Are you nervous about the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam? Or are you curious to learn more about this field and upgrade your knowledge? Or do you simply want to about the AWS platform and how it works? If you’re one of these people, all you need is a perfect book. Finding the appropriate book for you can be difficult. Hence I have listed the best AWS solutions architect books for you! The correct book can help you learn about Amazon Web Services the way you want. Therefore, here is your chance to gain the best knowledge in the easiest way possible. 

1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Official Study Guide


Authors: Biff Gaut, Kevin E. Kelly, Joe Baron, Hisham Baz, Tim Bixler, Sean Senior, John Stamper 

AWS Solutions architect books

All the authors mentioned above are AWS experts. This book not only gives you detailed knowledge of AWS but also provides exam essentials and chapter review questions. The official AWS study guide is one of the most common AWS solutions architect books. It covers all the content that can be asked and prepares you well for the exam. Hence, a perfect AWS guide like this is all you need whilst studying for the exam.  


The content of the book will teach you the following

  • The skill of mapping architects into AWS services like web/app servers, firewalls, caches and load balancers.
  • You will find detailed information on concepts like elasticity and scalability along with network technologies relating to AWS.
  • It will help you understand the different consistency models in AWS services. 
  • This book includes a guide on how to implement route tables, Access Control Lists, Firewalls, NAT, and DNS.
  • The usage of networking, storage, database, compute and other AWS services. 
  • It includes the content on how to practise deploying and managing services. Additionally, usage of tools like CloudFormation, OpsWorks and Elastic Beanstalk. 
  • At last, this AWS solutions architect guide will help you understand managed RDBMS through AWS RDS.

Price: Rs 4,611

Amazon link 


2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Study Guide: Associate (SAA-C03 Exam)

Authors- David Clinton and Ben Piper

AWS solutions architect books

This is an enlightening AWS solutions architect book, which is specifically prepared for the AWS-certified SAA-CO3 exam. David’s study guide is designed for the upcoming examination. Therefore, this is one of the best AWS solutions architect books if you’re an examinee. Besides, this book is also suggested to someone who wants to even brush up on his concepts. This all-in-one guide also provides test banks, summaries of each chapter, bonus questions, additional key terms and electronic flashcards with kindle edition. Hence, it proves that it aims to prepare you thoroughly for the SAA-CO3 exam. 

Learning outcomes of the AWS book by David and Ben 

  • Design resilient AWS architectures
  • Create high-performing solutions
  • Craft secure applications and architectures
  • Design inexpensive and cost-optimized architectures 

David Clinton and Ben Piper have also published AWS solutions architect books of all examinations, including SAA-CO2, CO1 and a cloud+ study guide. These books cover all the exam objectives and contain extensive knowledge. 


Price: Rs 2,860

Find the book here

3. Amazon Web Services in Action

Authors- Andreas Wittig and Michael Wittig

AWS solutions architect books

The Amazon Web Services in Action book gives a great introduction to cloud basics with fantastic real-world examples. This is known to be a practical guide that will help you understand computing, storing, and networking in the AWS cloud. 

Learning benefits of this AWS guide

  • You will get detailed knowledge about the best practices regarding security, high availability and scalability.
  • While you are reading this book, you will learn how to spin up servers manually as well as from the command line. 
  • This book will also let you discover different ways to secure infrastructure. In addition to the different approaches to deploying applications on AWS. 
  • You will come across various options and techniques for storing data. 
  • Moreover, the Amazon Web Services in Action book teaches how to integrate these services into applications using SDKs. 
  • This is one of the best guides to have complete information on designing. This consists of high-availability, fault-tolerant and scalable designs. 
  • You will even learn how to automate infrastructure. Provided that this can be done programmatically using the AWS API. 

Price: Rs 4,612 

Order this book from here

4. Learning AWS- Design, Build and Deploy Responsive Applications using AWS Cloud Components

Authors: Aurobindo Sarkar and Amit Shah

AWS solutions architect books

Learning AWS is a book designed for those who have prior knowledge and experience in this field. Therefore, if you have a basic understanding of programming and cloud concepts, this book is perfect for you! Ultimately, Amit Shah aims to develop your pre-requisite skills through exercises and real-time applications. There are 2 editions of Learning AWS available currently.  

What will you learn? 

