Investment banking in general helps people by forming an assistance in major complicated financial transactions. They also provide the necessary security for a company when it becomes public. Most of the investment banking companies in our country are located in tier one cities of India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore et cetera. 

Listed below are some of the top investment banking companies in our country India.

1. Avendus Capital 

  • This is a very well-known investment bank that was established in the year 1999.
  • If you are a person who is thinking of starting a boutique business then Avendus Capital is the right investment banking choice for the same.
  • The headquarters of this company is located in Mumbai.
  • They also do businesses which involve performing due diligence, private equity along with investment banking.

2. Axis Capital Limited

  • Axis Capital Ltd is an investment bank which was established in the year 2005.
  • They purely deal with businesses such as equity capital markets, structured finance et cetera.
  • This bank is a holding company of Axis Bank and is said to be in the leading business of equity capital markets and boutique.
  • This banking company is located in Mumbai, India.
  • The services provided at this company include structured finance, Equity capital markets etc.

3. Edelweiss Financial Services 

  • The EFS ltd company was founded and established in 1955 by Rajesh Shah.
  • Since their presence they have gained a few competitors like Centrum India etc.
  • It focuses on providing services such as Advisory Insurance, Asset Management, Credit facilities etc.
  • They are considered to be a part of Conglomerate Edelweiss group.
  • The headquarters of this company is located in Mumbai.

4. JM Financial Institutions Securities

  • When it comes to Distressed Credit or brokerage services or Wealth and Asset etc, JM Financial Services provides the best solution.
  • This JMFIS company was formed in the year 1998.
  • For the purpose of mid marketing businesses, they provide private equity services.
  • They are currently located in Mumbai and deal with Mortgage lending etc.

5. ICICI Securities Limited

  • ICICI is purely an Indian investment bank which is completely dependent on technology.
  • We provide integrated services to their clients such as investment banking, financial product distribution, private wealth management et cetera.
  • They are considered to be one of the top leading private investment banks of our country.
  • This company was founded and established in the year 1995 and is currently located in Mumbai, India.

6. IDBI Capital

  • There are various packages provided at this investment bank which includes fund management, institutional broking and distribution et cetera.
  • This is a completely owned subsidiary of IDBI bank was established in the year 1993.
  • Their business mainly deals with capital markets, investment banking, private wealth management and research et cetera.
  • This investment banking company is located at the heart of Mumbai city.
  • They consider every employee who is associated with them or their brand ambassadors and they are treated that way.

7. O3 Capital Global Advisory Services

  • The commonly made business with O3 Capital global advisory services are corporate finance, alternate asset management.
  • Most of the professionals working in this company are experienced previously and have helped develop a lot of new strategies.
  • This investment banking company is located in countries other than India as well.
  • This company started in 1993 and has been flourishing ever since.
  • Since this company is a Mid market investment banking Company, it is located in a beautiful spot in Mumbai.

8. Veda Corporate Advisors

  • This company is located in the southern part of India and was established in the year 2003.
  • It is considered to be one of the largest investment banks the south of India has ever known.
  • The process which they deal with on a daily basis includes mergers and acquisitions, private equity and structured debt finance.
  • The headquarters of this investment banking company is located in two locations, Chennai and Bangalore.
  • This is also considered to be a boutique type of investment banking firm.

9. Spark Capital

  • This is also one of the most leading met market investment banks available in India.
  • The services which they provide includes fixed income advisory, wealth advisory, institutional equities et cetera.
  • This investment bank company started its journey in the year 2001 and is currently located in Bangalore.
  • It has rapidly been growing in its career progression from time to time.

10. Unitus Capital

  • UC is a type of investment banking company which found its impact on the same in the year 2008.
  • They have been providing businesses such as structured debt finance, corporate advisory, private equity et cetera.
  • It has also been helping companies create an impression of each and every individual for the sake of saving the environment.
  • Food and agriculture, micro financing, fin tech etc are all some of the fields which has benefited with the help of this investment banking firm.
  • Currently this company is located in Bangalore, India.

 11. Male Capital Advisors

  • The Male capital advisors investment banking company was established and founded in the year 2001.
  • The services provided in this company include corporate advisory, real estate financing, mergers and acquisitions et cetera.
  • This company is currently located in Bangalore and is a well-known mid market investment banking related company.
  • They have also been ranked with the top 10 investment banks in India based on the numerous transactions that took place in their company.

12. Goldman Sachs

  • Goldman Sachs is a very well-known and respected investment bank in recent times.
  • It is currently located in New York, US and has been offering various services.
  • Those services include securities, global markets, wealth management et cetera.
  • In India this company is located in a place called Bangalore.
  • They have more than 30,000 employees and are willing to recruit much more for the sake of their customers and their growth.

13. JP Morgan Chase

  • This globally famous investment banking company is known for its various financial services which have been provided in many countries.
  • It is currently located in New York, US and the Indian office is set in Mumbai.
  • At the beginning this company was offering nothing more than commercial banking services which then led them to expand their sources to become one of the top investment banking companies.
  • Their services are mostly linked to the financial domain which is ranked by S & P Global.
  • They are currently searching out for new employees who wish to expand and grow in their company.
  • The workspace provided to their employees by them is inclusive of a diverse, talented revision people whose only aim is to do better.

