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Why English?

More than 6,000 distinct languages are spoken worldwide, but English is and will remain a universal language of communication for all linguists. English will be the common language used by most people. So as English speaking course is always in demand with high expectations. 

According to a recent survey, English is the most common official language spoken in most countries. So, there is no doubt to say that English is becoming truly the universal language to communicate with ease and conveniently across the globe. As English is spoken in most countries all over the world you may not feel stranded where ever you visit across the globe.

Top 10 English speaking course in Chennai 

With the growing craving for English, English speaking course in Chennai is also growing. You can find many institutes offering English speaking course in Chennai, as some of them are listed below –

1. Henry Harvin (English Speaking Course in Chennai)

Henry Harvin has set the best online English Speaking Training in Chennai, They offer the best Global English teaching from the experts of the real industries having decades of experience to help you become proficient and efficient in English speaking.

Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp 


Key features 

  • 9-in-1 course with the following aspects – Training, Projects, Internship, Certification, Placement, E-Learning, Bootcamps, Hackathons, Gold Membership
  • Extensive learning is the part of the course curriculum to help you gain confidence and proficiency in learning
  • Practical training process aiming to focus on fundamentals of English like pronunciation, sentence making, spelling, and basic grammar
  • Live projects with access to the monthly boot camps, video recordings, study materials, placement assistance, and many more.
  • The most important part of this institute is if you are unhappy with the first session you can ask for a complete refund of the money you have paid for.

Faculty details

  • Most of the trainers are well-qualified with a minimum of 10 years of experience in the respective subjects
  • Trainers are subject expertise in their specific field
  • Almost nearly 250+ lectures are been delivered to date by Henry Harvin

Other than English speaking course we can find some other courses also

  • English Language course for kids
  • English Writing course
  • Business English Teacher course

2. Besant Technologies

It is recognized as the best place to read, write and learn English speaking course in Chennai. They aim the focus on facilitating training cum placement opportunities for each candidate enrolled here. Certified trainers with the best knowledge are involved in the English speaking course in Chennai. The institute is designed to acknowledge every student to meet their respective real-world challenges. 

Key features

  • Flexible time schedules to match each student’s appropriate schedules
  • Faculties from the industry experts having 30+ hours of course duration 
  • Facility for the demo classes as per the request of the candidate 
  • The institute has completed almost 800+ batches to meet the milestone of each course


Faculty details

  • Trainers are 7+ years of experience having the best subject knowledge
  • Faculty are well qualified with the best knowledge in theoretical and practical subject details.
  • Trainers are best connected to the top MNCs to help the candidate to handle real-time projects

3. Anglo English

This institute aims to stand out service as one-on-one instruction at the convenience of the participant. Special Speaking Training by Teachers from the UK & USA via Skype is offered for efficient pronunciation and accent training. Whether it’s for IELTS, OET (Occupational English Test), PTE TOEFL, Intermediate, Advanced Communicative English, or Accent Training, AngLo provides training to those who truly need English speaking course in Chennai to reach their respective goals in English in the shortest amount of time.

Key features

  • Personalized instructions with the online and classroom facilities having an option for Regular and Fast Track systems
  • The study material for IELTS / PTE / ENGLISH / ACCENT Training as part of the AngLo’s Kit.
  • An efficient explanation, practice, and evaluation process to assure your progress
  • Individualized Training Programs for Each Module for Each Participant

Faculty details

  • Partnered with
    • IELTS/OET training and testing materials are designed by well-qualified trainers and modules are available through a partnership between AngLo and Cambridge University Press. 
    • IDP Australia for providing information and assistance with registration to candidates for the IELTS and UKVI exams.
  • The only IELTS institution in India offering effective one-on-one instruction with qualified trainers who specialize in each module (writing, speaking, reading, and listening).

4. FITA Academy

In addition to reading, writing, and listening comprehension in the English language, the English speaking course Online Program at FITA Academy emphasizes communication skills. To help you improve your communication abilities and speak English fluently, our Expert Mentors give you in-depth tuition in grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary.

