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In our daily lives, we come across diverse companies that are running online businesses.  Isn’t it fascinating to drive a sale on an E-commerce portal? Moreover, it provides good ways to earn something and buy things at our convenience. The Affiliate marketing program is one of the most popular ways to be paid.

Diverse Companies

Sitting at home and shopping for commodities is a very different experience. However, now it is very common. Diverse companies are involved in selling their products online for instance- Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, etc.

Flipkart The Biggest Online Store

Captivating Online Center

However, nowadays because of the corona outbreak, the Affiliate marketing program is captivating everyone. It is one of the most important ways to earn money.

I want to give explicit information to the readers regarding the Affiliate marketing program and the radical approach of the Flipkart Affiliate marketing program. The most important part is, the Flipkart Affiliate marketing program provided us more benefits in 2020 also.

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Before I talk about one of the renowned companies no other than Flipkart, I would like to brief all the details about marketing.

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Adverse Effects of Corona

The Corona outbreak is devastating for everyone. Moreover, during the pandemic myriad people lost their jobs. Subsequently, the Government failed to generate revenues because of lost taxes. It is like a scary nightmare for all of us. Deprived people suffered a lot. They died because of the scarcity of food.


However, the Affiliate marketing program is a ray of hope in this dark year as it does not require any specific qualification. Even if you are 10 or 12th pass you can apply for the job. It requires convincing skills and dedication towards your work. Linguistic skills give a radical approach to this job profile.


Marketing is always in the limelight among any profession. In this profession, we sell products by convincing our customers. It’s a skill to convince someone to sell your products. However, due to the corona outbreak, the marketing field is also severely affected. Moreover, online shopping is a prominent part of the marketing segment.

E-Commerce Portal

With the advent of this new era, we are snowed under work. We don’t have plenty of time to go out to purchase our essential commodities. In that case, the e-commerce portal plays a vital role in our life. Technology is growing by leaps and bounds, so we are dependent upon online shopping.

The e-commerce portal is inevitable because we all need an indispensable item in our daily lives. This is one of the reasons, the demand for online shopping is increasing day by day. Few companies like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Myntra, etc. can lead the market. These companies are glittering like stars in the market.

E-Commerce Portal

Introduction of Affiliate Marketing program

Affiliate Marketing is the module of Digital marketing where you can earn a small amount of money as a commission by publicising the product and service of other companies and brands to your online customers and website visitors.

Affiliate Marketing Technique

Affiliate marketing is the technique of selling products via web traffic. You get a reward if anyone visits the site and purchase the things. How much money you will get for promoting the companies varies. The Promotion of any company needs hard work and dedication.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most expeditious and easiest ways of earning money online. To embark and construct Affiliate marketing you need to do is to collaborate with the buyer. Moreover, seller and once the buyer will be motivated to buy the products you will get a commission.

How to Execute Affiliate Marketing?

The first part of Affiliate marketing is to join an Affiliate program and you have to select an alternative product that you want to sell. Owners will provide you an affiliate code you can use to refer traffic to the main site.

How to Earn Money?

Moreover, the owner will also provide you the text links, banners, and creative copies. which you can copy and paste to your main site for publicity. Any customer who is interested in clicking links from your website will move to the main site.

Moreover, if that customer will purchase any item or opt for any services indicating you as a referral. In that case, you will earn a commission and explore the world of your career.

Regarding Flipkart

Flipkart is an E-commerce organization. Its headquarters are in Banglore, Karnataka in India, and even registered in Singapore. The company had started by selling online books. However, it gradually expanded to diverse products. For instance- consumer electronics, fashion, home décor, essential groceries, and myriad lifestyle products.

Founder of Flipkart

The founder of this iconic company is Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. It embarked in the year 2007. It is regarded as one of the best online selling platforms in the nation that provides benefits to the customers.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing program

Flipkart Affiliate Program
Make Money From Flipkart

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing program alludes to the process of generating revenue through fostering and selling different products that are available on Flipkart.

Flipkart is a leading company in the online portal. This company is in demand for contemporary India. Flipkart also runs affiliate marketing programs like other companies. It is one of the best affiliate programs. Through this program, people can earn money around Rs. 25,000 to Rs.80,000.

