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The Goods and Services Tax (GST) was implemented across India on July 1, 2017. GST stands for goods and services tax in its complete form. Anything that we can see and touch qualifies as good. Also, service is something we can’t see or feel; we just know about it. Let’s say you’re dining in a hotel.


Let’s have a look at what tax is? Taxes are funds that we pay to the government, which it then spends on the people.

Taxes are mainly divided into two parts.

You must pay some tax if your income exceeds the tax rate. It’s known as direct taxation. For Example- Corporation tax, property tax, gift tax, and wealth tax, Eligibility GST indirect taxes come in a variety of forms. There are nearly 17 of these taxes. Here are few Examples of indirect tax-

Any item sold is subject to sales tax. For example, if you go to see a movie, you must pay an entertainment tax. It’s known as indirect tax.

Service tax is a fee that you must pay if you use a service. For hotels and airplanes etc.

Customs duty is the tax I must pay when I buy or sell goods from a foreign country.

Excise duty is a tax imposed on items manufactured in India.

VAT stands for value-added tax. That is if an item costs Rs 50 to create. You make a profit of Rs. 50 when you sell the merchandise on the market. So, the quantity you’ve put into the product. Value-added tax is a tax that you must pay on an additional 50 rupees.

We are required to pay a variety of taxes, including this one. However, all of these indirect taxes have already been abolished, and they are now subject to only one tax. GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. GST has helped to alleviate some of the problems with the tax system. The table below attempts to describe both the past and current tax systems. It is up to the consumer to determine whether the transaction represents a loss or gain.

With the help of the graphic below, we can see how GST is beneficial to all of us.

      Previous System (Here consumer has to pay on MRP) Tax Payer               GST System (Here consumer has to only pay tax on added value)
(Raw)50rs +(added value)50 rs  =100+10% tax so final       Selling prize-(110rs)  Company         (Producer)                       (Raw)50rs+(added value)50 rs  =100+5% tax so final       Selling prize-(105rs)
(Prize)110rs+(profit)10rs=120+12% tax so final prize- (132rs)  Wholesaler (Prize)105rs+(profit)10rs=115+1% tax so final prize- (116rs)
(Prize)132rs+(profit)10rs=142+14.2% tax so final prize- (156.2rs)        Retailer (Prize)116rs+(profit)10rs=126+1% tax so final prize- (127rs)
                  157 Rs   Consumer             127 Rs

The financial sector, as well as the general public, must be aware of how GST works. 


India is a country in South Asia that is officially known as the Republic of India. It is the world’s seventh-largest country in terms of land area, the second-most populated country, and the world’s most populous democracy. India is on track to overtake the French economy in 2019. In addition, India’s economy has lately surpassed China’s as the world’s fastest expanding among significant economies.

The GST was introduced as one of the most significant economic changes by the BJP-led Modi government, with the promise of simplifying taxation and reducing compliance burdens. … “GST, which is based on the one-nation, one-tax philosophy, has significantly reduced the tax cascading effect. The implementation of the Goods and Service Tax (GST) has transformed the economy into a digital and standardized one, allowing for a seamless flow of information and the availability of a common set of data to both the Centre and the States, allowing for more efficient Direct and Indirect Tax collection.

Top 10 GST Courses in Vishakhapatnam Henry Harvin Blog To understand GST we must go through the course. GST offers many benefits.

# Rank 1- Henry Harvin : Best GST  Course in india 


Course Name-

GST Course – Live Online GST Course | Get GST Practitioner Certification

About Henry Harvin®:-

Henry Harvin® is a leading career and competency development company focused on value generation. Training, skill development, assessment centers, content services, and higher education are all areas in which we operate. 

Duration- 32 hours


• Our GST Course instructors have been invited to speak at 230+ keynote events on GST.

• Since late 2015, they’ve been guiding businesses on how to make the most of the GST transition as domain experts with Henry Harvin® Accounts Academy.

Henry Harvin GST course benefits-

• Gain experience with computer-based practical GST training • Understand practical GST concerns with the concentrated FAQ session Learn about recent revisions and the issues they pose. · Clear up GST questions during and after the session • Get free study materials worth INR 500 GST professionals share their real-life examples and experiences. 

