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Writers/authors today have many resources at their disposal to write impeccably. Gone are the days when writers/authors roamed from city to city depriving themselves of food and other elements for inspiration. Also, the finest writers undertake training and experience through virtual English writing course in India today. Writers/authors are not limited to writing books or novels but operate in every discipline.

Before we look into the top 10 English writing courses in India today, let us understand what English writing skills are.

What are English writing skills?


Simply put, writing skill is the knowledge and ability to express yourself through written words. In a broader sense, it is the comprehensibility of language in terms of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. People with excellent writing skills are not only able to play with words, but they are also able to adapt their intonation and word choice to suit different situations and people. They use writing techniques such as literary devices to convey their ideas and engage their readers.


Today, you can also improve your English writing skills with an English writing course. Below are the 10 best English writing course in India today.


Top 10 English writing courses in India

1. Certified English Writing Course in India – Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is recognized as the Best Corporate Training Platform. They offer courses in both classroom and online learning modes. Working with many leading institutions and multinational corporations, Henry Harvin is a pioneer in training and consulting.

The Certified English Writing Course will help you become a competent and confident English writer. Not only will your writing improve, but your speed and completeness in reading complex text will also improve. Thus, it is one of the best English writing course in India, today.

After completing this course, you will be able to write long paragraphs and sentences in English with ease, within a short time frame. Henry Harvin’s Certified English Writing Course prepares you for international exams such as TOEFL and IELTS, in addition to professional consultation from his native speaker.

Based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), this course is divided into specific levels.

A1: Elementary Level: Basic English concepts, words, and pronunciation.

A2: Intermediate: Reading comprehension, grammar, and sentence formation.

B1: Intermediate: Build sentences and phrases in English.

B2: Upper Intermediate: Understanding core concepts in complex texts and chapters.

C1: Advanced: Enables learners to deal with complex conversations and texts. Acquire excellent language skills.

Key Highlights of the English Writing course

  • 40-50 hours of training at each course level. 
  • In addition, e-learning, a learning management system, allows you to study when and where you want.
  • Start from scratch. That is, start with forming sentences and writing paragraphs.
  • You will also understand and study key elements of the English language such as pronunciation, diction, spelling, and vocabulary.
  • Get a one-year gold membership subscription to the Henry Harvin Language Academy.
  • Finally, you can find placement assistance and internship opportunities through Henry Harvin’s dedicated placement agency.


For more information on the syllabus, course structure, and fees please visit or email [email protected]

2. Coursera

Continuing our list of the top 10 English Writing course in India, we come to Coursera. Coursera is an edtech platform that partners with leading universities and companies around the world to provide education and training. There are about 849 courses dedicated to English writing, but Academic English: Writing Specialization caught our interest.

This is an introductory-level specialty course containing 5 courses. This enables learners to succeed in their final years of school or early in their careers. The focus of this course is for students to carry out rigorous academic research and learn to articulate their thoughts in an academic format.

Key Features of the English Writing course

  • Learn at your own pace thanks to virtual teaching media.
  • Additionally, no prerequisites are required. This is a beginner’s course.
  • Also, set your own schedules and deadlines.
  • Learn in a familiar language too. Sessions are available in English, Arabic, French, Portuguese (European), Italian, Catalan, Portuguese (Brazilian), Vietnamese, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Turkish, Hindi, and Persian subtitles.
  • Finally, get certified after completing the course and showcase your skills on social media sites.

Duration and Contact

Academic English: Writing Specialization lasts 6 months. To request information on fees and curriculum, please visit

3. Udemy

Another institution known for its online training and education programs is Udemy. Unlike Coursera, Udemy’s website features more English writing course. From beginner to intermediate, blogging to business writing, travel journaling to freelance writing, there’s a course for everyone.


Among them Writing with Flair: How to Become an Exceptional writer is worth mentioning. Moreso, because the trainer is a former editor of The Wall Street Journal and teaches the nuances of writing confidently and impactfully. 

Key features of the course

  • Learn the nuances of writing from the former editor of The Wall Street Journal. Likewise, identify the secret sauce of exceptional writing.
  • You will also gain knowledge on how to make your writing easier, clearer, more elegant, and more impressive.
  • You can develop not just exceptional writing skills but the spirit of an “elite” writer that encourages you to write extraordinarily.
  • Get a glimpse of how to design a blog, book, or business document.
  • Most importantly, you get all the benefits at an affordable price of INR 3,499/-.
  • Finally, a certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course.


