Following content writing skills are attained by the students:

1.Career Opportunities- This course provides you with plenty of avenues to pursue your career in using the skillset obtained through this course. The course helps you in developing competency in content writing for online projects as well as publish and market your sample of e-book, C.V, resume, cover letter using the concepts provided during the course so as to meet future requirements and challenges. Apart from this, We (Henry Harvin Education) are providing internships, placements, project support and freelance projects for participants who have opted for this course exclusively.

2.Full time / Part time Job- For almost decade the content writing and marketing industry has grown sustainably. Irony to it is that the demand for content writers is high whereas the availability of content writers in market is low. This provides you the opportunity to have a full time or part time job in content writing domain. Pursuing a career using the techniques, tools and practices can help you to be a competent and creative content writer and marketer. On the other hand, working part time helps you have an additional source of income to your existing one.

3.Additional Income Source- Freelancing gives you the opportunity to work from home to earning money with flexible schedule which further helps you in adjusting your writing gigs with respect to your daily chores or any prior obligations. This course provides you with the skillset that will not only help you to have an income source but also helps you to lead projects on your own. This will be helpful to you for future references.

4.Hobby- Some people are more tempted to use the skills offered in this course not as a career or as income source. For them, it is more of a hobby in their spare time or passion to write. This course provides you the perfect platform to showcase your talent and get recognized in digital media at national as well as international forums. This course enhances your tenacity and persistence to be creative, unique and refreshing at writing content.

5.Knowledge Expansion- As a student, this course expands your knowledge into gray areas of digital writing, marketing and strategy which helps you in developing capabilities for being a dynamic as well as confident content writer. This course helps you to develop competency in deciphering your ideas into words. It upgrades you by improving your hands-on experience shared or delivered by the industry leaders or senior professionals in digital media or similar domains.

In what way Content writing course is useful to students

Content writer is useful for students not only in making a career related to content writing, but it is also useful in their academics to do exceptionally good in their studies. It enhances the vocabulary of the students.

Which mode of learning is more beneficial: Virtual online classes or traditional classroom method?

Both the modes of learning have their own benefits like virtual online classes are more trendy and provide more networking opportunities. These are of low cost as compared to classroom mode. One can opt for the flexible schedule and learning environment and can opt for many other courses also. But traditional classroom methods are more interactive when compared to the online mode of teaching.

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