Do you wish to know the tips that will help your flair for Technical Writing skills?  In today’s fast-moving and closely-knit digital environment, it becomes imperative to have solutions to problems and enquiries interpreted in the most basic and stress-free manner.

This is exactly the reason why a Technical Writer plays a crucial role. There is always a big challenge to transform intricate and complicated facts into a simple and accessible piece of information.

Technical Writing is the art and the process of simplifying complex material into a simple and easily understood data.

Technical writing is typically delivered in the field of creating:

  • Instruction/User manuals
  • Reference guide
  • Training course materials
  • Product manuals
  • Web-based training
  • Whitepapers
  • Annual reports
  • Product descriptions, etc.


In simple terms, it is the responsibility of a Tech Writer to prepare technical documents that are eventually used by the organisation, employees, stakeholders or the end users/ customers. These documents are prepared to bridge the gap of understanding that arises due to the lack of technical knowledge by the non-technical audience.

As stated earlier, the role of a tech writer is inevitably significant from the business point of view. The success of the organisation can be achieved when a technical writer:

  • Effectively communicates the ideas, observations, views, opinions, suggestions in the logical sequence and technical manner
  • Successfully conveys the technical information to a non-technical target audience
  •  Uses required tools and technical methods to deliver an effective draft of tech content
  • Creates reports, presentations and related documents with definite structure and right set of vocabulary
  • Is a strong source of contact among stakeholders, different team members, department heads, etc.
  • Is confident of the subject matter that needs strong skills in inferring complicated data in graphs and charts into simple and easy language.
  • Evaluates the existing and the potential data, paying attention to reuse and sourcing unseen opportunities

Though there are umpteen resources that are easily accessible, it is the responsibility of a Technical Content Writer to deliver authentic and quality data that fulfils the requirements. The tech writers have to collaborate with product/service managers, quality engineers, developers and experts to create a product content that is easier to use.


Let us discuss a few important tips and tricks that can help you enhance your technical writing skills and make your content an exceptional piece of information.


Like any other field, there are tips and tricks by which you can enhance and help you nail down your Technical Writing abilities.

1. Target Audience:

Every time you write a piece of content it is obviously for someone. Likewise, for a technical writer, the first and the foremost step is to identify the target audience. It is always advisable to be empathetic while framing any information that is technical nature to a non-technical audience.

In short, a Technical Writer can deliver the best content he/she keeps himself/herself in the shoes of the targeted audience.

2. Know Your Style:

The style of writing indicates the purpose and the intention of creating the content. The style must be unique in a way that it must capture the attention of the audience. A tech writer must follow certain style guides and standards while writing and designing technical content. APA style guide, Chicago manual of style, oxford manual of style and so on are few examples that could prove to be of great help when deciding upon the particular style to follow. This will not only enhance the effectiveness of the document but also will make things simple to interpret.

3. Establishing Business Contacts:

Though you may have all the required data to get on to building a great piece of content, it is equally important to establish contacts within and outside the structure to derive a crucial and neglected portion of information.

This can be very well achieved when you create a strong rapport with the concerned department heads, teams, stakeholders and clients of the business house. One-o-one discussions around the subject can help a tech writer draft even better Technical Content.

One of the important quality of good technical content is to bridge the gap by conveying the technical concepts and aspects to an audience who may or may not have the right knowledge. This is possible only if there is a rhythmic balance between the Technical Writer and the people engaged in the loop.

4. Thorough Knowledge About the Subject:

The next important aspect is to know the subject matter you will be writing about. There is no hard and fast rule that a tech writer must be omniscient. Indeed it is very important to understand the subject in a way that can be well-explained to the reader.

 You may not be an expert in the given business, but the role of a technical Writer is to consult someone well-versed in the domain. Of course, it takes extra effort to gather the information, but it becomes mandatory from Technical Content point of view.

5.Create A Suitable Outline / Draft:

Much before you start writing a full-fledged article, it is invariably important to have the skeleton of the content in place that will serve as the strong base or a blueprint of information when it comes to creating the final version of the document. Every step that you take towards writing a piece of technical content you have to imagine your reader accurately to let the subject be easily accessible and just right for your audience.

6. Define Your Task:

After having the rough sketch of how your content must look like, the next step is to define the project itself. At every given stage, right from collection of data till the final output, it requires certain disciplinary measures. This can be achieved by defining every single step individually, clearly and concretely. Remember to define your task in a way

7. Use Simple and Clear Language:

The main aim of technical writing is to deliver the piece of information in the easiest, simple and uncomplicated fashion. Sorted and unambiguous language is the crux of this type of writing. The message must be delivered in the most direct way possible with zero surprises. There is no need of using a high-level polished vocabulary to please your audience. Short and concise sentences will be awarded brownie points. Remember “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

8. Avoid Language of Discrimination or Discomfort:

It is of utmost importance to pay attention to the language used in written communication. A dialect that derives negative meaning or that can prove to be of discriminatory must be avoided. At no given point a tech writer must evoke sentiments of rage, hatred or unfairness in the minds of the reader. As any written form of the document is considered as an authentic piece of evidence in the eyes of law.

9. Select Right Words :

Words play a predominant role in the art of technical writing. Choosing the right words in the right sequence not only does it grabs the attention of the reader but also increase their engagement level in the long run. Some words reflect strength and zeal. Some could be dull and weak and some could fall in different poles of extreme. A smart technical writer will know how to play around with words of different nature in the best possible way.

