Panic strikes when the kids reach 15 years of age fully transformed into bookish nerds but unarmed to face the challenges that life has in store for them. Eventually, they begin to fumble and dread between too many choices in the wide range of courses to choose from, their educational goals, and also their own personal aspirations.

Ultimately regardless of the academic accolades that the students manage to procure, it is undeniable that life’s lessons do not come with a manual.

With this in mind, let us look at the top 10 Extracurricular Courses Online For School Students. Thereupon we can definitely notice a steady climb in the student’s interpersonal and intrapersonal skills that the schools fail to teach.

In the light of the daunting demands of the society from the students, after thorough research listed below are the best options to choose from. Not to forget the comfort that technology offers, most of the extracurricular courses online for school students are available online. Coupled with this luxury, is the compatible course structure that is well-aligned with the scattered schedule of the students.

As the saying goes, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” let us plunge into the many options available and make the best investment.

1. Language Courses

“You live a new life for every new language you speak.”Czech proverb

Vow doesn’t the mere sound of the above quote bring in excitement and hope?! That is how interesting learning a new language would be.

Imagine yourself on a bright Monday morning, dressed slick and chick, waiting nervously on the lanes of Tokyo. The world races past you and you find it impossible to stop someone to ask for the way to a café. There is a tap on your shoulder and somebody asks ‘Nanika tetsudaimashou ka?’ (do you need help?) in Japanese and the world seems to reel faster for you.

Just reimagine this scene with your confident self that can sail seamlessly in Japanese? The world seems like a better place right?! A new language is a new world. It becomes the strong suit that allows you to look at the world with a brighter lens. Among the many extracurricular courses online for School students, a foreign language course tops my chart. Let’s see why:

Your Rewards

  • Helps you expand your horizon and boost your confidence.
  • Gain knowledge of the other intriguing cultures and trends.
  • Seek jobs with ease that calls for foreign language fluency.
  • Travel with a daring attitude, converse and embrace global ideas.
  • Focused and greater academic achievement.
  • Get creative and sharpen your memory.
  • Gain a more positive attitudes towards life which gifts greater cognitive development.

Wher to look for the Language courses online?

  • Henry Harvin
  • ACTFL Language connects
  • EdX
  • Udemy
  • FluentU
  • Duolingo
  • Mondly
  • Babbel
  • Domestika
  • Coursera
  • MyLingoKids
  • Rosetta

The above-mentioned platforms offer an array of meticulously curated online language courses. Along with the plethora of Extracurricular courses online for School students, the language courses are self-paced with many interesting assignments and reading activities spread over the perfect modules. Thus allowing the student to understand, involve and explore the many nitty-gritty of the new language. Choose from Mandarin, Spanish, Urdu, Japanese, French or German, and let us send home the blinking stars above the Greek and Latin

2. Content Writing courses

I am a certified content writer from Henry Harvin with a love for reading. The course held my hand and led me to channel my ideas, sharpen my vocab, widen my reader reach and most importantly showed me the right avenues to put my thoughts into words (that sold like hot chips). Isn’t this honest testimony enough for you to run to enroll in one already?!

Content writing is creative writing that fills your pockets, without having to wait at the doors of a publisher for a chance. Out of numerous Extracurricular courses online for School students, content writing is a comprehensive and lucrative option for the aspiring writers out there.

Your rewards

  • Turn rich in knowledge and hone your writing skills.
  • Digital Marketing becomes a cakewalk.
  • Putting the Legal Problems at bay, Content Writing is a safe option.
  • Ace the Researching skills and Content development skills.
  • Creativity becomes your extended limb
  • Your Vocabulary becomes top-notch.
  • Explore numerous options to find your niche.
  • Boost your SEO and find your brand voice.

Where to look for the Content Writing courses Online?

  • Henry Harvin
  • Digital Academy 360
  • ECT (Education and Career Times)
  • MICA
  • IIDE (Indian Institute of Digital Education)
  • Future Learn
  • InventateQ
  • V-Skills

Most of the above-mentioned academies are well established with the right accreditations. They also offer internship opportunities and assistance for job placement. If you are looking for the right Extracurricular courses online for School students, then content writing is a mindful choice. The key takeaways from the course are:

In-depth knowledge and exposure to Creative Writing, Business Writing, Technical Writing, Medical Writing, Social Media Writing, SEO Writing, Book Writing, Copywriting, and much more.

Transform yourself into a Content Strategist and developer in a blink of an eye, now.

3. Personality Development course

One of the very good options to look for in Extracurricular courses online for School students is the Personality Development Course. It is more of unveiling your original mettle than acquiring something from outside. It is to show to the world and more importantly to yourself that you are competent to surpass your own expectations.

Personality development emphasizes the pattern of one’s thoughts, behaviour, and feelings that make an individual to stand out from the crowd.

These courses act as leverage to augment your emotional intelligence, business etiquette, time management, and effective communication. Likewise, the courses take care of civilizing the physical appearance and steering you to becoming a confident individual.

