Blockchain is one of the most emerging fields in today’s IT world. Well-reputed companies throughout the world are hunting for well-trained blockchain developers. Hence, there is no doubt in the fact that this technology is gaining momentum. Hence offers a promising career in the upcoming decades. We will guide you to how to become a blockchain developer in 7 simple steps.

Hi! Future blockchain developers, so finally when you have decided to become a developer, now you are confused about how to become one. Well, do not worry at all you have landed on the right page. Let us now began the journey towards becoming a blockchain developer course.

Blockchain Developer

Why Blockchain Developing is an emerging career option?

1 Booming industry- The blockchain solutions industry is going to rocket from 1.5 billion to 15.9 billion by the 2024 year-end. In India, the presence of job positions is the highest as per the global data.


2 Huge Demand- As the Internet of Things concept is earning acceptance, it has been forecasted that 50 billion IoT devices would be market in the next 3o years. A 20-25% growth in demand is expected in the following years.


3 Good Earnings-An estimated salary of a fresher is around $110,000 per year. Whereas the bracket of a remote developer is between $70,000 to$200,000.

Hence, the stated facts and figures correlate with a shining future of a blockchain developer.

We think that after reading this all the aspirants must have got motivated to work hard.

So, developers let us start our journey towards success now.

Before moving further, firstly we will tell you about the classification of blockchain developers. It will assist you to choose in which direction you need to look and master.

They are Majorly Four Types of Developers-

Four Types Developer

1 Core Blockchain developer:

  • Creates blockchain and consensus protocols.
  • Executes numerous blockchain features and functionalities etc.
  • Design and supervise network architecture

2 Blockchain software developers:

  • Creates APIs for blockchain integration.
  • Designs the front & backend of Decentralized Applications.
  • Builds & Implement Smart Contracts, etc.

3 Back-end developers:

  • Work hand in hand with developers and help them.
  • Design software specifications.
  • Undertake performance test.
  • Design APIs

4 Smart Contract engineers:

  • They do end-to-end testing of business processes.
  • Conduct meetings with users and buyers.
  • They develop and audit smart contracts.

Now, we have got a glimpse of four types of developers. Each one of them bags the same career advantages. But they have diverse roles and responsibilities. Once you have chosen to become a blockchain developer, it is better to get a clear picture in your mind about which way to go. Choose a line before stepping into the ocean as it will help you to build your resume accordingly.


There are some non-technical skills required by a developer. We want to brief you on those basic skills you must possess because a beginner can also understand them.

Non-Technical Skills Required By A Blockchain Developer

1 Command Over Communication Skills

A developer works as a team and cooperates with other departments as well. Soft Skills are vital as a developer you need to submit projects, presentations, basic plan structures etc. Moreover, if you are a leader of your team you should know motivation skills. 


2 Management Skills

As referred earlier if you are a head of a department or a team you must also have managerial skills. Management is nothing but the art of getting things done. Planning, organising, supervising, and motivating skills come under the umbrella of management skills. You can opt MBA distance are getting certified as a blockchain developer.


After all, even if you are not in a managerial post, you still need management skills to accomplish your projects. Even If you are a newbie in the tech field and aspire to pursue this career, doors are open for you. Still, do not expect an easy climb for you. But, do not worry at all. We are here to hold your hand at each step and guide you.


We are here to assist you step by step from scratch itself. If you are an alien to the tech world then you need to follow some extra steps that we are going to teach now. All those who are well versed in computer science can directly refer to the 7 steps that we teach after these.

Languages That You Should Get Hang Of

To start with, we are listinga few languages that you should gain hang on before jumping into this career.

BLOCKCHAIN developer

  • Python on bitcoin cash
  • Solidity on Ethereum
  •  C++
  • Java

Excellent coding courses are offered by Henry Harvin itself, it is advisable to take up a coding course before travelling this road. There are some non-technical skills required by a developer. We want to brief you on those basic skills you must possess because a beginner can also understand them.

So let us now start with the steps that beginners need to follow

1. Learn The Fundamentals Of Blockchain

Remember in school we were taught about the fundamentals of physics, and social sciences before we could start the main subject. Similarly, you need to understand the basic principles of blockchain technology so that you can grasp new terms with ease that are related to the field.

Besides, you can join blockchain communities, refer to useful vlogs available on YouTube or connect with bitcoin forums. There are various courses available for the same, you can also join one of them.