Key features

  • Live online spoken English training courses guided by an interactive instructor and provided by language professionals
  • A curriculum designed to expand your vocabulary and help you speak English confidently
  • Modules for the Spoken English Online Course that have been expertly created to meet industry requirements worldwide
  • Improve your listening skills and gain an understanding of various English accents through hands-on training using various audio-visual sessions.

Faculty details

  • Instructors are language and communication specialists with a minimum of 8+ years of experience teaching students in the English speaking course.
  • Training curriculum includes from beginners to skilled communicators through the use of online mentors.
  • Instructors are skilled and knowledgeable with more than 25 training sessions.
  • Trainers offer individualized career counseling and mentoring.
  • Instructors can help you create a professional CV and prepare for interviews.

5. EnglishLabs

EnglishLabs provide a variety of useful teaching tools, including audio and visual materials, along with numerous exercises that will help students become better communicators. They use interactive, individualized instruction to develop you into a fluent English speaker.

Key features

  • The course curriculum includes three different levels beginners level, intermediate level, and advanced level.
  • At EnglishLabs, students are taught from scratch with an emphasis on the learner’s language rather than the expert language.
  • They favor training through projects that provide varied contexts of acquiring new knowledge about the language using internet resources and other approaches.
  • The course curriculum includes pronunciation, vocabulary, audio, and video learning materials, and many spoken English comprehensive exercises.

Faculty details

  • Cambridge trainers are part of this institute
  • The course curriculum is designed to suit each level of students
  • Trainers are well-qualified and well-experienced with the best subject knowledge skills

6. English Ninjas

With English Ninjas’ English Speaking classes, you may give your personality a boost and advance to the next phase of your career. This course covers fundamental grammatical principles, effective public speaking techniques, perfect pronunciation, and exact vocabulary, as well as personality development in general. The goal of the English speaking and communication skills improvement program is to help people gain better job opportunities and avoid making compromises at any level due to a lack of abilities. Effective verbal communication has become crucial for people’s professional lives.

Key features

  • The course includes Writing assignments with grades and feedback, reading assessments and speaking exercises, tests of your ability to listen, full-Length Mock Exams
  • At your convenience, practice speaking English with a personal trainer online.
  • For personal development, goal-setting, and self-improvement, the course covers frameworks and strategies.

Faculty details

  • Trainers are 10+ years of experience with a passion for teaching 
  • The group of highly skilled professors and instructors at English Ninjas have years of industry expertise 
  • Trainers are selected who have already instructed a large number of students.

7. Greens Technologys

A wide range of recruitment services is offered by a team of skilled recruiters and technical consultants, who also provide recruitment solutions. They have qualified technical advisors and trainers during the recruitment process, including screening, evaluating, and interviewing candidates, resulting in the most accurate and ideal fit for your technical requirements.

Key features

  • Receive live, one-on-one instruction online at your convenient times.
  • Participate in the online virtual classroom with an instructor.
  • Job support for the consistent and ongoing interviews until every student is successfully placed in a job
  • Superior lab facilities are provided by Greens Technology for students to use both independently and individually.
  • Beyond your primary field, they also train you in soft skills like resume writing and interviewing techniques.
  • We offer affordable, high-quality instruction that is available to students of all skill levels.

Faculty details

  • Passionate and experienced instructors with decades of professional knowledge and skills
  • Online, classroom and corporate modes of training are imparted with around 400+ batches
  • Our instructors are eminent experts who work for the top IT firms in Chennai.

8. Aceamericanbritish

Staff members at our institute are knowledgeable and devoted. We have many teaching strategies for various types of students. American and British accents are taught to call center trainees. 

Key features

  • The course curriculum is designed as per each level of student enrolled in the institute
  • Listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills are also included
  • They give the training to develop your personality and communicate what you mean. To increase each student’s confidence, we use a distinct teaching approach for each group of students.

Faculty details

  • Staff members at our institute are knowledgeable and committed. For various types of learners, we have several teaching approaches.
  • Role-playing and mock sessions are emphasized in corporate training for improving executive skills and soft skills training to weed out and uncover hidden abilities. 
  • The official partner needs good, efficient, and understanding managers who are resourceful, knowledgeable, and accomplished rather than just managers to fit the bill.

