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Whether a novice or a seasoned writer, you have undoubtedly pondered content writing ideas that will appeal to your target audience. Even if you are an experienced content writer, there will be times when you question the viability of the topics you select. There are always specific themes that may be relied upon. They invariably contribute to improving the lives of your target audience. However, choosing a topic is difficult, especially for beginners. When you initially begin your career as a content writer, it is natural to need clarification and clarity about a particular topic. In addition to the fact that multiple thoughts vie for prominence in your mind, you must also determine your preferences. Here are the top 30 content writing topics to write on in 2024.


Content Writing Topics to Write On – Memories, Experiences, Adventures, Stories, Imaginations, Values, Beliefs, Facts, Attitudes, Feelings, Experiments!!



It is a wonderful feeling, to remember this very moment, to live this very second, to put it into words, to make something, to document experiences, to write about feelings, to create awareness and the list goes on and so forth. 


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Everybody loves to minimize presentness, for the reason that immortality is predominant, yet it’s the characterizing of a pattern, creating content, and being a piece of the present day that will place you in the pages of experiences.


How is any age recalled? How is any time recollected? How is any period remembered? How is any culture celebrated? The speculation of patterns after some time permits us to distinguish and frame a set of experiences—a course of events—of progress.


The process of documenting, planning, writing, and creating experiences all on a piece of paper or an internet writing tool, altogether is Content Writing.


Making trends, and creating content can be utilized to reach a larger audience. They empower us to take into consideration the current requirements, scenarios, wants, and demands of our crowd. It’s all about pertinence. 


Trends are a chance to explore new territory from a singular viewpoint, however on a full-scale level. Patterns permit us to move social flows and eventually portray a hidden instinct. 

Regardless of whether you are an accomplished Content Writer or a fresh starter, you will have days when you consider the adequacy of the themes you pick.


When you start as a Content Writer initially, it is normal to feel confused by two thoughts or ideas about a theme. Nevertheless, you likewise need to distinguish where your tendencies are and what matters most to you or what is more relevant at this point.


At the point when you make content, see to it that it obliges the requests of your followers, clients, and customers first. Keep in mind that you are principally writing to offer some incentive to your crowd. Assuming you mean to spread pertinent data, web crawlers will consequently esteem your substance dependent on the quality.


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Make your Article a Masterpiece

CHOOSE YOUR TOPIC– Always keep your eyes and mind open to grab content writing ideas or opportunities. Increase your listening power. Maybe while talking to someone, even a kid, you can get your topic. Note down, all the topics, which come across your mind. Now choose the one in which you feel positive and excited to go for it. This positive energy will be reflected in your article and enhance its quality.


KEYWORD and TITLE– Always remember, people are attracted to your article by reading its title. So choose current and trending Content Writing Topics. Write attractive titles, keeping in mind your focused keywords.


RESEARCH- Start reading articles on your selected topic. Research current topics for writing articles. Note down, good points, drawbacks, and what is missing in those articles. Now start writing your article considering all these points. Write in your own words, your own opinion, as people are not interested in repeated things.


CORRECTION and REVIEW- Don’t look back, again and again, to correct your article, as it will disturb your flow. First, complete it, then read it at least 2,3 times and make the required corrections. 

Check your grammar by using tools Grammarly. in or

Top 30 Content Writing Topics to Write on in 2024

1.) Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital currency, that can be used as an online version for cash to buy products and services. Bitcoin is also a cryptocurrency. 

Cryptocurrency is one of the most trending content writing topics of 2024. One can write about the various doubts, facts, and myths and give profound knowledge about cryptocurrency, for eg:- how to start investing in Cryptocurrency, news updates about Cryptocurrency, influencers or investors to follow, Trading blogs, etc.


Bitcoin – digital money – is a type of currency that is completely virtual. It’s like an online version of cash.

You can use it to buy products and services, but not many shops and businesses accept Bitcoin yet and some countries have also banned itsuse of it completely.

