The first thing that we remember when we hear the word Korea is its most famous band called BTS and most loveable dramas. All K-drama fans have wished to learn the language for at least one time. Apart from that, learning the Korean language has lots of benefits. They are spoken by around 72 million speakers around the world. This article will help you in choosing the Korean language courses in Mumbai.

Korean Language Courses in Mumbai:

Realizing its importance, many institutes are offering Korean language courses in Mumbai. TOPIK is the test for measuring reading, writing, and comprehensive skills in the Korean Language. There are a lot of scope and benefits to learning the language. Even though speaking Korean is the hardest language, many platforms are available today to help us with making the learning process easier.

Following are the Top 10 Korean Language Courses in Mumbai:

1. Henry Harvin:

Korean Language Courses in Mumbai

Henry Harvin offers one of the Best Korean Language courses in Mumbai under Language Academy. This institute has the most renowned trainers from the industry with 11+ years of experience. The Korean Language course at Henry Harvin has been designed to understand the Korean language better and enables the learners to take the TOPIK exam. 

The Korean Language course structure at Henry Harvin:

  • Beginner level consisting of Levels 1 and 2 with a duration of 56+ hours for both.
  • Intermediary level consisting of Levels 3 and 4 with a duration of 56+ hours for both.
  • Advanced level consisting of Levels 5 and 6 with a duration of 66+ hours for both.

Benefits of Learning at Henry Harvin:

  • Henry Harvin will offer you projects and internships to get familiar with the language.
  • You will have a gold membership plan and you will get access to the study materials and videos for a period of one year. 
  • The institute will help you in getting a job and regular job assistance will be provided for a period of one year.

2. ReSOLT:

Source: republic

Republic School of Languages and Training is one of the best institutes that offer Korean Language Courses in Mumbai. Apart from language courses, this institute also offers other programs such as corporate training, exam preparation, translation services, etc. It offers both online and offline training with trainers around the world. The fee for the courses is included with study materials as well.

Korean Language Course structure at ReSOLT:

  • Basic A1 or Level 1
  • Elementary A2 or Level 2
  • Intermediary B1 or Level 3
  • Advanced B2 or Level 4
  • Proficiency C1 or Level 5
  • Mastery C2 or Level 6

The total duration of the course will be 2 months if you take the course on weekdays and Saturdays and Sundays. And 3 months if you want to take the course on Sundays only. For their timetable during weekdays and weekends, check out their official website.

Benefits of learning the course from ReSOLT:

  • Thorough preparation for the TOPIK exam will be given.
  • Variety of time tables available for you to choose the flexible timings for you.
  • Personal attention is available for those who need it.
  • Access to digital study materials and creative exercises is there to help you in easy learn the language.

3. Cambridge institute:

Korean Language Courses in Mumbai
Source: Cambridge

Cambridge institute is one of the best language institutes in India which also offers translation and interpretation services. This institute offers many language courses including Korean Language courses in Mumbai. They have been in this field of education for more than 13 years and they aim to provide good content with a better learning environment.

Korean language course details:

The learning process here takes you towards a step-by-step approach to learning the Korean language. They focus on strengthening your memory of the words and sentences that you are learning. The institute will make you learn on your own instead of making you learn. They offer four levels for students to choose from according to their capabilities:

  • Beginner
  • Elementary
  • Intermediate
  • Advance

They also prepare you for the TOPIK exam through the International Exam Preparatory course.

Why choose Cambridge Institute?

  • Personal attention to every student.
  • Availability of International standard study material.
  • Both weekday classes and weekend classes are there for students to choose from.
  • Well-trained teachers, library facilities, and other world-class facilities are there.

4. Teach me Korean:


Teach me Korean also offers only Korean Language courses in Mumbai. They have about 16 courses for teaching the Korean language and have trained about 1000 students. The platform offers courses at flexible timings at an affordable cost. They provide hands-on training and practical classes during the course. Personal attention will also be given to every student so that they can learn the Korean Language better.

Korean Language Course details:

Their courses are divided into 3 levels each with three sub-levels. They are:

  • Basic that consists of Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.
  • An intermediate course of Level 4, Level 5, and Level 6.
  • An advanced course of Level 7, Level 8, and Level 9.