Your rewards

  • Embrace and flaunt your uniqueness.
  • Conquer fear and make the stage yours.
  • Become Well-groomed in verbal communication.
  • Carry a positive and confident aura that lets your strengths shine.
  • Learn the tricks of work-life balance.
  • Turn into a leader exhibiting your true potential.
  • Master social etiquettes with conflict management skills

Who to look for the online Personality Development courses?

  • Sanjeev Datta personality school
  • TeachMed Academy
  • Pria Warrick Finishing Academy
  • Alison
  • Udemy
  • Coursera

These online platforms provide video lessons and comprehensive stimulating exercises charted by experienced tutors. The courses help the students identify their self-worth and develop self-confidence, which are the important pillars of personality development. Students are educated on management skills, image enrichment, the art of dressing, handling peer pressure, and a variety of other soft skills.

4. Teen MBA courses online

One of the time-worthy and budget-friendly among the many Extracurricular courses online for School students is the Teen MBA and the mini MBA courses that many online learning portals offer. Give yourself that rare opportunity to build your brand, and see a new world through the eyes of an enterprising entrepreneur.

Ditch the run of the mill MBA programs that burn your pockets and get ready to equip yourself as a management graduate in a short span of 2 months with the requisite management skillsets.

Your rewards

  • Procure knowledge about various business management tools.
  • Become that head-turner leader that people look up to.
  • Ace the skills required for decision-making and effective communication
  • Enhance your soft skills and be that confident orator.
  • Don the entrepreneur’s hat and own your dream brand
  • Reach out to a global audience with confidence.
  • Acquire business marketing, financial and technical skills.
  • Be the CEO or CFO or CMO or CTO

Where to find the Teen MBA courses online?

  • Henry Harvin Education
  • Orphicy
  • Clever Harvey
  • Arcadia
  • Kidspreneur
  • BJS young MBA
  • Parent of coach
  • Metamorphosis Edu
  • Bornpreneur

Considering the many Extracurricular courses online for School students the above-mentioned educational portals offer a carefully structured curriculum along with project training under the teen MBA courses.

Henry Harvin also offers a mini MBA course for a duration of six weeks with access to 50 hours of e-learning material.

The course will surely equip young minds with entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills. The students learn to think critically and collaborate on ideas. This skill sets them ready to cross many academic and personal milestones.

5. Emotional well-being courses online

Yoga and meditation courses were the most sought-after ones during the pandemic period. The reason is known to us all. With the immense pressure from schools to perform and the towering expectations of parents, students are choked and end up losing their cool. Hats off to all those parents and students who chose emotional well-being over productivity. For choosing a meditation session for their 14-year-old over a robotics course.

Thankfully there isn’t an age limit for who and when it comes to enrolling in an emotional well-being course. In fact, my yoga instructor is a 22-year-old BSc HSc student who is also a Reiki practitioner. I wish to steal someday the calm aura with which she floats around.

There are quite a few options to choose from when you are looking for that special extracurricular courses online for School students. Be it Chakra Meditation or Yoga or Mindful meditation or Zen meditation or Reiki or Transcendental Meditation, approach with an open mind, shed your worries to discover a new you.

Your rewards

  • Improved concentration with focused energy levels.
  • Shred the stress and manage to cope with the exam nerves.
  • Improved self-esteem and being happy with one’s own self.
  • Learn to empathize and be kind. (looks like the best reward😊)
  • Develop improves response inhibition through stress management.
  • Your working memory shoots up as a result of your inner calm.
  • Master metacognition (how one thinks about their own thoughts/feelings)
  • Improved sleep quality, stay healthy.

Where to find the meditation courses online?

  • Art of Living
  • Vipassana
  • The Yoga Institute
  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Ananda, India
  • Yoga Essence Rishikesh

6. Art and Craft courses online

“Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination, and encourages people to go further.”

– Keith Haring

How perfectly put. The child in me is wide awake now. Who wouldn’t want to learn a new art form? That too at the comforts of your home? Isn’t it exciting to have those paints smeared on your dress, the color paper cuttings strewn around, and the peeling off of the glue skin from our fingers? And the most satisfying part of having created something new out of nothing. The adrenaline that brings you closer to the art and transforms it into a passion.

Out of all the other Extracurricular courses online for School students, the art and craft workshops are the ones that the students look forward to and these are the ones that the parents depend upon, especially during the summer holidays.

Most of these courses are divided according to the age group of the students and are made available in multiple time zones to suit the schedules of the students.

So without further delay let us go hunting to our nearest stationery shops now. Let us choose from Watercolour painting, Charcoal sketching, Mandala, Doodling, Pencil sketching, Caricature, Portrait painting, Pottery, Collage making, Clay modeling, Glass painting, Fabric painting, and many many more.


  • You are an artist already when you choose to become one.
  • Expressing yourself to discover your core competence.
  • Master the Coordination & Fine Motor Skills.
  • Being creative is a golden feather on your cap.
  • Become a Critical thinker who knows how to make a masterpiece.
  • Bonding well and extending your social circle beyond your inhibitions.
  • Charge up your Self Esteem & Self Confidence
  • Acquire the best Stress Reliever by learning that liberating art form.

Who offers the online Art & Craft courses?

