I researched many online institutes for six sigma courses. I came across Henry Harvin and KPMG Six Sigma Certification. Before enrolling I did my research on both institutes. I would like to present which one is best in both comparison, conclusion, and reason.

 Six Sigma


Six sigma is popular worldwide with its demand in the professional sector. Verification of individual command over well-regards methods of professional skill development could be an award in belt level.

I look at varied courses in search results, in those which one is matchable for me and so of sudden, I was quite convinced to six sigma with extensive branches, fallows discussed with friends and people who knew in and out of the courses personally.

Choosing a random direction sure won’t provide you with the right way for what waiting for, yes several institutes offer six sigma certifications among I met two institutes a best Henry Harvin’s six sigma course certification and KPMG six sigma certification.

before predicting which one is best, I go through some options like a review about Henry Harvin’s six sigma certification on google goes along with youtube reviews.

My Options

Like everyone else, I have another option too. That’s KPMG Six Sigma Certification. When I analyze both in balance Henry Harvin’s six sigma course is the best one to move on.

Henry Harvin’s six sigma course is a weekend live online certification course for up to 20 hours. And you will get 6months / 12hours post-certification live online action-oriented expert session.

Also, that’s help in implementing learning curriculum it’s Delivered by a season industry expert with one who specializes in six sigma belt certifications partitioned are bring valuable experience and demonstrated success across diverse industries and domain.

My Choice

When I analyzed both the institutions then I found Henry Harvin as the better course. For the past seven-year Henry Harvin revels professional training in several fields that’s one of the most popular institutes in India. And offers course it’s valuable to the portfolios of both students and working professionals.

It is one of the pioneers in generating technical certification and professionals in India.
The certification recognizes by many associations and management institutes like ISO29990: ( International standard for learning service for non-formal education and training services ) recognition by UKAF, UK CERT, American association of EFL, MSME, and project management institute (PMI).

You can distinguish your profile with the global credentials of a certified six sigma executive with Hallmark of CSSE next to your name. And the institute provides you with DMAIC skills like define, explore, analyze, identify, control. If you have these knowledge keys, then you get plenty of management skills.

Exceptional views of ix sigma green belt certification course from Henry Harvin

  • Six sigma green belt certification from henry Harvin shows a 4.7 rating. Six Sigma certifications from henry Harvin ranked number in the industry by training 360, and you will get both online ( 30 hours duration ) and offline course options to
  • Gets the experience of twelve projects in one year after commencement of the course
  • Skill provided by both lean and DMAIC methodology 
  • Henry Harvin was trusted by more than 160 colleges and 150 corporate and leading corporates such as pharma, host books, NTPC, SAB Miller, Apollo Tyers, Deloitte, Avon Cosmetics, Abbott, and Fidelity investment. 
  • And it is also trusted by more than 12 IIM, IIM Bangalore, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Kolkata, fallows recognize by more than seven IITs, 
  • After accomplishment of the six sigma green belt certification exam, you distinguish your profile with the global credential of six sigma green belt certification fallows showcase expertise by using the Hallmark of CSSE next to your name.
  • Trainer at henry Harvin is highly qualified with valuable experiences across industries and designs a course curriculum according to the needs of the Henry Harvin industries.

Benefits of purchasing the Six Sigma course by Henry Harvin

You can learn essential leadership qualities and project management techniques.

  • Develop the skill to make customer-centric action for every stage
  • The course cultivates your capabilities for data drove problem-solving skills and statistical-based decision taking.
  • You can understand the development of high-quality products and services with the help of these courses.
  • Learns to develop in and out of the business insights 
  • Henry Harvin offers you 24-hour project support one-year brush-up session.
  •  Get one-year gold membership that could aid E-learning access including PPT, case studies, and record videos.
  • Institute provides you weekly placement support, and it declares with confidence that six sigma certifications from Henry Harvin will permit you to apply its methodology. And it helps you to transform your analytical abilities and understanding. 
  • Institute also assures the employee of your credibility and assembles you about being eligible for a higher position.
  • Widen your professional abilities by adding six sigma certifications to your credentials that assemble you eligible for the position like a team leader, business process, manager, supervisor, project manager, senior/general manager, business analyst, quality assurance manager.
  • Employee and employer point of view six sigma certification and lean six sigma certification are most beneficiaries.l

What happens after the completion of the six sigma certification?

Henry Harvin

  • Henry Harvin sigma certification review recounts that training in six sigma allows one to work based on multiple tools like scatter plot control, chart check, sheet histogram, flow chart, Pareto chart, cause, and effect analysis.
  • You need to understand the standard industry practice to manage service quality and remark products.

  K P M G

  • Enhance your career and improve your project management techniques
  • For relevant data collection from the team members. Its analysis and inference 
  • For the organization through operational excellence project to achieve intangible benefits.

Cost of the six-sigma certification course

Henry Harvin

  • When we considered six sigma green belt training duration up to 4 days/32 hours fee stands at 17,500.
  • there is no extra examination fee for the six sigma black belt certification training course that includes within the course fee cost up to 25,000.


