The majority of us have heard of dental courses or dentistry, and we may be familiar with its range of practice, but we may not be as familiar with dental technology and dental technician courses. However, have you ever visited a dentist and wondered who created the dental tools used in the procedures? So, is your response Yes? Then you are at the correct spot. Henceforth, in this post, we’ll talk about some of the dental technician courses available from various places.

Dental Technician Courses:

Firstly, Dental technologists are dental technicians who make dentures, crowns, bridges, and dental braces that enhance a patient’s looks, speech, and ability to chew. Moreover, dental technician courses on the technical aspects of dentistry are defined as creating durable, specialized dental equipment and restoratives. Basically, the person who practices dental technology and builds dental prostheses and appliances per a dentist’s prescription is known as a dental technologist or a dental technician, as used by the majority of people.

All in all, to create teeth or prostheses with the proper form and color, dental technicians employ a broad variety of materials and dental mechanics. Because working in a dental lab demands certain creative abilities, dental technology is thus designed to appear to be an art.

For the Dental Technician courses, we are providing a top 8 training facilities.

1. Henry Harvin

dental lab technician course

So, to learn the basics of conventional dental technician practice through a series of lectures, group activities, and hands-on projects to become an expert in oral health. Indeed they have to inspect, diagnose, and treat oral health issues like tooth or gum illnesses, mouth injuries, or other dental circumstances. Thereupon acquire all the skills and knowledge required to become a professional dental technician, and join the Henry Harvin family of dental technicians.

Also, live hands-on projects aid in a deeper comprehension of the ideas and the acquisition of profound practical knowledge. Therefore, this makes it possible for participants to get specific, results-driven learning from the course.

Information on Dental Technician courses at Henry Harvin Healthcare Academy

Firstly, the goal of the Henry Harvin Healthcare Academy is to upskill individuals with essential skills to progress their professional journeys. Also, action-oriented learning solutions that are painstakingly designed by subject matter experts with substantial industry experience are used to convey these skills. These learning solutions are offered by hand-picked individuals from top companies who have also been appointed as subject matter experts with the school, utilizing our distinctive goal-centric methodology.

Thus, this makes it possible for the institution to fulfill its mission of enabling professionals to realize their full potential. Whereas, by 2030, Henry Harvin’s Healthcare Academy hopes to serve its outreach regions and upskill 100,000 professionals.


In the light of training, it includes live, interactive classes for six months.


Furthermore, get internship assistance to obtain practical experience. Also, attend recurring boot camps spaced out throughout the ensuing 12 months by industry demand.


Further, assessments, and a Wide Range of Tools and Techniques, are available.


Get 100% Placement in Your Position and assistance for One Year Following Successful Completion.


Additionally, demonstrate competence by earning a Hallmark Certification of Diploma in Dental Technician (DDT) from Henry Harvin, a government-recognized and award-winning institute.

Dental Technician Courses


1-Year Gold Membership in the Dental Technician Program at Henry Harvin® Healthcare Academy.

Dental Technician Course in Henry Harvin.

2. Manipal College of Dental Sciences (MCODS)

dental lab technician course

The southwestern coastal city of Mangalore is home to the Manipal College of Dental Sciences (MCODS). Since then, it has developed into a multifaceted organization with a reputation for distinction in various fields of study. Above all, MCODS offers a great environment for learning and entertainment. The college provides post-graduate certificates in Dental Materials as well as bachelor’s and master’s degrees in dental surgery.

3. A B Shetty Memorial Institute Of Dental Sciences – [ABSMIDS]

dental lab technician course

In Mangalore, Karnataka lies the A.B. Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences (ABSMIDS). The institute is in a unique position because the Malaysian Dental Council has recognized it. Basically, the courses available include BDS, MDS, Ph.D., and certification programs.

Over 125 faculty members work together to deliver the best learning environment. The institute is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including CBCT radiographic imaging, CAD/CAM systems, and lingual torque systems.

4. Amrita Center for Allied Health Sciences

dental lab technician course

The ACAHS is a multi-campus, multi-disciplinary academic research center. There are accessible, highly qualified specialists who give pupils the best instruction. Students receive training to handle difficult challenges in the real world with ease. It includes more sophisticated teaching techniques and methods that have aided many pupils in learning more quickly. They have the best placement and hiring practices. One of the greatest EMT training programs in the nation is offered by ACAHS.


dental lab technician course

They offer top healthcare services. There are some knowledgeable faculty members present. They have extensive backgrounds in their specialized professions. It has a reliable placement center. This is a result of their popularity and practical understanding across a variety of industries. It offers a good medical facility, which enables the pupils to perform better under pressure.

6. NIMS College

Dental technician Courses online

The University Grants Commission founded NIMS University in 2008. They used contemporary events to establish the schools that bear their name. For many years, it has drawn students from all around the world. 2014 saw NIMS receive the CCI Technology Education Excellence Award. The government regards them as the top university for talent development. On their site, there is a super-specialty hospital offering tertiary care.

7. Dental Technician Courses in AIIMS

Dental technician Courses online

It is an independent institution that offers UG and PG programs to students nationwide. They are a flourishing institution that primarily focuses on updating itself with the newest technology. Between 2016 and 2021, this institution was the recipient of several honours. The majority of their recognition comes from outstanding training initiatives that are carried out on campus. They have been offering effective instruction for a long time and have received recognition for it.

8. Saveetha College Medical and Dental College

Dental technician Courses online

The three years make up the course curriculum. We must administer semester examinations each year for the next three years. Additionally, internships in our field are expected of us. Such internships provide a way to learn more about the profession of orthodontics while also earning a respectable salary. Numerous firms visit with the goal of placement after the tests are over.

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