2.) Social Media Marketing 

Nowadays everyone is on Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Tik Tok WhatsApp, etc. everything is just a click away. The second best Content writing Topic for this year.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the second most popular Content Writing Topics. It is the activity of making content to promote or market your business and products or items on different online media stages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


Your one-of-a-kind substance ought to be custom-fitted to the particular stage it’s being shared on to assist you with boosting transformations and increasing brand awareness.

Social Media Marketing makes it easy for a business to sell a product and easier for a customer to buy the products and services. 

You can guide with-

  • How to start Social Media Marketing?
  • What time of the day is the best to put up content?
  • How often can you put up marketing blogs?
  • What kind of content to post?>
  • How to increase followers for more sales?


3.) Fast Online Courses to Earn Fast Money

In the past few years, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, housewives, students, people who have lost their jobs, etc, are stuck at home and are getting bored of the same routine day in and day out.

To make their life exciting and worth more, they opt for fast online courses that can help them earn quick money.

It’s time for you to get creative and Content Writing Topics ideas or courses that can help them run the mill. You can guide them about-

  • What and where are the most popular Online Writing Courses?
  • Data Science and Computer Programming Courses.
  • Infographics & Data Analytic Courses
  • Freelance Work-from-home guides.
  • Affiliate Marketing Courses.
  • How to Transcribe Audio Files Courses.


4.) Time Management 

Sometimes 24 hours in a day is less to get all the work covered. Isn’t it? We wish for an extra hour to complete the unfinished tasks.

But time is not in our hands, yes time management is in our hands. It cant be expanded. It can be stopped. It cant be bought.

But you can opt for either one of the two things- take the work to the next day or improve your time management skills.


Therefore, this becomes a  very important Content Writing Topics.

Many people are dealing with this mess these days. What can you suggest to make it better for them? Write about how to manage time in their daily routine.

You can cover –


  • How to Set achievable Goals?
  • Making priorities.
  • Setting a time constraint for each task.
  • Taking Breaks between Tasks.
  • How to not dive into the cell phone every minute?
  • Organize yourself and your tasks.
  • Decluttering unwanted things and tasks.
  • Planning for tomorrow.

5.) DIY Tutorials 

DIY Content Writing Topics has acquired fame in the last couple of years. Essentially, these are projects for making or fixing absolutely everything – without taking help and assistance from anyone else.

Do-It-Yourself Projects offer a bunch of directions, rules, steps, works, etc, for making or creating something. 

From specialties and home improvement to preparing a cake, wiring our home and water pipe fittings, there are DIY projects promptly accessible for pretty much anything and everything.

You can write blogs that would help an individual get through the start of DIYs-

  • How to make a vision board?
  • Decide what the product would be?
  • Checking what stock, ingredients, and things would be needed for the specific item.
  • Making illustration videos.
  • Explaining each step and method.
  • Writing and composing for the same.>

6.) Online Etiquettes

Online Etiquettes also known as Netiquette refers to guidelines set to follow when communicating online or on the internet. It ensures calm and positive interactions with fellow mates.


With everything currently moved to the digital platform, it may work from home or attend education classes online, Netiquette or online manners for netizens is highly recommendable and required. Adults and young students can benefit from a blog or write-up about the same. 

You can share information with your followers about –

  • Respecting people’s opinions.
  • Putting forth your thoughts and Ideas, without disrespecting or insulting a Teammate.>
  • Muting microphones and Using noise cancellation headphones.
  • Choosing words carefully, while speaking or posting a message. 
  • Keeping verbal and nonverbal communication respectful.
  • Not typing too much in Capital Letters. It sounds like you are yelling.
  • Keeping good intentions while reading and posting a message.
  • Spelling out acronyms and abbreviations the first time at least, makes it easier for the reader to understand.
  • Not yelling or speaking above your tone.
  • Speaking only when spoken to, Or wait for your turn to speak.
  • ake yourself look good and present for the Online class or meeting.
  • Knowing that the person on the opposite side has feelings too. He/She is Human.

7.) Online Shopping and Fashion Blogging

Fashion is a profoundly big industry, which clarifies why Online Shopping and Social Media are for the admirers of style.

However, there is undeniably more style content online than what individuals share via web-based media. It has consistently been a solid specialty for publishing content to a blog.