  • KPMG Six Sigma Certification about lean six sigma green belt certification program 5days, 25 hour live virtual program LSSGB COSTS about Rs. 17,500.
  • the course uses adaptive learning methodology.
  • KPMG Six Sigma Certification delivered by senior professionals.
  • KPMG Six Sigma Certification review about six sigma black belt certification took 8days 64 hours classroom program delivers by in 2 phase.
  • phase 1: Define, Measure, identify and analyze.
  • phase 2: Demonstration statistical tool usage improves and control and integration

It includes adaptive learning methodology.

Other Courses Available

 Henry Harvin offers you many more job-oriented courses like 

  1. Digital Marketing Academy
  2. Management Academy
  3. Six sigma green belt certification 
  4. Six sigma master black belt certification 
  5. Six sigma yellow belt certification 
  6. Lean six sigma post-graduation program
  7. Six sigma black belt certification
  8. Analytics Academy
  9. Account Academy
  10. TEEN Academy
  11. Paramedical Academy and many more


  • One day master class on blockchain
  • Digital consulting training 
  • Design thinking practitioner workshop
  • -Q – champ Assessment certification programmer
  • Sustainability training programs
  • KPMG Six Sigma Certification for learning and development professionals
  • KPMG Six Sigma Certification in India GRI certified training course on sustainability reporting  
  • SVC based IQA workshop 
  • DEV based IQA Workshop
  • Q – champ Assessment certification programmer
  • Digital thinking practitioner workshop
  • High maturity practice workshop
  • Multimodal internal quality auditor workshop
  • Advance certification program on IFRS along with NIIT imperia 
  • Digital finance academy 
  • IFRS e-learning 
  • KPMG Six Sigma Certification for accounting professional 
  • International accounting practice 
  • Business excellence training
  • Business analytics using R training
  • Six sigma black belt certification
  • Six sigma green belt certification
  • Six sigma master black belt certification 

Training Faculty 

Henry Harvin

  • Industry experts with 18 + year of working experience with most respected one training
  • Henry Harvin’s team lead as select a trainer, who recognized by numerous organizations over the year.
  • For lean six sigma character coaching, 160+ keynote categories invited
  • Work experience candidates Recognizing by many organizations expertise 
  • Henry Harvin six sigma says they are providing lifetime access to the LMS platform
  • Senior expert delivers training, includes all necessary content which is practical usage excluding all the unnecessary content 
  • when you get certification from Henry Harvin that is lifetime validation, Do not overstress for renewal of the certification 
  • A trainer is providing 20+ management tools with the use of those you can develop the skill of exploring, analyze and solving management problem 
  • After the completion of the course, students get an opportunity to intern grow confident before joining any professional and gain practical knowledge of the subject
  • You can enrich your experience by implementing or applying the principle to the real-life situation 
  • You can get one year brush up session 24 hours project support 
  • Option for both online as well as offline


  • KPMG Six Sigma Certification trainers help in providing knowledge and technique that help to do production or service efficiently.
  • KPMG Six Sigma Certification provides training that is very much needed and valuable in the market place it helps to learn different techniques. 
  • KPMG Six Sigma Certification provides practical based training that helps in increasing the knowledge of the candidates that brings out innovation in the minds of a trainee.
  • KPMG Six Sigma Certification training valid lifelong in every country it is applicable offering Invaluable knowledge and in a highly reputed company 
  • One of the most important specialties of the KPMG Six Sigma Certification training institute is that. The knowledge and skills of candidates are improved by providing them a piece of practical knowledge.

Black Belt Certification Course

Henry Harvin

  •  Henry Harvin’s six sigma is the live online interactive classroom session up to 36 hours project internship to gain practical experience Certification recognized by the Government of India. You can get a certificate with hallmark CSSE-BB next to your name.
  • They are holding your hands by providing 100% placement support.
  • Trainer at henry Harvin is most industry experts and is, Recognized by numerous organizations.
  •  You can get gold membership benefits like E-learning access, Bootcamp sessions, internship job opportunities, interview skills, soft skills, development curriculum.
  • Henry Harvin makes way for a trainee to smooth understanding of aspects related to six sigma operations.


  • KPMG Six Sigma Certification is 8 days 56 hours of live virtual training program divide into two phases 4days per phase.  
  • Phase 1: define, measure, and analyses, 
  • Phase2: demonstration improvement and control and integration
  • Six sigma black belt certification through understanding six sigma concept in a heterogenous way
  • Statistical tools are understood in-depth, for solving problem data drive is build-up technique of project management enhanced 
  • According to the quantifiable result, the project is, Delivered
  • Based on the business outcome, align project outcome.

