If you are wondering, what to do next after engineering and searching for Embedded System courses in Hyderabad, here is the answer to your question, Graduates or post-graduates in computers, telecommunication, and electronics can take embedded system courses to upgrade their knowledge and skills. They may have an incredible career as an embedded system architect, embedded software engineer, embedded system engineer, firmware engineer, hardware Engineer, hardware test engineer, mobile app developer, and many more.

Embedded Sytems and its uses

Let us take a look at the few embedded system courses in Hyderabad but we need to try to understand,

What is an embedded system?


Nowadays, embedded systems are everywhere. Desktop computers, laptops, workstations, mainframes, servers, etc. need computer systems. Engineers develop these computer systems and embed them into large electrical equipment to perform specific functions repeatedly.

We find Embedded systems in a variety of common electronic devices, home appliances, business equipment, automobiles, and much more, Almost every device that uses electricity has or will contain embedded computer systems.

We need to take up a course to have a deep knowledge of embedded systems and how these systems are built and embedded.

Below is the list of the top 10 Embedded System Courses in Hyderabad

1. Henry Harvin

Rating : (9.8/10)

Henry Harvin is one of the most recognized institutes for anyone willing to learn. They provide the learners with a wide spread of best-designed courses and help them upgrade their knowledge with ease.

One of the best institutes among all the Embedded System courses in Hyderabad is Henry Harvin. It provides you with a core learning experience about the topic. Here you get timely guidance from the best-trained teachers and students learn through 100% practical sessions. Henry Harvin also provides its students with internships, boot camp sessions, and hackathons as supplements and they a completion certificate and placement opportunities after they have completed the course.

Key features:

  • They have over 200 corporate partners and they have 87% of placements done every year.
  • They have highly effective practical sessions that will help the students to have relevant knowledge of the industry.
  • Henry Harvin is globally recognized and is IOS certified and accredited by UKAF, UK, Cert and MSM
  • 50 hours of live interactive sessions to help the students.
  • Candidates receive a Hallmark certification for the Embedded System course and this certificate is very helpful for further career growth opportunities.

Mode: Online

Contact Details:-

Phone: +91 9891953953 

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.henryharvin.com/

Some more courses offered by Henry Harvin:

8051 & AVR Course

PCB Design and ARM Course

2. Vector India Institute Hyderabad

Rating : (9.7/10) 

Vector Institute can also be a good option for students looking for the best- Embedded System courses in Hyderabad. It guarantees the learner to adopt the skill sets that any industry looks for while hiring a candidate and they offer a job-oriented course that will make the students industry-ready.

Vector Institute offers a training program that is a very well-integrated approach to embedded system development. The admission Process for the institute will be strictly through an admission test. The criteria used to check students will include their academic achievements, technical skill set, aptitude, and subject expertise.

Only deserving candidates will be eligible to get admission to the institute for any course.

Eligibility Criteria is the candidate should have a Degree in BE/Btech/ME/Mtech (all circuit branches )

Key features:

  • Vector India Institute Provides the basic knowledge of concepts of Embedded systems.
  • They provide complete practical knowledge to students.
  • They have a set of trained and experienced teachers for help.
  • For a full-fledged embedded Systems course, they have included modules like Object object-oriented concepts with C++, and RT-Linux with porting on ARM.
  • They also cover some mini projects that cover the concept of microcontrollers in depth.
  • Vector Institute has over 630+ campus drives and over 2150+ selections till today.

Mode: Online\Offline

Contact Details:-

Phone: +91 9866666699

Email: [email protected]

 Website: https://www.vectorindia.org/

3. Emertxe

Rating :  (9.7/10)

Emertxe, which has operated in Bangalore since 2003, offers a variety of courses, including embedded systems and IoT. The institute also provides outstanding career chances and lucrative scholarships. The Institute offers Embedded Android, Yocto, and Qt specialization programs.

Emertxe is the first institute to have a self-learning kit for its students, it has the largest number of embedded trained teachers in India. Emertxe is an online Embedded system course that can help you secure a good career in Embedded systems. The approach is to inspire by coaching and to boost confidence in individuals. Their vision is to make life easier by technology so they strive to have maximum engagement with their students and have more and more practical sessions. They offer weekend coaching for the professionals who can’t make it to regular classes.