For more information about a course or an instructor, please visit their website at 

4. was founded in 1995. In other words, can be called the first writing school on the internet. Backed by 25 years of experience delivering writing courses, is a humongous community of amateur and experienced professional writers.

Take your writing journey one step further by enrolling in a creative writing course on Award-winning faculty and, most importantly, a welcoming community ensure the best support and training.

Key Features of

  • Get instructor feedback regularly on your work. Plus, enjoy a nurturing and supportive course structure in collaboration with other writers.
  • Learn from published authors who have spent years perfecting their craft. Not only that, but they are committed to supporting you and your work.
  • Additionally, the course is delivered through an online course platform called Wet Ink which is designed in such a way that even people from non-technical backgrounds can easily navigate through.
  • Receive weekly writing assignments as well as feedback from the instructor and other writers that encourage healthy discussion.
  • Owing to different time zones, there is no compulsion to be online at a specific time. Work at your convenience.
  • Small groups of 12 people per class, so it’s never too crowded.


For more information, please visit Or email them at [email protected].

5. Xavier Institute of Communications

Established in 1969, the Xavier Institute of Communication is the media education arm of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. It is Asia’s largest professional media center.

This Institute’s courses allow learners to unleash their inner writer. Instructor Himari Kothari is a writer and creative editor who has assisted aspiring creative writers through writing workshops.

Key Features of the English Writing Course

  • Learn from a renowned institute that has excelled in the mass media domain. Also, get writing assignments.
  • In addition to writing assignments, you will also get personal feedback from your instructor.
  • Moreover, co-writers act as “devil’s advocates” by evaluating your article and encouraging you to do your best.
  • Finally, creative writing improves your general English writing skills.

Duration and Fees

There are 8 sessions of 2 hours each. The cost of the course is INR 8000/- including GST.


For more information about the course, please visit or send an email to [email protected].

6. edX

Another online training agency that offers a variety of online English writing course in India is edX. Additionally, these courses cover all aspects of English writing, including business writing, grant writing, crowdfunding, persuasive writing, novel draft writing, and more.

Key features of edX courses

  • All the courses are specifically from top universities around the world. You can improve your English grammar skills.
  • You will also learn how to improve your writing process to create clear and effective written communication.
  • edX also offers a variety of writing courses, including fiction, personal essays, novel writing, and screenwriting.
  • In addition to writing, some courses offer insight into additional skills such as developing critical thinking, using digital techniques in writing, proofreading, and editing.


To know more about the courses, their duration, fee structure, etc., visit the website

7. British Council, India

Founded in 1948 and now headquartered in New Delhi, India, the British Council is another institution offering English writing course in India. With offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata, the British Council help people develop new skills, acquire better qualifications, introduce an international dimension to their studies and work, and develop their culture.

Its online English writing course helps individuals discover their writing potential. To apply for the writing course, you must have an upper-intermediate level (grade B2).

Key features of British Council English Writing course

  • British Council India courses offer a variety of ways to improve your English writing skills. Also, the course is suitable for both experienced and beginners.
  • From a creative writing perspective, the course covers different genres of writing such as storytelling, background writing, dialogue writing, short story and poetry writing, humor, children’s fairy tales, etc.
  • In addition, the British Council of India has tailored its courses according to every level of learning: kids or adults,  creative writing or business writing, and novice or seasoned writers.


For more information on courses and training offered by the British Council  India, please visit

8. Future Learn – A Beginner`s Guide to Writing in English for University Study

FutureLearn is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) educational platform in the UK. Since its inception in 2012, FutureLearn has delivered many successful courses.

The Beginner’s Guide to Writing in English teaches college/university students how to develop writing skills, vocabulary, and grammar to improve their English skills in college. This course specifically focuses on the academic writing genre.

Key Highlights of the course

  • Learn to write now and then a comparison of any aspect like a pro within one well-structured paragraph.
  • You will also learn how to examine and identify different sections of an essay.
  • In addition, write a description that conveys your point of view in well-structured paragraphs with a minimum number of words while maintaining linguistic accuracy.
  • Develop and write the first draft of the essay, as well as receive feedback from the instructor and co-writers. 
  • Finally, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a digital certificate certifying your English writing skills.


Course Duration is 5 weeks with 3 hours sessions per week.


For course eligibility, fees, and other course details, please visit

9. MasterClass. Writing for Television

A different course institution but still one of the best English writing course in India. master class. This platform, MasterClass is a streaming platform where anyone can watch and listen to hundreds of video lessons taught by over 180 of the world’s top trainers.