  • Online Art classes India
  • I am an Artist
  • Konsult Art & Design Academy
  • Dessin School of Arts
  • Ken Fortes Art Academy
  • Imagination Academy of Art
  • Bloom and Grow

Pick the one of your choice and express yourself creatively. And see the hobby grow into a passion and you into a flamboyant artist!

7. Learn a new instrument online

We all love to listen to instrumental music, don’t we? Especially when we feel lost or a bit down. The mere listening to a soothing instrument playing melts away our anxiety, learning and playing one will definitely show you the light of the day.

It’s no secret that music plays on our emotions, become the focused and disciplined individual that we all want to be by mastering that difficult chord or that heavy beat! So if you have been searching for a suitable extracurricular course online for School students then this is a wise choice to make.

Your rewards

  • Improve your cognitive ability by regulating your thoughts and energy.
  • Learn verbal and non-verbal reasoning through focused training.
  • Sharpened fine motor skills and improved memory.
  • Enhanced spatial reasoning and literacy skills.
  • Treasure the sense of pride and achievement when you master the instrument.
  • The sweating and struggling gift your perseverance and confidence.
  • Master time management skills and become an efficient individual.

Where to find online courses to learn an instrument?

  • Music Master
  • Udemy
  • Shankar Mahadevan Academy
  • Sangeet Vidhyalaya
  • Spardha School of Music
  • Music School India
  • Patsav

8. Online Coding courses for students

Have you noticed the first thing a kid does when you buy him/her a remote toy car? They will upturn the car, remove the tiny screws and begin to dismantle the small parts of the toy car. And some overtly curious kids go a step further and will manage to make a new fancy vehicle out of the same parts 😊that’s how brilliantly their brains are programmed.

This is one of the most sought-after among the many extracurricular courses online for School students. It calls for total involvement and smart thinking to learn the trends and techniques of digitalization.       

Your rewards

  • Learn the basics of coding and turn them into your passion.
  • Become excellent learners from the knowledge that you consume.
  • Transform into that introspective smart learner.
  • Develop critical and logical thinking skills
  • Be that leader who can find solutions with a rational attitude.

Where to find online Coding Courses?

  • Orchids International School
  • WhiteHat Jr
  • Cue Math
  • Mind Box
  • CampK 12
  • MindChamp
  • Vedantu

9. Go virtual – begin a blog/club/youtube channel

Let your big ideas and great plans for building your own brand come alive! Let the Youtube, Podcast, Insta, and FB reels know your gregarious streak. And if you are a bit hesitant in making videos, then join a virtual book club/writing club/art club or begin one like a pro. Invent and exhaust your creative juices. The sky is really the limit and the possibilities are endless for you to make a name for yourself.

Your rewards

  • Let that Personality transformation happen to you.
  • Be that influential speaker or writer or blogger.
  • Let your social circle swell with abundant opportunities and sources.
  • Stretch beyond your limitations and prove your worth.
  • Conquer the social media platform by creating content on trending whiffs and news
  • Steal a spot in the tabloids and front covers

10. Sports and Fitness courses online

Glued to Netflix or Disney? binging on junk? You are not alone. With summer beating us down and academics and office yet to pick up speed it is bound to happen. The most fulfilling option among the other extracurricular courses online for School students is choosing a Sport or a Fitness program.

These programs are designed to help children stay active, healthy, and happy by learning at from the comforts of their homes. Online training is a great alternative to learning a sport when you don’t have a coach or other athletes to practice with.

Choose from a wide range of choices like Taekwondo, Chess, Gymnastics, Archery, Table Tennis, Backyard Football, Badminton, Carrom, and many more. We are well aware of the wonderful rewards that learning a sport gives us. So grab the next possible chance for you to that sport you have been wanting to.

Who offers online Sports and Fitness courses?

  • Kindersports
  • Coursera
  • The sports school
  • Sportz Village
  • Cult Fit

How To Choose The Right Extracurricular Courses Online?

There are three things that an aspiring student should look for first and the foremost,

Time, Time, and Time.

Without a doubt, every minute you spend learning adds richness (not in the literal sense) to your life.

The program you choose also depends on the age group and his/her capability to balance academics and the extracurricular classes. When you are searching for the right Extracurricular Courses Online approach do so with an open mind, be specific, and do the necessary research.


To summarise, be realistic regarding your interest and involvement while choosing the Extracurricular courses online for School students. By and large choose the one that will challenge you, also the one that will excite you.

Further, jot down your expectations from the course and where the rewards will take you in the near future.

Subsequently, chase and pursue them with determination and turn them into your USP. Stand out from the crowd and make a name. Who knows what a brilliant brand name your extracurricular skillset might turn you into?

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1. I am an average student in academics, can I join any of the extracurricular courses online for school students?

Definitely, acquiring a new skill or discovering your in-built skillset is open to all.

2. Are the extracurricular courses online for school students effective?

All the sessions are through interactive video classes coupled with interesting activities and projects to ensure effective learning.

3. What if I have technical difficulties in attending the sessions?

Video classes are recorded and the tutors are available online to support you.

4. I have never been an art person, can I still learn any new art form?

Yes, without a doubt. There are umpteen art forms for you to choose and learn at your own pace.

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