Bioinformatics is a tricky subject. Hence, finding bioinformatics books that are suitable for all readers with backgrounds in computing, mathematics, and biology is notoriously difficult. As a matter of fact, a few textbooks in the field are frequently exorbitantly priced. In addition, this can be a challenge for many people.

Bioinformatics Books

The bioinformatics books listed below are separated into three categories: general interest, books best suited for individuals with a background in computation or mathematics, and books for biologists interested in bioinformatics. Therefore, let’s dive deeper into this topic and look at the 12 best new bioinformatics books to read in 2024.

1. Introduction to Bioinformatics- Lesk 

About the Book

Introduction to Bioinformatics demonstrates how bioinformatics is a powerful set of tools for retrieving and analysing biological data. Additionally, It also shows how bioinformatics can be applied to a wide range of disciplines. This revised edition includes two additional chapters that provide much more coverage of metabolic pathways as well as gene expression and regulation. Moreover, it is written for students with no prior programming experience.

This book is an excellent introduction to the discipline of bioinformatics. Offering helpful instruction and suggestions on how to apply various tools and techniques. Additionally, to support your self-directed learning, the book includes regular examples, self-test questions, problems, and exercises interspersed throughout the text.

Price and Availability-  ₹5,041 and available on Amazon.

2. An Introduction to Genetic Engineering- Desmond S. T. Nicholl

About the Book

In our quest to find out about the best bioinformatics books, this textbook maintains its emphasis on the fundamental ideas behind gene engineering. And offers beginning undergraduate students an approachable and comprehensive introduction to the field. In addition, chapters on the history of DNA and genome editing, new sections on bioethics, substantial advancements in sequencing technology, structural, functional, comparative genomics, and proteomics.

Moreover, the book has been extensively updated, and new chapters on the effects of transgenic plants have been added as well. The book now includes new concluding sections, further reading lists, and web-search activities. For each chapter in addition to chapter summaries, learning objectives, concept maps, glossaries, and keyword lists to provide a full range of learning resources. This is to aid students in developing a flexible and critical approach to the study of gene engineering. 

Price and Availability- ₹3,798.83 and available on Amazon.

3. Bioinformatics Methods: From Omics to Next Generation Sequencing – Shili Lin, Denise Scholtens, Sujay Datta 

About the Book

What is now known as high-dimensional “omics” data have proliferated during the past three decades? In Bioinformatics Methods: From Omics to Next Generation Sequencing, the analytical frameworks and statistical techniques that are most effective at deciphering these complicated data are discussed, in addition with how they relate to health-related research. In our list of bioinformatics books, this one provides a range of potential analytical tools and illustrates similarities among statistical techniques that have been established. As a matter of fact, it also covers the technologies that generate data, the intricacies of various data formats, and the mathematical underpinnings of procedures.

Price and Availability- ₹7,942 and available on Amazon.

4. Bioinformatics with Python Cookbook- Tiago Antao 

About the Book

This book will demonstrate how to manage these tasks using Python in the current study field of bioinformatics, which draws useful information from biological data using a variety of straightforward to complex algorithms. Firstly, Beginning with a brief review of the many tools and modules in the Python ecosystem that will aid in the conversion, analysis, and visualisation of biological datasets. Then, with the aid of actual examples, you’ll learn important methods for next-generation sequencing, single-cell analysis, genomics, meta genomics, population genetics, phylo genetics, and proteomics.

Moreover, you’ll also discover how to use crucial pipeline systems like Snakemake and Galaxy servers and gain an understanding of the numerous Python modules available for functional and asynchronous programming. 

Price and Availability- ₹5,014 and available on Amazon.

 5. Artificial Intelligence in Bioinformatics: From Omics Analysis to Deep Learning and Network Mining- Mario Cannataro 

About the Book

Fifth on the list of bioinformatics books is Artificial Intelligence in Bioinformatics. However, the key applications of the subject, from omics analysis to deep learning and network mining, are reviewed in Artificial Intelligence in Bioinformatics: From Omics Analysis to Deep Learning and Network Mining. Firstly, A thorough introduction to bioinformatics is provided in the book. Along with a study of how techniques are used in various jobs and procedures.

Then, it also includes content for newly emerging disciplines like Sentiment Analysis and Network Alignment along with methodologies and theory. It cover things like protein classification, omics analysis, biomarker discovery, integrative bioinformatics, protein interaction analysis, metabolic networks analysis, and much more. Additionally, These sections also cover sequence analysis, structure analysis, functional analysis, and sequence analysis. 

Price and Availability- ₹7,720.00 and available on Amazon.

6. Sequence Analysis and Parallel Computing – Yongxian Wang

About the Book

This book provides the biological backdrop and mathematical theories underlying algorithms in proteomics and biological networks. The book, moreover focuses on the realisation of algorithms in scientific computing, provides a simple entry point into bioinformatics for academics with a computer science background. 

