Vacation planned, Tickets booked, luggage packed. But the foreign language? Travelling abroad is a dream for many of us. Traveling gives us a different level of energy and exposure. But there are times when we drop the travel plans thinking about how we would manage our conversation while traveling. Worry not, this blog will help you choose the handy languages for travellers according to the place you travel. 

People who have a love for travel often feel a sense of adventure and excitement. The excitement of travelling to a new place wants them to learn the best languages for travellers. Knowing the local language helps them understand their culture and customs more deeply. It also brings about a deep connection with the natives. Approximately there are 7,000 languages in the world. Why not learn the ones that would help you find new connections and experiences? Here are the top 25 handy languages for travellers.

1. English

English handy languages for travelers

English is one of the best handy languages for travellers worldwide. It is the official language of over 50 countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. However, you might think English is just enough for travelling around the world, but it is not true. By speaking only in English, you might miss out on various cultural experiences and beliefs of the place you visit.

2. French

The word ‘French’ immediately transports us to the imagination of the Eiffel Tower which symbolizes love. That’s why French is known as the romantic language. If you are planning to visit France anytime soon, knowing a few basics of French would make you connect with locals easily. French is not only spoken in France but also in its neighboring countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. 

3. German

If you are planning a vacation to central Europe, knowing a little of the German language is a smart idea. Besides Germany, the German language is widely spoken in Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands. So, knowing a little about the German language can make your travel an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

4. Spanish

By looking at the name Spanish we might think it is mostly spoken in Spain. But Spanish and English are popular handy languages for travellers in South American countries such as Argentina, Cuba, Bolivia, and Venezuela. 

Spanish is sometimes referred to as Espanol and Castilian. You will want to pick up a few conversational words in Spanish if you plan to get around South America or Spain. 

5. Russian

Russian is the traveller’s handy guide if you are planning a Eurasia vacation. It is the national tongue of Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Russia. Apart from helping travelers explore the country, Russian is also the mandate language for astronauts who wish to travel to space.

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