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Certification has become an important aspect of every industry now. Getting certified will not only enhance your knowledge, but also send across a clear message that you care enough about your career. This message will definitely be well received by your employer or a potential recruiter. 


Basically there are two reasons why any employee would want to do a certification. One, to enhance his/her skills, or to look for finer job opportunities. 

Since you have come looking for this article, it proves that you are work savvy. We at Henry Harvin are very happy to help you with deciding which certification has more value in 2020. Six Sigma or PMP ?

What are Six Sigma and PMP certifications for ?

Before deciding Six Sigma or PMP, let us first know what these certifications are for.

Six Sigma is one of the most prominent data-driven methodologies. Applying the tools and techniques learned during Six Sigma certification can help in the following:

  • Identifying customers and their needs,
  • Defining the process,
  • Eliminating waste effort,
  • Ensuring continuous improvement,
  • Reducing the costs and
  • Improving customer satisfaction.

Six Sigma certification helps professionals, who find the causes of defects and solutions. There are different certification levels in Six Sigma which is color-coded. The order of this color-coded belt certification is:

White Belt certification, Yellow Belt certification, Green Belt certification, Black Belt certification and Master Black Belt certification.

In order for a person to lead a six sigma project, Black Belt level certification is must.

PMP is the art of organising, coordinating, and controlling the various tasks and resources in order to complete and lead a project successfully. The main goal of a project manager is to optimize the productivity of his/her team. It is the manager’s responsibility to do everything possible to minimise the obstacles and guide the team to complete the project within the deadline.

PMI (Project Management Institute) is the administering body of PMP certification. A PMP certification indicates that a person has achieved expert level status in Project Management. A PMP professional utilizes more than 42 tools of project management and validates their competence. PMI maintains the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) guide. The PMP certification depends on this guide

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Similarities between Six Sigma and PMP

These two distinct methodologies are complementary and support one another. Six Sigma implements a set of project management concepts to function . Many professionals hold dual certifications due to job requirements.

Six Sigma or PMP helps in developing a method using the five phases . The two methods use similar tools like charts and fishbone diagrams. When blended, a professional can identify a problem using Six Sigma. Then put in place an effective solution using PMP skills.

Employing an individual who has both PMP and Six Sigma skills will serve as an advantage. An employee with dual certifications will be eligible for high-level positions. He/she will also be an ideal candidate for executive management roles.

Both PMP and Six Sigma bring in similar benefits to the organisation and to the employers by improving process performance by employing a five-phase methodology.

Six Sigma and PMP Differences

Six Sigma first identifies the problem and then proceeds to find the solution. While PMP concentrates more on the schedule, budget, scope or risk. The main Six Sigma and PMP difference lies in the five phase methodology followed. Six Sigma follows the five phase methodology of : Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control. While PMP follows the five phase methodology of: Initiate, Plan, Launch, Monitor & Control, Close.

Another important Six Sigma and PMP difference is that a project management professional is an expert in implementing the project. While a Six Sigma Belter is an expert at finding solutions to a problem.

Important factors to ponder upon before doing Six Sigma or PMP certification

Now that you know the similarities and differences about Six Sigma and PMP certification, let us see how you can earn and maintain the certification.

Hierarchy – Six Sigma vs PMP

Six Sigma follows a multi – tiered structure with different color- coded belts.

  • White Belt – This the introductory certification for Six Sigma. When you complete this certification, you will have a basic understanding of Six Sigma
  • Yellow Belt – At this level, you will gain knowledge to improve processes using tools.
  • Green Belt – On completion of this certification, you will be considered as an expert Six Sigma belter.
  • Black Belt and Master Black Belt – This certification will give you the ability to train others in Six Sigma specialisation. 

PMP certification doers must follow a certain hierarchy of PMI which includes a professional project management  skill training and thorough knowledge of the institute’s Project Management Body of knowledge (PMBOK Guide).

Eligibility Criteria – Six Sigma vs PMP

According to PMI, there are two sets of eligibility criteria.If you have a bachelor’s degree or global equivalent,then the eligibility criteria is:Minimum three years of relevant work experience.

  • 35 hours of project management training or CAPM Certification.

If you have a high school diploma, associate’s degree, or global equivalent, you need:

Minimum five years of relevant work experience

  • 35 hours of project management training or CAPM Certification.

PMP certification doers must meet PMI eligibility requirements which include professional project management training. Thorough knowledge of the institute’s Project Management Body of knowledge (PMBOK Guide).

For Six Sigma,

3+ years of work experience in the relevant field of expertise.

For obtaining a Six Sigma Green Belt certification or Six Sigma Black Belt certification, the process is much simpler at Henry Harvin,

1. Register after consulting with our counsellors,
2. Attend the Six Sigma Green Belt/Black Classes
3. Appear for the Six Sigma Green Belt/Black Belt Exam by completing the mini projects and assignments 4. Get Six Sigma Green Belt Certification after which you can apply for internship, placement and freelancing projects.

Duration – Six Sigma vs PMP

Generally, a six sigma certification can be done in 3-5 weeks.

At Henry Harvin, there two modes of training: Option 1: Classroom Training of 32hrs duration Option 2: Live Online Training of 20hrs duration

PMP certification requires higher duration for preparation.Approximately 1 – 3 months.

Administrator – Six Sigma vs PMP

Globally recognised administrators for Six Sigma are American Society for Quality (ASQ) and International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC), although there is no single body of administrators. Project Management Institute administers PMP.

Six sigma also helps in operations management as well.

Validity – Six Sigma vs PMP

There is no expiration date for six sigma.
The PMP certification process can take several years for completion. Renewal of the certification is carried out once in three years through prescribed professional development units .

Application of Six Sigma or PMP certification:

Principles of Six Sigma is applied in Organisations like Amazon, Motorola, Bank of America, General Electric  and Ford Motor Company. Principle of Project Management is applied across IT, Construction, Manufacturing and Bank & Financial Industries.

Benefits of Six Sigma certification:

  • Helps your organisation reduce risk and eliminate error and defects.
  • Improve business processes and sustain Quality improvement.
  • You will become valuable in every industry.
  • Ensure compliance.
  • Rise to Managerial positions.
  • Excellent salary.
  • Gain Hands-On Experience in Quality Management.

Benefits of PMP:

  • Prevents failure projects. 
  • Helps managers to understand the project and its purpose.
  • Assess and mitigate the risks.
  • Helps to identify and communicate the problem areas.


Six Sigma or PMP certified professionals get almost double the salary than an average management executive globally.


So whether you have decided to do Six Sigma or PMP certification, it is important to consider the above-mentioned factors before investing your time and money to do the certification.

We are Ranked No.1 Six Sigma Certification in India, We provide Six Sigma Black Belt and Six Sigma Green Belt certifications. You can take a view by clicking on the link and visit our site to get a detailed idea about the course curriculum.


1. Why should one choose Henry Harvin to do Six Sigma Green belt or Six Sigma Black belt certifications?

 It is a globally recognized course and the training curriculum is aligned to the IASSC book of knowledge which is followed globally. Henry Harvin provides practical training and is offered in two modes Classroom and Online training.

2. What job opportunities can a Six Sigma belter aim for?

After obtaining a Six Sigma certificate, various organisations offer positions like Six Sigma consultant, Project Manager and Data Analysts.

3. When will the Six Sigma certificate be issued?

 After completion of course, the certificate will be issued within 60 days.

4. Is Six Sigma certification globally recognized?

 Six Sigma certification is accepted world-wide.

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