There are numerous quality style sites, which highlight great photos of the most popular trend developments.

Most style sites are brimming with motivation for those mornings when you are so confused to decide what to wear.They make an optimal spot to start your online investigation into what’s hot this year and you head off to buy your outfits. They can likewise give you thoughts regarding what you can blend and match to make that ideal look.


Fashionistas look forward to reading such content on the internet. It’s the right topic for you to research and evolve. Some of the main features you can write about are-

  • Selecting a fashionably rare name.
  • Making a marketing strategy
  • Collaborating with Brands
  • Deciding Cost and Measures
  • Selecting a Target Audience
  • Showing Availability
  • Creating Sustainibility


8.) Personal Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning is a term that covers dealing with your money, savings, expenditures, and investments. It includes planning, banking, insurance, funds, emergencies, retirement compensations, and family maintenance.


The term frequently alludes to the whole business that offers monetary types of assistance to people and families and prompts them about monetary and speculation openings. 

A Personal Financial plan is constructed by meeting individual monetary objectives, regardless of whether it’s having enough for momentary financial necessities.

Everything depends on your salary, Cost of living, personal expenses, and your daily needs and wants —and concocting an arrangement to satisfy those requirements inside your monetary imperatives.

You can have your readers hooked by mentioning about-

  • How to make a budget?
  • Creating an emergency fund.
  • Spending less, Saving More.
  • Using credit cards only when needed.
  • Maintaining a credit score.
  • Investing in Mutual Funds at your own risk.
  • Take life insurance and medical insurance for you and the family.

and much more…

9.) Parenting

Someone has rightly quoted -“It takes a community to raise a child”. 

Fortunately, in today’s times, this community is online.

There are so many pages, websites, and blogs on how to raise a child. Right from the early stages of pregnancy, adoptions, raising toddlers, guiding teenagers, creating great bonding, keeping kids and parents emotionally and physically sane, and so on.

Keeping parents updated with the latest trends, and providing emotional support are some of the very vast diversion of topics you can write on. You can mention on-

  • Keep a blogging goal.
  • Make your content unique.
  • Raise awareness.
  • Ask Why. Show How. Tell Do.
  • Different styles of Parenting.
  • Parenting Facts & Myths.

10.) Love, Marriage, and Relationships

A cheerfully ever-after Hollywood or Bollywood storyline is regularly portrayed as a successful ultimate relationship, however, all things considered, making an enduring and flourishing relationship takes work—and there are knocks en route.

With the numerous superb encounters, one may face a whole lot of couple problems. Even more, these days, when there is no work-personal life balance. 

To make work- Love, Marriage, and Relationships are the essence of today.

This would be one of the most preferred content writing topics of recent times. To make it unique, elaborate it with-

  • How to handle finance as a couple?
  • What relationship habits can lead to a happy marriage?
  • How to communicate with your partner and how does communication affect a relationship?
  • How do survive in quarantine together?
  • What can you do to nurture a partnership?
  • When and how can one maintain healthy boundaries?
  • What makes a marriage sacred and intimate?
  • How to build a successful Love and Marriage relationship?

11.) Diet, Fitness, and Yoga

Shockingly, figuring out how to work out or become familiar with another exercise or diet routine can be hard.

A survey uncovered that practically 75% of individuals who set staying fit as their New Year’s goal generally stop before they achieve results. 

One can only assume that the fitness goals cannot be achieved is if the diet and fitness routine are wrong and not compatible with the body type or maybe because the individual is doing it all alone by him/herself.

To get your readers and followers interested, you can

  • Start by naming famous fitness influencers.Their stories, diets, workouts, etc…

  • Draw and explain different body types and structures.
  • Make a diet routine for everyone to follow.

   -Veg / Non -Veg Food plans

– Fat and Cholesterol intakes

    -Protein requirements

     -Sugar intake

    -Vitamins, Calcium, Zinc, and Iron needs.

  • Create an Exercise routine.
  • Time the workouts.
  • Yoga structure and poses.
  • Fitness Goals. 

