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Communication, often important but the most neglected. Many times, English, the preferred language for business communication poses a challenge. Being proficient in English attracts better opportunities. However, we lack in this area. Especially the second part of communication, speaking. Speaking English proficiently makes a person confident. Moreover, the listener becomes interested in the conversation. Furthermore, business gets generated. Thus propelling the professionals onto a new level of success. Sadly, English speaking poses a challenge to many. 


English speaking classes thus become helpful in brushing up. 

Jaipur, the ‘Pink City’, promotes art and artifacts to the world. Overseas business however gets hampered due to poor communication. Especially in the English language. Often, students and businessmen/businesswomen strive to learn the language. As a matter of fact, English-speaking courses see maximum searches on the internet.  Keeping this in mind, let us look at the top 10 English-speaking courses offered in the city of Jaipur. 

Top 10 English Speaking courses in Jaipur

Flexibility coupled with ease and proficiency becomes the base for this blog. 

1. Henry Harvin (English Speaking Course in Jaipur)                                                                                                           

Accreditations together with ISO 29990:2010 certification make it the best choice. Likewise, the institute receives positive reviews on all platforms. Namely, Google, Youtube, and Trustpilot to name a few. Not to mention affiliation to many international bodies. Like UKAF, UKCert, American Association of EFL, and MSME. Besides the above-mentioned affiliations, let us get to know more about the English-speaking courses in Jaipur.

Learning levels 

A complete package that divides various challenges into modules. Thus levels of learning become easy. Furthermore, proficiency becomes achievable. 

  • Beginner Level A1
  • Beginner Level A2
  • Intermediate level B1
  • Intermediate level B2
  • Advanced level C1
  • Advanced level C 2

Unique 9 in-1 Benefits of the English speaking course in Jaipur

  • Live interactive instructor-led sessions. Even though it helps online, trainers ensure interaction and keep the momentum.
  • While sessions have a fixed duration. Additionally, care in interaction during live projects. Not only do the trainer’s groom, But they hold hands in live projects and clear doubts. Due to this, student morale boasts.
  • With attention to internships that help students get live hands-on experience.
  • Another key point – the boot camps and hackathons. In the event of this students learn and interact with peers. Therefore they learn quickly and sharpen their skills.
  • Learning never stops. With this in mind, 24×7 access to all student material with round-the-clock assistance.
  • As an illustration of commitment, 100 percent placement with affiliates or partners.
  • 1 year Gold membership that gives students lifetime access to knowledge-building tools and techniques. 

Trainers and Alumni network

  • Presently the alumni network has 3 lakh and more students. The elite alumni spread across the globe help new students and professionals. For instance, help comes in the form of job opportunities or guidance.
  • Trainers’ capability mirrors the 250-plus lectures delivered in sessions. 
  • Occasionally they become keynote speakers at prestigious forums.
  • Furthermore, all the trainers have more than 12 years of teaching experience.
  • Additionally, renowned industry stalwarts select trainers after the meticulous procedure

Why choose Henry Harvin language academy for English speaking courses in Jaipur

  • Firstly, brush up and then learn grammar advances.
  • Secondly, achieve fluency in a short period of time. Since the course enables gaining flawless and confident English speaking skills.
  • Thirdly, express and debate on topics among peers. In a moment express yourself with flawless use of language.
  • Finally, students preparing for international examinations get benefitted. Students preparing for TEFL, TOEFL, or IELTS examinations pass with flying colors. Therefore, this becomes their first step toward becoming global citizens to the world. 

More insights into the English speaking courses in Jaipur

  • By and large, English speaking helps in trade globally.
  • A benefit to students with excellent proficiency. For instance, students get an F-1 visa easily as compared to other non-proficient peers.
  • Not only do English speaking nations welcome you. But also working opportunities open up for a proficient candidate.
  • Additionally, you can become an influencer with good content and excellent English speaking skills.
  • Similarly, teaching the English language becomes one of the career options.

Due to its Pan India presence, Henry Harvin English speaking courses bring about 

a better bargain. Other than English speaking courses Henry Harvin brings many more professional courses like Six Sigma, Content writing, CPA, and SAP FICO courses to name a few.

2. American Institute of English Language                                                                                                                       

Founded in 1991, with 3 decades of teaching the English language. As a matter of fact, the English speaking courses in Jaipur have positive reviews. Owing to the teaching methodology developed by Dr. O.P.Lamba. Many students opt for the English speaking courses in Jaipur.

