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Ahmedabad is emerging as the most important economic and industrial hub in India. With the increase in economic status, people are inclined toward learning English speaking. We can thus find many institutions offering English speaking classes in Ahmedabad. English is neither the mother tongue of Ahmedabad nor India but people are crazy about learning and speaking in English. The primary reason behind this is the popularity of English and sometimes it matters to standardize people. However, English speaking classes are available online and offline/Classroom. 



It might sound funny, but if you speak English you are treated as a royal person and otherwise, it goes vice-versa. Coming to the point English is the most commonly spoken language across the globe. English is taking its front seat, especially in education and professions. You can find many schools and colleges ranking English as the first language of their respective curriculum. 

I have shortlisted some of the top 8 English speaking classes in Ahmedabad 

1. Henry Harvin (English Speaking Classes in Ahmedabad)

Learn English with fluency and proficiency to read, write and speak. Henry Harvin aims to focus on enhancing your skills of reading and writing complicated texts with ease and agility. The curriculum is designed to fit into the real-world environment by the completion of this course. The English speaking classes in Ahmedabad are well-structured to help you write long paragraphs, complex sentences, and many fundamentals of the English language. 

The English Speaking classes in Ahmedabad follow the Common European Framework (CEFR)

Key details

  • The course has a 9-in-1 structure including training, projects, internships, e-learning, certification, placements, boot camps, hackathons, and gold-memberships
  • Comprehensive learning to help students to boost their confidence and speak fluently English
  • Practical learning focuses on the fundamentals of English speaking skills like diction, spelling, pronunciation, and vocabulary
  • 1-year of Gold membership with the Language academy which involves live projects, weekly job support, recorded videos of class sessions, monthly boot camps, interview skill development, and career support and guidance.
  • If you are not happy with the first session of the English speaking class, then you can demand a refund of the complete payment done from your end.

Trainer Details

  • Trainers are selected from the top industry sectors having a handful of experience
  • Trainers have decades of experience in the teaching field and are the best professionals
  • Henry Harvin has a team to select the core trainers, with the set of key skills required.

2. Turning Point Institute

The institute is founded aiming to help to learn English speaking classes in Ahmedabad easy and interesting. The institute provides the application which eases you to download the course material and if you are interested you can enroll in the demo lectures. 

Here the founders Mr. and Mrs. Bhatt also serves as the trainers of the institute. The course curriculum is designed for working professionals, students, and housemakers.

Key details

  • With the spacious premises located in the posh area of Ahmedabad,
  • Trainers provide each student with the best environment to sharpen their communication skills, gain self-confidence and develop positive personalities.
  • AC classrooms that are precious and have comfortable seating arrangements
  • The classroom has a stage, a microphone, and a projector
  • A library with a wide selection of books and a take-home option
  • A comfortable reading room where students can spend time alone

Trainer Details

  • Using a highly engaging and useful way, you may build your sentences that are amazingly clear in grammar and other areas.
  • To teach you each grammatical point, students are allowed to utter thousands of Hindi/Gujarati sentences during grammar classes.
  • Every sentence is created utilizing just four or five fundamental rules as we gradually integrate all the components with logic and visuals.
  • The smallest mistakes of each student will be corrected by the trainers during training
  • Trainers assists in engaging in a variety of speaking activities with assurance and achieving true English fluency.

3. Madhavi’s British Academy

English speaking classes at Madhavi’s British Academy are to meet the demands of the hour. Due to its value in helping young people advance their careers, the course module is growing in popularity.

Key details

  • technique-focused strategy to make learning interesting
  • Step-by-step planning to set the curriculum as per the level of the students
  • Students are divided into small batches to focus on each of them
  • customized service as per the request
  • Free grammar instruction as part of the spoken English course curriculum
  • Convenient hours of learning to match each student’s convenience

Trainers details

  • Trainers assist each student in identifying their goals, concentrating on them, and keeping an open mind.
  • Trainers adopt strategic approaches to execute the course curriculum by properly planning and structuring the class
  • A trainer develops an effective management style that aids in organizing, planning, and keeping track of performance.
  • Trainer’s outstanding leadership abilities have made the company the most dependable.
  • They provide pragmatically and practical approach to teaching
  • Strategic techniques to carry out the course curriculum with careful planning advance the objectives of the firm.

4. Fillip Lingua

This institute supports students to develop their communication and English language abilities. Further enables them to succeed in both their personal and professional lives. The main purpose of this institute is to support people in achieving their goals in all facets of their lives, in the areas of language competence, professional development, interpersonal skills, or life skills such as work and work skills.

Key details 

  • The course curriculum includes the best teaching techniques to help students stand in the real-world industry
  • Individual attention with the personalized trainers who are well-qualified
  • Tips and tricks for solving any subject-related problems
  • Daily and weekly assignments are allocated to enhance the fundamentals of English speaking skills
  • Specially-designed study rooms are arranged to help students study in their leisure

Trainers details

  • Trainers are highly certified and skilled in a variety of areas, providing unique solutions to people and businesses.
  • Trainers teaching abilities and skills are periodically reviewed and assessed.
  • They pay attention to whether the pupils are content and happy with their particular trainer.

5. Oxford Academy

One of Ahmedabad’s most well-known and experienced English language learning facilities, the Oxford Academy of English Speaking classes in Ahmedabad offers a wide range of study options that are tailored to students’ needs and preferences. They provide special training in English speaking and personality development that, in addition to releasing from issues, also provide students more confidence and the self-assurance that they need to deal with any circumstance.