Key feature:-

• GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 2A • New provisions of e-Invoicing • How to take ITC (Input Tax Credit) if it is not reflecting • Critical analysis of GST Law • Real-time application of the complicated GST provisions • Get certified GST Practitioner Certification from a Govt. of India recognized institute • Classes on Sundays

Get a one-year subscription to the GST Practitioner LMS and e-Learning portal • Learn from specialists with over 20 years of expertise • Access recordings of prior sessions


Supply or Levy, Supply Location, Supply Value, Export & Import, Registrations for E-Way Bills, Input Tax Credit, and ITC04 Provisions for Transition, Accounts & Records for Job Work, Invoices, Tax Payments, Time of Supply, Returns, and Refunds

Demand & Recovery, Litigation Management, Audit & Assessments, Offenses & Penalties

Development of soft skills

Writing a resume


The GST certification course is suitable for graduate degree holders, company secretaries, finance, and tax professionals and also is appropriate for individuals who want to make career opportunities in this field?

Henry Harvin GST course fees:

Cities where Henry Harvin GST course are provided:


Henry Harvin GST Practitioner Course Ranks #1 in India by India Today, Prime Insights

Other Henry Harvin courses:

Also Check this Video

#Rank 2- Udemy : 

Udemy logo

Course name-

Complete GST Course & Certification – Grow Your CA Practice


We assist businesses of all kinds and types to plan for the road ahead, wherever it may lead. Companies, governments, and non-profits can go further by putting learning at the center of their strategy, thanks to our handpicked assortment of business and technical courses.

Duration- 42 hours

Fees- 4800


CA, CS aspirants, IAS aspirants, ICWA aspirants, LLB practitioners and aspirants, Tax practitioners, and accountants

Key features-

29 articles

Full lifetime access

Access on mobile and TV

Certificate of completion

Basics of the GST Composition Scheme Syllabus

Credit for inputs

Returns on GST registration

Provision for the interim

Concerning GST the course:


GST Fundamentals

Scheme of composition

Credit for inputs

Returns on GST registration

Provision for the interim

#Rank 3- Gurukul Mantra – 

gurukulmantra logo

Course name-

Professional GST Course (Advanced GST Training & Certification)


At Gurukul Mantra, we provide students with a fully integrated GST package. We not only address the GST’s academic concepts but also provide hands-on GST software training.

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is one of the most significant tax reforms in Indian history, and it is expected to boost India’s GDP. The GST not only makes it easier to do business, but Concerningalso helps businesses re-engineer their operations.

Duration: 30 hours in 20 days

Fees- 5760/-   (EMI and Part payment options are available)


Anyone with a commerce background can join

Key Features-

• Individual attention and doubt sessions • Activity-based learning • Duration 30 days • Student Portal • Focused batch of up to 10 experts • 3 days a week • Live & interactive teaching approach • Theory and Practical based learning • Use of software for hands-on training • Individual attention and doubt sessions


Get hands-on experience with a variety of topics suggested by industry experts.

GST Overview and Introduction • GST Meaning and Implementation • Central and State Government Roles

GST is a concept in accountancy.

Procedure for registering for GST

Under GST, the time and value of the supply are both taken into account.

Under the GST, there is an RCM and a composition system.

Preparation and filing of GSTR 1, 2A, and 3B

GSTR 9 & GSTR 9A annual returns

Case studies and GST reconciliation


Get instruction from industry veterans with at least 5 years of expertise.

#Rank 4- George Telegraph institutes of accounts

GTIA logo

Course name-

Goods & Service Tax (GST) Course


In response to the potential severity of the unemployment situation, the George Telegraph Training Institute was founded on May 16, 1920. A registered trust dedicated to human resource development per the needs of Indian industry, and one of India’s educational pioneers.

Duration- 2 months

Eligibility:- Class XII

Key Features-

GST Concept / Benefits / Components / Chargability / Rates Supply Concepts: Composite and Mixed Supply The concept of CS and the constraints and restrictions that apply to it. RCM / Person Liable is a concept. Goods and Services Terms and Conditions (FCM & RCM). Students will have a complete understanding of the GST tax regime by the end of the course and will be “GST Ready” for the future.


  • The scope of the supply
  • IGST (International Goods and Services Tax) (Place of Supply).
  • Availability of supplies.
  • The supplied value.
  • Input Tax Credit is a type of tax credit that allows you to save money on
  • Fill out the registration form.
  • Invoice for taxes.

#Rank 5- The institutes of cost accounts of India

ICAI logo

Course name- 

Certificate Course on GST


The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India, formerly known as The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India, is a statutory professional accounting body in India that is governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Date of Inception: May 28, 1959, Kolkata is the headquarters.

