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French is the language of literature, cuisine, and travel. Learning this language will help you learn about its history and countries all over the world.

English has been heavily influenced by French grammar and vocabulary. It is often referred to as the language of romance. You can improve your skills for work or travel by learning French as a second language.

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There are 29 countries where French is the official language. French is spoken by over 270 million people worldwide. The number of French universities worldwide is around 630. Because of this, French is an essential language.

The language is also spoken in Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, and the United States. Compared to the Latin language, French phonology features variations in words’ sounds.

French is the language most commonly studied around the world. This blog provides some basic information about the language, the institute, the courses, the trainers and other important details.

Top 10 French Lanhuage courses in Gurgaon

1. Henry Harvin

The French Language Course is offered online by Henry Harvin’s language academy. You will become proficient in French at the A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2 levels.


The French Language Course is a 9-in-1 course.

  • Training, internships, certifications, projects, and boot camps are included
  • You learn the language properly through practical training


  • Discuss memories with others
  • How do you feel? 
  • Feel free to express your opinion 
  • You learn to describe events and talk about them
  • Exposure to millions of job openings
  • Get an advanced understanding of French grammar

Benefits of Gold Membership

  • Bootcamp sessions are free
  • Receive weekly job postings
  • Projects involving the industry of Wok

Curriculum for the course

A1 Beginner’s Level: Basic French Vocabulary, Greetings, Basic Grammar

  • A2 The Upper Beginners Level- Make a comparison, express a decision and understand grammar
  • Level B1 – Writing, reading, and listening.
  • French dialects and complex texts are part of B2, The Upper Intermediate Level.
  • Learn to speak fluently and spontaneously at C1 The Advanced Level
  • Learn to summarize information at the Proficiency Level C2

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

Spanish Language Course

German Language Course


Media Coverage

Henry Harvin® French Language Course Ranks #1 in India by Education World, Higher Education Digest

2. Udemy

Massive open online courses are provided by Udemy, Inc. Students and professionals can benefit from these courses. Established in 2010, Udemy, Inc. offers online courses in Gurgaon. Oktay Caglar, Eren Bali, and Gagan Biyani founded the company. MOOCs are growing in popularity. There are now alternatives to traditional university education. Courses offered by Udemy are well known. 

Using video-based lessons, Udemy offers French lessons. The beginner’s course is a video-based course with 80 video lessons taught by real teachers that cover topics like speaking, reading, and writing in French.


On-demand video classes for 4 hours

  • Resources that can be downloaded
  • All class videos are accessible for life
  • Completion certificate

Fees for courses

In the absence of their discount, the course costs INR 1600 

3. SkillShare (French Language Course in Gurgaon)

A skillshare community is an online learning community with classes for curious people who want to learn new things and explore new languages. Our members come together on Skillshare to find inspiration and take the next step. 

With the app, you can take classes at any time and anywhere. Skillshare instructors are experts and experienced individuals who share their experiences, learnings, and tools with students. They teach French for Beginners. Including everything, you need to know. Level 1. There are 20 lessons in this course.

The Curriculum of the Course

The course curriculum includes the following topics:

  • A brief introduction to the language
  • The course guidelines
  • Tests can also be taken to evaluate your skills

Peter Hanley, a trainer for their French course online, is the trainer.

4. Fluent Fast Academy

Founded by language experts, Fluent Fast Academy provides language training and instruction in a foreign language. Individual classes are also available. Through dynamic learning methods, they provide quality learning sessions in a friendly manner. 

The company teaches Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Spoken English.

The course’s key features

You can learn French online by combining your classes. 

  • Practical and fun activities will teach you a lot. 
  • You get a free online French class when you sign up for the first time.


It is easy to find a perfect teacher for you to learn French online. 

  • Private tutoring is also an option
  • A native French speaker can teach you all the French you need 
  • Take part in the most advanced curriculum
  • Job assistance is available
  • You can get your skills at an affordable price

Curriculum for the course

Topics covered in the introductory course curriculum

  • Numerals
  • Items of a personal nature 
  • Topics of Vocabulary 
  • Grammatically
  • Among other things, speaking

5. Duolingo

With Duolingo’s game-based lessons, you can learn French in 5 minutes a day. So no matter what stage you’re at with Duolingo, whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve your reading, writing, and speaking, you can choose your course and get started.


