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Mastering Blockchain Technology course in Mumbai is a future-oriented career for budding professionals. As a result, Businesses worldwide are in need of fast and accessibility to accurate information. Consequently, the Blockchain system delivers immediate and shared information. In this piece now, you will get a glimpse of the Top 10 Blockchain Courses in Mumbai.

Mumbai previously known as Bombay is the capital of Maharashtra. Also, It lies on the west coast of India and is a group of seven islands. Further, It is the commercial, financial and entertainment capital of India. Although a large number of Multinational companies have their headquarters here. Consequently, Mumbai has the honour of having scientific and nuclear institutions. In pursuit of excellence, Blockchain Courses in Mumbai cater to business needs specifically.

Business houses in Mumbai always require professionals equipped with advanced technical skills. Consequently in the domain of Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, Cyber Security and Inter Net of Things (IoT). Firstly they are the ones who want to shine in the new age era. Accordingly, there is a requirement for a  large number of Blockchain  Technology experts to cater to the company’s exponentially expanding IT requirements in Mumbai. Furthermore, to garner these skill sets, in addition, we are providing you guidance on Blockchain courses in Mumbai you can pursue.


1. Henry Harvin

Rating 9.9/10

 Henry Harvin Blockchain Academy conducts Blockchain training courses in Mumbai always from the comfort of your home or office via Online mode. Access the gateway to the future of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Ethereum course modules. You can enrol yourself or your dear ones in one of the top Blockchain courses in Mumbai consequently.

Top industry educators train via live online classes to the students accordingly. This course is in Blockchain programming, Blockchain architecture, Ethereum, and Cryptocurrency. Solidity, Core layers, Hyperledger, Bitcoin mining and Multichain specifically. To illustrate, Henry Harvin has planned to upskill 100,000 professionals by 2030.

To demonstrate, this Blockchain Certification course from Henry Harvin will enable you to educate yourself. Consequently, tools like Truffle, Ganache, Meta mask, and Geth augment blockchain applications. At the same time, you will also learn the methodology to deploy smart contracts in Ethereum. Afterwards set up a private blockchain network by using Hyperledger Composer additionally.

Highlights of the Henry Harvin Blockchain Technology Course :

.Membership: Gold Membership for 1 year at the Henry Harvin Blockchain Academy subsequently.

Training: Two-way live Online Interactive sessions for 32 hours to demonstrate.

Elearning: Furthermore accessibility to Blockchain tools and techniques, assignments and video content

Hackathons: Free access to Hackathons & Competitions.

Placement: 100% placement support assurance for 1 year, additionally.

Training Department at Henry Harvin Blockchain Academy

  1. Industry Experts with 10+ years of Training experience for instance.
  2. Henry Harvin trainers have furthermore undertaken 100+ keynote classes for Blockchain Certification Training course classes at length.
    1. After all, domain experts at Henry Harvin Blockchain Academy have delivered more than 500 lectures. to illustrate.
  3. Joining the 300000 + strong Henry Harvin Blockchain Academy in the first place will be a feather in your cap.
  4. Recorded videos of classroom training always.
  5. Internship opportunity finally.
  6. Monthly Bootcamp sessions afterwards to invigorate you.

Who can take this course?

Finance Graduates, Functional Managers, Aspirational Engineers, Computer Science Graduates and Core Java Developers for instance.

Key Features of this Blockchain Technology course:

  • 1. 24X 7 Lifetime support & access always.
  • 2. Unlimited Sessions of our Blockchain Certification training at the same time.

Takeaways from this course

  • You can do verification of data consequently, and become independent of third parties to be sure.
  • Using Cryptography you can keep the data secure at the same time.
  • After all, using your expertise in Blockchain technology as the data structure is however append-only.
  • In brief, by getting certified by Henry Harvin you can of course get a job easily in this sector.
  • Additionally,100% practical training along with the blockchain technology course curriculum.
  • Moreover the implementation of learning through Capstone and Simulated projects.
  • Eligibility for Henry Harvin hackathons for that reason.