  • You will understand the skill of automating infrastructures and setting up monitoring operations.
  • One will learn how to plan DR, test and staging.
  • You will come across numerous security considerations as well as the implementation of AWS applications. 
  • Moreover, this book consists of a detailed guide on the usage of tools like CloudWatch and CloudFoundation. 
  • Learning AWS will help you learn the multi-user design approaches for SaaS applications.
  • This book is an all-exclusive guide for every step in real-world production. 
  • After reading the whole book, one will be able to design, implement and deploy an application on the AWS platform. 

Price: Rs 1,000 (Paperback) and Rs 554 (Kindle edition)

Order this insightful guide from here 

5. AWS Web Services for Dummies: A Wiley Brand by Bernard Golden

Author: Bernard Golden

If you have no prior knowledge about AWS services, then this book is all you need! It is one of the best introductory AWS solutions architect books published till now. On the whole, it starts with very basic information about the AWS field. There are 2 editions available for this AWS solutions architect book. 

This book includes the following 

  • The working of AWS services, along with its implementations in any organisation. 
  • It consists of information about the entire Amazon Web Services tool set.
  • This book includes an explanation for the usage of AWS in various activities. Furthermore, these activities include storage, receiving payments, emailing, managing big data, deploying push notifications, etc. 
  • It will teach you how to reduce costs, enhance productivity, improve efficiency and reduce investments using AWS. 
  • It also includes the steps to be followed while executing an operation. This will help you understand all the AWS features. 

Price- Rs 3,807 (Paperback) and Rs 344 (Kindle edition)

Amazon link of AWS Services for Dummies

6. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate All-in-One Exam Guide

Author: Joyjeet Banerjee

The AWS book by Joyjeet Banerjee covers all the important information about this certification exam. It is a self-study book. Hence, you will not require any simultaneous training. Other than conceptual knowledge, this book will guide you through job references.  

These AWS Solutions architect books focus on the following

  • Tricks, case studies, tips and real-world examples based on his experience. Therefore, this makes the process of understanding easier. 
  • Elaborated information on all the essential topics for exams. 
  • It includes objectives before every chapter for smooth learning. 
  • There are various practice tests for the preparation for exams. To point out, these tests are designed according to the examination. 
  • It covers all the domains like resilient architectures, performant architectures and secure applications. 

Prices: Rs 2,774 (Kindle edition) and Rs 2,920 (Paperback)

Get this book from here


7. AWS Basics: Beginners Guide

Author- Gordon Wong 

Here, I have the ultimate beginner’s guide for you! This is one of the best preliminary AWS solutions architect books. AWS Basics by Gordon Wong is designed for the preparation for the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud exam (EC2).   

Learning benefits of this book

  • AWS Basics will give you detailed knowledge of what Amazon EC2 really is. Besides, it will guide you on how to get started and create your AWS account. 
  • Since each account belongs to a security group, Gordon’s book will help you create a security group. 
  • After this process of commencement, this book will guide you on how to manage an AWS account. You will learn how to add your account to these security groups, identity and access management, deploy a MEAN App to the Amazon EC2 and use MongoDB.
  • Furthermore, AWS Basics will teach you how to install and use DaaS on EC2 instances and run a Tableau Server. 
  • This all-in-one guide will prepare you to create an AWS account and handle its operations smartly. These operations include various steps of setting up the account, tracking it and meeting goals.  

Price- Rs 816 (Paperback)

Click here to get AWS Basics 

8. AWS The Ultimate Guide From Beginners To Advanced For The Amazon Web Services

Authors: Theo H. King

As the name suggests, Theo H. King has written an ultimate guide on the working of AWS. This impressive book will not only explain all about the Amazon Web Services Platform but also prepare you for the competitive market. The Ultimate Guide is made for both beginners and advanced learners. Hence, if you want to be an expert, this is one of the best AWS solutions architect books. 

What will you learn?

  • The management of cloud architecture using AWS services and usage of developing tools. 
  • It will help you upgrade your outsourcing and then, create a private network in the cloud. 
  • This AWS book will teach you how to implement AWS technology in your projects, create cloud storage and virtual desktop environment and use Amazon workspaces and Amazon S3 services. 
  • To sum up, this book will give you all the necessary information on AWS strategies, cloud selection, and how to make money with a smart AWS implementation in your company.  

