Merely a decade ago, who would have thought of finding a genuine companion for their writing journey in the form of Content Writing Apps, guiding them in their writing projects like an expert coach? Today, we are living in the era of Apps for almost all activities related to our day-to-day work. We wake up opening the Apps and go to bed closing the Apps. That’s the effect of artificial intelligence in our lives these days. All for the good, the Content Writing Apps are there to make your life easy and help you pour your bucket of thoughts on paper with well-written content using the English Language.

The 9 Best Content Writing Apps in 2022

Those who have done a Content Writing Course must be aware of the names of these content writing apps. If you are a writer and not using any of these apps yet; you must want to download them now, to improve your writing and save a lot of time while correcting and paraphrasing your content. Yes, we are talking about using artificial intelligence to edit the content and shape up the best stories from your writing genius. Content writing apps do a great job when you are at a crunch of time to deliver your work.

Let us take you through some of the most helpful and widely used Content Writing Apps, that millions of writers use every day.

The 9 Best Content Writing Apps in 2022

1. Grammarly


Grammarly tops the list of the 9 Best Content Writing Apps in 2022 and is a must-have content writing app today. It has a user base of more than 30 million and a good rating across the Google play store and Apple App Store. Launched in 2009, Grammarly has become one of the widely used content editor apps. You can download it as an app and can also install as an extension in web browsers. So, for all types of platforms where you type the content, it will support you with suggestions for correct grammar usage, spelling, punctuation, and plagiarism. The free version of this content writing app is very good for beginners. However, the app is worth paying the premium for.

App Features

  • The app serves as a personal assistant for identifying and rectifying typing mistakes.
  • While writing, the app will review your text and will prompt you with the highlighted mistakes.
  • It gives correction suggestions on spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, punctuation, etc.
  • Can support as an Add-in to Microsoft Word on Windows PC or Mac.
  • This app runs on the cloud, so you need an internet connection to use this app while working.
  • The App suggests sentence formation as per the tone of writing.
  • While using Grammarly for MS Word, you will notice an animated lady showing appreciation each time you edit correctly, which is another user-friendly feature.
  • The Premium and Business versions of this app provide Plagiarism Checker, Paraphrasing, and Article Score.

Where to use

  • Users can install Grammarly as an app on Desktop, Laptop, MacBook, Mac Machine, iPad, iPhone, and Android device. 
  • You can add Grammarly as Add-in to Microsoft Word.
  • Grammarly keyboard is available for iOS and Android phones so it helps in typing on your mobiles.
  • There is an option to download Grammarly as an extension in various web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Google Docs.
  • You can access Grammarly suggestions while using the Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • The app is useful while writing emails also and it works on Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.


  • This app is applicable to the English Language only.
  • It doesn’t work without an internet connection.
  • The app doesn’t offer language translation. 

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2. Ulysses


As per user ratings, Ulysses ranks higher than Grammarly in the app store, however, it ranks second in our list of The 9 Best Content Writing Apps in 2022 as it caters to Mac and iOS users only. Launched in 2011, Ulysses is a content writing app that serves your needs for long and short forms of writing. The design of this app keeps the users free from distraction by keeping minimum formatting features. It is most recommended for authors who are writing books. The app converts the documents written in Ulysses to other formats like word doc, PDF, eBook, or blog.

App Features

  • This app has features to keep the users focused on writing rather than formatting.
  • Users can customize the interface and enable the required features as per their requirements.
  • The app provides formatting options, document management, and options for publishing.
  • Writers can put tags on the content to manage their work and can also edit while traveling, without using a mouse. 
  • In-built feature for proofreading, spelling check, grammar check, and suggestions for editing.
  • Supports 20 languages and linked publishing on WordPress, Ghost, Medium,, etc.
  • It also suggests corrections on punctuation, styles, sentence formation, etc.
  • Ulysses stores the articles written in this app, in a library that syncs with the connected devices.

Where to Use

  • Ulysses is available for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
  • The documents sync on the iCloud environment seamlessly.
  • It allows up to five family members to use the app.


  • Ulysses is not available for Windows and Android users.
  • The app is not so suitable for writers who collaborate with other writers for editing.
  • If you want other writers to edit or make suggestions on your document then you need to convert the document to a word document or google doc.
  • Some templates and tools are not available for screenwriters as compared to other screenwriting apps.

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3. iA Writer

iA Writer

iA Writer is a content writing app for writers which provides a focused writing environment. Launched in 2010,  this app is a digital typewriter that can give output to multiple channels. It has a simple interface with fonts similar to a typewriter. This app has found a large number of the user base who like to focus purely on the text, without thinking about the formatting. This makes it secure third place in our list of the 9 Best Content Writing Apps. It helps the writers to focus on the quality of content they are writing with tools for correcting the text. However, for those who would like to create a printable document with formatting options, this app may not suffice. 

App Features

  • This app offers a focus mode to help users focus on writing and not on formatting the document.
  • The font in this app is plain text and users can publish final draft in multiple formats.
  • There is an auto-markdown feature to expedite sentence structuring.
  • Feature for syntax highlight cleans up the content and shows the corrected text in highlights. 
  • You can preview the document to see how it would look in a book.
  • The app is suitable for writing both short and long forms of writing.