How much We Can Earn through the Flipkart Affiliate Marketing program?

Flipkart Affiliate marketing program helps you to earn a good amount of money. In addition to that, you have to work from home. You will get 15% of affiliate commission. If you want to become the partner of  Flipkart Affiliate program then hurry up and grab the golden opportunity.

About the Essential segments of the Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart provides a good range of products so, working with Flipkart will be a beneficial deal for the employees. Selling different products can give more rewards and benefits. Your part of the job will be to expedite drive sales.


Your talent for promoting the products can be the ladder of success. However, when you indulge in the selling of the products, you can earn a particular percentage of Flipkart’s profit.

Profit percentage can vary according to the category of the products that you sell. It is a highly motivated segment to earn money. It is a low-risk investment that reinforces your marketing skills. There are many reasons to choose the Flipkart Affiliate program.

Flipkart Products
Flipkart Products

Many questions arise in Our Minds.

Why Do you Consider The Flipkart Affiliate Program?

The reasons are given below.

Intrinsic Technology

Flipkart Affiliate marketing has its own technology. Flipkart comprehends the needs of the customers. It provides widgets and feeds to interact with customers. Widgets and feeds are joined within the affiliate panel which makes marketing an easy process. It is not a conventional business. Flipkart is an emerging company.

Wide Range of Products

Flipkart sells several products to the customers. Flipkart motivates people to purchase its products. Flipkart has more options in the sale drive. It has different segments of products like the apparel section, electronic gadgets, etc. It gives big offers on particular days.

Latest News of Flipkart

There will be a big sale on Republic day. A big discount will be back for electronics and groceries. Flipkart wholesale has seen big attainment with 90 percent month-on-month magnification in transactions. There is a wide range of products promoted in the company.

Account managing teams and other professionals are prompt to pay the fees. The benefits of Flipkart enable employees to grow in their careers.

High Conversion Rate

Flipkart affiliate program has a high conversion rate because of its excellent product quality. Moreover, myriad leads are generated because of its delivery on time and of good quality. The price of items is also reasonable.

Affiliate Panel

The Affiliate panel is trustworthy and informative. More leads generate more revenue. Flipkart fulfils all our expectations. It is one of the most remarkable companies.

Affiliate Tools

Wide ranges of products are available like simple banners, widgets, etc. Moreover, with the help of these tools, one can explore more about Flipkart.

Authentic Reports

Flipkart provides a substantial report which is authentic. Flipkart keeps a record of performance and gives the real report. Flipkart tracks your link and makes a record.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Benefits

Given below is the description of the commission in different categories.

  • Books and e-learning (10%)
  • Gold and silver coins (0.1%)
  • School supplies and toys (10%)
  • Baby care products (10%)
  • Fragrances and Beauty products (10%)
  • Household supplies (10%)

Direct Install

If you convince someone to install the app then you will be paid for that. Flipkart will pay you Rs. 15.

Fall Back Install

If you are promulgating products of Flipkart and someone is interested to buy it and installs the Flipkart app through Google play store then it is called Fall Back install. Flipkart pays 20 Rs. For that.

Prerequisite for the Flipkart Affiliate Program

There are a few stipulations to join and embark on generating revenue from the Flipkart Affiliate program.

It is obligatory to have a website and pan card as an identity card. There can be two ways for withdrawal.

  1. The Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

It requires Bank details and a cancelled cheque.

  1. The Electronic Gift Voucher (EFG)

It requires Address Proof.

You can publicise Flipkart products through a website or an app. Moreover, the website is most popular because people use it more than an app.

How does Flipkart Affiliate Program Operate?

Flipkart Affiliate program is easy to use. The first thing you have to do is refer people from your website to Flipkart. If people will follow your testimony and link then it will be a great opportunity to earn money.

Flipkart provides a wide range of options. It provides different avenues through which you can link your website to Flipkart. It gives high rewards and advantages to the employees.

Few Steps To Follow While Running a Business With Flipkart Affiliate Program

1.Create an Affiliate Account of Flipkart

First Step

When we have to create an affiliate account on Flipkart. We have to flip at the Flipkart affiliate page and find the registration form.