Key features:-

  • They use software stimulators that enable the students to learn the entire skills with their laptop/desktop itself, and become hands-on which will map with working on real hardware.
  • The institute has placements in MNCs, mid-sized companies, and startups; they have over 1300+ placement companies to hire their students.
  • The institute designs the course material designed for better understanding which includes presentations, templates, worksheets, and Ebooks

Mode: Online

Contact details:-

Phone:- +91 8095557332

Email:- [email protected]

Website:- https://www.emertxe.com

4. IIES (Indian Institute of Embedded Systems)

    Rating : (9.8/10)

If you are looking ahead to pursue your career as an expert in Embedded systems, IIES is a great option among all Embedded system courses in Hyderabad. They offer online courses to make it easy for all who are willing to learn more about the topic.

IISE is a Bangalore-based ISO-certified institute. It is the top embedded system institute in Bangalore for students interested in expanding their knowledge and efficiency in the field of embedded technology. They provide in-person training to each candidate and have a strong track record of placements in industries of Aerospace, Automobile, Telecommunication, Engineering, Wireless, and many more. IIES holds an entrance exam for individuals seeking admission. They send the notification to the qualifying candidates for the personal interview to exhibit their technical expertise.

Key features:-

  • IISE targets techniques of designing, implementing, integrating, and testing the software for Morden embedded systems.
  • They have designed the course considering the requirements of the current embedded industries.
  • The course includes modules that help the fresher to become a trained engineer.
  • Along with the study material they provide the students with the Q&A bank for the interview.
  • Even if the students grab a job they can complete the course as they get online access and they can attend weekend classes.

Mode: Online

Contact Details:-

Phone:- +91 80 4121 6422 / +91 98869 20008

Email:[email protected]

Website:- https://iies.in/

5. C-DAC(Center of Development and Advanced Computing)

  Rating : (9.7/10)

C-DAC is an institute that has a lot of centers across India. Hyderabad had its first C-DAC center in the year 1999 for research development and training activities in software and hardware technologies. The candidates searching for any embedded system courses in Hyderabad have a convenient option of C-DAC institute.

They have introduced a postgraduate diploma course in embedded systems understanding the need for embedded systems in day-to-day workings, and the need to have skilled manpower to work and execute the system. C-DAC has designed this course keeping in mind the importance of having a thorough knowledge of hardware and software and enabling the engineers to face the challenges that occur during the development of embedded systems so the curriculum consists of the module IOT wherein IOT architecture, application, standards, and protocol are also included. Graduates in Engineering (IT, Telecommunication, electronics, electrical and instrumentation), MSC, and Mtech with computer science, and electronics are the eligible candidates for the course.

Key Features:-

  • The students will get a complete knowledge of Hardware and Firmware design of Embedded System applications, the Internet of Things ( IoT), Project Development, and Management skills.
  • The students qualified as system engineers or embedded engineers with a good knowledge of microcontrollers, microprocessor-based designs, RT Linux, device drivers, and RTOS.
  • A common campus placement program helps students explore placement opportunities in reputed companies.

Mode: Online /Offline

Contact Details:-

Phone: 020-25503134 / 136/107

Email:[email protected]

Website: https://www.cdac.in/

6. Embisyslabs

   Rating 9.7/10

If you are searching for decent embedded system courses in Hyderabad. you can certainly opt for Embisyslab Institute based in Bangalore which offers online courses for the Embedded system. This institute strives for perfection in whatever they do by providing high-quality training.

They provide various embedded courses like embedded c, Embedded Firmware, Embedded Linux, and Linux Device Drives on various embedded target boards for our Engineers and customers. The institute have expert teaching staff who help in better understanding and they have well-equipped labs for practical sessions. They Emphasis on practical and hands-on learning, and their programs are well-designed considering the industry trends and technologies.

Key features:-

  • This institute gives unlimited placement opportunities after finishing the course
  • They have great practical learning, They aim to develop the capacity for problem-solving through a systematic approach.
  • The institute offers industry-standard courses.
  • They have flexible modes to finish the course which helps the working professionals to complete their course with ease and comfort.
  • They conduct repetitive classes if necessary.

