Having various skills and artistry is always a great thing. It makes you a complete person with some extra talent and ingenuity. Creative writing is one such art that gives you an extra edge over others. Also termed as some other words like “literature”, “prose”, “fiction” and “critique”, Creative writing is a sensational art very different from technical or academic writings. It is far from technical writing, but well-written creative writing can attract a large number of audiences. You can say, it is the thinking, imagination, views, and expressions of a writer. As a creative writer, the main goal of writing is to entertain your audience and readers. It is up to you, how good you are as a creative writer. It is a natural thing and develops automatically in the person, but it is possible to improve it. You can improve your overall ability to write creatively by doing a Creative writing course in Gurgaon.


You won’t only become a Certified Creative Writer Demo Session; the course will also enhance your overall ability to think, analyze, expression of your views, and thoughts. Thinking and imagining is different thinking and backing it up with writing is different. Not every good thinker can become a good writer, but a good writer is surely a good thinker. There are so many institutes across the country offering various courses in creative writing, but Henry Harvin is among the top institutes and has been very successful in enhancing and improving the skills, thinking capacity, and the art of expression of a lot of students and learners.


Some very interesting topics are covered in Creative Writing Training including story writing, playwriting, fiction, and non-fiction themes, screenwriting, and poem etc. There is already a huge demand for creative writers from academic institutes, book publishing houses, business organizations, story and poem reciting applications, and websites. Being the national capital, there is simply no lack of scopes in Gurgaon.



Numerous creative writers have a very good life by working with various companies, organizations, publishing houses, and institutes. If you have good writing skills with the ability to think and imagine in unique ways, Henry Harvin’s Creative Writing Course in Gurgaon can give you a much-needed boost. Also, to have a secure and good-earning job, you can improve your overall writing skills to a decent extent. We have discussed some other benefits of the Creative Writing Course here. Have a look.

Benefits of Creative Writing:

Improvement of Overall Personality

Creative writing is very helpful to enhance your ability to think, analyze, imagine, and expression. You can get a lot of advantages in various other pictures of life as well. You will feel a huge change in your thinking abilities. You will be able to tackle all the situations in your life smartly. Creative Writing Course in Gurgaon from the top institute transforms you in a better person with unique and special skills. You will be able to deal with different groups of people with ease. In short, creative writing can improve your overall personality.


Vocabulary Enhancement

Knowledge is like a treasure, and having various words in your bag of thinking and imagination is like gems. You always have plenty of words for expressing your thoughts. A good vocabulary can improve your skills in writing, speaking, and talking. There is no way you can become a decent creative writer without having a decent number of different words. Your word bank with good vocabulary isn’t only going to be helpful in languages; it will also give you a lot of advantages in other subjects like science, medicine, and mathematics etc. If you want to improve your vocabulary, Creative Writing Training in Gurgaon should be on your to-do list.

Thoughts Perspicacity

Thinking about the same thing from different angles isn’t an ordinary art. You are always ahead from other people when it comes to dealing with a given situation. You will be able to do various things smartly. You will feel the difference in quality and quantity. You will learn, how you can do something in quick time. Concisely, creative writing will be more than handy to enrich your potential as a thinker.

Improvement of Communication Skills

If you aren’t good enough in communication, it is not good at all for your personality. Creative Writing Course in Gurgaon will surely improve your skills of interaction and communication. You will feel very confident in front of your colleagues, co-workers, teammates, and clients. Lack of communication skills can cause discomfort for you in front of other people especially superior ones. You should apply for Creative Writing at Henry Harvin for improving your communication skills.

Proper Application of Your Skills

Having good skills is a different thing, and its proper application is entirely different. Creative writing will improve your techniques of problem-solving. You will learn, how to apply your knowledge and skills in different situations. You will be able to solve any problem in any given solution smartly. It will also improve your fantasy imagination. You will become a very good fantasy writer. And of course, you can apply your imagination power in your real life as well. Creative Writing Training in Gurgaon from Henry Harvin will teach you how to apply your skills according to the situations and conditions.

Jobs as a Creative Writer

Creative writing isn’t only a good way to improve your overall personality; it is an excellent job-oriented course as well. You can work in different capacities for different companies and institutions and can make very decent money. Here are some job options you can opt after completing your creative writing course.


As a writer, you feel and experience things very differently, you can make feel people special and more alive, and you can express your imaginations in the best possible ways. If you want to become a successful and influential writer, you need to develop some skills including creativity, unique thinking capacity, and some brilliant imagination. Henry Harvin offers Creative Writing Course in Gurgaon and teaches how to develop these skills in very quick time.

As a writer, you can work for various companies and organizations in different genres and themes including short stories, fiction and non-fiction long stories, poems, spiritual thoughts and speeches, writings on life, scripts for movies and theatres, articles and columns on various topics for newspapers, magazines, and different websites. There are some other options in the digital world like preparing scripts for games and animations. In a nutshell, the demand for creative writers is huge, and it is only going to increase with time.

