For years, people have loved uploading and creating videos on the beautiful online video-sharing website YouTube. It has helped many creators build careers. Growing a channel requires a lot of time and effort.

Today, we have a secret weapon known as YouTube Keyword Tools, and these are no less than a boon.

Keyword Tools is an online keyword research instrument that generates hundreds of long-tail Keywords on any topic. YouTubers can choose a domain from 192 supported domains and one of 83 languages to produce Keyword suggestions. Many YouTube keyword tools can help YouTubers with SEO and content creation, international SEO, and advertising.

TOP 10 YouTube Keyword Tools in 2024

1. TubeBuddy

 TubeBuddy is a browser extension that was launched in December 2014. It is a tool for YouTubers to research specific topic ideas and optimize their content.

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 Millions of YouTubers used it in August 2022. The Food Ranger has over 5 million subscribers. It is a widely used keyword tool among other YouTube Keyword Tools.


a. Auto-Translation

    It has an auto-translate tool. It translates descriptions and titles of a YouTube Video.

b. Research Topic Keywords

   YouTube’s search engine searches Videos mainly, so appropriate Keywords are

essential. The higher license allows YouTubers to track multiple Keywords. It also offers

ranking reports.

c. Split-test your Video Content

    Before uploading a video, a YouTuber can figure out the best titles and

ensure an ideal description. Using this tool, a YouTuber can run metadata tests and

Thumbnail clickthrough rate tests.

d. Generate Thumbnails

    A thumbnail captivates the audience’s attention. YouTubers can use software like

Canva to create one. Another option is the Thumbnail Generator. YouTubers can create matching visuals for their videos. They can add text, images, emojis, and shapes.

YouTubers can also use and save different templates.

e. Channel Health Reports

   YouTubers can gain an overview of traffic sources and find related videos. It is one of

the excellent YouTube Keyword Tools.

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 Initially, YouTubers can use the free version. The free version gives top rankings.

Tubebuddy’s cheapest paid subscription costs $4.99 per month. It can generate thumbnails and plan video topics- plus more.

 The next plan costs $9.49 per month. It allows users to add end-screen templates, access SEO Studio, and enjoy many features.

 The final plan is the most expensive one. It costs $24.49 per month. It allows YouTubers to bulk copy cards and publish them on Facebook.

 A YouTuber with less than 1000 subscribers is eligible for annual plan discounts.

 TubeBuddy is an excellent and affordable tool that enables a YouTuber to rank higher. Its plans can upgrade as the channel grows.

2. autocompletes data to rank hundreds of Keywords by popularity. Youtubers can get a list categorized as Keyword suggestions, questions, Prepositions, and Hashtags. Youtubers can maximize their SEO efforts by upgrading to the Pro version for $68 annually.

3. VidlQ

     VidlQ is a Chrome extension. It is a powerful tool that can help grow one’s YouTube channel. It provides insights into Youtubers’ videos and those of their competitors and allows Youtubers to optimize videos for SEO, finding the best Keywords and Tags and Tracking Performance.


a. Score

    VidLQ score measures ranking in YouTube and SEO Optimisation. Keywords, Tags, Descriptions, Watch Time, Views, and Engagement determine the score.

b. Vision

    Vision shows data like views, subscribers, Watch time, retention, engagement, SEO Score, Social media shares, comments, and more. Youtubers can compare their videos with other related videos.

c. Boost

    It helps in boosting videos’ SEO and reach more and more viewers. Youtubers can use Keyword Research, tag suggestions, title and description optimization, thumbnail generator, competitor analysis, and more. Youtubers can learn from experts and get tips to grow their channel.

4. Google Trends

       Google Trends is a beautiful tool that helps understand what people search for. We can find out how popular that Keyword is. Regional and Local interest in search terms can also be figured out. The data shows high-volume keywords, current popular topics, and fluctuations.

