“Content is the King”, it’s the present and future of Marketing. 

Content marketing is the strategic marketing approach that is focused on the creation and distribution of relevant, consistent, and valuable content. It is to attract the targeted audience and retain and finally by profitably driving customer action. The majority of the marketers are using content marketing. Enterprises use content marketing for increasing sales, saving costs, and customer loyalty.  

In today’s world content marketing is more intriguing rather than the thousands of marketing messages. Content marketing needs to be part of the process, it doesn’t matter what kind of marketing tactics one uses. Marketing becomes invalid without good content. It’s a long-term strategy, which focuses on building a strong relationship with the targeted audience. The main focus is giving high-quality content that needs to be relevant on a compatible basis. A customer makes the purchase decision over the competitor’s opinion because the loyalty already lies with your product and purchases it.

There are numerous strategies for content marketing, but the 3D content model is better in every way. It consists of three steps: 

  • Mapping the content to the pain point;
  • Mapping the right type of content for the problem; and
  • Mapping the content with the buying cycle of the people having that problem. Check out Henry Harvin’s Content Writing Course

People have started showing interest in content writing as an opportunity for jobs. There are many institutes that are ready to educate about the areas of content writing. You can find yourself surrounded by plenty of opportunities if you have enough skills for the field. If you are a person who wants to work in your own space and do freelancing then content writing is definitely the right choice. This course is seen to be chosen by anyone from students to homemakers.  Even professionals are seen joining content writing courses adding as a side hustle to their full-time careers. One just needs to have an interest in writing which will be polished and make one more skilled in the course. While looking for a content writing course Henry Harvin Education is a must considered choice. The course is recognized as South Asia’s 1st certified course. The Statesman ranked it to be the first.

The course is of 36 hours including monthly Bootcamp sessions, internship after the course, job notifications every week, and 11 modules that cover all the areas of content writing. The course is offered both in a self-paced costing ₹13500 and live online classroom costing ₹15000. One can opt for whichever is found to be beneficial.


Content marketing is all about keeping pace with the recent trends, customer demands, and technologies. Content marketers need to be adaptable to the changing scenario to effectively reach their audiences. The main focus point of content marketing is adaptability and flexibility. The effectiveness of content marketing depends on the advancement of tools, techniques, and channels, the marketers use to create and distribute the content. So, in 2022 the most likely tactics that might dominate the content marketing trends can be summed up as follows:

1. Personalization of content:

A sophisticated way of communication becomes more important to be consumer savvy. It does matter a lot as one must know the buyer or the consumer as they are expecting. Sales opportunities can be increased when brands are nurtured with personalization. Personalization gives an edge against the competition. Personalized marketing is increasing and is identified as a new trend because of it being prolific. It’s all about data, consumer data plays the role in personalization.

So more data, better creation of meaningful messages for the consumer. The content marketer needs to identify what kind of demographics, preferences, priorities are required to be used by the consumers. 

The main advantage of personalized marketing is that it will help you in reaching the targeted audience. More creative and effective campaigns can be targeted on the basis of consumer buying habits or interests. So it is very much essential to collect the data from various surveys, studies, or segments. Personalizing the content helps in building a deep relationship with the consumers, creating better content, gives an identity of the business, and also helps in boosting sales and better pricing. 

2. Concise Content:

The number of words is going up in the blog posts on average whereas the audience’s attention started going down. So the content needs to be concise as the users stick to it. The majority of the users are not interested in longer content. Users prefer infographics and videos for better understanding than reading longer content. Today’s generation, the millennial demographic prefers shorter content including infographics and videos over other types of content. A concise content have distinct qualities like 

  • Eye captivating: The big idea is presented in such a way that it attracts the users once they open it. By using numbers, using a unique rationale, being ultra-specific, using visuals, conveying a sense of urgency ensures the audience the usefulness of the content. 
  • Easy to Read: Another quality that comes after being eye captivating is that content needs to be easily understandable or readable. It can be done by shortening the introduction, keeping the paragraphs short, avoiding passive voice, and choosing value over word count
  • Engaging: Another quality for great content needs the audience to engage from start to end. It can be done by presenting details, writing like you are talking to a friend, writing the draft, and then becoming editor before submitting it. 