Duration- 72 Hours ( online/ offline)

Fees- 10000 INR

Key Features-

The course curriculum is based on IFAC (International Federation of Accountants) and IAESB (International Accounting Education Standards Board) International Standards, as well as IEG’s Initial Professional Development – Professional Skills (Revised) (International Educational Guidelines).

#Rank 6- ICT Academy

ICT logo

Course name-

Certificate course of GST


GST training, online courses, and workshops are all offered by the ICT Academy. The institute has been selected by NACEN and the Govt of India for GST training. This course was developed in collaboration with Tata Consultancy Services and Prime Academy.

Duration- This is an online certification course that is, above all, self-paced, allowing students to finish the modules at their own pace.

Fees- 1000+18% GST ( For crash course)

Key Features- 

Students will get a broad understanding of GST law, including how to implement, comply with, and enforce it. They’ll learn how GST will affect any organization’s operations and what modifications will be required in company procedures to comply with the new law.

Students can expect to learn about the many procedures involved with GST, including registration, filing returns, and claiming input tax credits, among others. Transitional provisions will also be taught to the students. 

The training is broken down into 14 modules that address both professional and practical aspects of GST. There are several extremely pertinent and intriguing concepts taught in these 14 modules, such as faults and penalties, refunds, and so on.


• Introduction to GST • Scope and Levy of Supply • GST Registration, Documentation, Payment, and Return • Time and Value of Supply • GST ITC • E-Commerce and Job Work • GST Assessment and Audit

• Offense & Penalties • Transitional Province under GST • Overview of IGST • Nature and Place of Supply • GSTN & Administration • Refunds, Demands and Recovery, Appeals and Revision • Settlement Commission and Advance Ruling

#Rank 7- CA Clubindia –

clubindia logo

Course name- 

GST Practitioner Certificate Course


When it comes to financing, accounting, and taxes courses, CAclubindia has been a very active online training provider. It’s a collaborative platform for accountants and taxpayers. Aside from GST, the CCI offers courses in Business Economics, Business Law, and other topics.

Duration- 40 hours (2 months)

 Fees- 8850 INR

Key features-

The session will be recorded and made available. The Recorded Session is valid until March 31, 2022, or until March 31, 2022, whichever comes first.

E Notes will be sent out one week before the live class.

2 new practical classes have been added.


  •  Overview of India’s Current Indirect Taxation System • GST Levy and Collection
  • Taxable Person and GST Registration and Payment Threshold, among other things
  • Input Tax Credit in GST • GST Invoice, Debit, and Credit Note
  • Provisions for Goods and Taxes at the Time of Supply • Location of Goods and Services • Valuation of Goods and Services • GST, TDS, and TCS Returns • GST Job Work Transactions
  • GST-related assessments and audits
  • Inspection, search, seizure, and arrest under the GST • Demands and Recovery, Offenses and Penalties under the GST • Prosecution and Compounding of Offenses and Appeals under the GST


The CA Club India has a faculty of exceptionally skilled and qualified individuals who are extremely knowledgeable about the subject and so are the perfect candidates for the job.

#Rank 8- NIIT

NIIT logo

Course Name-

Introduction to GST


NIIT is a prominent Skills and Talent Development Corporation that is developing a personnel pool to meet the needs of the global industry. Individuals, businesses, and institutions can benefit from NIIT’s training and development solutions, which are available in over 30 countries.NIIT is developing a concept-based course called “Introduction to GST,” which will help students with a background in commerce grasp what GST is, how it works, and how it affects the taxation system. This course, developed in collaboration with Tally, focuses on concept-based learning.

Duration- 20 hours (classroom)

Eligibility:- student/ Graduate

XII commerce student

Key features-

  • Intensive learning Industry Veteran Faculty Embedded tally certificate
  • Understand the GST concepts.
  • Learn about the adoption of GST and its impact on the tax system.
  • Tally Online Certificate Exam is mapped and implemented in the program.
  • For better learning and retention, extensive learning hours comprising 20 hours of classroom training and real-time practice on data sets are required.


