Dear Beginners,

The best way to learn content writing is hidden in the following 5 phases :

  • Phase 1: Language Skills
  • Phase 2: Internet Skills
  • Phase 3: 30+ Content Types
  • Phase 4: Content Strategy
  • Phase 5: How to Earn Online from Content Writing

Before we start our blog tutorial on content writing for beginners, let me give you an option for a FREE LIVE ONLINE TUTORIAL on CONTENT WRITING FOR BEGINNERS BY HENRY HARVIN.


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Now, let us begin our learning, by first knowing various types of content that exists:

30+ Types of Content Writing You Should Know!

Business & Marketing Writing

SEO Writing
Landing Pages
Social media
E-Book Writing
Newsletter & Magazine Writing
Press Releases
Book Reviews
Product Reviews & Descriptions
Resume Writing
Writing a cover letter
Editing & Proofreading

Technical & Research Writing


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Academic Writing

Study Material
Academic Guides
Instructional Design
Question Banks

Creative Writing

Foundation of Creative Writing
Dialogue Writing
Script Writing
Fiction Writing
Article Writing

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How to Start Content Writing?

  • Read as Much as You Can– Make reading your hobby.
    – Start reading articles and blogs on the internet on a regular basis.
    – Read as much as you can so that your mind never runs out of ideas.
    – Develop an habit of reading will keep you updated with the latest trends and hot topics to write whenever needed.
    – The more you read, the more you know, the more you can write/share.

  • Stay in Research Mode all the Time– A writer is someone who should know everything, and for that, you have to be in research mode at all times.
    – This will enhance your knowledge base and being a writer; you will be able to write everything. 
    – Start with your favorite topics like technology, automobiles, politics, innovation, or anything, just start reading and researching more in that area.
  • Improve your Vocabulary and Grammar– In order to start a career in writing your grammar should be on tips.
    – Also, your vocabulary should be very strong. You should be ready with synonyms or good alternatives of different words that you use in your content.
    – You can use your spelling and grammatical error by using different free online grammar and spell-check tools. 


  • The title is very important– In the beginning, to attract more readers to your writing, try giving catchy titles.
    – Captivating headlines will grab the attention of more and more readers, and you will get more clicks.
  • Put your Most Important Information First– It’s important to put your most important and valuable information first and anything else after that.
    – Frame your first 2 sentences most in the most compelling and interesting way. It will hook the readers till the end.
    – For example, you can start with a joke or share an experience related to your life that can connect the reader.
    • Subheadings– Using subheadings makes the content even more readable.
      – It makes the content sharp and crisp.
      – It grabs the viewer’s attention immediately and gives a brief idea of the topic written below the heading.
  • Ignore lengthy Paragraphs– Refrain absolutely from writing lengthy paragraphs, at least at the beginning of your writing career.
    – Place a single idea in a single paragraph, so that your idea can easily reach the reader.
    – Instead of the length, you need to focus on the quality of your work.
  • Make it Precise– Always write to the point and relevant content.
    – Make sure that you frame your ideas in a compressed way.
    – Precise content is meaningful and looks attractive. Readers like scannable content and will give it a look if it’s specific.
    – Start your topic with the conclusion so that your reader gets a brief about your content and your entire talk.
  • Edit and Edit Again– Once you have written your piece of content, read it a couple of times.
    – Edit your first draft until it becomes perfect.
    – Editing will help in removing any typing or spelling errors.
    – The first draft always has silly mistakes after you have finished writing. Hence double check your work before submission or publishing.

  • Write Everyday– In the beginning, when you are starting your writing career, make a routine of daily writing, and follow it up without a miss.
    – Keep it up to 300-500 words and write each day to get into the habit of writing and improve your writing style.

More often than never, a trained content writer will not be able to understand how and when to use their acquired skills.

Top 3 Content Writing Tips for Beginners

So a few tips more tips on how and where to begin content writing are provided here for our readers. So, let us start our content writing tutorial steps:

1. Understand a specific interest: 

Content is diverse. From the healthcare sector to the industrial industry buzzing with businesspeople, content is vital everywhere. Content Writing Tutorialteaches you just that.

