IFRS Courses in Delhi

Full Form of IFRS: IFRS is an acronym for International Financial Reporting Standards and it is a set of international accounting standards


Everyone is loaded with degrees these days.

There are accounting professionals and then there are accounting professionals.

What is that one certification that is missing in your CV that just cost you your dream job in that leading audit firm. 

The time to make the decision is now

IFRS Certification Course with Full Form of IFRS

This  is just the arrow that you need in your quiver to increase your chances of getting opportunities in big audit firms.

As per LinkedIn salary report, IFRS professionals working in the top global auditing firms earn a starting annual package of Rs 8 -15 lac per annum. Another report suggests that most of the accounting consultants specialized in IFRS work in India at an average salary of Rs 15-16 lacs  per annum going up to Rs 19 lacs in some cases. With an experience of  6-8 years in the industry after your specialization in the IFRS, you can expect a salary in the range of Rs 20- 25 lacs per annum.

Top 10 IFRS certification courses in Delhi

1. Henry Harvin: IFRS Courses in Delhi

       Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin

henry harvin: IFRS Courses in Delhi

  1. It  is ranked the top 2nd course in the industry by Training 360.
  2. The course curriculum is designed by leading experts in alignment with various accreditation bodies and is timely updated to the latest version.
  3. Trusted by 160+Corporates and 60+collegescompanyu2019su00a0
  4. Helped over 8000+ finance professionals to achieve career goals.

 About the course

  • Its IFRS Financial reporting course will cover the  IAS(International Accounting Standard) and IFRS(International Financial Reporting Standards).
  • Intended to develop and advance your knowledge about list of IFRS standards.
  • 60-hours live virtual training+1year free brush-up session+e-learning programme

  • Avail 1 year membership of Henry-harvin Academy
  • Get mentored by the best in the industry
  • Guaranteed internship and 10+job opportunities weekly
  • Get to work in live projects during training.

Henry Harvin® IFRS Course Ranks #1 in India by The Tribune

Cities in India Where Henry Harvin Course in Provided  

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2. PWC’s Academy: IFRS Courses in Delhi

       Contact No: 08040100900


  1. A learning and educational service offering of PWC India providing diverse training courses based on the best practices of PWC’s global network of firms.
  2. Offering ACCA Dip-IFR course to become certified ACCA professionals.
  3. Designed to keep pace with the rapidly changing regulatory and financial reporting scene of corporate India.

 About the course

  • ACCA -Dip-IFR is an IFRS certification by Association of Chartered Certified Accountants(ACCA),the leading global body for professional accountants ,which is credited for being a part of the development of IFRS.
  • The certificate is issued  by the International accounting Standards Board(IASB).
  • This IFRS certification helps to make you a seasoned finance practitioner by systemising existing knowledge and imparting new.
  • The DipIFR exam is a single three-hour closed book written exam held twice a year in June and December with is 50%pass mark. The exam consists of two sections and a mix of computational and discursive elements. 
  • Students of the ACCA preparation course will be provided with tutorial by highly experienced instructors,assignments,workbooks and updated past examination content.
  • Ind-AS concepts are covered as part of the curriculum

3. Ernst and Young: IFRS Courses in Delhi

        Contact No: +91 11 4731 8000

  1. EY is one of the top 4 accounting firms in the world.
  2. EY-IFRS is designed around the syllabus of Dip-IFRS programme by ACCA.
  3. Additionally the course also covers important differences between IFRS and corresponding IND-AS in every module.

 About the course

 It is a 16-Sundays programme on completion of which you will receive a certificate from         Ernst and Young side.The course comprises of-

  • 75 hours of training 
  • 10 live interactive sessions ,6 hours each
  • 15 hours of recorded videos
  •  Comprehensive study material from Becker Professional Education,an ACCA approved content provider. 
  • Prints of EY presentations, and access to EY Learning Management course post completion of the programme

4. KPMG Learning academy: IFRS Courses in Delhi

      Contact No: +91 124 307 4000   

  1. KPMG in India is one of the leading providers of financial advisory, tax and regulatory services, internal audit and corporate governance.
  2. With IFRS certification courses acquiring a mandatory status for professionals and other business associates, KPMC in India has developed the “Advanced Certificate Programme on IFRS: Implementation and Compliance “along with NIIT Imperia.
  3. They have already successfully completed 15 batches of the course.
  4. The programme emphasizes on helping companies achieve a smooth transition from Indian GAAP to IFRS

  About the course

  • NIIT’s Synchronous Learning Methodology is used to deliver the courses.
  • Participant material includes KPMG flagship international publication – Insights to IFRS – KPMG in India thought leadership publications to International Financial Reporting Standards 5th Edition 2008/09. 
  • Certificate of completion is issued by KPMG in India and NIIT Imperia.

