Best PCB design courses in Pune 


PCB designing is more of an art than a science. It is a significant and outstanding stream in the field of electronics. Also, as India is developing tremendously in the field of electronics, there is a lot of demand for PCB designing in the future. Hence, the requirement for PCB designers and PCB design courses in Pune. PCB designers play an important role in developing new technology and products that structure and improve our world. However, you cannot outshine in this field just after stepping into it. But, once you gain good knowledge and become an expert in this field, you will have a lot of opportunities awaiting you. Hence, to become an expert, pursue a PCB design course from a reputed institute. This article gives you an insight into the top PCB design courses in Pune. 


PCB designing

Why pursue a PCB design course in Pune?


Currently, Printed Circuit Boards are used in every sector, like automobiles, home appliances, electronic gadgets, etc. Pune is a well-known city in India for automobile and home appliance manufacturing. Additionally, the Best Institutes and experienced faculty members for PCB software training are available in Pune. Hence, it is advisable to join the PCB design course in Pune. The candidates will gain the required theoretical, and practical skills as well as better opportunities from the established organization making Pune the top city to get the certificate in PCB design course.


What is PCB designing?


A Printed circuit board(PCB) is the elementary or basic building block of many electronic devices and is necessarily a board that connects all the electronic components. It is basically made up of fiberglass. 

PCB design brings all the electronic components to life in the physical form. The PCB design process incorporates placing the component and routing to gain electrical connectivity on a fabricated circuit board by using layout software. This layout is designed by PCB designers. The final goal of PCB design is to produce a functional electrical circuit that meets the necessity of the intended product. 

1. Henry Harvin – 4.9/5


This PCB design course in Pune will help you to become accomplished and assured Designing Expert after taking the PCB Design and ARM Course by Henry Harvin. However, students will learn about PCB Design in this educational class, along with other PCB Design tools and the PCB Designing Software “EasyEDA.” You will acquire in-depth knowledge about designing with layers, starting with designing with single, double, and multiple layers. Nonetheless, the ARM Course will impart information on the design and architecture of computer processors that are applicable to the industry. The journey of learning about ARM Design educational classes begins with this PCB Design and ARM course. After completing the PCB Design and ARM course, you will also have countless job chances to advance your career.


Program: PCB design and ARM course

Course duration: 36 hours

Cost: live virtual classes  Rs. 29,500

          Self-paced course Rs. 26,550

Mode: Online

Key features


  • E-learning portal
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • 9-in-1 course
  • 100% practical training
  • Flexible schedule
  • All batches recordings available
  • Mentoring by award-winning trainers

2. ACTE – 4.8/5


The sole purpose of ACTE’s PCB Design course in Pune is to move you from PCB Design ignorance to mastery. This course was created specifically for those who want to learn electronics from scratch and use that information to construct real printed circuit boards (PCBs). The course is designed such that it covers all the basic and advanced-level concepts. The trainers here have more than 9 years of experience and are certified experts in PCB design.


Program: PCB design training in Pune

Course duration: more than 40 hours

Cost: live virtual classes  Rs. 14,000        

Mode: Both classroom and online

Key features


  • 100% Job Oriented Training
  • Industry Expert Faculties
  • Free Demo Class Available
  • Certification Guidance
  • More than 3 live projects for hands-on learning
  • Lifetime course material access

3. Lydnow – 4.7/5

Lydnow – Just another WordPress site

Lydnow’s PCB design course in Pune is targeted towards upskilling and reskilling learners and professionals who want to pursue their careers in PCB design. Nonetheless, this PCB design course with a certificate gives you the software skills and right design abilities that prepare candidates from a basic understanding of electronic concepts to a complex schematic of circuit diagram reading skills and layout designing of PCB.


Program: PCB designing(beg) and PCB designing(adv)

Course duration:  PCB designing(beg) – 10 hours

        PCB designing(adv) – 30 hours

Mode: Classroom

Key features


  • Learn schematics using EAGLE
  • Advanced PCB layout designing
  • Generating Gerber files
  • Learn from experienced faculty


Enroll in the PCB design course in Pune

4. LearnoVita – 4.7/5


To help you move from PCB Design mystery to expertise, this PCB Design training in Pune was developed. This program was created especially for students who want to learn all about electronics and then apply that knowledge to make real printed circuit boards (PCBs).  In this PCB design course, you will learn about the comprehensive production procedure for PCBs. Here, you can learn about a variety of details, including layer ordering, board fanout, crosstalk, and PCB management, through this PCB Design course in Pune. Therefore, to assist you in learning the circuit board development process, the course provides you with the finest technical experts. 


Program: PCB design training

Course duration:  more than 40 hours

Cost: Online training Rs. 14,500

Mode: Classroom and online

Key features


  • Live demonstration of features and practicals
  • Lifetime access to high-quality recordings
  • Complete certification guidance
  • Free demo class available

5. Skill Lync – 4.6/5

Skill Lync Logo |

In this PCB design course in Pune, the method of PCB design will be thoroughly explained to the students. The creation of PCBs, component selection, schematic design, layout, and fabrication will also be introduced to the students. The students are exposed to the contemporary patterns and procedures currently used in the sector. The students in this PCB design course online with certificates will gain knowledge of Altium’s PCB design software. Hence, the candidates who want to create their own electronic devices and PCBs should take this course as a basis.


