Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of is no doubt a leader in cloud computing. It started way earlier than other of its competitors. By reciprocating to market demands, AWS has evolved as a leader in the field of cloud computing today.

It is one of the most cost-effective, yet robust platforms today, and therefore, is preferred by most businesses. It has been predicted to accumulate around 49 per cent of the market share, by the end of 2022. 

When everyone is trying to upscale their career in this fast-changing world, AWS courses appear to be the best option to have hands-on. AWS courses enable you to pave your way towards a demanding and sustainable career opportunity.

After training with AWS, you are sure to be relevant in the market, as more and more companies are opting to adopt Cloud Computing.

In the coming years, there would be a massive surge in demand for AWS-trained individuals.

In this article, we have listed the top “top 20 AWS courses in the USA”. Hopefully, this will help you to select the right course, depending on your requirements, place of residence, budget constraints etc.

Interested? Let’s start exploring one by one.

1. Henry Harvin Education:

Henry Harvin is one of the leading institutes offering AWS services out of the “top 20 AWS courses in USA”.

Henry Harvin is based in the US and India. Henry Harvin has earned a strong reputation in the field of professional courses. Henry Harvin has trained many aspiring learners in more than 97+ countries. 

They offer programs for training individuals, in-house college training, corporate training and skill development training. In addition, other business activities include publishing of books, consulting and assessment.

Henry Harvin prides itself on being quoted as an Online University with more than 200 programs for skill enhancements.

Henry Harvin along with other courses offers AWS courses too. The fees for these courses are approximately $188 + taxes for each course.

AWS courses by Henry Harvin will help you build your foundation for Amazon Web Services (AWS). By the end of learning this training, you will be familiar with common terminologies of AWS, its concepts, advantages and how to deploy all the options to reach the business goals. AWS training by Henry Harvin includes recent changes in SAA-CO2 along with concepts of SAA-CO1.

The website offers a free preview of the modules included in the AWS training.

The training is mostly online, mentored by an expert in the topic via live online sessions.

2. Sunset Learning Institute (SLI):

Sunset Learning Institute, having an office at Reston VA, has gained a spot as one of the leading training providers in the list of “top 20 AWS courses in USA”.

Since 1996, Sunset Learning Institute has been in the field of training technical courses and is considered an innovative leader. Formerly known as Sunset Group Ltd., the organization changed their name to Sunset Learning Institute, after acquiring Colorado Computer Training Institute in 2002.

Since then, the group has ranked as one of the top leading institutions offering training in technologies like Cisco, Microsoft, Hortonworks/Cloudera, Juniper, VMware, Amazon Web Services (AWS), F5, ITIL, Palo Alto Networks, Red Hat, and more!

Intending to provide world-class training in all technologies, Sunset Learning Institute has associated itself with leading training institutes across North America.

The training for AWS has been divided into convenient categories and the fees start from $2,025.

The training format is online in or established HD-equipped classroom near you or face-to-face training at a location near to you.

3. Tyson’s Institute:

Tyson’s Institute at Vienna, VA, is one of the prestigious institutes in Virginia, and ranks higher in the list of “top 20 AWS courses in USA”.

Along with the regular academics, Tyson’s Institute has inducted the AWS Academy Program, in the spring 2019.

It was done with the sole purpose to bridge the gap between academic know-how and the market, so their students get ready to have a stand in the market professionally once trained with AWS courses.

Tyson’s Institute has divided the AWS training into 4 categories.

Tyson’s Institute is an Active AWS Academy Member and one of the only 3 AWS accredited academy schools.

4. ONLC Training Center:

ONLC, having AWS training centres at Fredericksburg and Alexandria, has a wide range of courses to offer to the learners along with AWS training.

ONLC is engaged with training in courses for Desktop Applications, Microsoft Technical, Server & Cyber Security and Process & Programming. It also offers certification programs for most of the latest technologies.

We couldn’t find a reason not to include ONLC in the list of “top 20 AWS courses in USA”.

ONCL boasts of having 300 training sites and guarantees 100% satisfaction. 

ONCL has also divided the AWS courses into different categories and the fees range from $450 to $1495 as per the importance of the course.

ONCL delivers training online or from an ONLC centre, or live – face-to-face.

5. New Horizons:

The next to join the list of “top 20 AWS courses in the USA” is New Horizons, located in Richmond, VA.

New Horizons is in the field of providing training on a wide array of technical and business applications. They offer a huge selection of vendor-authorized training classes for leading technology providers like Adobe, Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft and WMware.

They too offer training methods which are modern and flexible, which makes the training process easy for the aspirants.

New Horizons has to date earned a few accolades as “Best Performance Award”, “CISCO Fastest Growing Partner Award”, “VMware Education Services North America Partner of the Year 2017 Award” and “Microsoft’s Marketing Excellence Partner of the Year award”. In 2017, It has also been successful in retaining their position in the list of “Top IT Training Companies”. 

The fees for AWS is approximately $2,025 if taken at Richmond.