..and much more…

12.) Food Blogging 

Food Blogging is a combination of a “Foodie”- someone who loves to cook and eat or just eat good food, “Blogger”- someone who writes about their interests, and “Food Photography”- someone who likes to capture on camera from all sorts of angels, of the food they eat.

Food Blogging could consist of –

  • Recipes
  • Restaurants / Restaurant reviews
  • Food / Food Reviews
  • Food Ethics in Different Cultures
  • Food Photography
  • Types of Foods
  • Gourmet cooking<
  • Village cooking
  • Creating and documenting unique and rare dishes.

13.) Wanderlust- Travel

The world is a book, you have to travel to know more about it. Travel helps us to find purpose and focus. It’s a heart-filling Content Writing Topic.

Travel is a medium to associate human interactions, with regards to culture, food, new places, music, and the way individuals carry on with their everyday lives in various regions, and places of the planet.

It is an awesome way of learning by being on location and viewing and gaining knowledge of everything around you. Most importantly, Travel helps you to declutter your mind and is very necessary for the goodness of mental health.


To write about Travel, one has to have the urge to explore places and make the world their own. You can write about –

  • Solo Travels
  • Family Travels
  • Road trips
  • Adventures
  • Jungle Safaris
  • Romantic Vacations
  • Honeymoon /Babymoon Vacays
  • Educational Visits
  • Places to visit
  • The varied list of waterfalls, mountains, etc
  • Hikers guide
  • Beach Spots
  • Sunset Locations
  • Needs for travel
  • What to pack?
  • Ways of travels
  • Bookings
  • Collaborations with the travel industry.

…and many such other queries and concerns.

14.) Gardening

The process of growing and cultivating plants is called gardening. A number of factors are connected to having a good garden, the right blend of daylight, ripe soil, and water to make your plants flourish. It’s likewise about satisfying your enthusiasm.

Nature is an awesome educator. The more you plant, the more you’ll find out, what works and what doesn’t.

Some people have a great interest in gardening but lack knowledge of the same. If you have profound skills, you can help followers and readers with some gardening tips like- 

  • What type of soil is required for which kind of plant?
  • Distinguish soil and fertilizer patterns for, Flowers, Vegetables, Shrubs, Bushes, Creepers, Climbers, trees, etc.
  • When to prune the plants?
  • Which climate is suitable for which plant?
  • How to make compost?>
  • How to save your plants in harsh winters, harsh summers, or harsh rains?
  • When to cut deadheads?
  • How to control weeds in the garden?
  • When to water the garden? How much water is needed?

15.) Reviews- Movies, Web series, Books.

Review Writing helps bloggers earn money. Writing reviews for Movies /web series and writing reviews for books is a little different from each other.

The contents that would go in for Movie and Web series Review content writing topics are

  • Watch the movie twice. It would only make you sure of the thorough facts you intend to write about.
  • Mention the Movies / Web series name.
  • Mention the characters and the actors who played them. Did they do justice to the role? Who gave the best performance?
  • Talk about the movie plot. But do not give out too much information and do not disclose the climax.
  • Always have evidence to your opinions.
  • Give credit to the special effects, Technicians, Screenplay, etc.

To write a book review, Read the book patiently –

  • Mention the author’s name
  • Name of the book
  • What type of book? Fiction, Nonfiction, Sci-fi, etc.
  • The theme of the book.
  • Summarize content without letting out too much information and do not let out the climax of the story.
  • Show off the book cover.
  • Describe if entertaining, boring, interesting, etc.
  • How did the reading affect you as a reader?
  • What are your suggestions to the author?
  • Provide links to buy or read the books.

16.) Beauty, Make-up, Skincare, and Haircare.

Beauty, Skin Care, Makeup, and hair care are some of the most popular Content Writing Topics for bloggers. Beauty comes in all shapes, colors, characters, and sizes.