Program: Advanced PCB design using Altium

Course duration: Lifetime access

Cost: Rs. 15,000/month for 3 months

Mode: online

Key features


  • Availability of project portfolio
  • Support through email and telephone
  • Dedicated relationship manager to guide you
  • one-to -one zoom support for queries

6. Project for sure


The PCB Design Course in Pune is offered by Project for Sure and is intended for candidates who are in engineering, diploma, ME, MTech, and also for other students who want to learn through doing as interest.


The complete PCB design process, from schematic drawing to PCB layout, is covered in this course. Additionally, It explains what details you should include in your circuit diagram in order for the PCB design to meet your needs for circuit efficiency and safety. To address signal integrity and safety concerns, high-speed digital circuits, high gain, high impedance, frequency, current, and voltage analog circuits all require specialized layout & grounding methods. Hence, this PCB design course in Pune teaches you how to place and route components to satisfy circuit performance requirements.


Program: Advanced PCB circuit design training

Mode: classroom training

Key features


  • Tutorials & exercises.
  • Schematic capture: hands-on exercises.
  • Component placement & routing.
  • Testing and Validation of PCBs
  • Software support: Eagle, Altium.

7. Udemy – 4.7/5

Udemy Logo, symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand

This PCB design course in Pune will help you with the training skills needed to create your own PCBs from start. Every single stage of the process has been discussed in detail. In this PCB design course online, you will create a unique Arduino UNO board from the ground up that can be written with the Arduino IDE. The training also goes over some fundamental circuitry, such as the RGB LED, switches, presets, motor drivers, and seven-segment displays, and how they interface with the microcontroller to build a custom, Arduino. These circuits will be utilized in a large number of upcoming goods and projects.

This PCB design course online with a certificate covers the entire hardware development procedure in its entirety. You will feel competent in creating your own hardware after finishing the training.


Program: PCB and hardware design for beginners

Course duration: Lifetime access

Cost: ₹. 2,299

Mode: self-paced


Key features


  • 21.5 hours of on-demand video
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion
  • Eagle software for PCB designing 
  • Arduino IDE for programming the hardware.

8. Teknomindz – 4.6/5

TEKNOMINDZ - Embedded Systems ,IoT and PCB Designing Courses in Pune.

Teknomindz institute of advance technology in Pune is one of the popular institutes in PCB design. Nevertheless, this leading institute is a one-stop destination that provides service to customers. This PCB design course in Pune has entrenched a strong foothold in its industry. In this PCB design course in Pune, the curriculum is completely up to current date with what is happening in the industry. Additionally, the instructors are well-experienced and knowledgeable about all the technologies used. This allowed them to give you a fully industry-focused education that will make you employable.


Program: PCB design course

Mode: Classroom training

9. Skada – 4.6/5


This institute in Pune is one of the most popular businesses in automation training institutes. This PCB design course in Pune is a one-stop solution for serving its customers. During its journey, it has established a strong foundation. The satisfaction from the customers and learners for their service has gathered a wide base of customers. The trainers in this PCB design course in Pune help you to work on both hardware and software. Here you get an in-depth understanding of the proper design of PCB, creating new components, their schematic design, and making their pattern. The course gives complete industrial training along with an experience letter. And then, you will be placed in a reputed company.


Program: PCB designing course

Mode: Classroom training


PCB layout

10. TCS iON – 4.8/5


This is one of the popular institutes in the top PCB design course online. The institute provides a large number of different courses and targets to provide service to learners from different areas. This PCB design course online with a certificate will guide students to improve their skills to design and verify a PCB, component assembly, assembly unit operations, card level, and discrete level testing, and layout design and shape their career in PCB designing for a wide range of PCB manufacturing industries.

Program: Certificate in PCB design


Course duration: 450 hours

Cost: ₹. 15,000

Mode: live online classes 

11. Internshala Training – 4.7/5

Internships | Summer Internship 2023Internshala training is an institute that offers PCB design courses online. They offer practical training along with industrial standard content. The candidates will get guaranteed placement assistance if they pursue courses with Internshala. It offers PCB design courses online with a free certificate. The course provides free placement preparation training, hands-on- practice with projects, and curated internships. additionally, the student gets highlighted on Internshala for better job offers.


Through this project, you will develop a schematic and layout for important components, such as signal lights and a two-digit countdown counter, and build a microcontroller-based system for a traffic signal application. Additionally, you will produce BOM, Gerber data, and assembly files for the production of components.


Program: PCB design course

Course duration: 6 weeks for 1 hour/day

Cost: ₹. 999

Mode: Online classes

12. Linkedin learning – 4.6/5


This PCB design course online with a certificate is strategically curated to meet the requirements of the industry. As we know, electronic components are more frequently used in product design and prototyping as products become smarter and the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more pervasive in daily living. Learn how to use Autodesk’s EAGLE PCB layout software to create electronic schematics for fabrication as printed circuit boards (PCBs) in this course. The trainers here demonstrate how to create a circuit in schematic view and convert it to a real PCB design. They also demonstrate how to get the board ready for production by checking your design for flaws and cautions.


Program: PCB design with Eagle

Course duration: lifetime access

Cost: ₹. 1,887.99

Mode: Online classes



Printed circuit boards play a significant role in all electronic devices, whether it be for industrial or domestic purposes. And, as we have discussed above that Pune is a popular city in India for home appliance manufacturing and the automobile industry. Hence, the institutes here also offer better exposure to practical aspects of PCB design courses in Pune. 


The future looks very encouraging for PCB designers as the necessity for electronic devices is continuously increasing every day. Also, there are unlimited resources from which you can learn and explore PCB design and its courses. Identify the best PCB design course in Pune from the above list that satisfies your requirements


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