Price: Rs 294 (Kindle edition) and Rs 1,232 (Paperback)

Amazon link of AWS book by Theo H. King 

9. Start Amazon Web Services 

Authors: Cloud Gurus 

The book, Start Amazon Web Series, is basically for everyone! It does not require you to have prior knowledge about the AWS platform. Therefore, even a beginner can learn without any difficulties. This book is for programmers interested in deploying applications or people who fancy highly scalable and fault-tolerant applications. If you are one of them, we see you’re in luck! 

Benefits of ‘Start Amazon Web Services’ book

  • This book will familiarise you with the AWS platform and help you become Amazon certified. 
  • It will guide you on how to design Highly Resilient and scalable Websites on AWS. 
  • This AWS book will train you to pass the AWS-certified Solutions Architect-Associate Exam. 
  • Moreover, you will learn to use Route53, EC2, S3, CloudFront, Autoscaling, Load Balancing, RDS, RedShift, DynamoDB, EMR, VPC etc.
  • This book will not only train you to use the AWS platform but also, make you comfortable with its new updates and constantly evolving patterns.  

Prices: Rs 1,508 (Paperback)

Find the book here 

10. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Training Notes 2022 

Author: Neal Davis

This optimum guide is designed to prepare you for the SAA-CO3 exam. Since it is one of the latest AWS solutions architect books published, it includes all the modified information. This book has the most recent exam blueprint. This AWS guide is direct and focuses on exam preparation. 

Why read this book by Neal Davis?

  • Training Notes provided by it will shortcut your study time and maximise your chance of passing the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate easily. 
  • This AWS book goes the extra mile. The essential cheat sheets offered with it can be of great help. 
  • It does not provide the apparent theoretical context. There are raw and crisp facts that make the learning process easier. 
  • The 80 quick quiz questions at the end will make you trained to appear for the exam. 
  • You can also get the online practice tests from Digital Cloud Training to evaluate your preparations. To emphasise, these practice tests are timed and designed according to the latest blueprint. 
  • In addition, every question offers you a detailed explanation and reference links. 

Prices: Rs 799 (Kindle Edition) and Rs 4,202 (Paperback)

Order this book from here! 


Where can I get AWS Solutions Architect Training?

Finding a detailed guide is not the only requirement. Besides the AWS solutions architect books, you require professional training. The AWS solutions architect training at Henry Harvin is by far the best course you can find. It will ease the learning process, as they provide exclusive study material for a lifetime. Henry Harvin is one of the top Indian institutes with a global base, 400+ training programs and professional trainers. This institute will make the learning process so much easier. Considering the professionalism and convenience, Henry Harvin offers the most flexible training.    

Why choose Henry Harvin?

  • The best part about Henry Harvin Institute is that it offers courses in many cities like Pune, Bangalore, Jaipur, Delhi etc. Moreover, it also conducts online courses globally with professional assistance.  
  • Henry Harvin renders a 9-in-1 program that consists of E-learning access, boot camp sessions, placement, certification, projects, hackathons and 1-year gold membership.
  • The Gold membership allows free access to all the learning material and e-learning websites for one year. This program membership also benefits you to gain more experience through industry projects and guaranteed internships.
  • Learning benefits of the AWS solutions architect training are solution plan development, IAM best practices, and amazon virtual private cloud. Furthermore, it will also teach you how to design hybrid IT architectures and determine database and security needs.   
  • Career benefits offered at Henry Harvin are exposure to jobs globally and professional development. That is because a certified AWS solution architect training course will help you improve your CV as well as LinkedIn profiles. 


Other related courses at Henry Harvin

Reference reads



Do I need coding to learn AWS?

There is no such compulsion to know how to code. However, it will be of great use while you are learning about AWS.

How long are the AWS certificates valid?

The AWS solutions architect certificates are valid only for 3 years

What are the different certificates of AWS?

There are 12 AWS certificates. These certificates include solutions architects, developers, cloud practitioners, databases, machine learning, and more. 

Which course is the best for an AWS certification?

The AWS solutions architect course is most important while preparing for the associate exam. This course will provide you with all the necessary information about Amazon Web Services.

Why should I learn about AWS solutions architecture?

Amazon Web Services will give a good understanding of AWS architecture, databases and analytics, containers, migration, transfer and High-Performance Computing ​(HPC). 

What are the benefits of AWS certification?

The AWS certification will help you secure your architect career in the cloud environment. You will be trained on how to design architectures and demonstrate solutions on Amazon Web Services platform.

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