We have to advent by filling the registration form. We have to fill in the email id and mobile number which is verified by OTP.

Second Step

In addition to that, you have to fill in your email id and generate an email id OTP. You will receive a one-time password. Moreover, you have to fill the email OTP.

You have to follow the same process for mobile number verification. Once verification is done you have to read the term and conditions. Subsequently, you need to agree to the term and conditions and click Register.

Last Step

Once your registration process is complete you have to customize your Flipkart tracking id. The tracking id should be different and unique.

If someone buys any product from Flipkart from your tracking id, you will earn a commission.

Make Money by becoming  Flipkart Affiliate .
Make Money From Flipkart

Once your documents will be uploaded then, after 10-15 days, they will verify them.

You have to give certain details when you will start earning from Flipkart Affiliate Marketing program.


You need to give all the details in this section like your name, number, country, and address. You should have all the details when you enter your name.


One should have its website for the promotion of the products and earn money. If you don’t have your website then you have to create or buy a domain.


You can choose your method of payment. You can select EFT or EGV

For EFT you need to give a cancelled cheque or your bank details along with the pan card. It is an important point to note, you have to bank details of one bank and cancel cheque of another bank. However, for EGV you can give address proof and upload your pan card.

Whatever payment will be received from EGV you can use that to buy Flipkart products.

Choose Your Niche

Selecting an appropriate Niche is one of the most important factors for better results. Whichever, Niche you are interested in you should select that niche.

For instance, if you are into the teaching profession you should teach subjects as per your area of interest. In the same way, here also you have to select a niche according to your choice. So, you can captivate heavy traffic to your website.

To create affiliate links, you have to go on the Flipkart dashboard. Thereafter, you can move to the product page.  Moreover, you can select the product that you want to promote. Then copy its URL and paste it into the Affiliate generator tool. Select go and, after that adhering to all the processes you can generate affiliate links.

You can place affiliate links to your blog or website to promote the products. Flipkart uses a wide range of techniques to promulgate its products.

A few of them are bookmarklet widget, promotional widgets, push content widgets, promotional banners, etc.

1.Bookmarklet Widget

The bookmarklet widget will help you to post your affiliate link without creating it. It is an easy task to use it. Moreover, you have to drag the Flipkart affiliate bookmarklet button. Now you have to drop it in the bookmark toolbar of your browser.

2.Push Content Widget

Push content widget copies the push content code on to your website. Moreover, Flipkart will automatically show interactive ads on your website.

3.Promotional Widgets

The promotional widget alludes to codes for several promotional banners.

Push content, Bestseller, Featured deals, Search widget, Search bar, and Related products are the six kinds of promotional widgets.

4.Promotional Banners

This is one of the static banners of Flipkart sections. It receives high traffic.

5.Product Banners

You can search various products and make changes to the banner or links like background colour, button, etc.

Publish Premium Posts

If you want to attain success with Flipkart affiliate marketing, you have to publish superior posts. You have to judge your quality of writing rather than quantity.

Appealing Blogs

Publish outstanding blogs so that your audience can get attracted and can add value. You should have an optimistic approach while posting any blog. You can give nice tips and reviews in your post. In this way, you can build up trust among the audience.

Appealing Blogs Leads to Success

According to the SEO, you should write at least 2000 words of blogs to give full information to your audience. At the same time, you can secure a good ranking. If you will acquire a good ranking, it leads to high traffic. High traffic transcribes to more sales that means more profit.

Requirements of Good Blogs in Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program

  • Research Keywords
  • Find an appealing keyword
  • Put captivating images according to your content
  • Be updated from your rivals

Publicise Your Blog Posts

 After the accomplishment of your write up, you must promote it. You should bring your blog in front of the target audience. Moreover, it will give more visibility to your work. In this way, you can drive sales.

How can you Promote the Blog Posts?

There are different ways to promote your blog.

1.Search Engine Optimization

This is the best way for the users to find your content. It makes your website and blogs more visible to the users.

2.Make YouTube Videos

It is a radical approach to drive high traffic. You can create your YouTube channel for promotion.

