The 14 Writing Apps for iPad- Become a writer today – But How?

We will be taking you through the 14 writing apps for iPad, which will help you enhance your writing skills., to become a writer.

Every Ipad has an app store, where a number of apps are available for your ease.  Out of the lot, it becomes quite confusing to choose which would prove to be the best which can help you create and edit your documents.  But is that all?  No.  We need to pick the right one which will help us not only create and edit our documents, but it should be user-friendly as well so that we can spend quality time writing rather than focusing on the complexity of the app.

Imagine a writer’s life, you may recollect the stereotypes, with a pair of glasses, hunched over a typewriter punching enormous keys and drowning himself in cups of coffee.  But today’s world is on the move.  From fast food to cars, we are always on the move, so having a writing app at our fingertips, will make the life of a writer much easier.

Remember, IOS and Ipad already have their best writing apps installed [Apple Notes].  So, not taking much time, let’s get started with the 14 writing apps for iPad. 

14 writing apps for ipad

1. LivingWriter

One of the newest apps which most writers have opted for to write their stories or books on the Ipad or online.  With the help of boards and templates, this app helps you arrange the plots of your story.  It contains a wide option of outline templates to choose from.  

Some key features of this app:

  • Drag and Drop Option – Use this to order and reorder your chapters and story elements without the hassle of copying and pasting.
  • On-screen sidebar – Jot down your chapter notes quickly on the sidebar without having to leave the screen, everything remains on the screen.
  • A god’s eye view of your writing.
  • Plot quickly with time-tested story outlines.
  • The LivingWriter Board- where there is no need to move files and text around to organise your stories.
  • Smart text and auto-suggest – Store all your story elements and LivingWriter will make them work for you. The auto-suggest option will appear as you type a character.  This is one feature you will not find in any other fiction writing app.
  • Embracing the Dark Side- Having the option of both dark and light mode, which you can switch between while writing as per the convenience of your surrounding environment.
  • Create a vision for your stories.  This is a unique novel writing software which shows you your goals visually which will make a difference in your writing pace.
  • Cloud based so no stopping your creativity – LivingWriter gives you the option to work on different devices.  It doesn’t restrict your creativity down to one location.
  • No need to hit save- This automatically saves every letter you type.

Pricing Options:

  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • Monthly Plan – $9.99/month
  • Yearly Plan – $8/month, $96 annually
  • Lifetime Plan – One time payment $399

2. Scrivener

14  best writing apps for ipad

A preferred writing app when you write longer articles, thanks to its many export options and advanced self-editing tools.  Nonetheless, you can also use it for blogging. This app works quite well with Ipad Pro as well as is used to organise complicated writing projects. It is a little more expensive compared to other apps.  

Some key features of this app:

  • Editing tools – A serious writer cannot separate writing from editing.  This app gives you more benefits as compared to regular writing apps like Word, Open Office, etc.
  • Choose a template – You can choose from a wide variety of templates, based on what kind of document you are writing, like novels, academic papers, documentaries and more.
  • Customise Settings – The most important of the settings is the editor settings, you can your preferences for elements such as hide/show ruler or format bar.
  • Folders and Binders – A folder is used to store important information such as a list of characters, elements, and all of these folders combine to form a binder.
  • Use it for Research – Your research need not be put in a separate document.  It will be in the binder, making it easy to access.
  • Compiling – Available in the latest app of Scrivener, this lets you combine parts of your manuscript that may be formatted differently.
  • Corkboard – This lets you see all of your documents as a note or index cards.

Pricing Options:

  • 30 days free trial
  • Standard Licence for MacOs – $49 [One-time fee]
  • Educational Licence for MacOs – $41.65 [One-time fee]
  • iOS – $19.99 [One-time fee]

3. Grammarly

14 best writing apps for ipad

This app can help you find and fix common writing mistakes with a clever AI-powered assistant.  Alongside, it also includes a handy plagiarism checker.  You can use it with a virtual keyboard on the Ipad, or directly through the website.

Some key features of this app:

  • Real time grammar checking.
  • Highly accurate
  • Easy to understand explanations
  • Customization and simple to use
  • Aggressive advertising

Pricing Options:

  • Free – Basic writing suggestions and tone detection [Only email account required]
  • Premium – Clarity, vocabulary, and tone improvements [$12/month]
  • Business – Features for teams, organisations and enterprises [$15/member/month]

4. Apple Notes

14 best writing apps for ipad

A free built-in software in all iOS devices.  It also synchronises instantly across all the ipads, iphone as well as mac.  You can organise your early story drafts instantly and later move it to other apps if required.  


Some key features of this app:

  • Doesn’t cost anything as well as is in iOS.
  • Easy to collaborate.
  • Access to quick note from ipad or iphone.
  • Create tables and checklists.
  • Realistic writing and drawings using apple pen

Pricing Options:

  • Free on all iOS systems- ipad, iphone, as well as mac.