  • Makes progress faster

  • Learning is personalized with it.
  • You remain motivated
  • Learning is also fun.

On your smartphone or tablet, you can use the Duolingo app to learn the language. You can learn new skills with this app very quickly. Quizzes will help you measure how much you have learned.

Two learning plans are available. A free course plan and a plus course plan. There is only learning content in the free version, but there are a lot more features in the Plus version, including:

  • Learning materials
  • Hearts Without Limits
  • Make Mistakes in Practice
  • Advertisement app for free
  • Quizmaster
  • Tests without limits

6. Excel Academy (French Language Course in Gurgaon)

Providing foreign language training is Excel Academy’s forte. Students who wish to develop a basic understanding of the language can enroll in their online French language courses.


  • You can choose your schedule.

  • Classes begin at 7 am and end at 9 pm.

  • French native teachers will teach you. Take advantage of the free practice sessions.You can choose either the crash course or the extended course.

Curriculum for the course

The curriculum of the course includes all aspects

  • Reading
  • Composing
  • Assisting
  • Speaking

This course can be taken during the weekdays or weekends between 7.00 am and 9.00 pm.

7. Alison (French Language Course in Gurgaon)

Alison offers free online French language courses in Gurgaon. With their diploma program, you will learn the most important aspects of French. Math and grammar are taught. Phonetics, accents, and social conversations are also conducted.

In addition to teaching essential French words and phrases for self-introduction, they also teach how to order food, describe places, and meet people. Five different French courses are offered. We will now look at the very introductory course, Diploma in French Language Studies.

You will learn basic French-speaking and understanding in this free online course. During the course, participants will learn phrases for making introductions, greetings, and shopping. A conversation section is also included. You know to talk about holidays, your studies, occupation, proficiency, and job search. It introduces you to the foundations of spoken French through the study of pronunciation skills.

Curriculum for the course

The curriculum of the course includes

  • Overview
  • Saying Hello
  • Families, friends, and relatives
  • Description people and much more


It is easy to learn French at this French language institute. The course can be taken on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. International students will be able to interact with you. In addition to private and group lessons, the institute offers online exam preparation courses that develop writing and oral communication skills.

For a high-quality French learning process, the institute offers 5 levels of French from A1 to C1.

The curriculum of the Course

French language structure is taught in this online course in Gurgaon. In addition, you can practice the four CECR competencies. They include reading, writing, listening, speaking, and interaction and reading tasks on a variety of topics.


Every Monday, the course begins. It consists of 20 lessons 

9. Ace Global Institute

Ace Global Institute provides quality education. Their focus is on modern methods. Foreign language skills can be mastered through speaking, reading, writing, and listening. There are several levels of learning the language at Ace Global Institute.

  • Proficiency A1 – The Beginner Level
  • Proficiency A2 – Elementary
  • Proficiency B1 – Intermediate
  • Proficiency B2 – The Pre-Intermediate Level
  • Proficiency C1 – Superior
  • Proficiency C2 – Master Level

10.Edx (French Language Course in Gurgaon)

On edX, you can take courses in French. French vocabulary, pronunciation, phrases, and grammar are covered in these courses. Expert teaching and course materials will help you learn the basics and prepare for fluency.

If you master the language, you can take a variety of edX courses in French. These academic language skills will help you both in your career and personal life. Your French Language and Culture class will begin with a three-week confidence-building course. The course will be taught by Sophie Kulas, a French teacher at Weston school.


  • Grammar review
  • Various tenses and modes

  • Compose an AP composition

Course fees

Fees for the course are INR 1836


The top 10 French language courses in Gurgaon are now in front of you. From the comfort of your home, on your laptop, or even from your phone, you can learn the language online. You can download apps from most of the institutes listed above. For French, I recommend the Henry Harvin Institute. French is easy to learn and also affordable when you do it this way.

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