Other courses are available at Henry Harvin Academy additionally.

Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp

Course Duration: 32 hours, Course Fees: Rs 22,500, Course Type: Two-way Live Online Interactive Session


    Rating 8.5/10 

 Edureka’s Blockchain Course in Mumbai

Edureka is directed by top professionals and designed to cross the benchmarks of the industry. This Blockchain training course in Mumbai will establish you firstly to Blockchain concepts and their platforms eg. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyper ledger and Multichain. This Blockchain training in Mumbai, moreover helps you master the Ethereum ecosystem with practical demonstrations.

  • Blockchain Technology has gone far beyond its beginnings in Cryptocurrency& Banking.
  • In the U.S. the average salary of an Ethereum Developer is $ 110,000 per annum.

Duration: 6 weeks (Sat-Sun), 7 am-10 am, Fees: Rs 17,995.

Post Graduate Program And our courses

Ranks Amongst Top #5 Upskilling Courses of all time in 2021 by India Today

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 Course Type: Online Interactive Sessions


  Rating 8.9/10               

EXCELR is recognised worldwide for providing educational training in the technology sphere.EXCELR is headquartered in Houston, U.S.A  and is delivering its training service via Online Interactive sessions. You can access blockchain technology courses in Mumbai through online tutorials.

Why choose EXCELR for Blockchain training in Mumbai?

  • 14 lakh students have been trained in various segments and have successfully travelled for 10 years in the IT industry.
  •  Moreover, qualified professionals train the candidates.
  • Also, theory and practical classes synergise the coaching.
  • Real-world scenarios are discussed in case studies afterwards.

Highlights of the Training Program to illustrate.

  • After all, you can access the recorded sessions for lifetime benefits.
    • . In addition boot camp sessions to brush up on your skills.

EXCELR also provides training to candidates in the areas like:

  • Data Science
  • Cloud Computing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Type: The training program is online, and an e-learning classroom facility is available.

Course Duration: 40 hours. Fees: Approx Rs 35,000


  Rating 8/10

ETL HIVE has been in the field of Technology training and offering placement support for many years. Furthermore, at ETL HIVE, Blockchain technology is a high-demand course.

Blockchain Training in Mumbai at ETL HIVE is, however, one of the most sought-after courses.

Subsequently, around 100 corporate companies have tied up with ETL HIVE to get their personnel trained. Additionally, the company provides internships to the candidates pursuing this program. Furthermore, ETL HIVE provides 100 % job support. Accordingly, 18,000 candidates have been trained in BlockChain technology and have got their placements too.

 Blockchain Technology Courses Highlights 

  • Highly qualified and experienced trainers first.
  • Theory and practical classes go hand in hand additionally to garner experience.
    • After all support for Resume preparation and Placement assistance is provided to all deserving candidates.
  • Candidates have the freedom to choose and join any batch if a training session is missed.

ETL HIVE offers training in other areas.

  • Dev Ops
  • AWS
  • Selenium
  • Hadoop Development


 Rating 8.5/10

Udemy offers Blockchain training in Mumbai and helps build your first blockchain.

Learnings at UDEMY Blockchain course in Mumbai.

  • Why this knowledge is important in the first place?
  • Creating a blockchain at the same time.
  • Understanding the theory behind Cryptocurrency Transactions at the same time.
  • Understand the theory behind Blockchain Technology.
  • Moreover, understand the theory behind Cryptocurrency.
    • Furthermore, creating Smart Contracts for self

Course Duration: 14.5 hours of on-demand videos.Fees: Rs 3,499.  Type of course: Online Interactive Sessions(E-Learning Facility)

  • Module 1: How to build a Blockchain?
  • Learning 2: How to create a Cryptocurrency?
  • Module 3. How to create a Smart Contract?
  • 11 Articles in addition.
    • furthermore 3 downloadable resources
  • Access on mobile and TV consequently.
  • To complete the practical part, a basic Python course is mandatory finally.