9. Aksent

Aksent provides the ideal course for beginners who want to learn grammar rules and use them by practicing live speaking with the instructor. Through videos, projects, and live discussions, this top online English course enables you to comprehend the subtleties of the spoken English language.

Key features

  • Aksent engages in one-on-one individual session packages and begins learning at any time that works for you.
  • You can join live business English communication workshops on the weekends to steadily improve your business English skills as you increase your knowledge of business vocabularies, workplace idioms, and writing techniques.
  • Learn effectively communicating, and improve your communication deliveries, get a mentor’s individualized attention.

Faculty details

  • Business communication tutors help you increase your business vocabulary, important expressions used at work, and business writing skills.
  • Instructors emphasize the weekend business English communication live lessons and progressively enhance your business English abilities 

10. VLC

The VLC Institute uses an adaptive method of instruction that takes into account the interests, learning preferences, and language learning objectives of each student. The VLC Institute is skilled at creating a curriculum and course materials that will help the greatest number of students achieve their objectives.

Key features

  • Each student’s interests, preferred learning method, and language acquisition objectives are taken into consideration as part of teaching the course curriculum
  • The course is designed to set each level of learning candidates starting from the students to the corporate professionals as well as includes IELTS learning courses
  • Practical learning with access to the study materials at the low price 
  • As part of its commitment to excellence, the institute makes sure that all of its instructors receive regular retraining to address the most recent demands and trends in the industry. 

Faculty details

  • The VLC Institute is led by linguists and has more than ten years of expertise in teaching English Communicative Skills to students of all ages.
  • The “excellent” rating from their trainees, our devoted consumers, is a must for VLC’s trainers.

Taking English speaking course in Chennai is always recommended

One of your finest decisions may be to learn spoken English. Whether you want to emigrate, study abroad, vacation, or advance your profession, being fluent in English can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Consider the following:

  • The most widely used language online is English. More than 600 million English-speaking people use the internet nowadays. English-language websites are among the over more than 6 billion web pages available.
  • In the world, English is a second language for about 66% of scientists and researchers and also many other sectors of the work.
  • Some professions are outright impossible to enter without English language proficiency. The diplomatic field, some positions in the computing or information technology industry, and air traffic controller are a few of these vocations.
  • Immigration officials will request a certificate that demonstrates your proficiency in the English language if you wish to live and work in an English-speaking nation.
  • Learning English speaking can help you travel worldwide without hesitation to talk or speak with anyone.
  • National or International jobs, you can best fit into any of the jobs (if you are looking) with your efficient and effective English speaking skills.


Learning English speaking is the best choice to extend your career opportunities. And if you learn from some of the institutes, as I mentioned above there are chances of getting focus on multiple sections of English speaking like pronunciation, spelling, fluency in speaking, and grammar corrections. Also, the course includes interpersonal skill development and confidence in your body language that shows your efficiency in fluent English speaking. Learn English and earn better prospects in your life. You can get better exposure to the world if you are good at English, as it is the usual official language of many countries across the world.

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Q.1 Can I learn about telephone etiquette to prepare for an interview from the English speaking course in Chennai?

Ans. Yes, the institute includes effective interpersonal communication classes to help you crack any interview.

Q.2 I know little English, that is the reason I can not speak to my clients effectively. Suggest me some institutes to learn English speaking course in Chennai.

Ans. You can learn to speak confident English with the proper vocabulary by enrolling in any of the institutes listed above.

Q.3 I am a housewife and want to learn English speaking course in Chennai, to get some job opportunities. Help me sort my issue.

Ans. You can select any of the institutes listed above. But as per my knowledge, you can enroll in Henry Harvin which is the best educational firm to help you learn English and also can help you to find the best job opportunities in the future.

Q.4 Can I learn English speaking on my own?

Ans. Yes, you can try learning yourself. But the best option could be to join some of the institutes online or offline/classroom to help you enrich your English speaking skill.

Q.5 How do you think English speaking online is effective?

Ans. As per the survey, nowadays people are always busy with their scheduled routine and so they are looking for learning options also online. So, if you want to learn online I think you can find the best institutions and get enrolled without any second thought.


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