The course being discussed here is Shonda Rhimes; Writing for Television course. Here, she will teach you the nuances of writing a compelling story with plots and characters that grab the attention of others. You will also learn about pitching ideas in a way that grabs the attention of your audience.

Important features of the Shonda Rhimes; Writing for Television course

  • Learn how to write stories, plots, and characters that stand out among many authors.
  • Sessions have a new hands-on format where you learn and work on projects and activities with the world’s best instructors.
  • And not only does a well-structured curriculum help a student master the skills in 30 days, but the sessions are also pre-recorded. So accessibility to the lessons remains until your membership is live.


Visit the website to know more about their courses.


10. Writer’s Digest University

When it comes to writing and reading, Writer’s Digest is the name by which every author/reader can be identified. Writer’s Digest University is developed by Writer’s Digest. For over 90 years, it has been the premier resource for aspiring writers. Each workshop is designed to not only inspire you to write but to engage you in a long and rewarding writing career.

Writers Digest University offers a variety of online writing workshops for writers of all skill levels. Hence, this university is in the top 10 for English writing courses in India.


Key features of Writer’s Digest University

  • All lecture materials are produced by experienced professionals in the industry, increasing your chances of publication with improved writing.
  • Provides virtual face-to-face classes plus recommended reading material that complements the concepts learned in class.
  • Plus, not only receive weekly writing assignments but also personal feedback from the instructor on the same.
  • In addition, there are special weekly discussion rounds where students can discuss the week’s lectures with each other and/or the instructor.
  • Additionally, the workshop is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can join anytime, from any computer, and from anywhere in the world.


For more information on upcoming workshops/classes, please visit


Why are English writing skills important?

In today’s digital world, many of us believe that writing is outdated and that expertise in this area is not necessary. On the contrary, thanks to digitized media, writing is ubiquitous. Writing is a form of communication. From an early age, we are trained to communicate using letters and numbers. With well-developed writing skills, you can:

  • Communicate clearly and achieve our goals – Before you put pen to paper (or type on your keyboard), you go through a lot of processes. This allows you to build sentences, grammar, and other aspects of writing.
  • Extend the knowledge base – To write like a pro, you need to read a lot. And you can get a lot of information in this process, thereby expanding your knowledge.
  • Creativity levels are improved – In other words, when you write, you are working on your vocabulary, your imagination, and your critical thinking. You get creative with your writing and build ideas to get better results.
  • More career opportunities – A well-written resume and cover letter win half the battle. Similarly, good writing skills do not go unnoticed by superiors and can earn you promotions with additional responsibilities and expanded roles.


Each training institution offers different types of English writing courses. However, a learner’s knowledge and comfort only determine which course is best for them. Amateurs can try many free courses first to learn what’s important. Once you have mastered the basics of English writing, you can proceed to any of the 10 English writing courses above.

In summary, good English writing skills are useful in all stages of life. The 10 Best English Writing Courses in India will help you achieve the perfection you desire in your written communication. Apart from that, in addition to an English writing course from any of the above institutions, you can improve your writing skills by attending reading sessions and communicating with others. Keep going, keep practicing and you’ll master the language in no time!

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Q.1. Why are English writing abilities important?

Writing drives communication. Of course, everything is on the virtual platform today. However, even that requires written communication. Not only that, but in the corporate world, clear communication fosters collaboration, commerce, and interpersonal relationships among colleagues. Thus, English writing skills are important.

Q.2. Does good grammar mean good writing skills?

Accurate and good grammar is part of writing. Equally important are other writing skills such as being concise, identifying your audience, and identifying your platform. Apart from that, always outlining your work, organizing them, and including more facts than opinions are also important writing skills. To improve your English writing skills, you need to practice, collaborate with others, and read a lot.

Q.3. I am interested in writing. But how do you get started?

Decide what intrigues you first. What do you really like to write about? Next, make a rough draft. Excuse mistakes. After all, it is a rough draft. Concentrate on what you want to say. Focus on writing and leave everything else for later. Draft your message, then revise it. Corrections, Edits, Revisions. Writing goes hand in hand with a lot of reading and a lot of practice.

Q.4. Do English writing courses help?

Absolutely. It equips you to recognize the nuances of certain sentences and their usage. Experienced authors and co-writers provide valuable insights during sessions as instructors and fellow learners. However, to get the most out of the course, you should complete the course and write a short story, article, or blog. In other words, you should continue to practice and write even after completing the course.

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