And readers want more and more content on it. The more you give, the lesser it is. There are so many topics under Skincare, beauty, and hair care that you can elaborate on. Listed as follows-

Beauty Blog-

  • Product Reviews
  • Gift Ideas
  • Beauty essentials to carry in your handbag.
  • Beauty Tips
  • Season trends
  • Vegan Cruelty-free products etc

Make-up Blog-

  • Quick Make-up
  • Beginners guide
  • Celebrity Make up
  • Make-up Mistakes
  • Different types of make-up looks
  • Concealing.

Skin Care Blog-

  • Morning Routine
  • Night Routine
  • Skin, Care Habits
  • Must do for glowing skin
  • Diets for good skin
  • Which SPF for which skin types
  • DIY masks and scrubs
  • Antiageing skin guide>

Hair Care Blogs-

  • Tips to colour and dry the hair
  • Which hair color suits which skin tone
  • Haircare Mistakes
  • Hairstyling tools
  • Haircare oils
  • Hair Masks and spas
  • How to protect hair in harsh summers/ winters.

17.) Spirituality 

When plagues occur, people turn to religion,

When terror strikes, people think of God,

When war hits, people want divine intervention…

Science is a truly important piece of mankind.

Notwithstanding, it hasn’t yet clarified everything. Venturing completely into a significant life requires a change in the manner we appear for ourselves and others.

Spirituality is the recognition of a feeling of Divine power. It is to believe there is something and someone greater and bigger than all things.

It’s a Universal power that helps cope with life. The cosmic and divine rays enlighten only those who open their hearts and souls to accept the same.

The world is changing and so are people’s needs, feelings, souls, etc. The need for Spirituality arises in our everyday lives. and therefore Spirituality as one of the content writing topics is flourishing at the hour.

When writing about spirituality, one can write on –

  • What is the importance of Spirituality?
  • Elements of Spirituality
  • Benefits of Spirituality
  • Spirituality in Psychology
  • Relationship between you and Spirituality.

18.) Inspirations 

Inspiration is what makes you a better person. These blogs are writing content that’s going to self-help and motivate you. There are thousands of Inspirational blogs on the internet.

 What’s going to make your blog unique, is what new you are going to talk about.

Inspirational blogs may include-

  • Self Help Tips
  • What can make you a  better person
  • What’s going to motivate you
  • People that inspire
  • Hobbies that can inspire you
  • Inspirational guides
  • Inspirational influencers
  • A hint of Ted Talk speeches
  • Earning with Inspiration


19.) Small Business Startups

Dream Big, Start Small, but most importantly, Just start.

That’s how one grows a business. So many people have started a small business from the comfort of their homes.

In today’s world, salary does not suffice the cost of living. Starting a small business brings you extra income and your dream of becoming an entrepreneur is accomplished.

Followers wait for such blog releases or some content written on how to start small businesses. You can mention about –


  • Think of a Business idea
  • Check for competition in the market
  • What’s Unique in your product or business
  • Make a business plan
  • Set aside Finances for this particular business
  • Name and register the business
  • Strategize marketing
  • How to promote
  • Whom to collaborate with?
  • How to make sales
  • How to pack and deliver?
  • What would be the mode of payment?

20.) Short Stories, Haiku Jams, Poetry Recitations

Stories, Poems, and Haikus are nothing but Memories, Feelings, Thoughts, and Imagination put into words. Everybody has stories, but only some can write about them. Each individual has feelings, but not all can mention them.

All have memories, but some do not have the heart to pen them down. And for those who do, it is one of the best ways to lighten your heart, mind, and soul. Therefore, it is one of the most beautiful Content writing topics to be noted.

How would you make your content different-

  • For Short Stories –

-Think of a concept

-Research the topic and characters you wish to write 

-Fiction /Non-Fiction

-Make it Believable

-Choose a subject

-Define the goal of the story

-Focus on Characters, Goals of Characters, Not too many Characters

-Create a Mind Map

-Keep it short and simple

  • For Haiku –

-Only 3 sentences

-Follow the 5-7-5 rule

-The first line must have 5 syllables

-The second line must have 7 syllables

-The third line must have 5 syllables

-Keep it meaningful

  • For Poetry-

-Read many poetries

-Listen to poem recitations

-Start with short poems

-Use a dictionary and rhyming words

-Let it make sense

-Express your thoughts

-Help connect with the audience

21.) Celebrity Updates

Celebrity gossip is one of the main aspects of the entertainment industry. It not only gets the audience interested but also keeps the celebrities in the limelight. 

