Top 100 EdTech Companies in India

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Edtech stands for education technology that is the technology dedicated to developing and applying the tools into the classroom to create a more engaging and individualized learning experience.

The goal of EdTech is to improve student outcomes, enhance their learning abilities and reduce the teaching burden on instructors. 

 Top 100 EdTech Companies in India:

100. Adda247:

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 Adda247 is the fastest-growing EdTech company that mainly focuses on helping the unemployed youth of the country by providing quality education so that they get a decent job in both the private sectors as well as government sectors

99. Henry Harvin Education: 

 Henry Harvin is one of the best and leading career development organizations that focuses on value creation. Their aim is to reshape the growth of individuals by delivering excellent training and services. They have 100+ courses offered in both offline and online modes of instruction. They hire the best trainers in the industry and their course curriculum is the most suited to the present job market’s demands.

98. Alo Learning: 

Alo learning is an IIT Delhi based Edtech company that enhances child’s holistic growth that enables successful career of their child

97. Aptuslearn: 

Aptus Learning is an ed-tech company that offers post-graduation diplomas, certification courses, as well as industrial training in the niche field of Data Science. they also provide job opportunities in the data and analytics domain.

96. AskIITians:

 AskIITians is one of the best EdTech companies that provide preparatory online classes for NEET and JEE. They also provide mock test series for IIT’s, NEETs and school boards.

95. Career Potli:

 Career Potli is one of India’s best counselling and career guidance websites, it helps students in unleashing their true potential.

94. Board Infinity: 

it is a full-stack online career coaching platform for students and professionals

 93. Classplus: 

This is an EdTech company that allows tutors to manage their own classroom through an app. It helps them to create their own learning apps by managing the parent-tutor communication, attendance,  online tests, payment of fees and others.

92. Brainly:

 Brainly was founded in Poland by Michal Borkowski, Lukasz Haluch, and Tomasz Kraus. Brainly is currently available in 35 countries. Many school students, as well as their parents, have been using Brainly’s platform to strengthen their skills in core academic subjects.

91. Culturealley: 

Culturealley is an ed-tech startup that focuses on teaching multiple languages. It provides audio-visual lessons or you can hire a tutor. Culturealley is best known for its free app “ Hello English” which makes learning English easier.

90. Dost Education:

 it is a nonprofit EdTech platform that empowers low-income parents to take charge of their child’s education. Dost education uses technology that helps the parents to teach their kids.

89. Doubtnut:

 doubtnut is a doubt-solving EdTech platform for class 6th -12th IIT-JEE, NEET. it instantly gives out video solutions to clear all your doubts 

88. Edukart:

 Edukart is an Indian EdTech company that provide Indian and international courses such as MBA, MCA, BA, BBA, Bsc, etc. you can get a diploma, degree, and certificate courses from top institutes across the world  

 87. Ekeeda:

 Ekeeda is one of the leading EdTech platforms that focuses on providing the best online programs, test preparation services, and virtual work experience for engineering students. This platform is trusted by 12,00,000+ brilliant engineering students.

86. Flipclass: 

Flipclass is an online tutoring platform, it is India’s leading marketplace that helps passionate teachers to connect with students. They provide affordable, reliable, and personalized tutoring to the students in the comfort of their homes.

85. Entri learning app:

 it is an EdTech platform that helps you to prepare for any government job exam in India by learning from India’s best teachers in your mother tongue 

84. Extra mark:

 It is a rapidly growing EdTech company. Extramark has launched many different apps,Extramarks Smart Study for CBSE  students and IIT JEE preparation app for the JEE aspirants. They provide both online and offline tutoring.

83. Fyraway:

 fyraway is an edtech startup that focuses on teaching coding to children 


 It is one of the best-searched tech platforms. Their goal is to help students choose the right college and pursue their dream careers. Along with the colleges they also provide information about courses, forums, reviews, ratings, to give a better and deeper understanding to the students 

81. Gradeup:

 It is one of the best EdTech platforms where they provide an effective exam preparation app and website for competitive and government exams. Learn from the experienced faculty who have trained thousands of students for competitive exams

80. Imarticus learning:

Imarticus uses dynamic technologies and training methods that help the students to acquire in-demand skills such as business analysis, AI, financial services and analytics 

79. Hurix digital: 

hurix helps different organizations to achieve their business goals with the help of cloud platforms, content transformation and technology solutions 

78. Meritnation:

 Meritnation is India’s most loved online tuition. They provide live tuition to the school children across classes  1-12.