Key features

  • 90 hours of intensive training. As a result, professionals become proficient in English speaking.
  • A systematic approach to English speaking course. To begin with continuous assessment through close monitoring. At the same time, the appraisal system boosts confidence. 
  • In the meantime access to the library to study and brush up on the English language, especially grammar.
  • Excellent aids for learning the English language. Namely, Octaphone, Phone, and Lingua to name a few.
  • By the time the candidate becomes proficient. Lifetime access generated for future reference.
  • Separate rooms for male and female conversational skills sessions.
  • Flexi timings

English Speaking course in Jaipur details

  • First, basic courses offered to students. Alternatively, kids courses offered designed to suit kids’ requirements.
  • Due to the demand for advanced courses. Advanced courses suited for professionals designed with a flexible approach.
  • Suits the growing demand. In other words, special English speaking training for call-centers. 
  • Preparation for various English language exams conducted keeping in mind the student’s needs. 

3. Limme Institute of English Language                                                                                                                  

“LIFE IS MADE MORE EASY ” which means LIMME. Established in 2013 and in a few years has come up as an excellent English speaking partner. For this reason, Limme brings forth improved teaching tools and techniques. Not only does this encourage students but also infuses enthusiasm in them. 

Key Features

  • Tries to extract the best from the students, especially with innovative methods. To put it differently, techniques like stage presentation and group discussion impromptu planned.
  • Special section for only conversational English with no grammatical errors.
  • Not only do they offer English speaking courses. But other preparation courses like IELTS, personality development.
  • Additionally, sessions conducted for clearing interviews.
  • Furthermore, one on one training offered.

4. Sure English by  Yeshaswi Bhav                                                                                                              

Yeshaswi denotes eternal success. Eternal success coupled with no obstacles paves way for achievement. So, the sure English speaking course in Jaipur becomes a favorite. People know the English language however speaking requires a special skill set. The English speaking course in Jaipur stems from this thought. All four English language skills get due weightage. Namely, reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Not only does the institute teach the English language but it also has various courses that complement the Sure English course. 

Key features

  • Unique learning methodology involving role play, mock drills, and audio-video sessions to name a few.
  • Not only does the methodology differ, but also scheduling. Customised schedule planned for learner benefit.
  • As a matter of fact, the course material design finds its source in global universities and colleges.
  • Weekly student evaluations ensure progress. In addition, voice notes by students, their presentations, and their videos frequently evaluated.

Other courses that complement the English speaking courses

  • First, the Speech Craft session helps correct pronunciation and common terminology
  • Second, the personality development course. Not only does it make learners confident but also improves presentation skills.
  • Finally, the big break program helps in the preparation of interviews and group discussions.

Web address:

5. Sawan’s Institute of Language (English Speaking Course in Jaipur)                                                                                             

With a belief in the welfare of students, the institute came into force in the year 1992. Not only does the institute offer a good program but also gives economical packages. Thus many students benefit. Not to mention the fact that SIEL makes students competitive exam ready. 

Key features

  • Grammar teaching-based methodology. Moreover frequent sessions on proper usage of grammar.
  • Listening skills however adapt to the recording methodology.
  • Reading similarly uses the recording method so that feedback becomes constructive.
  • The noteworthy feature of the institute and that makes it unique become the Sawan series of books. Hence books become a friend in the journey of learning the English language.

6. Groom Institute                                                                                                     

Helping the students in Jaipur by training and development. With this vision, an NGO came into being and since then have helped many students and professionals to achieve success. Remarkably, even housewives who learn the language to help their children prefer learning with them. 

Key features

  • More than 2000 students studied with the institute. Notably 100 percent placements in MNCs and in the government sector.
  • Another key point worth mentioning – a small batch size of not more than 12 students. This ensures proficiency.
  • Duration of the course – another key point that demonstrates their commitment . 2 month duration with 50 hours of basic and 50 hours of advanced learning. Each secession spaced out and not more than 1.5 hours.
  • In the same way the 4 modules namely communication skills, public speaking, inner personality, and outer personality. 
  • Notably morning and evening batches.
  • Correspondingly 2 trainers teach the program so no doubts at all.
  • Not to mention the bi-weekly assessments.

7. AIM                                                                                                   

Providing quality English speaking knowledge to an enthusiastic learner. Notably, that aim, AIM achieved. Psychological teaching methods adopted for better results. Indeed this shows results in testimonials both from students as well as industry recruiters. Unique teaching tips adopted including podium sessions, and picture sessions.