5. ByWord

14 best writing apps for ipad

A new app available on the ipad, which can open all text documents across all apple products, including Mac, iPhone, and iPad.  Online or offline you can use this app either way.  The file converts files into PDF as well as HTML formats for easy editing.  

Some key features of this app:

  • Simple and effective tool which helps in blocking out distractions
  • Has a simple markup language, meant to allow documents to be published as plain text without losing any additional meaning.
  • Excellent full-screen mode which puts documents front as well as centre on display, hiding unwanted distractions
  • Dark mode option which inverts black and white, to reduce eye strain.
  • Typewriter mode which permanently puts the writing cursor in the centre of the page.

Pricing Options:

  • $10.99/monthly

6. Notebook

14 best writing apps for ipad

It allows you to scan all documents, so that you can have a soft copy of it.  Designed by Zoho, this is one of the strongest all-round writing apps for the ipads. 

Some key features of this app:

  • Available at an affordable price and beautiful design
  • A fun way to take notes or liven up your to-do list.
  • Drag and Drop option
  • Content Scanning and Collaboration tools
  • Data export and import

Pricing Options:

  • Free on all iOS systems- ipad, iphone, and mac.

7. iA Writer

14 best writing apps for ipad

A simple, intuitive writing app, with a short learning curve.  This is famous for its “focus mode” option, where it will dim everything on the screen except the line that you are editing.  This app helps you become a strong writer by pointing out your mistakes, your repetitive words as well as weak verbiage.  

Some key features of this app:

  • Link your notes, connect your ideas.
  • Command click option to move between documents.
  • Switch between documents earlier as well as current that you are working on.
  • Highlights the active sentence or paragraph.
  • Stay with the flow, typing in the same format.
  • Drag and drop embedded pictures in your document.

Pricing Options:

  • MacOs – $49.99
  • iOS & iPad iOS – $49.99

8. Simplenote

14 best writing apps for ipad

An ideal writing app to help you complete your documents faster.  You can type, record your voice, record videos, and work well with plain text.  Nonetheless, you can also set reminders, change size and colour of your text.  

Some key features of this app:

  • Has a version control system, which helps you go back in time.
  • Markdown allows you to format your notes with headings, italics, links and list.
  • Sync your notes on all platforms.

Pricing Options:

  • Free on all iOS systems- ipad, iphone, and mac.

9. Notability

14 best writing apps for ipad

A strong app which is suitable for students, teachers and professionals.  Having a simple user interface, you can store your documents with password protection as well.  There is an option where you can sign on your documents on the iOS itself.  

Some key features of this app:

  • Document management and pdf annotation
  • Bookmarking pages as well as nested folders
  • Provision of pdf hyperlink navigation
  • Import documents, images and more
  • Palm rejection and left hand support
  • Note sharing via link or email

Pricing Options:

  • Free to use the classic version
  • Premium version requires payment of $8.99

10. Evernote

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One of the most popular apps of the 14 writing apps for iPad, which helps you focus on your most important tasks, leaving behind any distractions.  You can organise your documents, dictate your notes, as well as convert them to text.

Some key features of this app:

  • Turn your to-do into done by the tasks option.
  • Dive into your day using the Home option which gives you information about what you need and when you need.
  • Link your Google Calendar and Evernotes, bringing your schedule and notes together
  • Sync over all devices
  • Save regular search terms for quick access.

Pricing Options:

  • Classic – Free over all iOS systems.
  • Premium – INR 249/month
  • Professional – INR 319/month

11. Goodnotes

A top writing app for ipad, whose vector engine allows you to fluently and precisely write on the screen.  You can sync your documents on icloud using this app.

Some key features of this app:

  • Search your handwriting – a unique feature which can search a term in any file in your library, no matter handwritten or typed.
  • Annotate PDFs and PPTs- Freely mark up points without being confined to typing out text
  • Organise notes your way.
  • Personalise your notebook as per your choice.
  • Save and easily reuse elements
  • Open documents side by side on one screen.

Pricing Options:

  • First 3 Notebooks are free
  • Go Limitless – INR 699 [One-time fee]

12. OneNote

Of the 14 writing apps for iPad, this is a classic microsoft app which allows the writer to create text, sketches and more, now on the iPad.  Furthermore, it allows you to jot down thoughts which you want to recollect later.

Some key features of this app:

  • Add Tags and tables
  • Insert space between your notes
  • Supports both audio as well as video
  • Crop and upload images to your notes immediately
  • Connect with classrooms, organise and distribute assignments from a central content library.

Pricing Options:

  • Free on all iOS systems- ipad, iphone, and mac.

