Who is a Blogger?

And who is a blogger? A person who writes, edits, posts and promotes the written content on web pages or websites is a blogger.  As a result, today there are more than 12 million people blogging on social media sites.  Let’s look at the 18 top bloggers in india.

What is a Blog?

A page or a post, in the form of information or discussion, where a person writes on topics which are of their interest and is published on a website. Likewise, diary-style writing can also be considered as a blog.

18 top bloggers in india

Key Responsibilities Of A Blogger

  1. Writing, editing and publishing and promoting content.
  2. Generating ideas and researching.
  3. Maximizing site traffic by using SEO keywords.
  4. Staying updated with the current industry trends.
  5. Monitoring the responses and feedback on various platforms.
18 top bloggers in india

Blogging Requirements

  1. A bachelor’s degree in any field.
  2. Prior writing experience in specific fields is an extra advantage.
  3. Good communication and writing skills.
  4. Understanding the current industry trends and the target audience.
  5. A basic understanding of computer software, social media platforms and HTML.

Benefits Of Blogging

  1. Direct traffic to your site.
  2. Generate and nurture leads
  3. Build relationships with customers
  4. Market your products and services
  5. Increase reputability
  6. Develop your brand’s voice.

Common Types Of Blogs

  1. Fashion Blogs
  2. Food Blogs
  3. Travel Blogs
  4. Music Blogs
  5. Lifestyle Blogs
  6. Fitness Blogs
  7. Sports Blogs

Understanding Online Content

For you to be successful in blogging, first you need to understand how online content works.  It should be compelling, allowing space for readers to think, analyse and conclude.  Formatting and keyword density are important in a blog.  Besides good quality, also make the content short and to the point.

5 Types of Content

  1. Blog Content
  2. Infographics
  3. Podcasts
  4. Videos
  5. Social Media

Blogging For Beginners at Henry Harvin

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18 top bloggers in india

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  2. Improving internet skills
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  4. Understanding academic and research writing
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18 Top Bloggers In India – Earning, Age and Lifestyle

1. Mr Amit Agarwal: Founder, Labnol

Amit Agarwal, who is a former IITian, is also known as the God Father of Bloggers in India. He quit his job in 2004 and soon became India’s first and only professional blogger. His passion, even today, strives him to continue doing what he looks up to every day.

Having moved to Agra, Uttar Pradesh in 2004, where there were no job vacancies in the IT sector, he started blogging to showcase his skills. Eventually, when he saw the traffic on his site build-up, and more people were reading and posting comments, moreover, encouraged him to continue writing. Over time, people from different parts of the world read his work.

Labnol.org, is a technology blog started in 2004. Particularly not a business-minded person by nature, all he wanted to do was to build his content and release it to the public. He never focused on selling or marketing his services.

Today, his monthly earnings are approximately $60,000. Furthermore, he has received several title awards from Google for his technical expertise. Microsoft also awarded him the “Most Valuable Professional Award”, consecutively five years in a row.

Indianbloggers.org is one such the site for bloggers maintained by Amit Agarwal. To add on, his productivity tools include Mail Merge for Gmail, Document Studio and Google add-ons.

2. Mr Harsh Agarwal: Founder, ShoutMeLoud

Founder of an award-winning blog, ShoutMeLoud, he aims to help people be their own boss.

Harsh Agarwal started his online venture in 2008 after completing his Engineering Degree. Furthermore, he has helped many businesses and individuals with his expertise in online marketing.

His first platform is BlogSpot which is a step-to-step guide on blogging and began as a hobby for writing. He has launched many platforms giving information ranging from Bitcoin to Blockchain.

Furthermore, he started writing E-books. At the early age of 35 years, he earns an approximate monthly income of $50,000. Particularly for his dedication and passion towards blogging, he has received many awards. He also received the title for “The Best Blogger”

3. Pritam Nagrale: Founder, SureJob

A digital marketer, blogger, YouTuber and Entrepreneur.

In 2004, having tried his luck in all fields to get a job, lastly, he searched online for how to earn money online. Subsequently, he started many types of setups but failed. 

Repeated failures did not stop him. He continued his research, and finally in 2012, he started his two most popular blogs – moneyconnexion.com and surejob. These blogs give the basis for Earning Money Online.