The learning methods include Instructor-led training, Online Live, On-site Training, Private classes, or e-learning / online as per our own pace.

6. Ziyotek Institute of Technology:

This institute offers detailed training in Linux, DevOps and Cloud Architect with the objective of training students to meet the demands of the real world. It is an AWS Academy accredited to the State Council for Higher Education for Virginia.

Ziyotek is located in Vienna, VA and we found it will help you by including this institute in the list of “top 20 AWS courses in the USA”.

Ziyotek’s AWS course is included in their Cloud Architect Diploma Program which also enables you to learn Linux Fundamentals and Systems Administration along with AWS cloud.

To know about the fees for Ziyotek’s courses, you will have to contact them personally.

7. Impacttek:

The next institute to join the list of the “top 20 AWS courses in USA” is Impacttek.

Located in Manassas, VA, it is an institution which helps underserved communities in the DC Metro Area by helping them get trained with practical information technology. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Their plan is very simple: 1. Train 2. Intern and 3. Get Hired

They offer training in Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, IT Support and Networking.

They offer free or try to get a huge subsidy on the fees if the person qualifies to receive that.

An Instruction-led Live Virtual Class delivers the training.

8. Agile OneTech:

Agile OneTech is another institute in Fairfax VA, which has gained a spot in our “top 20 AWS courses in the USA”.

Agile OneTech offers training for a huge array of technologies which include AWS, Cyber Security, PMP, Performance Testing, Software Development, Computer Programming, Database Administration, Business Analysis, Database Fundamentals, Automation Testing, QA Software Testing etc.

They have AWS training named AWS Solution Architect further divided into 14 modules.


IT DOJO, located in Virginia Beach, VA is another institution which finds a place in the list of “top 20 AWS courses in the USA”.

IT DOJO mainly provides a vast array of different technologies related to IT. They mostly rely on practical experience training rather than theoretical know-how.

With respect to AWS, they have divided the course into different categories to suit the requirement.

To know about the fee structure, we recommend you to directly contact the institution, or fill up a form on their website to get a quote on your required training.

The training mode is both, online as well instructor-led on-campus training.

10. SyLearn:

SyLearn is located in Arlington VA, and we found enough credentials to include it in the list of “top 20 AWS courses in USA”.

The State Council of Higher Education of Virginia has certified SyLearn to operate in the field of IT training.

SyLearn is engaged in providing training to Individuals, Corporates and governments.

They are mainly involved with AWS Training, Computer Networking, Computer Hardware, Programming, Information Security and Data Science.

Various AWS courses are available as per your requirement, starting from $999 to $1800.

The training mode is generally on campus at Arlington.

11. One IT Training:

One IT Training is located in Falls Church, VA and is a veteran-owned organization.

We, therefore, found it important to include One IT Training in the list of “top 20 AWS courses in USA”.

Along with AWS training, One IT Training is also involved in training other technologies like MS-Azure, Linux, Web Technologies etc.

They have certified instructors and are equipped with hands-on labs for practical training.

They have a certified program for AWS training- “AWS Certified Solutions Architect”, which tags a fee of $349.

Training mode is both, either online or in class.

12. Clarusway:

Clarusway is located in Tysons, VA involved in IT Training for Cloud Engineering, DevOps Engineering, Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Full Stack Development, Front End Development, Back End Development, and Cyber Security.

No wonder, Clarusway needs to be included in the list of the “top 20 AWS courses in the USA”.

They are a training partner of the AWS partner network program and offer training for AWS Solutions Architect and DevOps Engineering.

To know about the fees you can directly contact the institution or fill up the form on their website here.

They offer a 15-day trial period if you want to have an idea of the learnings beforehand.

The training model is mainly online.

13. George Mason University:

George Mason University is one of the well-known universities in Virginia. Located in Fairfax VA, this institution is known for the various academic and professional training they offer.

AWS training at George Mason is provided by the Volgenau School of Engineering under the title of Cloud Computing. The training is titled “Amazon Web Services Cloud Security” coming at a fee of $1,500 for a 3 months course. The training is asynchronous learning, self-guided at one’s own pace. However, the assignments given need to be submitted by the end of the week by Sunday.

This is a good option for those who wish to learn at their own pace. That’s the reason we have included this institution in the list of “top 20 AWS courses in the USA”.

For more info on AWS training, have a look at the George Mason University website.

14. Learning Tree International:

Learning Tree is located in Herndon VA. Learning Tree is delivering solutions related to learning to support businesses to use technology and bring in optimized business practices.

Along with Cloud Computing training, Learning Tree delivers training for Agile & Scrum, Business Applications, Cyber Security, Data Analytics and many other technologies.

Looking at the range of training they offer, we thought to include this in our list of “top 20 AWS courses in the USA”.

The AWS course at Learning Tree has been divided into 19 categories, mainly falling into 3 classes Foundation, Intermediate and Advance.

The fees for these courses range from $690 to $2025.

15. University of Virginia:

The University of Virginia was founded in 1819 and has a strong legacy of delivering training for the last two centuries.