5. Manipal ProLearn: IFRS Courses in Delhi

       Contact No: 080 3967 5025      

  1.  Manipal ProLearn offers advanced IFRS certification course that will train you in the essential concepts of the list of IFRS standards and accounting framework.
  2. The course curriculum is designed based on ACCA’s Diploma in IFRS .
  3. Upon completion of the course you will get a joint certificate from EY and manipal ProLearn.

  About the course

  • The experimental learning model-based training is delivered through video tutorials,demos,real time case studies,webinars and practice exercises.

  • For doubts and queries Manipal Prolearn also organises interactive sessions with industry experts.
  • The curriculum is sourced from BECKER ,the gold approved publisher of learning material by ACCA ,UK and designed by experienced professionals.

6. Grant -Thornton: IFRS Courses in Delhi

Grant Thornton

  1. The training program of Grant -Thornton is based on the syllabus of ACCA-DipIFRS which is globally recognized.
  2. Along with IFRS, the course would also cover its differences with the corresponding Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) and Indian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (IGAAP) to help you learn the local reporting requirements and smoothly manage Ind AS implementation in India.
  3. Along with covering the regular topics ,the firm’s knowledge base is used to share practical insights helping you to fathom and gather complex concepts.

  About the course

  • 80 hours of live sessions on IFRS including difference with IGAAP and Ind AS
  • Becker Study Material
  • Handouts of course material
  • Access to  Learning Management System (session recordings, quizzes and assessments)
  • Post-training support – query management and registration
  • Certificate of participation

7. IMS Proschool -Dip-IFRS / Cert IFRS

IMS Proschool

  1. IFRS certification course is offered by IMS Proschool in association with NSE ACademy and NSDC.
  2. It is well researched and has industry-relevant curriculum on list of IFRS standards
  3. Program is available in both offline (Gurugram and other Indian cities)and onine mode. 

  About the course

  • Classroom program is 3-months long available on weekends.
  • Books and other learning material are provided.
  • Learning is done in groups.
  • Online program is live and interactive with 55+ hours of training program.
  • They provide study material and recorded sessions. 
  • Additional 15 hours online tutorial on Dip-IFRS.
  • Regular doubt clearing sessions are done.

8. Takshila Learning-ACCA Dip-IFRS

Takshila Learning

  1. They  provides online classes
  2. The IFRS course by Takshila Learning comprises of Dip-IFR videos that are designed to build a thorough understanding of the course.

  About the course

  • Recorded Video Lectures – 80+ Hours
  • Mode of Delivery – Online Mode/Pen drive Mode
  • Coverage – Topics covered as per latest syllabus of ACCA
  • Sample Paper – 80+ Practice Paper (Includes solved last 5 years paper)
  • Model Papers – 80+ Model papers (Topic wise)
  • Faculty Support – Via Whatsapp, Con-call, Faculty support
  • Doubt sessions – Via Whatsapp, Con-call, Webinar
  • Webinar – Regular period
  • Study Material – Downloadable(PDF)

9. ICWAI: IFRS Courses in Delhi

  1. Online course for members of ICWAI (The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India),now known as ICAI(The Institute of Cost Accountants of India).
  2. Objective is to equip members and students of the Institute and others with the essential knowledge and practical application of list of  IFRS Standards. It is also intended to educate the members about the practical application of the IFRS standards

  About the course

  • E-learning consists of 100+hours that covers 30 standards
  •  Imparted through audio,video and interactivities providing rich learning experience to all.
  • Simplification of the various original clauses of standards as given by IASB
  •  Re-arranging and grouping them in a logical flow
  •  Value addition through examples and case studies
  •  Additional headings and sub-headings to suit the relevant content
  • The on-line access is valid for one year from the date of registration of the course (or) 300 hours of eLearning access whichever ends earlier.