3. Interactive Content:

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An interactive content is a content that a consumer can engage with and operate. This kind of content helps in bridging the engagement gap by attracting the users to the content and providing value in return. With creativity, interactive content can help consumers engage, provide the required information, and build a deep bond with the brand. Interactive content results in higher levels of engagement rate. It also makes it easier to capture the relevant data from the users which helps in making the content more personalized. 

Consumers don’t want their mailbox to be flooded with marketing messages so they are worried about giving their email addresses and numbers. And it’s right as a consumer whom they choose which helps in exchanging value between the consumer and the company. 

Interactive content helps in improving brand loyalty. When the consumer starts engaging with the surveys, polls, quizzes, assessment, and other interactive infographics helps in creating a shared experience. As a result, both the brand and the consumer starts understanding each other on a deeper level and creates a bond. Tools and calculators, interactive infographics, surveys and polls, interactive whitepapers, reports, personalized assessments, and quizzes are some of the examples of interactive content. 

4. Influencer Marketing:

Influencers are an important part of content marketing. An influencer has many followers so the brand can approach the Influencer for boosting brand awareness. A brand message can be trusted by the followers once they’re shared by the influencer. To make Influencer marketing successful one must approach and collaborate who have genuine followers and post authentic content. And the most important thing is that the influencer’s and brand niche should match. 

Influencer Marketing helps in strengthening the trust of the customers. The influencer can create stories around the product if the influencer is convinced by your product. To strengthen the customer trust the influencers need to be invited to experience the product or the service, let them know the unique selling point, including benefits and features. 

Influencers can help content marketing be more reachable to users. To get greater exposure in the market to potential customers, the feedback and recommendations by the influencer are trusted by many. 

Linking influencers for content marketing also helps with search engine optimization as it gets more traffic. It not only helps in driving more customers but also helps in improving the search rankings. Tracking the data once influencers are involved ensures that the investment is worthy. 

5. User-Generated Content:

Any form of content like images, posts, videos, etc on social or online networks created by consumers is known as User Generated Content. In the beginning, companies were skeptical about using UGC as it felt hard to justify. But as UGC got better every year and is easily accessible, the brands aren’t able to be ignored anymore. Content marketers invest a lot of money and time while creating the perfect message and also the professional image to attract the consumers, but the reality is consumers don’t want to see perfection, they want real. 

User-generated content is said to be more authentic than brand-created content as the audience trusts the recommendation of a real person rather than a brand. UGC acts as social proof, audiences are more inclined towards reality than themselves. So UGC has become an important trend of the content marketing strategy in the current and upcoming era. UGC helps in solidifying a brand’s image and also helps in spreading awareness. It will also help in instilling consumer value, strengthening client relationships, building SEO value, and boosting sales. 

6. Content Automation:

Another trend that needs to be watched out for in 2022 is the automation of content creation. It is a set of technologies that helps in automating the manual process in content marketing. This trend can result in the biggest and game changes. The main purpose is to automate the stages of the content life cycle and keep it updated. Creating effective, original, and innovative content is still a hard job while getting started from scratch. While creating content there are many aspects that need to be considered like SEO, uniqueness, objectives, and style. 

Through AI algorithms different types of content can be created like visual, text, and audio. They help in searching, analyzing, and learning from articles for creating content that is unique and optimized from a given keyword. Though most machine-generated content might not serve the goal, that it needs to be quality checked. Content Automation can be helpful in content marketing in ways like 

  • Increasing efficiency;
  • Providing workflow;
  • Reducing manual mistakes;
  • Improving consumer experience;
  • Providing regulatory compliances.

7. Diversification of Content:

Nobody is interested in monotonous content. Users will be bored with the same type of content. By using different types of media like infographics, video, galleries, or something else will help the users glued to your brand. New ideas need to be presented in a new way. So yes, diversifying comes to the rescue, the content needs to be stand out from the rest. Diversification means to enlarge, more emphasis and time needs to be invested on content diversification. There’s no need of creating more, instead of needing to vary what’s already there. 

For diversifying daily content at first the format needs to be changed. For example, creating a blog takes a lot of time, but creating a tweet or Facebook post takes less time and is a great way of audience engagement. The next tip is never to repeat the same content. The audience will be bored, try to break it down into content categories like various infographics. Try using unique images and data that captivates the audience. And lastly, more research will help in learning about the competitors, upcoming content formats, and also trending topics. 