Contact details:

Location: Mumbai, India

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: +91 9004 944 389


5. HJ Language Classes:

Korean Language Courses in Mumbai

HJ Language classes situated in Mumbai offer language classes including the Korean Language. They offer a Native Korean trainer to teach this course. Along with that, this institute also prepares the candidates for the TOPIK exam in a week. Apart from the Korean language, they also teach and prepare for the Chinese language and the HSK exam, the Japanese language, the JLPT test, DELE, DELF/DALF, and DSH.   

Korean Language Course details:

The total duration of the course is 50 hours and they teach about 4 hours a week or at least 3 hours a week in case the student has a busy schedule. This timing can be fixed flexibly according to the student’s needs on both weekdays and weekends. However, in the course description, they mentioned that the course is only for beginners. It is better to confirm with them before joining the course. At present, they are offering only online classes.

Contact details:

Address: Devashish Apartments, Shoppers Stop, 203, next to Raymonds showroom and, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400058

Mobile: +91 91066 56266

Email: [email protected]


6. The Language Network:


Language Network is a language institute that offers a variety of language courses. It is situated in Mumbai and offers online classes at present. They offer classes separately for kids and teens as well as adults. Along with that, the institute also provides 1 to 1, 1 to 2, and group classes as well. 

Korean Language Course Structure:

  • For adults, they provide the Korean language in 6 levels, and the fee starts from Rs.11,990/.
  • In the case of kids and teens, they provide only beginner and intermediate courses, and the fee starts from Rs.21,990/.

Why Choose the Language Network?

  • Firstly, they offer a variety of fun activities for learning to make learning live. 
  • Secondly, they offer customized study plans to help you according to your needs.
  • Thirdly, social cultures of a particular language are also taught to provide a better learning experience.
  • Finally, the institute offers a flexible learning experience for students.

7. Learn Korean in India (LKI):

Korean Language Courses in Mumbai

Learn Korean in India is a no.1 Korean Language Platform in India which offers only Korean Language courses. Korean classes here are taken by a Native Korean Faculty. Their teaching methods are excellent. Along with that, they also provide scholarships for students. Free classes for preparation for the TOPIK exam are also available. 

Course structure:

The courses are offered in 6 levels from Level 1 to Level 6. Apart from that, a separate course for TOPIK is also available with different fee structures.

Why choose LKI? 

  • The institute offers excellent teaching methods as well as student-friendly classes.
  • A certificate will be given on completion of the course.
  • Free classes are available for TOPIK test prep. 
  • Class recordings and study materials are also available for students.

8. The Language House:


Language house offers Korean Language courses in Mumbai and other language courses too. If you choose to learn from them, the first three classes are free here. The institute focus on understanding the language more than a mere translation. They conduct special literature series and weekly tests on weekends along with living discussions to help their students. Apart from Korean, they also teach English, German, Spanish, and Japanese. You can learn the course in small batches and at flexible times. An international student pool is available to help the students.

9. Udemy:

Korean Language Courses in Mumbai

Udemy is an online learning platform from where anyone can learn Korean Language Courses in Mumbai. This platform offers a variety of courses where one can learn at their own pace. There is a variety of courses available by different tutors which offer us many options to choose from. Moreover, classes here are available at a more affordable cost. Some of the Korean Language courses available on this platform are:

  • The Complete Korean Course For Beginners: 6 in 1
  • Complete Korean Course for Beginners
  • Core Korean
  • Korean for complete beginners

10. Coursera:


Coursera is another learning platform that offers a variety of courses including Korean Language Courses in Mumbai. The main advantage is we can even learn some of the courses for free without a certificate. Some of the Korean Language courses offered here on the platform are:

  • The first step to Korean by Yonsei University
  • The Korean Alphabet
  • A bridge to the Koreans: For beginners and intermediate
  • Introduction to Korean culture and philosophy


There are many great reasons to choose the language such as better understanding and vocabulary skills. However, many people choose to learn either Spanish or French or even Japanese or Chinese when it comes to East-Asian languages. To conclude, Korean is a major language influencing the world culture and it pays off to learn the language no matter what.


1. Was Korean an easy language to learn?

Korean is not an easy language but with practice, we can learn it well.

2. Is Korean worth learning?

Being a major language, it is definitely worth learning.

3. What is the scope of learning the Korean language in India?

Many Korean companies are starting their business in India. Hence it has a good scope.

4. How can I learn Korean for free?

Coursera offers many courses in the Korean language that we can learn for free without certificates and exams.


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