10. Fin pro consulting: IFRS Courses in Delhi

FinPro Consulting

  1. FinPro Consulting is an Indian consulting firm and offers its clients a broad range of advisory solutions related to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) conversion and training, Financial reporting, Mergers & acquisitions accounting, Management consulting and IPO reporting solutions. 
  2. They  offer tailor-made and robust solutions which assists our clients to navigate through business complexities.
  3. This includes training on Dip-IFRS
  4. There are various packages available as per the client’s requirement.

Benefits of IFRS

Consultants with IFRS certification are required by consulting firms that provide services to finance and business firms. Experts in the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) can also launch their own private consultancies to help clients make the transition to IFRS standards. In the financial and education industries, IFRS specialists can also work as IFRS trainers.


With the world taking a spin due to the pandemic, the right time to do anything is “NOW”. With most of the courses available online, this is the right moment to decide on the IFRS Certification course most suitable for your requirement and go ahead with it. The job market is going through a lot of volatility, so it would not hurt to have an edge at such times.

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Q.1 What is IFRS?

Ans- IFRS Foundation and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)have issued accounting standards known as International Financial Accounting Standards. By following this list of IFRS standards a company 2019  financial performance and position is described in a standardized way. The objective is to make the companyu2019s financial statements understandable and comparable internationally. IFRS is applicable to companies listed on a public stock exchange.


Q.2 Why IFRS Certification?

Ans- List of IFRS standards are mandated/adopted in more than 100 countries
All listed companies along with associated and subsidiaries in the EU comply with IFRS.
Countries such as Australia,Hong Kong and South Africa have already adopted IFRS as their Generally Accepted Accounting Principles(GAAP).
The convergence of Indian Accounting Standards(IndAS)with IFRS has made it more relevant.
Many countries are readying towards applying IFRS.
With IFRS certification courses getting popular there is a surge in financial and accounting professionals qualified in IFRS.
This diploma in IFRS by ACCA is widely accepted around the world.
Skilled IFRS masters can establish their own consultancy firm.
.As the standards are dynamic,those with updated knowledge are highly sought after in the job market like in banking, insurance companies,any other company adopting Dip-IFR standards.
Helpful if you are seeking a break in a large global organisation,in places like EU,Middle East etc.


Q.3 What is the end Goal of IFRS Certification?

Ans- Understand and explain the structure of the framework of list of IFRS standards.
Apply relevant financial reporting standards to key elements of financial reports.
Identify and apply disclosure requirements for companies in financial reports and notes.
Prepare group financial statements including subsidiaries,associates and joint ventures.


Q.4 Who can do IFRS Certification?

Ans- Chartered Accountants
Cost and Management Accountants
Company secretaries
Financial managers and Chief Accountants
Analysts and Consultants
Private Equity and Mu0026amp;A professionals
MBAs majored in Finance ,working in accounting domain
Semi qualified CA,CS,ICWA.
Graduates/Post-graduates who are part of finance or accounting teams.


Q.5 What are the IFRS Certification Courses in India?

Ans- All you need to know about IFRS certification course
If you want to learn IFRS protocols, here are some recommended courses.
Certificate Course on International Financial Reporting Standards in 100 hours by ICAI for CA members.
Certificate Course on International Financial Reporting Standards Convergence in 2 months by ICWAI for university faculties, students, cost accountants, chartered accountants, company secretaries, senior and middle-level executives in various organisations like statutory bodies and multinationals.
Advanced Certificate Program on IFRS in 6 weeks by KPMG for 2+ years working professionals. However, the experience requirement is not necessary for MBA (Finance), CA, CWA and CS.
Diploma in International Financial Reporting in 3-6 months by ACCA for graduates holding 3+ years of experience in finance, commerce post-graduates holding 2+ years of experience in finance, auditors and practicing accountancy.
IFRS / IND AS Certification Programs in 40 hours for students and professionals attempting ACCA exam.


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  29. Learning technologies like financial system, IFRS, and Financial Analytics is not an easy thing for tech geeks without proper guidance. Honestly, I am saying this institution fulfilled the gap between a geek and financial analytics.

  30. Feedback based learning. As a student, you will get personalized feedback post each assessment and your program manager will make sure you work on the feedback to be on the track. Generally this feature is introduced for the very first time in Delhi so we should take the advantages of the course.

  31. Course is planned in a way, it doesn’t impact the official work. you will experience good feel and joy. I recommend this institute. it is helping at placements, and providing a full time support to your placement and primarily for Delhi.

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