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We live in a digital age where only companies that provide customers with more extraordinary experiences and more value will be successful in the long run. Many businesses use the Design Thinking methodology to develop cutting-edge products that integrate technology with user-centered design.

Design Thinking is a human-centered innovation methodology focusing on customer demands to develop better goods and services. Implementing this concept in every sector, regardless of size or development stage, can bring revolutionary results. The world’s most successful firms are using it, including Apple, Microsoft, Google, General Electric, IBM, Accenture, Daimler, and Airbnb. 

It can assist employers in addressing clients’ actual problems and resolving business issues. The most incredible time to pick up Design Thinking techniques is now if you want to stay competitive and agile. Take a Design Thinking course or training that is available online. We are giving a list of online tutorials, classes, training programs, and certifications.

What is Design Thinking?

Using design thinking, how to create goods, services, processes, and organizations?

The foundation of design thinking is human-centered. It promotes businesses to put the customers’ needs first, resulting in better processes, services, and goods. What is the human condition behind it should always be your first consideration when setting out to provide a solution for a business need.

 How Does Design Thinking Work?

Design thinking blends what is desirable from a human perspective with what is technologically possible and economically viable. It also enables persons without design training to approach various problems using original strategies, approaches, and attitudes.

stages of Design Thinking

Top Online Design Thinking Courses 

1. Henry Harvin Education

Want to discover how to boost sales of your goods or services and strengthen your company’s standing in the market? You should undoubtedly enroll in Henry Harvin’s Design thinking Certification Training Course. It is considered to be India’s second-best Design Thinking course.

Extraordinary Features of Henry Harvin’s design thinking course 

Students will understand the 5-phase methodology improvement cycle at the foundation of Design Thinking methodologies and tools is the course’s most crucial learning benefit. You’ll get the ability to think creatively and use human-centric problem-solving techniques. It enables the candidates to observe and cultivate empathy for the intended user.


With the help of skilled instructors exposed to multiple industries, Henry Harvin Management Academy has successfully trained and certified 1,835 participants in digital thinking. Making the participants industry-ready is their primary goal. You get expertise and a practical understanding of digital thinking tools that you may use in more than ten projects.


You will get a globally acclaimed certification after the training. Best  Design Thinking Training Course (CDTP) is the Major Certification to upgrade your CV with CDTP credentials and gain professional recognition.

Added Benefits

Free one-year Membership Program with the following benefits:

  • Lifetime access to all recorded films, games, projects, case studies, and other e-learning resources is available.
  • Brush-up: 12 free brush-up sessions are offered each month.
  • Internships are 100 percent guaranteed with Henry Harvin or their partner companies.
  • Job Possibilities: Complete job support with regular email job alerts and notifications
  • Interview Techniques: Practice sessions to ace corporate interviews

2. MIT Management Executive Education

This MIT Executive Education program is for you if you want to learn design thinking through practical training. Start with the orientation module, which covers the features of the curriculum. The instructor will then go through the fundamental abilities, assist you in identifying user requirements, and help you choose product specifications. After finishing this preliminary phase, you can design and develop prototypes, architectures, and designs and conduct financial analyses. It is safe to tell that this course is a crowd favorite, given the excellent evaluations. The MIT Executive Education Programs are another option.

 Key Highlights-

  • Able to investigate the principles and criteria that underpin design thinking.
  • Get input on the suggestions that are customized for your growth.
  • The instructors will assist you in completing all the steps.
  • Mainly training emphasizes practical methods.
  • 128 lectures plus three live classes with assignments, group projects, and a capstone Project
  • You can extend your learning with the help of suggested resources.
  • Once the program is over, receive the certified certification.

 Duration: 3 months, 6 to 8 hours per week

3. Kellogg School of Management

This game-changing curriculum is the best option for those in product or service management roles looking for a consumer-focused strategy to lower the risk of bringing a new product to market. It is also applicable for people or groups searching for innovative approaches to market solutions with little chance and a strong consumer focus. 

Through the immersive program, you will discover how design thinking is applied to create original business models and predict trends and developments. Additionally, you’ll discover how to turn a concept into a cutting-edge good or service. 