Several writers are multi-taskers and understand all types of content with perfection. However, a beginner must always take baby steps at the beginning.

Understand which sector is the most suited for your area of interest. It can be marketing or any other field. Questioning yourself about your specific interests goes a long way when you are just starting with a content writing tutorial.

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Even as a beginner, you may have a prior interest in digital marketing. Once you know digital marketing like a professional, understand the nuances of content writing tutorial is already half done. It makes starting and expanding the arena of interest easier. 

2. Understand how to start writing by knowing your most suited writing style

A good content writing tutorial will teach an individual to write in diverse styles. Imagine you have a scope to write in a different writing style, but you do not know how to. Content writing tutorials are here to help you with just that—every writing style varies from the other.

A writer must have prior knowledge about most of these writing styles and not give up learning.  It is here where the importance of a highly valued content writing tutorial comes in. These content writing tutorials will keep an individual under the constant pressure of learning and advancing. 


It is very much possible that you do not find interest in a particular arena of content writing. A supportive content writing tutorial will introduce you to the diverse world of content.

It will not only increase your interest but keep you going in the learning procedure. Knowing every content writing style is essential and warranted. It is of substantial importance to understand how to write Advertisement Copies, Blog posts, Articles, Guest Copies, and E-books. These are just a few examples from a wide range of writing styles. 

3. Taking Negative as well as Positive feedback seriously

A lot of advice is given by several content writing tutorials to take in positive feedback. An excellent content writing tutorial will tell you to take in the negative feedback too.

It is nothing but constructive criticism. There are no better means to improve your content writing game than by paying attention to the smaller details and considering negative feedback. It means that you have a lot of scopes to improve.

At the beginning of your journey as a content writer or creator, it is essential to understand that your critics only want you to excel. They had to face hardships, too, just like you will in when you start with content writing. Keeping at it is the key to a good content writing career. 

However, not all critics are well-wishers. It becomes essential to distinguish that. Once you have enrolled in a good content writing tutorial, you will understand the intricacies of the business well.

It will help you differentiate between well-wishers and those that are merely exaggerating. When a client gives negative feedback, learn to take it in the right way. Improve your skills and consult with other content writers and freelancers to figure out what you are doing incorrectly and where you are going wrong.  

To conclude the discussion, one of the essential things, and individuals who are interested in content writing can do is deliver value through their write-ups and creations. 

It is essential for every piece of information provided in the article to be authentic and full of correct information. Enrolling in a content writing tutorial will make you understand the massive weight of delivery in a piece of content. The content writing tutorial will guide you continually is the distribution of your article is off or right. 

Begin content writing today by enlisting yourself for a content writing tutorial. Immerse yourself into the world of content and understand that nothing is too difficult to achieve or understand. 

Common Doubts of Beginners

How does the content writing course help beginners?

A content writing course helps a beginner in the formulation of effective strategies required to create unique quality content. What are essential tips for beginners to follow while writing content?

Write an attractive headline that should b compelling enough to the readers. Frame content that I should have an easy language. Don’t stuff the keywords. Edit your content. How to get a Free Tutorial on Content Writing?

In order to get a free tutorial, send a one-liner email at [email protected] and you will get details of the next tutorial.

Let me now Conclude!

Content writing is a field filled with money and prestige, all you need is dedication and hard work. To start a career in writing, you have to start writing every day and develop a habit of reading. As a beginner, you can start off with a word count of around 200 words.

Start writing every day at the same time and stick to the routine. Once your brain is conditioned and set to get a creative flow of ideas to write, then, you can move on to a bigger word count and the category that you want to master.

Focus on the right flow of the content!

One more important point to be noted is to never ever stop what you are doing, keep continuing and you will succeed. To improve your writing skills, get yourself enrolled for a free demo of Certified Digital Content Writing Course by Henry Harvin Education.


Kounal Gupta
CEO, Henry Harvin Education
[email protected]

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