77. Unacademy:

 unacademy is India’s largest learning EdTech company which helps the students to prepare for major entrance exams like UPSC, IIT JEE, NEET-UG, Bank exams, GATE and ESE

76. Upgrad: 

Upgrad is India’s largest online platform that helps thousands of students to achieve their career goals. Upgrad helps students to get online degrees from the top universities across the world.

75. Vedantu:

 Vedantu is an ed-tech platform where teachers provide online tuition to students. It is an online learning system that helps the students to understand the concepts clearly by interactive live sessions, doubt clearing sessions, and customized teaching pattern

74. Whitehat education:

 It is one of the world’s leading EdTech platforms for kids. They help the kids to learn logic, structure, and algorithm thinking to create websites and apps. Learn coding from industry experts.

73. wiqIQ: 

WizIQ is one of the best Edtech companies in India that provides live and self-paced online courses.wizIQ provides apps for both android and IOS

72. Cybervie: 

cyber view is an ed-tech startup that provides the best cybersecurity training program.

71. DLP India:

 DLP India is one of the leading educational and IT  services providers. They provide high-quality training which helps the students to gain a depth understanding of the education and skill development

70. Edulyx:

 Edulyx is a live video conferencing platform, designed for educational purposes .edulyx is completely safe and provides collaborative virtual sessions. Their aim is to help people by providing interactive learning spaces.

69. Edurev: 

Edurev is an EdTech company that provides exclusive videos, tests, and notes. It is an exam preparation app where you can learn anything and everything 

68. Eduzilla: 

It is a simple yet flexible institute management software 

67. Egnify: 

Egnify is an assessment and analytics platform that will help you to boost your results in JEE, NEET, and EMCET. 

66. Embibe:

 embibe is an online test preparation platform that helps students to prepare for competitive examinations like BITS Pilani, JEE MAIN, and IIT JEE. 

65. Awign enterprises:

 It is a Bangalore-based ed-tech platform that takes up work from the businesses and gets it done through the gig workforce. Align enterprises provide the right tools to the people, driving them towards work fulfilment

64. Masai school:

 Masai school is an ed-tech company that provides two different programs, one for beginners who know nothing about coding and the other for experienced coding professionals. Masai school follows an income sharing agreement model which means you can study at zero fees and pay only after you get a job that pays a minimum of 5LPA.

63. Pesto: 

the target audience of pesto is developers across India with at least 2 years of work experience. Pesto tech is now present in 25 states of India 

62. Practically:

 Practically is an Hyderabad based EdTech company that uses interactive methods like simulations, augmented reality, and 3D videos to teach. practically is a self-learning app that makes your learning experience more fun, engaging, and interactive. This app is designed for students from classes 6th-12th

61. Quizizz: 

it is an ed-tech platform where you can find and create free gamified quizzes and interactive and engaging lessons. 

 60. Skillmatics: 

Skillmatics is an EdTech company that develops innovative educational products and games designed for child’s growth and development. They help the children to build skills by making their learning experience playful

59. Testbook:

 Textbook is an ed-tech platform where you get everything you need for your exam preparation. The app provides online courses, study notes, strategy and preparation plans,  mock test series, a practice question bank,  guidance, and mentoring. It is one of the best online test series platform

 58. Winuall:

 Winuall is an EdTech platform with the necessary tools that allow the teachers to teach remotely. This app is a one-stop destination to teach and create online courses. 

57. Convegenius:

 Convegenius is an Indian EdTech company that is designed to improve the learning outcome for children and youth. they provide a personalized and adaptive learning experience that enables the individual to achieve their academic goals.

 56. Mycaptain: 

Mycaptain is an online mentoring platform that connects the students and the domain experts across multiple fields

 55. Codingal education:

 It is an Indian EdTech coding platform for kids, where you get 1on 1 coding classes

 54. mPowerO:

 It is Hyderabad based ed-tech startup that provides E-Learning solutions and a learning management system.

53. dutinker: 

edutinker is a one-stop student management platform. It combines learning management with ERP solution for schools and coaching centres that allows teachers to schedule classes, creates daily timetables, distributes and evaluate assignments, auto-mark attendance, grade online tests, shares study material, boosts classroom interaction and more

52. Precisely:

 precisely is a Delhi based ed-tech startup that provides learning management systems with features like live classes, assignment submissions, video lectures,  scheduling, test prep content, and more.