After finishing this online course, you will receive a digital certificate from Kellogg Executive Education.

 Key Highlights –

  • Learn how design thinking may foster your creativity and offer benefits, including a faster time to market, lower cost, and a larger market share.
  • Learn to apply design thinking as a human-centered strategy for original problem-solving that may be useful in various functions, markets, and businesses.
  • Access live, interactive studio sessions with distinguished practitioners and instructors and real-world examples from well-known companies.
  • Examine current industry trends and discuss cutting-edge uses in biotechnology, venture capital, and other fields.

Duration: 8 weeks

4. Coursera

Innovation and ideas have the potential to be precious when directed in the proper direction. Design thinking has a big part to play in making ideas a reality. This University of Virginia-developed course aims to teach you how to think creatively and identify possibilities in advance. Concentrating on some of the most critical design thinking problems gives a broad picture of the entire concept. 

To comprehend problem-solving strategies, the instructors employ a model and several tools. Although the course drives toward novices or anyone interested in learning how to develop original solutions to problems are welcome to enroll in this program. 

Looking at Best Innovation Courses might also be of interest to you.

Key Highlights-

  • They designed the course for beginners and explained all the concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • The certification offers equal stress on theoretical as well as practical approaches.
  • The institution offers a series of lectures to the students.
  • It is crucial to complete and pass the final assignment to get the certification from the institution.

 Duration: 5 weeks

5. Columbia Business School

This course will help you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to grasp the full breadth of organizational innovation and strategy. Moreover, to move design projects from inspiration and insights to ideation and implementation. 

You will learn how to deal with the challenging duties that an organization must complete, such as bringing in a steady stream of original ideas, validating and prioritizing them, and guiding those ideas from the seed stage to the marketplace. The break up of course into four modules: the Approach to Design Thinking module, the Breakthrough Innovation via Inventive Thinking module, the Strategy in Innovation module, and the Capstone Project. 

Once you have completed the course, you will receive a validated digital diploma from the Emeritus Institute of Manacourse.

 Key Highlights –

  • One of the best postgraduate diploma programs that can teach you how to develop original business concepts
  • Study various design thinking techniques, client needs identification, applied creativity, and environmental sustainability.
  • Learn about creativity, closed-world invention, techniques for coming up with creative ideas, and fixedness to shift your perspective.
  • Learn how to utilize an attribute dependence template, a task unification template, a division template, a multiplication template, and a template for subtraction.
  • Work on a capstone project to reflect on your program experience thus far.

Duration: Self-paced

6. Harvard Business Publishing

This software, created in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Amherst, can assist you in creating solutions that combine client want, commercial viability, and technological viability. This training will show you how to apply the five-step design methodology to develop customer-centric goods and services that are essential to the accomplishment of your digital strategy. 

The curriculum comprises a variety of courses, including two electives and the courses Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation and Innovation in the Age of Disruption. Hands-on assignments and a capstone project will teach you the constant path to producing the ideal product throughout this curriculum.

 By completing this program, you will receive a certificate from UMass Amherst and membership in the UMass Amherst Alumni Association.

 Key Highlights –

  • Utilize valuable resources to develop an organizational structure that will enhance innovation on a big scale and positively affect your work.
  • During the capstone, get advice from business mentors and assistance from learner success managers.
  • Build desired and valuable goods and services with the aid of the human-centered design paradigm.
  • Get case studies from actual situations written by HBS professors and other top business school lecturers.

 Duration: 4 months

 7. London Business School

This comprehensive curriculum will give you the skills necessary to maintain, rekindle, and introduce innovation into your firm. With the help of this subjective course from London Business School, you’ll be able to integrate design thinking’s core ideas into your company and create a custom action plan. Prof. Julian Birkinshaw, the course’s instructor and a recognized authority on creativity, will share stories from his own life during the lectures. You’ll also have access to assignments, practice questions, graded quizzes, and practical projects as part of a thorough program. You’ll be able to employ experimentation and prototyping to make your ideas a reality after completing the syllabus.