10. Short Sentences and Short Words:

 Technical Writing isn’t about writing essays and saga. It is all about delivering the message most concisely and effectively. This can be achieved by using right words that are short, familiar and belong to the global language. There is no need for beating around the bush or using the camouflaged verb in writing style. Synonyms for a single word can vary when used in a different context.

A good technical writer will pay attention to the usage of words which carry more than one emotions or meaning. Usage of hard and complex words will not only confuse the reader but also will deviate them from reading any further.

11. Use Active Voice:

As a technical writer, you must keep in mind that using active voice in your writing can create a great impact and a positive impression in the minds of the audience. It makes the content more dynamic and pleasing. Also, this a simple trick that eliminates unnecessary words or actions.

12. Cite relevant Examples:

It is always a better idea to back your writing by quoting good and relevant examples, references, and necessary statistics along with your content. This technique will certainly help you in realistically describing the subject matter. It can also prove to be a great way to address the potential problems that may arise in the future.

13. Embrace the power of visuals:

Graphs and visuals are a brilliant way to establish a strong connection between the reader and the content. There are many such topics in Technical writing which can be enhanced by incorporating figures, visuals, graphs, etc. However, you cannot compromise on the content in exchange for visuals. Ensure to stick to strong content and not underline the focus on visuals.

14. Revise and Edit:

This is the basic thumb rule that is applied to all forms of writing and literary work and not just restricted to Technical Writing alone. No content comes perfectly at the very first go. It does require certain corrections, editions, deletions, inclusions to make the piece of creating flawless and appealing.

Revision and proofreading for spell check, punctuations, syntax, language, diction, alignment, paragraph design, etc. are a few of the fundamentals that you as a technical writer have to take care of. This is necessary to ensure your content is consistent and serves the main motive. If need be you could leverage help from people who have expertise in this domain to support you in fixing this part.

15. Be a Student of This Craft:

You may be a grandmaster or an expert in the technical writing field, but there is always a scope for improvement. You are never too good or too old enough to grasp new concepts and gauge different techniques. This ultimately benefits you as a technical writer and build a niche for yourself. Studying, reading and writing more will only help you to become sharper and better.

Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on- Louis L’Amour


Technical Writing is a professional Certification course and depends solely upon the interest and abilities inclined towards strong writing skills. You need sheer practice, patience and consistency to excel in this Technical Writing field.

However, you need the right guidance and accurate training to not only polish your skills but also to upskill yourself with the latest tools and techniques used in the current industry. There are several institutes and online courses that will help you gain the right learnings and expertise.


Henry Harvin Education is one of the pioneers and chief training institute that offers several courses through online and traditional classroom methods. The Technical Writing course offered by Henry Harvin Academy is one of the best accredited in the current training sector. The course not only encourages you to develop niche writing skills but also helps you understand and analyse the wide range of practices involved in the field of Technical Content Writing.

Course Structure:

  • The course offers intensive 24 hours of online training and 24 hours of live online brush-up sessions along with solid 50 hours of e-learning modules
  • You will learn to enhance your writing skills on the technical front and develop skills to decode technical aspects easily
  • Improvise on your analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Get familiar with various tools used in the technical writing field
  • Hands-on experience on analysing and studying various research papers, journals and actual case studies
  • The course is driven by well-informed and highly skilled trainers having years of experience and tremendous knowledge about this field
  • You will get to experience the real-time industrial tasks and case studies during the training period
  • Apart from the online classes you also get 1-year membership offering substantial benefits to stay connected with the academy and other members
  • After completing the course, you will earn a globally recognised Hallmark CTRW Certificate of your name.

Other Courses Provided by Henry Harvin:


Henry Harvin Media Coverage The Tribune

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Technical Writing Courses are provided:

Delhi, Noida, Bangalore, Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Jaipur


Technical Writing is one of the neglected streams but carries great potential in the current and the coming years. The scope and the prospects of technical writing are tremendous in various fields such as economics, business, sciences, engineering, IT and so on. All you need to focus on is the right skill set and acquiring a high-quality and recognized certification that will enable you to open the gates of several opportunities in this arena. Needless to say, you need to continue reading and writing forever.


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Q1. Is there any step by step procedure that needs to be followed before writing technical content?

Ans. Technical Writing is an art that involves intense skills such as strong vocabulary, awareness about syntax, diction and usage of language, technical knowledge, problem solving and analytical skills. You need to work out of your comfort zone to deliver the best in your respective field. It does not have a stringent step by step procedure but of course, you can receive the right guidance by mentorship and online training programs in the technical writing pitch.

Q2. What exactly is the job profile of a technical writer?

Ans. The primary role of a technical writer is to create impactful content that will convey the technical information to a non-technical target audience in the most simple and easy language. Apart from this, there are several other objectives and responsibilities of a technical content writer that depends on the nature of the organization and the work itself.

Q3. What are the aids can a technical writer seek considering the impact caused by the pandemic in 2020?

Ans. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a drastic change in the way organizations function. The operations have been adversely impacted. However, it has also opened the doors for many opportunities that were concealed earlier. There has been an outright shift in the thoughts as well as the working process. Professionals working as content writers and content strategists have increasingly gained visibility and wider scope to meet the current needs in the industry. You have the flexibility to work from your home to meet the requirements and perform blazingly well. It is all about creating the best reliable technical content irrespective of the place you operate from.

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