8. Subject Matter Expert:

A comment from a subject matter expert plays a pivotal role in content marketing. One who creates or writes about the content isn’t always a subject matter expert. They create the content by research but subject matter experts are technically strong in the particular field. Try finding out the correct subject matter expert rather than randomly approaching. Try to know more about them. 

The knowledge level of the content creator or the marketer isn’t the same as the experts. They are said to be experts, so it’s obvious to know what questions need to be asked. It’s very important to ask the right question, they don’t have much time, so, it’s better to utilize most of the time by asking the right question. The right subject matter expert is going to give valuable insight when the right question is being asked. Having guidance from a subject matter expert is very much important in boosting up content marketing.

9. Multi-Channel Marketing:

Another content marketing trend that needs to be watched out for is being everywhere. There are various channels and consumers are everywhere. They are adapting to new technologies quickly, so the brands need to gear up. The more channels being used the intensity of getting more reach becomes prominent. This will also help to access more data, analyze the diversity of buyer’s journeys, and also be forced to get more organized. 

There are various tools that help in publishing content on multiple channels and can be checked on everything. For example Cyfe,, Agorapulse, etc.

10. Live streaming:

Another trend that needs to be watched out is the live streaming of video content. Nowadays users are turning away from heavily edited and polished content. They feel it isn’t authentic. The users feel more attached to live streams than pre-recorded videos too. The audience feels more connected as it’s happening in real-time. They can interact with the hosts and also be able to post comments. Live videos get more engagement than the pre-recorded videos. Live videos aren’t scripted, it’s more authentic, which offers unique possibilities that are engaging. This doesn’t need many changes in the content creation. But it results in more engagement of the audiences. They feel connected and that’s what is more important in creating value. 

11. Visualization:

Another trend of content marketing is visualization. The message needs to be visualized in such a way that the audience feels connected immediately. There are social media sites that help in serving the purpose. Talking directly instead of using gimmicks is setting the trend. Try to convert the list into graphics. As human nature, everyone is interested in graphics rather than written content. Animation and GIFs can be used in various ways, by engaging twists to the content or showing steps in an instructional post. Visualization helps in giving a proper insight on the content if it’s well presented. The main motive of any trend is understanding both users and the brands by vice versa. 

12. Authentic Content:

Last but not least and the most important trend is being authentic. Content must be authentic or else the user will lose trust. While selling a product or service the brand needs to keep in mind that it shouldn’t harm the emotions of the audience. Content needs to be created in such a way that the audience builds trust in it. Implementing authenticity will help in expressing brand purpose and values. Being authentic reveals that the brand cares for the users. The age-old saying “Honesty is the best policy” needs to be in mind always. Being clear, calm, and direct will cut down many challenges. 


While planning the content marketing strategy for the year these trends might result to be fruitful. The audience wants value-driven content that makes them feel organic and natural rather than fake and polished. Honing on effective content marketing will result in improving brand awareness, boosting revenues, increasing conversions, and more. Effective content marketing will help in reaching the targeted audience. Before starting trying to determine the type of content that will work best both for the audience and the business. Try to develop the content strategy after that. Keeping updated and with time makes a strategy stand out. Along with that, it’s very important to understand which strategy will work. Regular monitoring in the progress at regular intervals will be able to tweak the strategy of content marketing. Content marketing requires the delivery of content in large amounts in a continuous way. It helps in attracting new customers and also creating brand loyalty. Keeping in pace with the trends creates brand loyalty and sustainability in the competition. 

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Q1. What is the need for using content marketing?

Ans. Content marketing is the only SEO tactic that is effective through all algorithm changes. Thus it helps in pulling traffic towards the content.

Q2. Do content marketing helps in SEO?

Ans. Yes. It does play an important role in the quality and relevant content with the search phrases and terms.

Q3. Is it going to cost much?

Ans. With limited experience in the field, it’s thought that it’s too expensive but it’s not like that. It depends on business size, resources, budget, and goals.

Q4. Are audience and traffic the same?

Ans. No. Traffic is the people who visit the website. The audience is the people who look forward to consuming the content.

Q5. What’s better, timely content or evergreen content?

Ans. Both. It’s important to address current events and also to create evergreen content that will help the audience visit for months and years.

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