14. Citi Bank

  • Citi bank is considered to be completely invested for the sake of their consumers who range from US, UK, India et cetera.
  • They are currently located in the United States, New York and their Indian offices set up in Mumbai and Chennai.
  • With more than two lakh employees globally, they have proven to be one of the best banking divisions within the last few years.
  • This company started its beautiful journey in the year 1812 and has been divided into various sections, promoting and helping consumers all around the world.
  • Apart from investment banking they also provide hedge and HNI services to other corporate banking companies.

15. Morgan Stanley

  • Morgan Stanley is a very well-established investment banking company which has spread its growth in over 36 countries throughout the world.
  • It is currently located in the United States, New York and in India it is located in two locations, Mumbai and Bangalore.
  • With more than 60,000 employees globally they have conquered and accomplished a lot.
  • These services include wealth management, research, investment management et cetera.
  • We mostly provide financial services to other businesses which are operating in and around the world.

16. Bank of America Merrill Lynch

  • BAML is considered to be one of the largest investment banking companies in the world which has recently changed its Name to Bofa securities.
  • It is currently located in North Carolina, United States and India it is located in places such as Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore.
  • With the help of more than two lakh employees they have been giving importance by encouraging each employee to innovations and career progression.
  • This company completed its acquisition in the year 2009 and had changed its name in the year 2019.
  • This Bofa Securities is considered to be the second highest bank with numerous revenues throughout the world.

17. Barclays Bank

  • Barclays is a multinational bank which was initially originated in a British country By the very famous James Barclay.
  • This investment banking company is currently located in the United Kingdom, London. In India it is currently located in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune.
  • With the help of more than 85,000 employees they were able to build this company from scratch to the topmost.
  • The services provided in this company other than investment banking include personal banking, corporate banking and private banking.
  • Barclays is a very well-known British multinational universal bank which is more than 300 years old.

18. HSBC

  • HSBC is abbreviated as Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation which is known as the world‘s seventh largest banks.
  • From Hong Kong to London and more than 65 countries and 4000 establishments, the bank has provided its services and has been growing rapidly.
  • Because of its vastness , It provides services such as investment banking, private banking et cetera.
  • The headquarters of this bank is currently located in London, United Kingdom and in India it is located in places like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.
  • Almost 250 K employees are working in this bank worldwide and are still inspiring many lives.

19. BNP Paribas

  • This bank is considered to be one of the largest present making establishments where its presence can be felt in more than 70 countries around the world.
  • They provide a one-stop solution for all your banking needs.
  • This investment banking company started its journey in the year 1872 and has set up its headquarters in Paris, France.
  • In India one of its branches is located in Kolkata and Mumbai.
  • After the year 2000, this bank started to become famous worldwide and has helped those who are in need along with establishing its face in many countries.

20. Credit Suisse

  • Credit Suisse has been considered to be a very large global investment banking company which has provided its financial services to a few established countries.
  • The services which they provide include private equity, research, asset management and everything related to it.
  • It is currently located in Zürich, Switzerland and the Indian office is in Mumbai.
  • They currently hold more than 45,000 employees around the world who have been working towards achieving the goals set by its company.


In the above listed investment banking companies are some of the top 20 companies which are known worldwide and have been rapidly growing from time to time. In today’s world, investment banking is said to be the one which is bound to serve the purposes and business entities throughout its lifetime. 

The main part which involves investment banking companies is that they help in underwriting new debt and provide equity securities for various corporations which helps them in the process of reorganisation, broken trees et cetera which in turn secures their private investors. They also help various MNC corporations, governments in terms of managing their financial needs when there are larger projects taking place in a particular area.

As we all know, investment banks gets their benefits with the revenues in cost which they accrue in the long term. They are also known as a special segment that provides financial consultations and many experts and consumers who have shares which they would like to invest in. The above mentioned banks have been doing that for a really long time. Just like the recent times which has been operating based on recent trends, the investment banking process also keeps up with the present state of their own countries’ economic affairs.

If you go into the process of investment banking there are lots to research and know about. Let the above said details be the basic tool or guidance which you need to either become a good investment banker or train your students to become one.


Q1. What does an investment banker do?

They arrange finances, underwrite deals, arrange a private placement, negotiate mergers and acquisitions, provide a conflict of interest issues et cetera.

Q2. What is the entry level salary for Investment Bankers?

The entry-level salary an investment banker gets in India would be upto ₹7.8 Lakh per annum.

Q3. Which is the top-ranked investment banking company in India?

The top-ranked investment banking company is Avendus.

Q5. What are the 3 main qualities an investment banker should adapt?

* Knowledge of finance
* math skills
* The study of economics

Q4. List some of the skills that are essential for an investment banker.

* analytical skills
* team player
* interpersonal skills

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