Key details

  • Since its foundation, the institute has trained thousands of individuals from almost every conceivable background, including students, professionals, businesspeople, medical representatives, housewives, and individuals who travel overseas.
  • For the training to be more efficient and goal-oriented, the institute has incorporated the most up-to-date methods of teaching English.
  • Through the provision of unbiased and reliable assessments, it is the objective of Oxford Academy to improve the quality and equity of language learning.
  • Courses are designed, in addition, to match the qualifications and emerge with the skills and knowledge necessary to launch or advance the career.
  • Reading, writing, learning, and speaking with an emphasis on communication are the four language skills that are developed in the classroom.

Trainers details

  • To assist students in effectively overcoming their challenges, they have highly qualified, experienced, and committed trainers.
  • Every session concludes with a test and evaluation of the participants. Each student receives a progress report, a completion certificate, and student rewards.
  • To improve the understanding of each student trainers have interactive exercises in English and pair students in pairs or groups.

6. FITA Academy

The FITA Academy’s English speaking classes in Ahmedabad train students in both formal and informal verbal idioms that communicate ease and confidence for behavior in both public and professional settings. It includes important subjects including voice, accent, body language, comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and fluency. Learners can study strategies for achieving high results on the English Speaking certification exam by enrolling in FITA Academy’s Best English Speaking Classes in Ahemdabad.

Key details

  • The English Speaking Classes in Ahmedabad use the same curriculum as popular examinations and certificates for spoken English.
  • The training courses offered by the FITA Academy provide learners with adaptable teaching strategies. They have the option of offline, live-streamed, or recorded classes.
  • The English Speaking Course in Ahmedabad starts from scratch and covers the pertinent sections. It is suited for everyone, whether they are beginners or experts in the field.
  • The course curriculum uses live projects and hands-on lessons to examine exposure to comparable scenarios in the real world.
  • For the convenience of the students, the spoken English classes in Ahmedabad offer regular pace and fast-track alternatives.
  • Each lesson contends with practicing exercises and examinations for self-evaluation.

Trainers details

  • Mentors for spoken English have recognized authorities in their fields.
  • The instructors at the English Speaking Classes in Ahmedabad all have a minimum of 18 years of work experience.
  • With their vocal knowledge, mentors in this program have contributed to several professional and student success stories.
  • To stay current with practices, instructors here use modern approaches and methodologies in the course syllabus.
  • FITA Academy mentors use interactive lessons and real-world projects to boost students’ self-confidence.
  • Trainers take the charge of the theoretical and practical development of students 
  • More than 72% of students in Ahmedabad’s English Speaking Classes have consistent and steady mentors to pursue international credentials. The success percentage for passing or receiving the desired scores is 100%.

7. YCCI 

YCCI is the professional training institute for English speaking classes in Ahmedabad, to develop soft skills and communication skills. They catalyze to change the student’s life by learning new skills with a positive attitude. YCCI believes in changing the learner’s perspective of learning, speaking, reacting, and communicating in English.

Key details

  • Under the guidance of talented trainers, instructors, and professionals the institute has imparted many training sessions 
  • The training course is moduled aiming at the professional as well as the personal career growth
  • They believe in helping and guiding individuals to learn efficient and proficient English with ease to understand the real-world projects

Trainers details

  • Trainers at YCCI are well-qualified and highly experienced with the vast knowledge
  • Instructors have expanded knowledge in the corporate world and also
  • Trainers emphasize teaching various techniques to help students to sustain in the changing and trending industry
  • The course curriculum is tailored by the trainers with the theoretical sessions on fundamentals of grammar, speaking, and listening 
  • Trainers focus on indulging individual students in presentations, public speaking, and debates in front of the large audience


Be Alpha believes in learning while doing concepts. The sessions are designed so that students experience practical instruction. Here, they aim to build on strengthening their talents to create a road map for their professions; here, students can develop a variety of skills through experience and education that support their expanding professional demands.

Key details

  • Students will learn about: interactional sessions, Career Path Course Line, and building personal confidence.
  • They provide individual lectures for each student for their further growth and evaluation of the student’s development is done through the course’s feedback.
  • Each student can get a personalized lesson to help them flourish. The feedback from the course is how we assess each student’s growth.

Trainers details

  • Trainers adopt innovative teachings, and creativity to keep students informed of current events.
  • They are aware of the skills gap students must bridge to succeed in the corporate, and uses a practical approach to teaching where learning is diligent.
  • Trainers have vast experience teaching, training, and developing the necessary skills for the students, over 22 years.


Whether you want to emigrate, study abroad, vacation, or advance your profession, being fluent in English can be beneficial in many ways. In conclusion, proficient English speakers have the best opportunities to advance and succeed in both their personal and professional life in today’s globalized world. So, taking an English speaking course is worth starting with a new career.


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Q.1 I am new to Ahmedabad, you suggest some best institutes here for learning English?

Ans. You can select any of the top-mentioned English-speaking classes in Ahmedabad. 

Q.2 Shall I take online English speaking classes in Ahmedabad?

Ans. Yes, you can take it. There are so many institutes offering online English speaking classes in Ahmedabad. 

Q.3 Can I gain confidence after taking English speaking classes in Ahmedabad?

Ans. Of course, you can be confident as you improve your fluency and vocabulary after the course completion.

Q.4 How can I enroll in Henry Harvin?

Ans. You can enroll Henry Harvin easily by contacting the support team.

Q.5 Can I get weekend classes for English speaking classes in Ahmedabad?

Ans. Yes, there are so many institutes providing weekend classes for English speaking classes in Ahmedabad. 


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