Resham Daswani


What is Design Thinking? To begin with, Design thinking is a process of creative problem-solving, which has a human-centred core.  Nonetheless, let’s look at the top 12 Design Thinking Books today. Furthermore, this encourages organizations to focus on the people they are creating for, which leads to better products,…

Why is Machine Learning Important Today? Machine learning algorithms are learnings from the data that is provided by us.  For example, every time new data is provided, it improves the model’s accuracy and efficiency to make better decisions. It also helps in subsequent training improvement.  To illustrate, let us take…

Why Online Education? When we talk about online education, what exactly do we mean? Teachers and students can decide their learning pace, without giving up anything. And what do you think about the future of online education in India? Education in a physical classroom is not only the…

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