Fans love to keep track of what their favorite celebrities wear, looks, contracts, lifestyle, affairs, etc.. and content writing on this topic fulfills the purpose.

You can write on –

  • Lifestyle
  • Vacations they take
  • Sensational Stuff
  • Their affairs
  • Current roles
  • Family gatherings
  • Celebrity hotspots
  • Diet
  • Homes


22.) Cracking Interviews

An interview is a question-answer process between an employee and a candidate.  While seeking new jobs, a candidate has to attend an interview to get the job.

It is not very easy or difficult to crack a job interview. It all depends on the type of skills required, your knowledge about the job, the experience you have, the qualifications you have, etc…

Mostly, freshers do not know how to crack job interviews. They look forward to searching things on the internet and researching for knowledge about the same

Not only freshers but also other professionals seek information on how to crack difficult interviews.

Therefore, sharing knowledge about how to crack interviews is one of the most prioritized content writing topics in recent times.

You can mention about-

  • Do some research about the employer
  • Show interest in the job and the… company
  • Make the first impression
  • Share as much information about yourself, Your experiences
  • Speak only when spoken too
  • Show manners
  • Respect the interviewer
  • Avoid Yes and No answers. Elaborate as much as possible.
  • Greetings are required.

23.) Screentime for Kids

With screens practically all over the place, controlling a youngster’s screen time can be testing. To confuse matters, some screen time is due to school being online these days. 

Free play is more important for little children’s creative minds than is electronic media. Kids under the age of 2 are bound to take in and recollect data from a live show than they are from a video. 

By 2 years of age, kids can profit from certain types of screen time, like rhymes with music, development, and stories. You can assist your kid. Notwithstanding, detached screen time shouldn’t supplant perusing, playing, or critical thinking.

Parents are going crazy with the pandemic around, the whole family working from home, and managing the home chores and kids all at the same time. Therefore, they feel guilty too of giving elaborate screentime to kids. 

However, they have not much an option, but to solace to their jeopardy, while making a content writing topic on this, try to elaborate things as

  • Developing rules for Screentime
  • Setting a time limit
  • Keeping Parental Lock control
  • Download only Kids appropriate apps

24.) Facts & Myths

Facts are something that is known to be true.

Myths are false narratives, that are believed to be true.

There is so much content everywhere, so it’s only obvious there are myths to facts and, there are facts to myths too.

If you plan to write an elaborative on this content writing topic, you need to debunk the myths with factual evidence.

Your readers will get hooked on your blog, only if what you write is true after vast research, It could be time-consuming, but worth it.

25.) Global Warming 

Global Warming- The earth is heating. Due to the current pollution around the world, in various forms, may it be air, water, population, etc, the gases get trapped in the atmosphere making it difficult for the earth to survive.

Everything on planet Earth is interconnected. Sadly humans do not understand the facts and effects of global warming.

When writing about global warming, one can mention the –

  • Reasons for global warming
  • Effects of Global Warming
  • How can you help in the prevention of global warming
  • Climate Change
  • How to inculcate in children to use resources only as per need.


26.) Camping & Trekking 

Camping is spending a vacation in a single tent and Trekking is walking on the entire vacation, living in tents, and enjoying the scenery.

Many readers are interested in Camping and Trekking. You can write a content writing topic for the same. It could include-

  • Places to camp and trek
  • Appropriate clothing to wear
  • What kind of gear shoes can be worn
  • Essentials to be carried
  • Destinations to arrive at

so on.. so forth…

27.) Home Interior Decoration

Home Interiors is a vast best content writing topic. Some people love to decorate their homes and are always seeking out new innovative ideas.