6. JETKING-Masters in Blockchain Courses in Mumbai       

Rating 8/10

Jetking offers a Masters’s in Blockchain development. It is offering a Blockchain course in Mumbai at the Junction of 2nd, Amore Building, Hasnabad lane, Mumbai.

Keeping in sync with the high demand for skilled Blockchain Technologists. The training course is designed on a core technology dimension and is therefore suitable for both technical and non-technical graduates having the right skills. 

Blockchain is going to dramatically change the way how the current  Banking, Healthcare, Government, Supply chain, Information Technology and Hospitality sectors work.It affirms to make things easier, safer and faster.

This is the hottest technology program in the IT domain where the platforms are being formed and explorations into this are going on at a rapid pace.

Going forward getting a Blockchain certification will help in the future too.

Duration of course:6 Months

Fees: Rs 99,800.

Course Type: Live Classrooms in Mumbai

7. Berkeley University of California 

    Rating   8.9/10

Faculty from UC Berkeley’s premier Computer Science Department have developed this Blockchain Technology course. Access to course materials is unlimited along with edx support. You can pursue this Blockchain course in Mumbai via online classes.

What you will learn by subscribing to this course.:

  • A formal definition of distributed consensus and foundational topics such s the CAP Theorem and the Byzantine General’s Problem.
  • The various enterprise-level implementations such as JP Morgan’s Quorum, Ripple, Tendermint and Hyperledger.The topic will also include regulations around blockchain
  • Exploratory view into Blockchain ventures today eg. venture capitalism, and crowdfunding.

Requirements to pursue this Blockchain technology course

Candidates are expected to have cleared the previous course in the series Bitcoin and the crypto space or have similar experience and knowledge in this field.

Course Duration: Six Weeks, Course Fees: Rs 8,178

Course Type: Online.Self Paced-Progress at your own speed.


   Rating 8/10

AWDIZ institute is known for its training and empowering skills of students to learn Blockchain technology courses in Mumbai.

Course highlights for Blockchain courses in Mumbai.

  • 100% Job Guarantee training with placement. naturally.
    • Moreover,A course fee is payable after getting an offer letter from a recruiting company
  • Highly skilled trainers to impart Blockchain technology courses.
  • Curriculum curated to suit individual needs.
  • Flexible timings.
  • Internship programs for candidates who clear the exams.


AWDIZ also provides training in:

  • Data Science
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Marketing
  • Ethical Hacking

Duration: 40 hours, Fees: Rs 22,500 to 26,000, Type: Online.


   Rating 8/10

Tech Data Solutions is also ranked as one of the top training institutes that provides service to the Tech World. In fact, they provide excellent training to candidates desirous of embarking on the new-age technology domain consequently.

In the first place, the Blockchain course in Mumbai has been designed and shaped by technology experts who have deep knowledge of the subject.

HIGHLIGHTS for Blockchain course in Mumbai

  • After all, you are given a deep understanding of Blockchain Technology and Crypto Currency.
    • Finally, the certification given after completion of the course and examinations is widely recognised. You can get a job in a top company where Blockchain Technology is being used regularly.
  • After all, an internship program by this institute will make you highly skilled and thereby you can get a job easily.

Apart from Blockchain Technology training  Tech Data Solutions also conducts training sessions for:

  • Data Science
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Dev Ops

Duration of course: 40 hours 

Fees: Rs 25,500 to Rs 30,000.

Type of course: Online.Interactive E-learning.


  Rating 9/10

Coursera provides Blockchain training in Mumbai along with essential concepts of Blockchain Technology. Coursera training course explores the Bitcoin protocol initially followed by the Ethereum Protocol. This is the process to lay the foundation which is very necessary for the development of applications and programming.