13. Ulysses

Of the 14 writing apps for iPad, this is a writing app designed to be used on all iOS systems to help a writer.  It comes with a text editor which helps you mark headlines, key passages and comments.  This app is especially good for bloggers who have many writings in queue, whereby they can organise them using tags and folders.

Some key features of this app:

  • Creating, formatting and sharing tables
  • Editor counter 
  • Optimised publishing flow
  • WordPress REST API
  • Third Party font support
  • Revamping writing goals

Pricing Options:

  • Monthly – $5.99/month
  • Yearly – $49.99/year

14. Nebo

14 best writing apps for ipad

Of the 14 writing apps for iPad, this is a tool with advanced tools and customised features which lets the writer create and edit documents using the Apple Pencil.  Furthermore, it also allows you to edit your powerpoint files.

Some key features of this app:

  •  The first and only app which allows you to mix both keyboard and ink by using interactive ink.
  • Add rich content with interactive diagrams, editable equations and more.
  • Write and create anywhere, at anytime and then copy-paste content between pages as well as other apps also.
  • Import and annotate pdfs using the pen.
  • Export your notes in multiple formats or can be published on websites as well.

Pricing Options:

  • Free for iOS with basic functions
  • Pro version – $9.99/month

Now that we have listed out the 14 writing apps for iPad, let’s see what it takes to become a writer today.  Just using an app won’t make you a writer, you may need to acquire a course to guide you on the tone, formats and styles that could enhance your writing skills and make you a good writer today.

You can choose to take up the Content Writing Course, which gives you the entire process of planning, writing, editing your web content, and more.  One such place, where you can take up this course is Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin Education is an online platform which provides a variety of courses to choose from.  Content Writing Course is one of the many options available.  

14 best writing apps for ipad

Learning Modules of this Course

  • Language Skills
  • Internet Skills
  • Blog, Business as well as Marketing Writing
  • Content Strategy
  • Technical as well as Research Writing
  • Academic as well as Creative Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Email Writing as well as Legal Writing

Key Benefits of this Course

  • Learn & Earn – 30+ Content Types to learn from and transform to a Content strategist and earn online.
  • Access to E-Learning Portal
  • Guaranteed Internship, Weekly Job support & bootcamp sessions
  • Attend different batches with different trainers

Other Courses that you can choose alongside

  • Creative Writing Course
  • English Writing Course

Having done the course, you may think, now how do I put this acquired knowledge to test in the actual world?  Well, it’s some simple steps, which you can adapt to your daily routine.  There is a proverb- practice makes a man perfect, well here also it’s a similar scene.

  • Develop a daily habit of writing.
  • Try and read more books from different genres.
  • Always be sure about which audience you are targeting
  • Gain ideas from your surroundings and incorporate them in your writing

Here are some qualities of a good writer

1. Clarity – A good writer can communicate effectively with his readers.  Furthermore, clarity allows you to express your ideas without demanding extra effort from your readers.  Basically, know what to say, and then work on how best to say it.  Try to communicate your idea to the reader in a crisp manner, rather than beating around the bush.

2. Regularity – Maintain a schedule of writing daily, and achieving a certain set of targets for yourself.  If you do this on a regular basis, it will help you clarify what is called a “writer’s block” soon, as the momentum will be built.

3. Risk – Try to come out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to write.  Don’t forget, with more risks comes more rewards.  So, the more you challenge your imagination to take the risk, the more rewarding it might turn out to be for you.

4. Persistence – Never get disheartened or lose your confidence.  Just keep on writing.

The Bottom Line

Why do I need to have Writing Apps, even though I have done a certified course, to become a writer today, a question that frequently occurs in the minds of many writers.  Well, the writing apps have a strong focus on helping you organise your writing resources.  It can be anything like notes about a specific character in a book, or research on a specific subject.  Writing apps have developed over time, with the new technologies coming in, so the better the app, the better and faster you can get writing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Which are the most commonly used apps for checking grammar?

One of the best, and most commonly used today, is the Grammarly app, which helps you in checking grammatical errors.  It also has other options within itself that can ease your writing.

Q.2. Is it advisable to download the paid version of writing apps if I am a beginner in writing?

Most of the writing apps come with a trial version for a certain time period.  You can use those first before purchasing the pro version, so you are sure it’s suiting your requirements while writing.

Q.3. Do all writing apps have a grammar check?

Since writing and grammar go hand-in-hand, thus, most of the writing apps come with a grammar check.

Q.4. Can I use writing apps offline?

Some writing apps give you the access to use it offline, but some can only be accessed when there is internet connectivity.  Read the features carefully before choosing the app.

Q.5. Is there a different writing app for students?

Yes, there are writing apps for kids and students as well, which simplify their thoughts which they love to pen down on paper.

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