When you write about home interiors, you can discuss-

  • The colour of the walls 
  • Drapes & Upholstery -measures, colors, materials, etc
  • Type of closet
  • The theme of the room
  • Accessories for styling/li>
  • Recycling old stuff
  • DIYs for decoration
  • Kitchen Cabinet types 
  • Storage Ideas
  • Lighting decor


28.) City or Home town Blogging

Some people are interested in sharing what’s happening daily in their city or hometown. Many such people get interested in making good content that also in turn helps the city or place they reside.

For such content, include-

  • Public space issues
  • Developments within the place
  • Traffic updates and routes
  • Housing projects
  • NGO’s that need help
  • Shopping centers
  • What to find where
  • Main Attractions
  • Places of Worship etc…

29.) General Knowledge

It is good to stay updated with current affairs and the history of the past.

General knowledge is a tool to judge your intellectual skills and be abreast with the modern world.

It could be an interesting content-writing topic for today’s generation. You can write about anything under the sun and even beyond that.

  • General Knowledge helps you to start breaking the ice in conversations
  • Gives you good grades at school
  • >Makes you capable of making responsible decisions
  • Makes it easy for us to interact with people from other cultures or countries.
  • Helps to form opinions.

30.) Latest New Update

People do not have the time to switch on the television in recent days. Everyone is on the cell phone. The latest news updates are on the phone itself.

News can be browsed on all social media platforms. Content Writing Topic on the latest news updates only makes sense.

  • Write a captivating headline
  • Write only facts
  • Do a proper research
  • Use present tense and active voice
  • Do not use Jargons


No matter how experienced a content writer you are, at times it does get difficult to decide what to write about. With so much content on the internet, it’s hard to think about what your next blog is going to be about.

Nevertheless, the above Top Content Writing Topics To Write on in 2024, will help resolve your thoughts and give you a clear insight into what to write next.

So, What’s going to be your next Topic? 

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Q1. What is Content Writing?

Ans. The process of planning, writing, editing, proofreading, posting, or uploading for website marketing or personal pages is called Content Writing.


Q2. What does a Content Writer do?

Ans. A Content Writer creates written content for various platforms. Organizations hire content writers to develop content. The content created by Content Writers should be in line with the company’s ethics and policies.


Q3. How to start a career as a Freelancer in Content Writing?

Ans. The first thing you need to do is create a promising portfolio. Pitch jobs that you know you can fulfill.

Post and publish your works on social media, Linked In, etc. Attend more training sessions. Start from small.


Q4. What are the rules of Content Writing?

Ans. Listed below are the rules of Content Writing-
-Use short sentences.
-Make short paragraphs.
-Reduce Jargon, abbreviations, etc.
-Use an active voice tone.
-Write in a simplified manner, use simple words.
-Focus on a single point or an objective.
-Incorporate Keywords.
-Use relevant images. 
-Finish with a good conclusion.

Q5. Annually, how much does a Content Writer earn?

Ans. A content Writer with experience between 0 to 2 years is approx Rs.1,20,000/- to Rs.2,16,000/- per annum.

A Content Writer with experience between 2 to 5 years is approx Rs.2,15,000/- to 5,00,000/- per annum. And anything above 5+ years gets a promotion and is paid accordingly.

Q.6 How do I find the latest trending topics for content marketing?

Some of the best sources to help you find out the trending topics for content marketing are:

  • Google Trends
  • Exploding Topics
  • SparkToro Trending
  • FrontPageMetrics
  • Feedly
  • Podcast Notes
  • Social Media
  • Trendly

Q.7 What are popular content writing topics? 

First of all, you need to identify the demographics of the target market. From the results of your search, you can fine-tune your content for maximum impact.

Some popular topics include:

Life and career advice – People constantly need guidance at every stage of their lives. 

Example:  “How to make instant money ”

Everyday problems – Providing solutions to issues people face is a perfect way to stay current. 

Example: “How to enhance your productivity.”

Trending Topics – You can write articles on the most searched topics on the internet. For example, you can discuss celebrity culture or music. Example: “What are the differences between college and high school student life?”

Life Hacks – Everybody likes to discover exciting new ways of doing things. Example: “How to organize your wardrobe in 5 minutes.”

To sum up, you have to research new trending topics regularly to make your articles interesting, trending, and with the latest topics.

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