Mode: Online

Contact Details:-

Phone number: +91 88848 67053

Email ID: [email protected]

Website: https://www.embisyslabs.com/

7. VIVEN Embedded Academy

   Rating : (9.7/10)

Viven Embedded Academy is an established embedded system training academy that provides training to engineers willing to establish their careers in embedded systems. They are an embedded software development firm based in Hyderabad, offering various globalized services in India and abroad. They provide training with Advanced embedded systems and microcontroller-based embedded systems. Faculties teaching here have real-time industry experience of over 10+ years and they are experts in Embedded Linux porting, Device Drivers, Board support packages, Boot-loaders, etc.

Key features:-

  • Helps you to gain knowledge of Hardware and firmware, Testing, Verification, and Validation
  • They provide a well-equipped laboratory.
  • Students can experience Live scenarios relevant to the standards of the industry.
  • They Provide technical assistance during the initial duration of your job
  • They have a Creative Learning Environment and students can have Hands-on Sessions for a better understanding
  • Training by over a decade of experienced experts.
  • They provide industrial experiences through training.

Mode: Online and Offline both

Contact details:

Phone:-+91 93478 22722, +91 8897555722

Email:[email protected]


8. Bicard Pune-Best Embedded Systems Course Training Institute

Rating : (9.6/10)

Bicard is an Embedded Systems Course Training Institute that offers online courses for those who are looking for embedded system courses in Hyderabad. They provide courses in embedded software development, hardware design, and real-time systems. Bicard provides both online and in-person or classroom training so that the students can enroll from any corner of the world. The institute also provides Internet of Things IoT courses and customized corporate training. Embedded software development operating systems, and embedded Linux are just a few of the topics covered in Bicard courses.

Key features:-

  • They have an interactive teaching method
  • Bicard Institute provides the students the option to fast-track their course which makes them more flexible.
  • They provide corporate training in the organization.
  • This institute has guaranteed 100% job placements.
  • They provide training programs that are insightful, of high quality, high value, and innovative.

Mode: Online

Contact Details:-


Email:[email protected]


9. SMEClabs

Rating :(9.5/10)

Online Embedded Systems courses offered by SMEClabs have an incredible response if you are looking for online Embedded Systems courses in Hyderabad. The skills that a student acquires are the completion of the embedded system course are Hardware architectures, Computer programming, PCB design, and Communication protocols. The course includes Developing amazing algorithms and programming various Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS), and Testing and Designing your Printed Circuit Boards. The course also gives you Knowledge about various sensors, Wired and Wireless communication, and Proficiency in Multiple Programming Platforms, Hardware Designing, and Working

Key features:

  • They provide you with 100% placement assurance after the course completion.
  • The institute has a well-integrated approach to embedded systems and PCB courses.
  • They help the students to develop themselves personally and technically.
  • They have well-equipped labs and classrooms.

Contact Details:-

Phone:-+919958873874, +919562322522



Rating :(9.5/10)

This Institute provides a blend of lectures and hands-on lab work and helps the students to get pro in skills like programming and testing the embedded systems using microcontrollers, sensors, and other hardware. Graduate or post-graduate level students can take up this course. The institute located in Pune provides online training to students across India. The Training programs are Interactive, guided by industry experts, technology-driven, and designed to upgrade your skills and achieve career goals.

Key features:

  • Training here is interactive as the students can participate in the discussion and solve all queries.
  • Students receive the study materials and kits as needed for practical sessions.
  • Engineers and Working Professionals looking for an upgrade in their Career can enroll in this course

Contact Details:-

Phone: +91 8605006788

Email: [email protected]



Many electronic items include embedded systems, which expand job prospects. Embedded systems help to regulate and control the internal workings of electrical equipment.

It is necessary to have this type of employment which often necessitates knowledge and industrial abilities in both hardware and software.

Above mentioned are the embedded system courses in Hyderabad. Therefore anyone looking for a career in Embedded systems should enrol on the course with any of the above institutes.


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What is the objective of the embedded system course?

After completion of this course, candidates can boost their performance at entry-level embedded system jobs.

What basic skills are required for an Embedded system?

Candidates need to know the basics of Programming Languages, should have the ability to work with hardware and software, and must have problem-solving abilities.

Who can learn the embedded systems?

Students should be engineering graduates in electrical engineering, computer science, telecommunication, or related fields. All working professionals can also opt for the embedded system course to upskill their careers.

Is it easy to learn embedded systems and pursue a career in them?

Embedded Systems is a challenging field as a candidate has to have a fair understanding of hardware and software. After taking a proper training candidates can expect a rewarding career.

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