Key features

  • Unique Psychological training for confident speakers of tomorrow.
  • In fact, often sessions become interactive one-on-one and infuse confidence. Especially when the partner evaluated. Learning through feedback.
  • On the positive side, a strict environment and assessments keep a tab on students’ activity and progress.
  • By and large the environment upbeat for both teaching and as well as learning.

8. ACE Institute For Education And Languages Pvt. Ltd.                                                                                                 

When India dreamt of India Shining, Ace quietly prepared itself for the challenges of students. Learning and becoming fluent in this language became a challenge for many. ACE education stepped in and notably turned around students’ challenges into success stories. In the long run, the institute helped more than 1 lakh students. For this reason, to teach, the reach expanded. Notable in 7 cities in India. The English speaking courses in Jaipur thus see maximum requests each day.

Key features

  • Noteworthy formats for training. In other words Regular courses, corporate training, and online teaching mediums.
  • Regular English speaking course in Jaipur duration for 90 hours. To demonstrate their dedication each student has access to all tools and techniques including the library. 
  • Notably, the teaching pattern differs in corporate training. The topic that poses challenges and needs grooming gets preference first. Topics like Team building, leadership skills, time and stress management, and so on and so forth addressed. This acts as an illustration of commitment from the institute. Sessions duration range from 1-2 hours.
  • A 360-degree approach for the online format. Most compelling evidence on this aspect mirrors with the course curriculum. Firstly, grammar brushes up. Secondly, confidence building with time and life management. Finally and the most important personality grooming. This not only includes interview preparation, but other soft skills too. 

9. Miracle English Language & Literature Institute                                                                                                

For the past 2 decades, Miracle helps students with the English language on the UGC Net examination. About 200 videos by Ms. Sharma immensely help students and professionals.

Key features

  • Trainers make a difference in learning. Using Audio-visual medium speaking volumes on the program.
  • Not only do students learn to speak English but they also learn the proper usage of vocabulary.
  • The institute invests in the students. For instance special personality development and expression sessions for all students.
  • Furthermore, all learning in dynamic mode and prompt feedback and evaluations done.

10. Let us talk                                                                                               

Helping students accomplish their English speaking dream since 2005. The various online courses benefit students all across the globe. Free as well as additional videos help students get command over the English language but also the right accent.

Key features

  • Various levels help them learn and graduate the levels in speaking the English language. However, a separate course to learn the English language with an accent. British and American accent courses separate.
  • Both free and paid options for online mode. However, each session of videos have separate charges. Thus the learner gets flexible learning options. 
  • More than 850 video lectures. An example of how the entire process of learning gets woven in.


To summarise, today English transcends all the geopgrahical borders. Nonetheless the fact that more than 1 billion users use it for surfing the internet. E-mails use the English language. The language touches almost all the spheres in our lives. Knowing the language is not only mandatory but nowadays a compulsion. Speaking the language fluently and reading the language easily gets stressed by the employers offering top positions. In the hope that they will get better opportunities. Students enroll in coaching classes. Hence making the right and the informed decision becomes crucial. 

Learn before you leap. So, first, get all the information beforehand. The fees, the duration, the certification. Keeping this in mind, plan all the next logical steps in the journey of learning the English language course. Though online English speaking courses give a broader perspective, delve deep before taking the leap.

All the best. Happy learning!

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Q 1. Why should a student from India clear the English proficiency test examination?

Students who want to study in countries with English as their first language have to clear these tests. Despite the frequent use of the English language, it does not fit in the native language category in India. Thus, students who travel overseas for further education have to clear English proficiency tests.

Q 2. Name the English proficiency tests?

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), International English Language Testing System (IELTS), and Cambridge tests. Either of these as per the university requirement needs clearance to apply for universities overseas. 

Q 3. Kindly share the TOEFL paper pattern

Divided into 4 parts, namely reading, writing, speaking, and listening. 3 to 3.5 hours in duration. However, students plan according to their weightage. Reading 30-40 questions. While listening again 30-40 questions. Speaking additional 4 questions while writing 2 questions. 

Q 4. IELTS exam. Can you give us a sneak peek at the paper pattern?

2 hours and 45 minutes in duration with breaks. To begin with, the first set begins with reading for 60 minutes. Followed by writing for 60 min again and finally 30 minus for listening. The speaking test, however, happens on a different date as it does with the interviewer. 

Q 5. Other English proficiency tests that you suggest?

Other than the TOEFL and IELTS, other exams which have a separate section in English. GRE, GMAT, Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE), and Duolingo English test

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