Where to use

  • iA Writer works on Apple devices – Mac, iPhone, iPad.
  • It is compatible with Android phones. Users can download it from the Play Store.
  • The app is available for Windows users as well.


  • Limited to writing text only.
  • There is no option to choose different fonts.
  • It doesn’t have the option of document formatting or designing.

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4. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

One of the oldest software for writing, Microsoft Word is a must-have content writing app for Windows users. MS Word has the largest user base and ranks number four on our list of the 9 Best Content Writing Apps in 2022. It is a word processor that produces professional documents. It has in-built features like spelling check, document formatting options, and output options in printable documents or pdf formats. The app has an unlimited number of user-friendly design options for the documents which give a great experience to the writers. It works great for whitepapers, reports, blogs, articles, and books.

App Features

  • Word processing document that gives output as a word document or PDF suitable for print.
  • In-built templates to choose the document design.
  • Rich styles are available to create Headings, Titles, Quotes, etc. which enhances paragraph readability.
  • Option to insert images, tables, smart arts, shapes, charts, screenshots, videos, etc.
  • Shareable documents where other members can put comments to suggest the editing points.
  • Option to mention Header and Footer with the page number.
  • Different styles of fonts, word formatting, bookmarks, cross-reference links, and add-ins are available.
  • It has an add-in option to link to Wikipedia where a search option appears on the screen to find any information on Wikipedia.

Where to use

  • Use this on a Windows pc or laptop.
  • Compatible with Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
  • Available for Android phones.


  • Sometimes the formatting options create trouble for writers when you copy and paste the text from somewhere. However, the app provides paste options to keep source formatting or use destination style, or merge with the current style.
  • Creating numbering and bullets in paragraphs needs constant correction in alignment and sequence, as the app may take continuous numbering if you don’t manually change the numbers under different headings.
  • Editing restricted to one user in real-time instead of multiple users.

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5. Google Docs

Google Docs

Google Docs is best for collaboration and its features for real-time editing by group members. This is why it is popular among content writers and ranks number five in our list of the 9 Best Content Writing Apps in 2022. This content writing app is an online word processing app mostly used by the content writing teams. It also offers to track the history versions of the documents to track the changes. By allotting permission to users the writers can decide the task for each member.  The benefit of this app is that the users can access documents from any system as they are accessible through browsers.

App Features

  • Multiple users can access the document from any device by logging in.
  • Google Docs facilitate sharing with a group of users who can edit the document in real-time.
  • Using the “@” sign writers can mention the usernames and collaborate with them.
  • Autofill feature for completing the sentences which makes writing faster.
  • Suggestions for spelling and grammar corrections.
  • Assistance with typing with voice commands.
  • There is a tool in Google docs to translate documents into other languages.
  • Options to insert images, tables, charts, emojis, equations, comments, etc.
  • Various formatting options for styling the document. 

Where to use

  • Google docs are accessible in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari web browsers.
  • It works on a Windows pc or laptop.
  • Works on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
  • Available for Android users.


  • It needs the user to be online to edit the documents. However, if the document is available on Google Drive, then it is accessible offline.
  • It lacks compatibility when opening Google Docs with some other software. 

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6. Scrivener


Scrivener is a word processing app made by Literature and Latte ranking number six on our list of the 9 Best Content Writing Apps in 2022. The app has a fan base of writers who are into long forms of writing like scripts, screenplays, novels, books, etc. Some of the features in this app are specifically for script writers; where they can listen to the text written, to evaluate how the story sounds. This content writing app is full of features for story writers.

App Features

  • Tools to edit and restructure the sentences and paragraphs.
  • A system to create subfolders under folders to outline the parts of the story.
  • Option to set and track writing goals. 
  • Users can download writing output as MS Word, Open Office, RTF, PDF, Kindle Publishing, etc.
  • Features to hear your writing in a speech to evaluate how the story sounds while narrating.
  • There are some specific templates for story writers for example stage play template, documentary template, comics template, BBC radio template, and TV template.
  • Settings for choosing distraction-free writing like Composition Mode. 
  • It provides metrics to check daily work done on the document, by counting daily word counts. 

Where to use

  • This app works on Mac and iPhone.
  • The latest version of this content writing app – Scrivener 3 is available for Windows 8 and above.


  • Users need to learn the terminology used in this app to be able to use it efficiently.
  • It lacks an advanced grammar-checker tool. Hence, the user needs to download additional tools. 
  • Not available for Android users.

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7. Evernote


Evernote is a handy app suitable for individuals and teams for taking notes. It ranks number seven on our list of the 9 Best Content Writing Apps in 2022. It is also useful for teachers, for designing a course and collecting feedback on the course. This content writing app provides features to create tasks and the completion date of the tasks with reminders for users. 