51. Edumarshal:

 it runs ERP software that can track and manage all school-related functions. Schools can automate pre-admission inquiries,, examinations, report grading and assessments,  student on-boarding, parent-teacher communication, and fee collection

50. Toppr:

 Toppr is an EdTech platform that helps the students to work on their weaknesses and solve their problems by providing them with video classes, live classes, practice, test series, doubt solving, etc. 

49. Extraaedge: 

extraaedge is a product-based startup, with admissions and marketing automation specifically designed for the educational industry.

 48. Forsk Technologies:

 Forsk trains students in the domain of Data Science, IoT, Android, Cloud, and Fullstack Web Development.

47. Frontbench:

Frontbench is an ed-tech platform that provides free resources and opportunities to help you get expertise in your domain. 

46. Great learning: 

great learning provide personalized live learning  and world class courses on data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, cybersecurity, software development, and more 

45. Guruji world:

 guruji world aims to create a knowledge bank to help people with the opportunity to attain an excellent education through innovative, well planned, affordable & easily accessible techniques.

44. Handa ka fanda:

 It is an EdTech platform that provides online courses on various MBA entrance exams like CAT, XAT, IIFT, SANP, etc. study from India’s best teachers.

43. Humbleschool:

 HumbleSchool is a platform that helps 7 to 12-year-old children to build scientific thinking and a deep understanding of concepts. Its mission is to make young understand the concepts of science by creating entertaining short films

42. iAugmentor:

 It is an EdTech startup that has introduced personalized courses for corporate trainees. This platform provides a personalized mentor for every individual user.

41. Istar:

iSTAR is an ed-tech company that provides employability skills training in accounting, finance, IT and ITeS.

40. Jigsaw:

It is the No.1 analytics training institute in india. They provide wide range of course in the new-age domains like data science, cloud computing, cybersecurity and product management 

39. Jungroo learning:

 Jungroo learning is a B2B SAAS  based ed-tech startup that provides personalized learning paths for students.

38. Levelapp: 

Levelapp is an EdTech platform that provides one on one online tutoring

37. Melvano:

melvano is an Indian EdTech company that provides personalized training for JEE and NEET aspirants. 

36. Globalgyan:

 globalgyan is an edtech platform that helps professionals in career growth and job problems.

35. Lido learning: 

lido learning is an online learning app for students. They make sure that the students get the most fun-filled experience through games, quizzes, and engaging content 

34. Next education:

 Next education is a technology-driven Hyderabad based learning website that has innovative products such as TeachNext, LearnNext, MathsLab, ScienceLab, and EnglishLab on its platform. 

33. Leverage edu:

 Leverage edu is an Indian EdTech company that helps students with higher education and career guidance. At Leverage, they help students to figure out what they should do and where they should be at to realize their full potential.

32. NoPaperForms:

 NoPaperForms is the most advanced SaaS-based(software as a service) Enrollment management solution provider that aims to help the institutions automate their admission process from inquiry to enrollment.

31. Kamp k12:

 Kamp k12 is India’s first coding boot camp for kids. It provides different development programs to school students during their vacations and weekends.

30. Logic roots: 

logic roots is an Indian ed-tech company that designs and manufactures board games that help children to understand the concepts of mathematics. their products are available on almost every e-commerce platform like Amazon and Flipkart, they also provide worksheets for kids on their website.

29. IndigoLearn: 

IndigoLearn is Hyderabad -based finance and accountancy-focused ed-tech startup. indigo learn uses the latest Technology, Data Analytics, and visual effects to ensure students grasp complex and difficult concepts in an easy and enjoyable way.

28. My Peegu:

 My Peegu aims to help parents and teachers to monitor their kids’ development and well-being. Their services are available in 6 countries including India.

27. Tinkerbell labs: 

Thinkerbell labs is an ed-tech organization that aims to improve learning outcomes for the visually impaired

26. Eruditus:

 Eruditus is an EdTech platform that provides many courses on leadership and management, data science and technology, banking and finance and digital transformation.

25. Lead school: 

Lead School is an Indian EdTech company that provides academic content learning for schools. It also provides digital learning content,, e-books,  physical reader & workbook, learning activities, and many more.