Born in 1979, today he earns a monthly income of approximately $48,000. His earnings are not restricted only to these two blogs. He also earns from YouTube, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging and his Digital Marketing Institute (DmaticDigital).

To summarize his 3Ps, which led him to success – Passion, Persistence and Patience.

4. Ms Shradha Sharma: Founder, YourStory

YourStory, a start-up in the year 2008, by a young entrepreneur Ms Shradha Sharma. Furthermore, this platform has traffic of more than 1.3 million visitors. Having started as a blog, it attracts and inspires many entrepreneurs today.

Born in the year 1980, in Patna Bihar, she completed her master’s degree from Madura Institute Of Communications in Ahmedabad. She further grew her career as a brand advisor at Times Of India.

Eventually, she went on to become the Vice-President at CNBC TV18. And finally in the year 2008, she created her portal YourStory.

Talking about early days, which were quite critical because there was no start-up culture in the country, she went through the phase of depression and was also a crusader to mental health.

However in 2015 she got a breakthrough when she secured funding from many big ventures. In other words, she hasn’t stopped growing ever since.

At the age of 42 years, her platform is the only one to have original business and entrepreneurship stories in twelve different languages.

Her estimated monthly earnings are $30,000. 

5. Anand Khanse: Founder, The Windows Club

A passion for blogging about Windows inspired him to become a Windows Insider MVP. As an enthusiast, he enjoys activities like Troubleshooting, Optimization and Customization.

As a matter of fact, this platform is created to provide solutions to all Microsoft Windows issues.

Nonetheless, at the age of 60, he feels there is no age bar to succeed in the blogging world. He became a blogger incidentally, while trying to repair his computer. He saw the market had a huge competition for computer services. 

Earning money was not his criteria. His passion for Windows brought him success through the medium of blogging.

Today, his monthly income is approximately $32,000.

6. Nandini Shenoy: Founder and CEO, Pinkvilla

An ex-Microsoft Employee, a software engineer by profession, who wanted a change. Being away from India, Bollywood fanatics was always her cornerstone.

Founded in 2007, PinkVilla catered to the Entertainment Industry.

This site brings you the latest Bollywood gossip, celebs, beauty tips and fashion trends live.

Furthermore, it received awards for Best Celebrity Blogger, Website Of The Year and Best Celeb-Spotting Award. Getting papped was absolutely a new culture by Paparazzi. For this reason, she hired various photographers to catch celebs’ movements – from airport look to weddings, events and many more.

Born in the year 1979, she aims to come up with many more new channels for entertaining Bollywood fans. 

Her monthly income is approximately $25,000.

7. Arun Prabhudesai: Founder, Trak. In

A famous YouTuber, Blogger and Social Media Influencer, he started his career as a YouTuber in 2011.  Trak is one of India’s leading business and tech news blogs, launched in 2007. 

As a matter of fact, it also covers topics like government policies, the stock market, entrepreneurship, startups, Indian railways, and others.

Born in the year 1988, he has YouTube Channels in English and Marathi, along with other topics like Auto, Shorts, Trakin Ke Funde and Shorts.

With the #TrakinTech10MSafar, he celebrates the 10 million subscribers in his RAP video song “SAFAR.”

His monthly income is approximately $15,000.

8. Jignesh Padhiyar: Co-Founder, iGeeksBlog

The only blog in India which details Apple’s products. This contains many findings on the iPhone, MacBook, iPad and many more. He got the inspiration to start this blog from the late Steve Jobs.

Eventually, iGeekblog started in a joint venture with Dia Dhania Adhia and thus, is today’s go-to consumer technology platform for people worldwide.

Born in the year 1989, he finds himself exploring the earth or cracking jokes with friends alongside blogging.

His monthly income is approximately $13,000.

9. Aseem Kishore: Owner & Editor-in-Chief, OnlineTechTips

An umbrella company that owns Online Tech Tips was set up on Google’s Blogger.Com to troubleshoot. Along with this, he pursues other interests in video blogging, since the year 2007.

Married and settled in Maryland, he has written over 3000 articles.

At 36 years of age, he has a monthly income of approximately $12,000.

10. Sourav Basak: Founder, Namaste UI

A software engineer and a professional blogger by hobby, he has a passion for technology. He, thus, has been blogging about business, technology, digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, since 2007.