  • Understanding the Difference Between Goods and Services Concepts about taxes
  • Learn about Goods and Service Supply.
  • Find out what Time of Supply and Value of Supply is.
  • Invoicing and the Input Credit Mechanism: An Overview
  • Non-Compliance Accounts and Other Records Returns and Payment of Tax Consequences
  • Tax Rates and Refunds, GST Transition, Input Service Distributor (ISD) Job Work, and Non-Resident Tax Payers
  • Ratings for E-Commerce and Compliance
  • Recognize the function of a tax return preparer.
  • GSTN and GSP knowledge
  • The Auditing Process: An Overview
  • Find out more about Demands and Recovery.
  • Learn about Revision and Appeals.
  • Recognize Your Financial Liability

#Rank 9- The institute of chartered accountants of India

ICA logo

Course name-

Certificate Course on GST


From July 1, 2017, the government launched the country’s most ambitious indirect tax reform, the Goods and Services Tax. The GST & Indirect Taxes Committee of the ICAI has established a Certificate Course on GST to help members comprehend the finer points of this new law on GST. The goal of this course is to improve members’ knowledge and offer them opportunities in the global service industry. Participants should have a basic understanding of the subject.

Duration- 10 Days

Fees-14000 INR


Only the members of the ICAI are eligible to pursue this course

Key Feature-

Providing specialized and up-to-date GST knowledge in a systematic manner;

Improving decision-making analytical and problem-solving skills


  • International
  • Input tax credit
  • Exemption list of services
  • Registration


The course faculty will consist of a mix of practicing Chartered Accountants, attorneys, academicians, and professionals in the field of indirect taxation to equip participants with both technical and practical expertise.

# Rank 10-  ICA Edu skills : Top GST Training Centre in India 

ica logo

Course name-

Goods and service tax


ICA Edu Skills was founded in 1999 with the goal of training job-seeking adolescents in India and making them employable at a low cost. As the business wants “skilled people,” we broadened our horizons to include not only practical training for our students but also placement assistance at top companies and multinational corporations.

ICA is now widely regarded as India’s premier training institute, has impacted millions of careers, GST leeway altered public perceptions of accounting, finance, and taxation.

Duration- 27 Hours

Key Features-

  •      Industry-Oriented
  •      Job Assistance
  •      Practical Training
  •      Professional certification


  • GST fundamental ideas
  • Taxation levy and collection
  • Valuation
  • Tax Remittance
  • Returns
  • Using Tally for GST
  • GSTN is a great place to practice.
  • GST research project



1954, France became the first country to implement a GST. Our country, Canada, has adopted the GST concept. This concept was first offered to the government by the Kelkar Committee. GST is broken into three components. SGST (State goods and service tax), CGST (central goods and service tax), IGST (international goods and service tax). Before absorbing the GST, it is divided into four components. 0%, 5%, 12% to 18%, and 28% are the different percentages. Many aspects, such as the functions of GST, the GST Council, input tax, output tax, and so on, are still not covered in the preceding article. To gain a better understanding of how GST works? We must complete the necessary training. As a result, accept the offer. To complete the GST certification course.

Recommended Reads:



Q1. What is a GST Practitioner Course?

Ans- GST Courses are designed to help you fully comprehend the GST (Goods and Services Tax) tax framework, and they will assist you in becoming GST compliant.

Q2. I don’t have a background in finance. Will this course be difficult for me to comprehend?

Ans-If you don’t have a background in finance, this GST course will be quite beneficial. Having financial knowledge and tools can aid you in having a better understanding of various financial issues, which will aid you in making key decisions to fulfill the firm’s commercial objectives.

Q3. Which country does not have a GST?

Ans-The United States is the only major economy without a GST. In terms of taxation, states have a lot of leeways. In 1989, Japan enacted a 3-percentage-point consumption tax. This grew to 5% in 1997, and Japan entered a recession.

Q4. Is it possible for me to apply for GST on my own?

Ans-GST registration is an online process that must be completed on the government’s website at Every dealer with yearly revenue of more than Rs. 20 lakh (Rs…. 10 lakh, depending on state and type of supply) is required to register.

Q5. What is the distinction between a tax and a GST?

Ans-The main distinction between GST and Income Tax is that GST is imposed on the consumption of goods and services, whereas income tax is imposed on a person’s earnings. GST is an indirect tax in some ways, whereas income tax is a direct tax. It is a tax that is imposed on the consumption of goods and services.

Q6. Is this course unique?

Ans-The course covers all of the fundamental principles of GST, as well as how to implement it in Tally. The course begins with GST the learner with the basic ideas of GST before moving on to the implementation and impact of GST in the taxation system, including GST transaction processing and recording using Tally software. This course is unique in that it combines GST fundamentals, implementation, and impact, all presented by industry experts.

Post Graduate Program in GST

100% Practical GST Training | India's 1st GST Certification Course | Featured by Aaj Tak, Hindustan Times | Delivered by Award-Winning GST Speakers

View Course

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