App Features

  • The app offers to scan important documents and store them in the app.
  • It has the option to save the web pages and clip them for later reference. Users can also capture the screen to save only the selected parts of the pages.
  • Web clipper feature to take a screenshot from the web page and highlight the text, add comments, put remarks, etc.
  • Tools to create reminders using voice, search notes, make to-do lists, etc.
  • It offers options to embed audio and images, along with tools for collaboration.
  • Useful for taking notes in a meeting, instructions, cooking recipes, classroom notes, etc.
  • Users can connect the notes saved in this app to the Google Calendar.
  • Team sharing with simultaneous editing option.
  • The files shared in a group are accessible simultaneously with an alert message showing who is editing the file at that time. 

Where to use

  • Evernote app works on Windows systems.
  • It works on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
  • The app works on Android phones also. 
  • Users can login to Evernotes app through an Apple id or Gmail id.


  • Users can access the files simultaneously, but cannot edit the file at the same time.
  • There is an upper limit of 25MB on the file size, in the free version.
  • Needs an internet connection to sync files and save the changes done in the files.

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8. Hemingway


Hemingway Editor App is a preferred content writing app that helps writers in creating content with good readability. It ranks number eight on our list of the 9 Best Content Writing Apps. The app has a bundle of great features to increase the readability of the documents which is helpful in search engine optimization (SEO). It detects the points in your text that can hamper the overall readability of the content and highlights them in different colors. So when you mouse hover on the highlighted text, it suggests the required changes.

App Features

  • If you download the desktop version for Mac and Windows PC, you can use the app without an internet connection.
  • The app suggests corrections for shortening lengthy sentences, correcting grammar and spelling, keeping a passive voice, etc.
  • Features for formatting the text like headlines, bold, italics, bullet points, etc.
  • There is an integration option for WordPress and Medium using which writers can publish their work directly to these sites. 
  • Option to export file as an HTML page and Word document.
  • It has color codes for highlighting the suggestions.
  • This app also provides a score for the readability of the content.

Where to use

  • Users can edit and write content on Hemingway’s website online. 
  • When you open the Hemingway website link, you can directly start writing your content.
  • You can also copy and paste your content directly on the website and edit it online with the suggestions highlighted by the site.
  • Using the CTRL+S button on your keyboard, you can save your page in HTML format.
  • The Desktop app download available for Mac and Windows PC with the paid version.


  • To use the app offline, you need to download the paid version. 
  • It does not check the grammar and spelling mistakes. However, grammar checker tools like Grammarly plug-in work on this app.

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9. Ginger


Ginger is number nine on our list of the 9 Best Content Writing Apps in 2022. It is a simple content writing app used for proofreading and grammar checking. You can use this app directly on its website to edit and rephrase your text. It also has an in-built dictionary that suggests synonyms to the users. The app also identifies mistakes like singular and plural usage, and correct use of tense in the sentence. This app finds a user base across the world and is also beneficial for Businesses and Educational Institutes to help employees and students write correct English.

App Features

  • Checks grammar, spelling mistakes, styles, etc., and suggests corrections.
  • Users can rephrase the text online and select re-written sentences from multiple options.
  • The premium version offers unlimited rephrasing of sentences and Add-in to MS Word.
  • Feature to translate text into more than 40 languages comes with the premium version.
  • It has the feature of showcasing a new phrase every day to engage the users.
  • Users can choose to save text and add a dictionary that can synchronize with other devices. 
  • One of the features dictates text from the various resources for users to learn English speaking.

Where to use

  • Use this app directly on the website. 
  • Copy and paste text or upload a word document for proofreading.
  • Downloadable as an Add-in to Google Chrome.
  • Free app download for Windows and Mac.
  • Available for Android and iPhone.


  • It doesn’t have the option to check plagiarism and grammar scores. 
  • The app is not free for Mobile users.
  • There is a monthly limit for the number of corrections for the free version.

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What is Content Writing

Content Writing is a well-paying profession for those who like to read and write. There are many types of writing under the umbrella of content writing broadly categorized as Expository Writing, Creative Writing, Descriptive Writing, and Persuasive Writing. The writers may eventually expertise in any particular type of writing. However, the use of content writing apps is essential for all types of writers.

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Course Highlights

  • Become a Certified Digital Content Writer (CDCW Course).
  • Get to know about more than 30 types of writing.
  • Live sessions with an experienced instructor to train you.
  • Complimentary Internship with Henry Harvin Content Writing Team.
  • Training sessions for interviews post-completion of the course.
  • Opportunity to participate in weekly placement drives and a lot more.

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1. Is it compulsory to do a content writing course for using content writing apps?

No. It is not compulsory to do a content writing course. Anyone can download these apps and try them.

2. Is it worth paying for the paid version of content writing apps?

Once you find the suitable app for your writing needs, it is worth paying for the extra features that come with the paid versions. But, try the free version as much as you can before purchasing the premium to invest at the right place.

3. Where can I download the content writing app?

Writing apps are available on Play Store (Android), and App Store (Apple), and download links are also available on their respective websites.

4. I want the pricing of the content writing apps.

There is a pricing link available under the description of each app mentioned above.

5. I am a beginner in the content writing field. Which app should I use?

For beginners, we would suggest that the writers use Grammarly for editing content while writing and then check the content with Hemingway for good readability and SEO.

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