As a writer, earning somewhere around 60,000 to 5, 00,000 per month shouldn’t be very challenging for you.

Creative Direction

Advertisement is proving to be a huge factor in the success of a lot of businesses, companies, and institutions. Various private companies are working on providing unique and attractive advertisements, and these companies are always looking for talented and skilled creative writers. Creative Writing Training in Gurgaon will help you to get a decent job at one of the top advertisement companies in the capital. As a creative director, you will get chances of leading different teams of creative writers. The main goal of your team will be to provide strategic vision to the concerning company. You will work with various people for performing different features of advertisements including drafting, creativity, and uniqueness, etc.

Working as a creative director requires some high level of writing, and communication skills along with some experience working with various companies. Henry Harvin’s Creative Writing Course in Mumbai will help you to earn 50,000 to 5, 00,000 depending on your skills and experience.


It is not a very popular job, and according to so many reports around the world, most of the people are still not familiar with the word “lexicography”. The fact that it is still unknown to a lot of people, it gives you an edge. It is not among the highest paying jobs, but it is more than enough to give you a decent career especially if you are looking to start making some money constantly.

As a lexicographer, you need to edit, compose, and update different types of dictionaries in different languages. It will be very helpful for you especially after completing your Creative Writing Training in Kolkata. There are some other options as well in addition to editing and updating and editing various dictionaries. You can get decent jobs in different capacities including checking and confirming the meanings of different words used in various books, blogs, online journals, magazines, etc.

Your knowledge and skills as a creative writer will come very handy to earn you somewhere around 40,000 to 60,000 per month, once again, depending on your skills.

Editorial Assistant

Editorial assistance is another very good job option for you as a creative writer. If you have good grammar and conversation skills, the chances of having a good career as an editorial assistant increases even more. It is undoubtedly one of the best options, especially for new and budding writers. You will be fortunate enough to work with senior and experience editorial recruits at various fields including publication, management, and commissioning. Creative Writing Course in Delhi will help you to spot errors and mistakes in various already written contents from senior editors.

The demands for editorial assistants are only increasing from various publishing and editorial companies. If you are good enough during your tenure as an editorial assistant, there is no reason why you can’t become an editor in chief for different magazines and newspapers. In starting, you can easily earn something like 30K to 50k monthly.

Job Options for You as a Creative Writer

Content and Social Media Marketing
North West Gurgaon, Gurgaon

Online Reputation Management
MIRIC Biotech Limited, New Gurgaon

Content Creator
Square Radius India Pvt. Ltd, New Gurgaon

Content Writing Internship
Trans-Web Educational Services Pvt. Ltd
New Gurgaon

Content Development (Statistics) Internship
Evelyn Learning System, New Gurgaon

Customer Support Executive
Starclinch, Gurgaon

These are some of the best options for you as a creative writer. However, there is no shortage of scopes once you get your certificate after completing Creative Writing Training in Chennai @ Henry Harvin.

Henry Harvin: Empowering Youth With Some Amazing Job-Oriented Courses

There are very few institutes like Henry Harvin in India. The institute’s biggest aim is to empower youth by developing some wonderful writing and creativity skills. Youth is the most important economy of any nation, and Henry Harvin is always determined to participate in the nation’s progress by igniting the fire to get a quality education in today’s youth.

Although we aim to provide highly job-oriented courses to youth, it doesn’t mean middle-aged and old people can’t come here to learn. There is no age-restriction for learning something new, and when it comes to learning a special art like creative writing, age is just a number.

Creative Writing Course in Gurgaon from Henry Harvin is provided and delivered by some very talented and experienced writers, language masters, and industry stalwarts. The institute has been very successful to unearth so many creative writers by offering a very attractive 32 hours creative writing course aiming to advancements in more than 30 various topics and genres related to creative writing.

There are different creative writing courses at Henry Harvin with various fee structures depending on your skills, aptitude and your future priorities as a creative writer.

One of the biggest positives of our Creative Writing Training in Gurgaon is to make you more than ready to apply for various jobs at leading MNCs. The institute has been very successful to help a lot of students to get very decent jobs in different capacities. They are already earning very decent money, and now is the time for you to apply for the most suitable course.

Benefits of creative writing course from Henry harvin?

It improves Thoughts Perspicacity, enhances Communication Skills, it will improve your techniques of problem-solving. You will learn, how to apply your knowledge and skills in different situations.

What are the job options as a creative writer?

Some job options you can opt after completing your creative writing course are: Writer – one can publish a book, creative direction, Lexicography – it requires you to edit, compose, and update different types of dictionaries in different languages, Editorial Assistant.

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