Real-time data can be found in various ways:

a. YouTube Trending

This page displays videos that inform the happenings around the world. It balances total view count, rate of growth in views, and sources such as Facebook and Instagram from where views come.

b. Popular on YouTube

    Popular YouTube page is great for brands, marketers, and creators to know what is popular. The data can be extracted from these pages. This tool helps YouTubers determine the behaviors of viewers that can be filtered by periods and geographical locations. It is one of the most effective YouTube Keyword Tools.

5. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

    This tool lets YouTubers check SEO metrics up to 10,000 Keywords at a time. It manages to run over 640 million YouTube keywords. Yotubers can view how many people search for a query monthly and how many searches result in clicks.

Youtubers can also search for a seed Keyword, and based on that, they can view reports.

a. Phrase match

b. Having the same terms

c. Newly Discovered

d. Questions

e. All Keyword ideas

There are multiple benefits of this tool, among other YouTube Keyword Tools.

6. Rank Tracker

    Youtube Ranking is the position of a video on the result page. It is a valuable tool for Youtubers as they can view the Performance of their Video SEO on their or competitors’ videos. Rank Trackers keeps track of video positions for Youtubers so that they can keep their focus on the optimisation part.

Ranking factors

a. Keywords

b. Metadata– Video tags, Hashtags

c. Search Intent

i. Informational

To understand varieties and types

ii. Commercial

To find Producers

iii. Transactional

To find the cheapest options

iv. Navigational

To visit the YouTube channel and Watch Videos

7. Keyword Keg

       Keyword Keg is mainly used as a tag generator. It generates trending YouTube video tags based on metrics. Youtubers can find the most searched Keyword on YouTube before creating the first frame. They can also target YouTube users based on buyer intent.

      For Website owners, it costs $38 per month

      For agencies, it costs $762 per month

      40% we can save on annual packages.

      It is one of the critical YouTube Keyword Tools.

8. Kparser

 It is a Keyword Research tool. It suggests long-tail Keywords and phrases to improve the

online visibility of the webpage.

9. Keyword Tool Dominator

       Keyword Tool Dominator is a research tool. It not only provides YouTube Google Keyword ideas but also helps in finding results for:

a. Amazon

It is ideal for Product Listing. It also ranks Keywords in terms of popularity and various long-tail search words.

b. Bing

It is a free tool that helps find long-tail keywords. It helps in understanding what the audience wants and popular keywords and determining if there are any gaps.

c. eBay

This tool can provide Youtubers either auction listing Keywords and long tail  


d. Etsy

This tool helps find long-tail keywords related to one’s product or business.  

This tool gives suggestions.

e. Home Depot

This is a free keyword tool that Youtubers can use to find long-tail Keywords and product keywords. It helps in identifying the right words and phrases. Youtubers can increase the chances of ranking higher.

f. Walmart

This tool provides a list of long-tail keywords directly from Walmart. YouTube

can target effectively with their content and rank higher.

It helps identify the most popular keywords. It provides popularity scores and top.


10. Morning Fame

       It is an invite-only YouTube tool, among other YouTube Keyword Tools. It focuses on analytics and Keyword Research and works in a four-step process.

a. Choose a Video topic or Paste the URL of that Video.

b. Choose Video- Here, the tool shows Keyword ideas from related videos

c. Choose a Keyword and note its Ranking Opportunity Rating

d. Write a title and description, and add relevant tags to your video

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YouTube Keyword Tools are suggestions for finding the most searched Keywords on YouTube. These tools use an autocomplete service to find popular long-tail Keywords directly from YouTube. They intend to speed up search interaction by trying to predict what YouTubers search.

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1. What is a Keyword?

Ans. A Keyword is a word that describes the content on a webpage or post best.

2. What are YouTube Keyword Tools?

 Ans. YouTube Keyword Tools grants Youtubers the power to ensure they create good YouTube content that ranks high.

3. What Keywords should we use on YouTube?

Ans. We should use high-volume keywords that attract the audience.

4. How can we use YouTube Keyword tools?

Ans. First, we can select the preferred language and country, enter the Keyword, and finally select the Keyword from the list.

5. How can we make our channel search-friendly?

Ans. We can optimize Keywords in a video’s title and description.

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