 You as a trainee will be equipped with the knowledge base for creating nodes on your personal Ethereum Blockchain, creating accounts, unlocking accounts, mining, transacting, transferring and also checking balances.

What will you gain, by enrolling in the Blockchain Technology course?

A trainee in this course will be able to know the foundational concepts in the first place.. There are four courses which provide trainees with:

  • A concrete understanding and working knowledge of foundational Blockchain Technology concepts.Upon getting blockchain training in Mumbai.
  • Finally, smart skillsets for designing and executing smart contracts.
  • Methodology for developing decentralised applications on the blockchain.
  • It is ideal for designers and programmers to develop and implement blockchain applications.
  • Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cryptography and Blockchain.

Course Duration: 4 months, Course Type: Online.Interactive with flexible deadlines

Course Fees: $ 39 per month.

11. IntelliPaat

 Rating 8.5/10

Intellipaat is a leader in the field of tech in the Information Technology sphere. You can venture into their Blockchain training for mastering its skills. This certification course enables mastering Solidity programming, Ethereum, distributed ledger and e been co-created allied Blockchain skills these courses have been created in collaboration with IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer. Registering for the blockchain course in Mumbai will be beneficial.

Highlights of the Blockchain course in Mumbai

  • Being the hottest job in the job market will create more than one million jobs.
  • There will be huge demand and  supply gap for Blockchain technology professionals 
  • It is the career of the future

This Blockchain certification course in collaboration with IBM will help you in specializing in Blockchain Technology with its various aspects of the mechanism and structure. This course will help you to design a network and deployment in real-world applications. On course completion, you will be job ready in this domain.

Key Takeaways from the Blockchain training in Mumbai.

  • Lifetime free upgradation
  • Certification from IBM
  • Flexible Schedule

Course Duration: 27 hours of self-paced training videos, Course Fees: Rs 19,038

Course Type: Online.Interactive E-learning. 40 hours Projects & Exercises

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain has been hailed as a revolutionizing technology in the 21st century. This process enables the peer-to-peer transfer of digital assets. This happens without any mediator. Being praised as the super duper of the internet. This technology teaches learners to program on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Blockchain is an unchangeable and shared ledger for tracking assets, recording transactions and trust building. Blockchain training courses in Mumbai are popular in the ed tech industry. The Blockchain system tracks orders, accounts-related data, and transfer of payment. Besides production details from end to end. This information is stored as a “block of data”. Mumbai is home to advanced software and Savvy professionals.

Blockchain Scope

An asset furthermore may be tangible or intangible eg. patents, intellectual property, copyrights or branding. a thing of value can be tracked and finally traded on a blockchain network virtually, thereby reducing risk and reducing cost for everybody involved.

In a financial transaction, the assigned block stores the quantum of money transferred along with the payor & payee details. Peer-to-peer networks control the blockchain process. The data in any block cannot be changed randomly, subsequent blocks require modification. Any change has to be approved by all the stakeholders.

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Mumbai moreover is a place with numerous multinational companies. Modern Indian companies rely on the latest technology for the fast growth of business and safety in their financial transactions. 

Additionally, to fulfil this demand for skilled  Blockchain Technology professionals, there are E-Learning portals and onsite classrooms to train the candidates in a highly professional method. Finally, Blockchain training in Mumbai has become very well-recognized among technology pundits. Mumbai has become a hub for training Block Chain Technology courses.


Q1. What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is open source technology, where information is immutable.

Q2.How can Blockchain be used in business?

Blockchain permits the secure sharing of business activities, records and contracts

Q3.What are the types of Blockchains?

Public Blockchain, Private Blockchain, and Hybrid Blockchain.

Q4.What is BaaS?

Blockchain as Service.

Q 5. What are the key features of Blockchain?

Decentralized, Enhanced Security, Distributed Ledger, Consensus Algorithm.

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