  24. Contineo: 

A comprehensive structured pioneering software platform for implementation and administration of academic autonomy.

23. Eduscation:

education is an easy, secured, virtual examination platform with multilingual and open standard support

22. Team lease digital:

Team lease digital in an ed-tech company that offers a wide range of opportunities for professionals from different fields like healthcare, engineering, and IT

21. Teachmint: 

Teachmint is an online teaching platform and it is one of the fastest growing edtech companies. It offers features such as administration management, virtual classrooms with assignment and notes sharing, student information management, progress tracking, etc. 

20. Playshifu:

 Playshifu provides AR-based stem educational games

19. iNurture:

 iNurture is an EdTech company that provides new age undergraduate and postgraduate programs through advanced technology enablement 

18. classKlap:

ClassKlap is an edtech company that provides personalized learning curriculum for schools.

17. Applycourses:

 Applycourses is an online platform that simplifies the experience for the students who are willing to study abroad. They help the students to discover courses, universities, admission guidelines and scholarships.

16. Edwisely: 

Edwisely is the learning and career companion for engineering students. It helps the students learn by understanding the concepts.

15. Logiqids:

 LogIQids,is a company  that is  focussed on enhancing the logical reasoning skills in kids.

14. AttainU: 

AttainU is an EdTech platform that provides full-stack web development courses.

13. CollegeDunia: 

Collegedunia is a platform for everyone who is seeking information on the higher education sector in India and abroad. They provide information that will help the students to make a wiser decisions while choosing their career 

12. Talentedge:

 Talentedge is an ed-tech firm that aims to enhance your career by providing best online certification courses 

11. iDreamCareer:

 iDreamCareer is the leading career counselling platform that provides customized career counselling and guidance services to students based on their specific needs so that they can make the right choices in their careers.

10. Cuemath:

cueMath is one of the best EdTech companies in India that focuses on teaching math and coding skills to children. They provide both 1:1 as well as group classes, their aim is to ensure that every student gets the exact help they need so that they can successfully reach their goals.

9. Mindlogicx:

 Mindlogicx is an ed-tech company that provides assessment solutions with the features for mock tests, recruitments, examination and subjective assessments

8. ask.CAREERS:

 ask.CAREERS provides customized online courses along with job placement. They offer postgraduate and diplomas in different fields like management, finance, real estate, digital marketing, media, etc. it is an ed-tech company that uses artificial intelligence to identify your strength and career goals

7. Kopykitab: 

Kopykitab is an online platform where you get the latest books, study materials, sample papers, video lectures and more. They provide educational books from pre-primary to competitive exams

6. Intellipaat: 


Intellipaat offers online training courses ,learning high in-demand skills from industry experts.

5. Skillsanta:

 Skillsanta is an EdTech platform that helps the students to  learn and showcase their talent in the challenges conducted on the portal to get job opportunities in the IT sector

4. Talentick edusolutions:

Talentick provides the  best online test series, video lectures, and coaching classes for competitive exams like GATE, CA, CS, CPT, NEET, and IIT JEE

3. Interview buddy careers:

 InterviewBuddy is an online platform that offers live virtual face-to-face mock interviews with industry experts. Students will also get constructive feedback and tips to improve so that they can crack any interview.

2. Aglasem edutech:

 Aglasem is an Indian EdTech company that provides education solutions and study materials. You can get the latest books, NCERT solutions, notes, question papers and mock tests

1. BYJU’S:

 Byju’s is the best EdTech company that provides personalized learning programs, their aim is to transform learning into fun through their interactions and 3D learning classes which will help the students to score better. On Byju’s you can learn from India’s top teachers and up-level your skills. The way they have reinvented their curriculum to suit students studying from home and made their app student-friendly gave them that edge. Though they started with Science and Maths tutorials for middle school, now they have expanded to other target audiences.

They have introduced courses for preschool kids in the name of Byju’s Early in collaboration with Disney and special JEE and NEET preparatory material in collaboration with Aakash Institute. They also have programs for IAS preparation. This makes them attain the top spot so far as EdTech companies in India are concerned.


 These are the best ed-tech companies in India. The main aim of starting Ed-tech companies is to make education simple, creative, and achievable for everyone. We can see the exponential increase in the growth of internet users in India. The government of India has also taken the initiative of ‘Digital India’ to enhance the education of India through the internet.


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