3.Post Your Blogs on various Social Media Platform

In the modern world, everyone is using social media. You can take benefits by posting your blogs on social media.

4.Answering Questions on Quora

Answering questions on Quora is a more efficient way to promote your products. You can answer the questions on Quora. People are searching for answers in this forum. If your answers are according to their questions. They will happily visit your site.

How you can Enhance Earning from Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program?

  • You should advertise the right product more effectively.
  • You should choose the products that are relevant to your content.
  • Don’t be self-gratified immediately because that can impede your career. However, confidence can be a ladder of success.
  • Hard work and determination are the keys to reach the climax. You have to augment your efforts for grand success.
  • Choose the right type of ads for promotion.
  • You should be patient while running the business because it takes time to grow. You can’t become an immediately affluent person. You have to be cool and calm.
  • You need to upgrade and make yourself updated. So, that you can accept the hard challenges of life.
  • You need to be a consistent performer. You should have knowledge of the products that you are selling.
  • You should always think according to the customer’s perspective.
  • You should understand the client’s needs and then promote your products.


  1. It is a good decision to join the Flipkart Affiliate marketing program as you can make money online.
  2. You can explore and learn many things that will help in the future.
  3. The Flipkart affiliate marketing program will give you the best option to work from anywhere.

The Ultimate Source Of Income

  • Flexible working hours are also one additional benefit for those who are connected with the Flipkart affiliate marketing program.
  • Flipkart provides an excellent platform to earn money online for the homemaker.
  • It is the ultimate source from anyone who can earn benefits. However, he needs to work very hard.
  • Striving is part of life. It is expected in every field. You will acquire knowledge about generating revenues.

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 Eventually, I conclude Flipkart Affiliate Marketing is the most efficient way to grow in your career and earn money online. Flipkart Affiliate Marketing program can give you the best platform to work at pace and earn a commission.




1.What is the procedure to join the Flipkart Affiliate marketing program?

You’ll join the Flipkart Affiliate marketing program by following few steps:
You can do Flipkart affiliate marketing directly or through any affiliate network like Earnkaro etc.  Make a Flipkart affiliate account directly or join an affiliate network
Create an affiliate link of Flipkart product
You should promulgate products on your Blog/Website, YouTube channel, etc.
People purchase from your link you’ll get a commission
Commission gets confirmed once the return date is over
Share your bank details
You will receive payments in your bank

2.What is required to adopt the Flipkart Affiliate marketing program?

Ans: You need a website and mobile number to start the Flipkart Affiliate marketing program. At the same time, you need to write your blog and you should be active on social media. Moreover, you should have your Instagram account, Facebook account, etc. So, that you can promote your products.You need to give bank details to receive payment.

3.During the Corona outbreak Flipkart Affiliate marketing program is proved to be the most effective way of earning money. Give reason.

During the Corona outbreak, Flipkart Affiliate marketing program is the best source of income because of this virus no one is stepping out of the house. Online shopping is the best way. Because online shopping through Flipkart provides a wide range of products.One can earn money by joining the Flipkart Affiliate marketing program. It all depends upon your hard work.

4.What does Flipkart search for in potential candidates?

They need candidates with analytical skills.
Basic computer skills will do since they signal the know to understand and apply information and think in a formal, logical, and structured way.
Analytical training gives you a skill set that differentiates you from most of the people within the market.
They always keep it up trying to find real talent, passionate also as curious people about doing skill-based things.
If they hire students from an IT background, then a bachelor’s degree in engineering with a robust academic record must be there.
Those with an understanding of the web, web research, online advertising, fraud detection, numerical analysis, and e-commerce are preferred.
They seek people with strong communication skills and therefore the ability to figure cross-functionally.



 Eventually, I conclude Flipkart Affiliate Marketing is the most efficient way to grow in your career and earn money online. Flipkart Affiliate Marketing program can give you the best platform to work at pace and earn a commission.


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  10. The need of this digital era is to educate more people on how to use the digital platform. Your blog efficiently explains digital marketing so that many people are aware of this. Good work!

  11. The need of this digital era is to educate more people on how to use the digital platform. Your blog efficiently explains digital marketing so that many people are aware of this. Good work!

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