 Key Highlights –

  • A hands-on training course that equips you with original ideas to innovate your business
  • Discover the design thinking tenets, why innovation is vital for your company, and how to gauge the pulse of your potential customers.
  • Define your innovation challenges and use design thinking methodologies to tackle them.
  • Learn how to activate your imagination with methods that will last a lifetime.
  • Work through case studies, real-world examples, and examples from many business fields like retail, healthcare, and financial services.

 Duration: 6 weeks, 4-5 hours/week

8. Knowledge Academy

This curriculum, created in collaboration with Knowledge academy, will assist you in developing the design thinking abilities necessary to lead innovation in the digital age. By enrolling in this progressive course, you may learn how to use design thinking as a tool to create innovative products and business models. 

A five-step design process created by this organization’s established education educators will teach you how to develop goods and services focused on the consumer’s needs. Besides, to ensure the best learning experience, the program is structured with high-quality recorded video sessions, a step-by-step learning approach, quizzes, practical tasks, and peer reviews. 

In addition, you’ll get the chance to apply the knowledge you acquire by working on projects from professionals in the field. 

 Key Highlights – 

  • An organized curriculum created to assist you in leveraging innovation as the key to corporate success in this disruptive era with the aid of a human-centered design
  • Get access to more than 25 useful tools and templates for innovation from renowned consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG, Bain, and others.
  • Learn the five steps of the design thinking technique to produce revolutionary goods, services, and solutions focused on the consumer’s needs.
  • Utilizing case studies, industry examples, and capstone projects, examine various design thinking and innovation principles, frameworks, and tools.

 Duration: 12 months, 5-10 hours/week

9. My Great Learning

With the support of organized models and approaches employed by successful CEOs and entrepreneurs, this certification covers themes that assist you in moving beyond general management. This is a hit with the audience. Look at our Product Management Certifications list.

           Key Highlights:

  • Create a prototype for your product, service, or company idea.
  • Create a management structure and personal toolkit to promote creativity in your organization effectively.
  • Take the initiative in developing innovative strategic decisions to compete.
  • Study the creation and management of teams, projects, and organizations.
  • To receive the completion certificate, finish all the graded tasks.

Duration: 6 months, 6 hours per week 

 10. Career 360

This specialized curriculum can assist anyone who wishes to understand how design thinking can help them integrate the needs of people, the promise of technology, and the requirements for corporate success. This course will teach you how to apply a similar strategy in your company to combine marketing, design, and engineering viewpoints into a systematic method of producing innovation. You can communicate with your instructors throughout the course as they teach you how to organize complex design processes for advancing industrial procedures. You will also receive a signed certificate at the end of the course that you may present to prospective employers to demonstrate your proficiency in design thinking.

 Key Highlights –

  • A beneficial course created primarily to assist you in developing your design thinking abilities so you can offer insightful advice to your firm.
  • The course is divided into six sections, each of which focuses on a different component of design thinking, such as customer needs identification, financial analysis, service design, customer experience, etc.
  • It includes case studies, nine peer learning discussions, video lectures, and much more for your benefit.
  • At the end of the semester, work with four real-world applications and one capstone project.

 Duration: 2 months

Final Thoughts

We appreciate you reading our article on the top online design thinking courses. Of course, the unique course(s) you choose to enroll in will depend on your particular learning goals and objectives.

As you explore the world of design thinking, you’ll learn to look at common issues through a distinctive and imaginative lens, enabling you to uncover more of the brilliant opportunities that are right in front of you but hidden from view.

Happy studying!


What is human-centered design thinking?

Answer: created Human-Centered Design Thinking popular. It implies that you should consider your customers’ needs when developing your product or services. You can find some of the most valuable ideas in this technique.

Name some of the top companies using design thinking.

Answer: Apple has always applied design thinking in its approach. They have ensured the understanding of the customers and legislated ideas to solve their issues.

Does design thinking certificates worth it?

Answer: Yes, indeed, they are. Because design thinking is a vital aspect of any company, it may sound basic, but it needs a great mindset and creativity skills to excel in design thinking.

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