The University of Virginia along with other courses and certifications also provides an AWS certification program under the title “Cloud Computing Certificate”.

The fees for this program are estimated to be around $8,784 and not eligible for financial aid.

The training format is part-time via online live sessions, led by instructions who are experts in the field.

To know more about this program, kindly visit the University of Virginia website.

16. Cloud Space Academy:

Cloud Space Academy is located in Manassas, VA, which also includes being in the list of the “top 20 AWS courses in the USA”.

They have over 25 years of training experience, have about 97% of certification ratio, have trained more than 3800+ students, and provided more than 115+ scholarships to the underprivileged. 

Their cloud computing training program comprises AWS, Azure along with Specialty.

The AWS training program is titled AWS Cloud and DevOps Engineer.

The fee for this course is $4500 and the training mode is mainly online.

For getting more info, please visit the Cloud Space Academy website here.

17. Certstaffix Training

Certstaffix Training is a computer and business skills training company.

Certstaffix Training was founded in 2008 and has a good reputation and therefore credible to have a name in the “top 20 AWS courses in the USA.

Certstaffix Training offers AWS courses in Fairfax, VA. They have been divided into two main categories: 

  1. Amazon AWS Instructor-led classes and
  2. Amazon AWS Self-Paced eLearning.

Amazon AWS Instructor-led classes are further divided into two sub-categories: 

  1. AWS Fundamentals and
  2. AWS System Operations.

The Amazon AWS Self-Paced eLearning program comprises a total of 9 courses bundled as Amazon AWS eLearning Bundle, which you can learn at your own pace, on your own.

The fees for these courses range from $400 to $3,100.

For more detailed info, kindly visit the Certstaffix Training website.

18. Krishna Training:

Krishna Training is one of the leading training institutes in Herndon VA, which has earned a spot in the list of “top 20 AWS courses in the USA”.

Founded in 2000, Krishna Training has evolved as a prominent training institute over the years. 

Krishna Training offers AWS training titled “AWS Certified Solutions Architect” having a duration of 3 months. The course has been spread across 10 different modules.

To know about the fees, request to contact Krishna Training at 1-877-864-8462.

To know about the AWS training in detail, kindly visit the Krishna Training website.

19. Intellectual Point:

Intellectual Point is an institution which provides training in cyber Security & Cloud Computing; Networking, Wireless, and Data Center; Big Data, IoT & Data Science; Project Management, Agile, DevOps & ITSM; Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning; Deep Learning & Cognitive Computing.

They are a leading institution located in Sterling, VA, so their name has been included in the list of “top 20 AWS courses in the USA”.

They offer a total of 5 courses for AWS training, varied according to the functionality.

You can contact the institute directly to know about the fees and terms of payment.

For more information on AWS training, kindly visit the Intellectual Point website here.

20. Amana Net:

The last institute we want to include in the list of “top 20 AWS courses in the USA” is AmanaNet.

AmanaNet is located in McLean VA, and along with IT Training, they are also involved in E-learning activities and Web Technology services.

Their training courses include a bouquet of different technologies, ranging from AWS to Microsoft, Oracle to RedHat, and VMWare to Vyond to name a few.

For the AWS training, AmanaNet has divided it into 4 categories as training for:

  1. Cloud Practitioner
  2. Architect
  3. Developer
  4. Operations

Within these 4, further classification is done to ease out for you to select the course as per your requirements.

Most of the AWS courses range from $600 to $2,025. 

Training delivery varies according to the course. Some can be learned online, while some have a combination of online learning along with classroom training.
For more information kindly visit the AmanaNet website.


What is the authenticity of the above information?

The information has been derived from each of the institution’s official websites. This is our honest attempt to help you in choosing the right information, in a minimum time, saving you the hassle of searching all over the internet.

2. What if we need to find more about the institutions?

We have provided the links to their websites. There you can find more information or can call up the phone numbers available on the website in case of any unfound answer.

3. How do we decide on the reliability, and quality and ensure we get the right quality training from the institution?

Simple. Visit the website, and many of the websites have student and customer testimonials. Also, you can search on Google reviews to check if anyone has posted a review about any institution. Finally, you decide to choose the institution of your choice. Our attempt was just to present the information simply, filtering out the right information for you.

4. What check-points would you suggest to evaluate the perfect training institute?

Apart from the testimonials and online reviews, check the instructor’s qualifications, and the institution’s reputation. Check whether the fees they are charging justify the quantum and quality of the training they are offering. Check how they will help you once the training is completed, and how they can help you in gaining real practical experience.

5. What is the best training method, online or in-class

There’s a preconceived notion about online training. But today, it is one of the most popular modes of training, as you can get trained in the comfort of your home or any place of your choice. No hassle of commuting back and fro, you save your time, energy and money.
Moreover, you have the advantage of learning repetitively, in case you don’t understand. This facility isn’t available in in-class training, as the trainer might not be available whenever you are curious about a concept, or any question suddenly pops up in your mind.

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