The Green Belt Certification Course

Henry Harvin

  • Henry Harvin is ranked no 1 in the industry by training 360+
  •  curriculum assigns to the IASSC book of knowledge,
  • After the completion of 15days of training, an online examination is conducted based on a globally recognized certificate is awarded.
  • 1-year brush-up session get 24 hours project support during post-training 
  • Henry Harvin, six sigma certification offers both black belt, green belt, and yellow belt, certification 100% best training free of risk.
  • Henry Harvin six sigma explains its 4days/ 32-hours live online certification course on weekends. Henry Harvin’s six sigma teaches us how to apply tools and techniques to real-world problems.
  • Course curriculum divides 8modules focused on training internationally accredited LSS-GB courses both in offline and online mode.
  • the curriculum is parallel to the international level training method as per the international standard fee of the LSS- GB program of henry Harvin is INR 15,000 which is a reasonable trainer at the Henry Harvin six sigma go down the information it says trainer at henry Harvin for the LSS- GB program they are highly cooperative and guides us for the job recruitment 
  • provision of globally recognized certification with a hallmark of CSSE next to your name 
  • 20 hours duration live online training henry Harvin 
  • six sigma reviews tell that that opens up the door for many job opportunities and abroad 


  • Here it is 5 days, 25 hours live virtual program for weekdays and offers a 4days weekend program. KPMG Six Sigma Certification trainer shares real-life-based examples that made the session more important different quality standards understood across industries. 
  • The course is satisfactory trainer aims at helping individuals about improving a business process variation and eliminating waste using DMAIC approach secession needs to explain for solving a business problem. Contributing to the organizational goal and statistical tools are used. 

Method of Training

Henry Harvin 

  •  According to the Henry Harvin six sigma henry Harvin training provides you both online and offline training both classroom training which is held on Sunday also with appropriate time and location require 
  • Henry Harvin gives a chance to work on multiple tools main aim of the henry Harvin six sigma reviews that analytical skills problem-solving in the individual to Handel real-world problems and improvement of the customer value. 


  • KPMG Six Sigma Certification reviews present its offers two main types of training 
  • self-learning online program and 
  • An extensive instructor-led offline training  

Training Facilities 

Henry Harvin 

  •  Henry Harvin six sigma provide post-training features, participants were given 12 months/ 24hours post-certification project experienced 
  • expertise secession. 
  • The globally recognized hallmark credential of a certified six sigma executive (CSSE) helps in their workplace. 
  • Enable to attend free doubt clearing secession. Resolving and revision sessions after training facilities are available for both the green and black belt courses 


KPMG Six Sigma Certification reviews present it is a 5 days 25hours live online virtual program. 

KPMG Six Sigma Certification provides you with lifetime validity as a globally recognized hallmark certification.

KPMG Six Sigma Certification assimilate you that it as the vast chain of institutions and offices worldwide that provide you with great backup to the students 

And also KPMG Six Sigma Certification reviews say KPMG Six Sigma Certification offer course at affordable price. 

Company is reputable one along with knowledge is valuable.

KPMG Six Sigma Certification also providing practical training to the trainee that makes ways for many innovative ideas in the future that is much useful in the field of product and services.

Debate secession arranges by K P M G six sigma trainer, and many brainstorming facilities took place.


Henry Harvin

  • Henry Harvin is ranked no1 institute among many
  • You can get 1 year gold membership of management academy
  • Henry Harvin training curriculum  aligned to the IASSC BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE
  • IASSC holds value in the industry
  • They are providing 100% money – back guarantee if you are not satisfied with course  then money will refund back
  • For right project selection resource management, change management, finance management, and many other factors are most important which are given by henry Harvin trainer
  • For solving data driven problem henry Harvin help in shaping the ability
  • Trainee also get knowledge in measurement of current performance to help and identify and define issues for improvement and analysis implement a solution in the problem according to the company level case study
  • Trainer are giving a knowledge about the implementation of the DMAIC methodology that provides you with participant an overview of the six sigma and organizational object.


KPMG Six Sigma Certification driving improvement projects across the industries

These are generally projects which feed to larger themes picked by the CXOs and help to ensure the achievement of organizational goals.

For setting short- and long-term growth perspectives that is KPI and ROI support leadership.

Required institution :

Institutes are worldwide spread overseas through Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bhopal, and Vishakhapatnam I took my training in Bangalore which is one of the best institutes KPMG Six Sigma Certification institutes are also spread worldwide


Implementation of six sigma in all industries like manufacturing healthcare finance that gives you a wider range of job opportunities. When you obtain a six sigma green belt and black belt certification that excellent chance of rising to a senior managerial position.

I suggest you go for Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma course owing to its during the course and post-course benefits. I am sure you will not regret this choice.

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Q1. What is the worth of Henry Harvin’s six sigma certification?

Ans. The cost of the six-sigma henry Harvin certificate is INR 17500 for a green belt for a black belt 25000 in Indian rupee includes the examination fee for the green belt cost.

Q2. What is the duration of the six sigma certification in Henry Harvin?

Ans. It took 5 days 20 hours of a live online certification course on weekends.

Q3. Which is the best organization among henry Harvin and KPMG Six Sigma Certification?

Ans. Henry Harvin is the best compared to KPMG Six Sigma Certification because henry Harvin provides more features than K P M G.

Q4. How does six sigma reduce cost?

Ans. Six Sigma practices reduce defect and error in the production process

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  19. Henry Harvin Vs KPMG Six Sigma Certification was very useful for my business at this time!!!! I highly recommend it!!!!!!

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