the escape clauses allowing satisfactory profit.

More the clients, the more noteworthy will be benefit and thus the dependability and improvement of the business are additionally guaranteed. All the more, you create a clear vision for any administrative issues and provide an appropriate solution. Sectors like banking, telecom, Insurance, Finance, HR, Manufacturing, FMCG, Consumer Products, IT, BPO and many others adopt Six Sigma.

Every sector faces basic issues of delays, variations, defects etc. and this is actually where Six Sigma assists with taking are of such peculiarities in process and development. Six Sigma certifications will be a permanent tool required for upgrades in a business and along these lines, the scope is abundant for a Six Sigma certified proficient.

While picking the best establishment on Six Sigma, consider the Company’s experience, Course educational program and its capacities, and Faculty’s profile. Also, rehearse with the tools on completion of training and refer books on different topics. Henry Harvin Education Six Sigma is probably the best seminar on Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

It gives training in more than 20+ tools and its expert functionaries are across domains and businesses with more than 10 years of involvement in the field. Henry Harvin aims at goal centric and action-oriented systems or GCAO. It follows the LMS platform which is application based. You have the benefit of online meetings with master trainers.

Henry Harvin Six Sigma certification is highly recommended as it is known globally for its latest learning innovation and the title of ‘certified six Sigma’ is truly recognized. The benefit is amplified by using Six Sigma accreditation and a good planning of an organization helps in speedy and clear answers for its clients.

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