Price and Availability- $151.49 and PDF of the book is available online.

Bioinformatics Books

7. Computation in BioInformatics: Multidisciplinary Applications- S. Balamurugan

About the Book

The application of promising bioinformatics techniques and integrated approaches aids in the identification of novel pandemic solutions. In our list of bioinformatics books, this book covers a wide range of topics in the subject of bioinformatics. Beginning with the fundamental principles, concepts, and application areas. The authors also discuss the role of bioinformatics in drug design and discovery, as well as the features of molecular modelling.

In addition, some of the chapters go into great length about bioinformatics topics including silicon design, protein modelling, DNA microarray analysis, DNA-RNA barcoding, and gene sequencing. All of which are in high demand in the market right now. Specialised areas such as bioinformatics in cancer diagnosis, genetics, and proteomics are also 

Price and Availability-  17,231.10 and available on Amazon.

8. Virus Bioinformatics- Dmitrij Frishman

About the Book

Viruses are the most common and lethal biological creatures on the earth, infecting all living organisms from bacteria to humans. The repertoire of experimental methodologies available to investigate viruses is continually developing. And it includes both low-throughput techniques like imaging and 3D structure determination. As well as current OMICS technologies such as genome sequencing, ribosome profiling, and RNA structure probing. Virus bioinformatics presents considerable hurdles because of their seemingly limitless diversity, peculiar lifestyle, wide range of replication mechanisms, compact genome organisation, and quick rate of change. At the same time, it has the potential to provide critical hints for developing vaccines and treatments to combat deadly viral outbreaks. Like the recent coronavirus pandemic. Virus Bioinformatics books examine cutting-edge bioinformatics methods as well as breakthroughs in data analysis. 

Price and Availability- ₹4,692.00 and available on Amazon.

9. Genome Analysis And Bioinformatics: A Practical Approach – T.R Sharma 

About the Book

The decoding of complete genome sequences of numerous organisms has opened up new avenues of research in computational biology. Additionally, the scientific community can access genomic sequence data from public sources for free. However, It is frequently difficult to make sense of these massive amounts of DNA and protein sequence data. Also, bioinformatics technologies manage, store, and analyze genetic sequence data for the benefit of humanity.

Price and Availability- ₹345.00 and available on Amazon.

10. Basic Bioinformatics- S Gladis Hepsyba Helen

About the Book

Bioinformatics is the development and application of databases, algorithms, computational and statistical tools. And theory to tackle challenges originating from biological data processing. In addition to our list of bioinformatics books, this book is an introduction text that connects biological issues to computer science. In addition, this is to provide a clear view of the principles behind bioinformatics. Moreover, the authors thoroughly explain database concepts, biological database management systems, and the design of a biological database. They also supply detailed information on sequence analysis.

Price and Availability- ₹706.00 and available on Amazon.

11. Bioinformatics: Experiments, Tools, Databases, and Algorithms- Orpita Bosu

About the Book

It delivers a fair covering of topics while considering the needs of engineering and life science students. Moreover, the book teaches how to utilise numerous technologies to save, retrieve, and analyse data. It focuses on three big database clusters and relevant software tools. However, these are accessible and analysed for free via the Internet. The authors discuss the algorithms that determine how these tools behave in great detail. Also, the book makes no assumptions about prior knowledge. And contains appendices on biology and basic computing to fill up the gaps. As a matter of fact, the book’s clear style supports the use of bioinformatics technologies. 

Price and Availability- ₹848.00  and available on Amazon.

12. Applied Bioinformatics: An Introduction- Selzer Paul Maria Et. Al 

About the Book

Last but not least on our list of bioinformatics books is An Introduction to Applied Bioinformatics. Chapters present fundamental areas of bioinformatics and extensive bioinformatics tasks (with solutions). Additionally, to top it all off, a dictionary of bioinformatics definitions and terminology. 

Price and Availability- ₹501.68 and available on Amazon.

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As a matter of fact, the field of Bioinformatics is constantly evolving and expanding. The 12 Best New Bioinformatics Books To Read In 2024 will undoubtedly provide valuable insights and knowledge to readers. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting, these books offer a wealth of information. Moreover, they can help you stay current with the latest trends and developments in the field. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Bioinformatics? 

A. Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field that analyses and interprets biological data using computer science, statistics, and biology. It involves the development and application of computational tools and techniques to study biological systems at the molecular level. 

Q. Which book should I read to get an introduction to bioinformatics? 

A. You can check out Introduction to Bioinformatics by  Lesk. 

Q. Where can I purchase these books from? 

A. They’re all available on Amazon.

Q. To know the basics of Bioinformatics, which book should I go for? 

A. Basic Bioinformatics by S Gladis Hepsyba Helen.

Q. What is the learning period of Henry Harvin’s Bioinformatics Course? 

A. 48 Hours 

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