2. Strong Hand In Computer Science And Mathematics

As a blockchain developer, you need to deal with complex programs and algorithms. One needs to have a good hand in coding as well as mathematics to get success in this field. Even if you are not from a science background you should have a polished edge in these two subjects.

3. History Of Bitcoin And Blockchain Industry

It is like going for an interview, but you do not know about the organization. Besides, as you are a new entrant in the industry you must get aware of the bitcoin and blockchain industry. Unless and until you do not know about these too you would not be able to understand the expectations, latest technological advancements, and your role in them.It is vital aspect before you step into the world as a blockchain developer.

Now it is time to understand the roadmap step by step. 

We have listed the entire journey in 7 easy steps. So let us start the journey toward a prosperous future.

4. Academic Background

So ,it is always beneficial when you have a clear target in mind before choosing your stream. Though you don’t need to have a science background it will boost your understandability later in this field. Hence it is better that you have a specialized degree in computer science, information technology or mathematics. These will add fuel to your learning. Do not worry if you do not have such a background, several training programs are available.

5. Essential Skillsets For A Blockchain Developer

  • Programming languages-


google sites

We have provided you with a complete list from which you can opt to learn a language or multiple languages. It is just because all blockchain programs are developed using these languages. Henry Harvin has  Language courses which you can undertake to polish your skills.

  • Cryptography-


google sites

It is one of the most needed skills for a developer as it plays an integral part in blockchain technology. It enables end-to-end encryption. That means messages are secured when being transmitted, only the receiver can encrypt them. Many courses are there to learn cryptography.


  • Data Structures-


google sites

Data structures are used by blockchain developer to create immutable and efficient systems. knowledge of various structures like Merkle Trees, digital signatures, hash functions, etc. is required to develop structures.


  • Smart contracts-

This is a program that is integrally installed in a blockchain which enables two parties to agree without interference from an intermediary.


  • Architectures –


google sites

There are four types of architectures public, private, consortium, and hybrid.

Well, Henry Harvin also provides a course to become a blockchain developer in which all these skill sets are included in the module itself. It is an online course that will certify you as a blockchain developer with all the prerequisites required for a developer.

6. Get hands-0n Cryptonomics

blockchain developer

All the science students must be wondering about this new term now. At first cryptocurrency must be a familiar term but cryptonomics is a little confusing.

We will end your confusion, Cryptonomics is nothing else but economics behind the cryptocurrency. Though cryptocurrency is a particle in blockchain technology knowing concepts like mining, and bitcoin transactions are vital. Without these, you cannot understand the fundamentals of blockchain completely. Hence you need to understand cryptonomics for becoming a blockchain developer.

7. Time To Understand Ethereum and Dapps

blockchain developer

Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source technology. It is the latest technology used that allows Developers to create a special transaction protocol which is known as smart contracts without facing problems of fraud, downtime, etc.

On the other hand, decentralized applications are created by using Ethereum itself. This is commonly used in our mobile phones.

8. Get a detailed understanding of smart contracts and solidity

Now at first that you know how smart contracts are developed, you need to know why they are essential.

Smart contracts eliminate the interference of the third party in transactions, this also reduces the cost of the transaction. The three major components on which it works are-DeterministicTerminable, and Isolation.

Further solidity is the programming language that is used to write these smart contracts. There are many other languages to write smart contracts such as simplicity. So, you need to master it to become a blockchain developer.

9. Have some practical experience

Once you have learned how to write smart contracts and Dapps try to create some of your own. Only having technical knowledge is not enough. You can not reach the road end without travelling on one.

So, after completing your course join some valuable internships that will enhance your resume. Plus, you will get practical know-how about things as a blockchain developer. Many training programs are available online which will provide you with the best opportunity to practice your knowledge and get certified.

10. Get certified as a developer

Nowadays every employer hunt for candidates that are certified by reputed universities. In fact the digital era has opened the gates of learning far beyond physical boundaries.

Now you can get certified by an international university while sitting at your home. So joining a blockchain developer course from an established institute is the best option considering the demand pattern.

Besides,it will not only boost your learning but also help you develop a network with other professionals and get internship opportunities.

Why Henry Harvin Is Highly Preferrable For A Blockchain Developer Course?

We have already mentioned the name of India’s most famous university that is Henry Harvin. There are several perks of getting yourself enrolled and get certified by such recognized universities.

