Are you an aspiring writer? Then, check the best grammar books to help you uplift your grammar knowledge.


Being able to write well fosters many different concurrent thought processes, but perhaps the most important of all these is the ability to grasp English grammar rules.

Many aspiring writers believe that their intuitive knowledge of their native tongue means that they can simply write in a way that feels correct to them.

But in many situations, said writers will find that adhering to grammar rules is much more essential than they might have initially thought.

If you want to write for a client or get write-ups published on an influential platform, you must learn the English language with proper grammatical rules.

Routinely reading on the subject can be a big help here, so we have compiled a list of the top 9 English grammar books that writers can benefit from to improve their knowledge. You can apply these books as reference points throughout the writing process.

Best Grammar Books to Build You a Robust Writer

grammar syllabus

1. English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy

For writers planning to start a period of self-study during which they can enrich their grasp of the English language, this book by Raymond Murphy can be a perfect introduction to your academic collection.

The writing style applied in this book is quite pleasant, and some might even be able to walk through it as if they were taking part in a bit of light reading. It is also a budget-friendly book which is great for newbie writers who might not be investing much money yet. 

However, this book does not cover all the topics under English grammar.

For example, sentence structure is not explained as thoroughly as it should be. But It still provides enough information on most other grammar topics properly.

2. The Elements Of Style By Strunk And White

The Elements Of Style By Strunk And White is popularly known as the “Holy Grail” of grammar by college professors. It is an English writing style guide. This excellent book on grammar takes the English language and breaks it down into rules of use, principles of composition, and matters of form.

The Elements Of Style are required for many college grammar classes or higher education as references for academic papers. This book helps new writers and experts who want to master basic grammar rules.

It also researches commonly misused expressions and misspelt words in American English. In 2011, Time awarded this book as one of the 100 best and most influential grammar books since 1923. Therefore it is one of the best grammar books.

3. The Infographic Guide to Grammar by Jara Kern

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this is the perfect saying for this grammatical tome by Jara Kern follows this philosophy quite soundly.

The book aspects different concepts that break down complex grammatical concepts in a really amazing way. And the unique fact that all of this information is supported through visual cues helps keep the book engaging.

Grammar books are often revied for being dry and tough to get through. But this isn’t a problem one would likely face with this particular book.

While non-native speakers might not understand some of the tougher concepts, at the same time, the writers focus on the English language to provide a strong base they can build on by using this best grammar book as a reference.

4. The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr

Basic rules of grammar will help you to build a strong foundation. At a certain point, you will have to figure out how to apply these rules to write better.

Once you have acknowledged that you have acquired a decent amount of English grammar knowledge, you can start upgrading your advanced knowledge from this classic book by William Strunk Jr.

This book has been widely popular for its classic approach and can thoroughly clarify the writing process. It guides you on how to sound like an expert writer, which can aid you to get taken a lot more seriously when you enter working towards publishing your writeups or finding clients.

5. Eats Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss

One of the most common myths regarding the English language, or any language, is that you must strictly follow the approved rules and regulations; otherwise, you wouldn’t be writing correctly.

Lynne Truss attempts to dismiss this myth by adopting a more explanatorily approach. And while grammar followers around the world might be up in arms at this, it doesn’t change the fact that this book addresses the rather subjective history involved in forming virtually any language in the world.

This is the best grammar book if you want to work on developing your unique tone of voice.  It supports you figure out what you can experiment with regarding grammar rules while maintaining an accessible prose style. 

6. English Grammar Workbook by Wendy Wilson and James H. Barlow

After you have started the journey to learn about the rules of grammar that the English language follows, the next step would be to test yourself as much as possible.

This is where this book English Grammar Workbook comes in to help you.

The book includes several exercises and worksheets that can be a handy way of evaluating the progress level you’ve made with grammar.

One con to note is that this book doesn’t come with an answer key, so you will have to find other sources for this. Regardless, it’s still a good option as the best grammar book if you want to judge your knowledge since you started your journey as a writer.

7. Dictionary of English Grammar for Students of Biblical Languages by Kyle Greenwood

If you want to move the writing style into academic writing, carrying the translation of religious texts, you need a book capable of handling the style and guide with such a scope.

Further, Biblical works are found in various languages, with some of the oldest beings in Hebrew and Ancient Greek. A proper grasp of these languages and how to translate them into English can give you much more scope as a writer.

Hence it is quite an expensive book, so it should only be purchased if you plan to enter this highly particular field. A lot of writing engages in academic analysis of religious texts, so if you fall under this category, this book could be useful in your career.

8. Perfect English Grammar by Grant Barrette

A major part of finding a career as a writer is properly using language to explain things more or less appropriately.  Engaging in a more economical writing style can be challenging, but reading this book can support you in step in the correct direction.

This book can offer you to communicate what you are trying to say using the fewest possible words. A vital aspect of working as a writer is to stick to a specific word count.

Some readers might think this is tough and dry, but Perfect English Grammar is the best grammar book for content writers.

9. English Grammar Rules and Mistakes by Melony Jacobs

One of the key reasons writers need to refer to English grammar books is to avoid mistakes, which makes this book an excellent choice as it addresses some of the worst mistakes you can craft as a writer.

The editing in this book is a bit messy but still gives useful information about mistakes you can avoid to elevate your writing. Non-native speakers who want to start their writing journey in English would find this one of the best grammar books.


Learning is never-ending, and so is English grammar.  No one is perfect in grammar, but learning English grammar is a broad and important point to remember while you learn English. 

There are many rules and essential aspects to follow to become proficient in English grammar. As mentioned above, this list of best grammar books will guide you to know many more rules if you go through them. 

Hopefully, the above listings can be helpful for you to gather in-depth knowledge and confidence to write English with appropriate grammar.

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Q1. How many English grammar books should one prefer?

Ans. The common mistake of beginner writers is that they try to pick one grammar book and stick to it, thinking it will contain all the necessary information.
While most of the books mentioned above will give you a good amount of knowledge about English grammar, it is vital to diversify your study materials to obtain balanced information.

Q2. How to improve my grammar?

Ans. English Grammar books are a great way to know the basic structure of English language rules.  To be able to write more naturally, you must also refer to other types of books.
You should include Books of prose, news articles, and poetry in your reading bucket list. It will provide you with the right phrase based on the style of writing you want to acquire. Moreover, it can be a good supplement to the rules that these books will teach you.

Q3. Suggest an Advanced English Grammar Book?

Ans. These grammar books support the necessary merit if you want to understand English grammar. In their way, they can all reward the title of the best grammar book.
However, if you want an English grammar self-study guide for the advanced writer, you can add another to the list. Advanced English Grammar with Answers by Hewings is a book with grammar lessons and practice exercises to enrich an advanced look at grammar.

Q4. What are the main grammar points that a writer should know?

Ans: A writer should be well-versed in parts of speech, the point of view, verbs, tenses, the rule of capitalization, prepositions, who vs. whom, and that vs. which.

Q5. How is grammar related to writing?

Ans: Many believe that too much focus on grammar spoils the writer’s style of writing. This is not true completely. Bad grammar is one red flag that raises a lot of questions about a writer’s hold on the language. While many apps do help, still a clear understanding of grammar rules brings a natural flow to the writing process as well.

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