Also,Henry Harvin is an unparalleled institute when it comes to training and certifications. It has an experience of more than a decade in the transfer of first-class education. There are 11+ offices situated in the USA, UAE, and India. As well as all the staff is strongly dedicated to providing top-notch skills and intellect to the aspirants. It has successfully trained and placed 3,00,000+ students all over the world.

Recognitions And Accreditations

  • Affiliated with the American Association of EFL, MSME, UKAF, UKcert, ministry of corporate affairs, ISO 29990:2010, project management institute(PMI),
  •   Winner of Top Corporate Training Award, Game-Based Learning Company of the under 40 Business World Award

Why Henry Harvin?

  • Training + Projects + Internship + Certification + Placement + E-Learning + Masterclass + Hackathons + Gold Membership( all in one box)
  • Learn to create a Bitcoin app by using tools like Getch, Ganache
  • 10 plus projects are given to give a hands-0n experience.
  • They will refund your 100% fee if you are not satisfied with the course.

  • Provides 100% practical training.
  • In total 32 hours of classes led by professional trainers.

  • All the experts are certified in the respective subjects that they teach.
  • More than 15 assignments are given during the course to asses your skill development
  • 12 self-study quizzes are there on LMS to brush skills.
  • Teaching add-on skills like resume building soft skills,12+ Bootcamp sessions. 
  • As well as placement drives are held after completion of the course customarily.

  • All the course material is available online with a 24*7 helpdesk.
  • Course duration is 90 hours online, in-person training and self-paced options are also available.
  • A separate LMS account is allotted to every student so that they can access study material, coordinate with instructors and submit assignments.

  • The instructors are very cooperative and solve every query and doubt with ease.

After you have completed the basic course, you can opt for relevant certifications such as IBM Blockchain CertificationCertified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA), etc. These certifications will add stars to your resume and your learning as well. It will help you to boost your career right from the dawn.


So, we have given you a complete step-by-step guide to becoming a blockchain developer. We hope that this article would have helped you to put an end to your confusion. Though the journey might seem to be a little tough in the beginning it is worth the pain. But the fruits are undoubtedly like sugar in this case. So, tie your seat belts because your career is going to take off in a few months you just need to buy the ticket.


All the best! future developers, keep learning keep creating.

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Ques 1. How to use blockchain technology in our businesses?

Ans. Businesses use this technology to share their business processes like activities, transactions, contracts, etc. in a safe manner. This technology works on end-to-end encryption.


Ques 2. Can blockchain be hacked or not?

Ans. Blockchain technology is the new age technology that is created and stored in digital codes in shared databases which protects it from getting tampered with. But still, it is possible to hack this complex technology.


Ques 3. What are the uses of Ethereum?

Ans. Ethereum is a such breakthrough technology that is widely demanded by the world’s top CEO to meet their business needs. It can be used in almost every sector, let it be chain supply management or payment mechanism.


Ques 4. What is the difference between Ethereum and bitcoin?

Ans. He basic difference between Ethereum and bitcoin is smart contracts-it has a unique ability to execute contracts automatically. Though both of them work on the same principles, this is the main underlying difference between them.


Ques 5. Is Ethereum better than bitcoin?

Ans. Bitcoin was the pioneer blockchain that was developed as a payment settlement system. Despite Ethereum having a much wider scope. It can be called a universal root chain system with a decentralized database.


Ques 6. What is Baas?

Ans. The full form of Baas is blockchain as a service. Now blockchain infrastructure can be easily rented on the cloud.


Ques 7. What are the different types of blockchain?

Ans. There are three types of blockchains which are-
1. Public
2. Private
3. Consortium


Ques 8. What are the features of blockchain?

Ans. There are 4 key features of blockchain technology-
1. Decentralised system
2. Safer And secure ecosystem
3. Minting
4. Distributed ledger


Ques 9. What are the benefits of blockchain?

Ans. This technology covers every industry under its flag. The key benefits are-
1. Immutability
2. Reliable and secure
3. Reduces cost
4. Real-time settlements


Ques 10. What are the different types of Ethereum networks?

Ans. 1. Live network
2. Test network
3. Private network

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  9. Blockchain courses in India HENRY HARVIN providing With a good compact size of information for easy comprehension and quizzes to test your knowledge as you learn, a user-friendly interface with clear and easy-to-digest information gives 100% placement assistance, an internship opportunity, and project support under the blockchain certification training course.

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