Even so, the revenue is being generated from contextual ad platforms like Google Adsense, direct ads and selling guest posting and social media bookmarking services. He also runs a YouTube Channel blog named Reblog.

At 36 years of age, he has a monthly income of approximately $4,000.

11. Varun Krishnan: Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Fone Arena

A mobile industry expert, web architect, technology journalist and world traveller.  Varun Krishnan’s start-up is India’s most visited Mobile Portal launched in 2005. 

This platform is set up to deliver all the latest news and updates from the world of mobile phones.  Alongside, it has latest coverage in computers, cameras, robotics and other space.

Currently living in Chennai, he has a monthly income of approximately $22,000.

12. Faisal Farooqui: Founder, Mouthshut

A platform for reviews and products and services, Mouthshut.com, has popularized through advertisements behind autorickshaws for marketing purposes.  

Under Mouthshut, many beta launches took place like Dealface.com which connects consumers with local businesses.  As a matter of fact, this is the first website to offer SMS-based coupons. Dealface and Mouthshut were however merged.

He received a Manthan Award in 2006, for best youth website.  Also, his name is listed as one of the 50 Indians- “Young Leaders” by the British High Commission.

At 45 years of age, he has a monthly income of approximately $50,000.

13. Ashish Sinha: Founder, NextBigWhat (Earlier Pluggd. in)

The founder and an instructor at NextBigWhat Academy’s Product Management course. It is one of India’s largest platforms for technology setups, which specializes in product management, product marketing, defining requirements and many more.

At the same time, he is currently involved in helping startups / SMBs in defining product strategies, and connecting start-ups with angel investors to help them grow.

Based in Bangalore, he has a monthly income of approximately $18,000.

14. Amit Bhawani: Founder and Editor-in Chief, PhoneRadar

A professional blogger, started a blog in 2007, about technology and gadgets.  His blogs provided information on cell phones, tablets, and tech news from around the world.  Born and raised in Hyderabad, he runs a business on digital solutions.  Android Advices and Gizmo Report are some of his start-ups.  

Alongside, he has received various awards. His passion is to deliver information about the value of mobile phones and insights on the same to consumers, to guide them on purchasing the right device.

Born in the year 1984, he has a monthly income of approximately $25,000.

15. Jaspal Singh, Founder, SaveDelete

A blogger from Jaipur, he writes about internet tips, software, computing, sports, health and fitness and many more.  Launched in the year 2009, his interest in computers and the internet has made him a self-proclaimed geek.

He is a mechanical engineer by profession. As a matter of fact, his friend showed him about earning money online through ads. Making use of this research, eventually he got his first blog.  If he isn’t blogging, he spends a lot of his time at the gym.  

Born in the year 1986, he has a monthly income of approximately $8,000.

16. Akanksha Redhu, Blogger, Fashion and Lifestyle

A famous blogger, to have launched her self-titled fashion and lifestyle blog in 2010. She is one of the most popular bloggers viewed in the elite list of celebrities born in India.

However, she started blogging out of interest in noting, expressing her idea and penning down her daydreams. Eventually, today her blogs vary from fashion to beauty to food to travel.

She has one of India’s top trending blogs. As a matter of fact, all the posts are personally written by her. Alongside, she has also collaborated with top fashion and beauty brands across India.

Born in the year 1988, she has a net income of approximately $1.5 million.

17. Hemapriya Natesan, Founder, MyLittleMoppet

Founder of MyLittleMoppet and blogs on parenting insights. She is a doctor, blogger, and mother of two children.  A workable solution for all parenting tips from weaning, to potty training or how to handle a toddler, she is here to help.  

Along with advice, she also runs a foundation called The Little Moppet Heart Foundation started in 2016, to reach out to children born with heart defects, who eventually die because of a lack of funds.  The foundation received the award for Excellence in Medical Service To the Community.

She started with a blog in 2015. Along with that, her venture mylittlemoppetfood.com, took to heights after she received a huge traffic response on her blogs on parenting and food types for children.  In 2019, this site was nominated for the Best Healthy Food Brand.

Also known as “Doctor Mommy”, she is now focused on her brand and the foundation, along with her husband who is also a surgeon by profession.

She earned revenue of Rs.3 Crore in 2021 from mylittlemoppetfoods.

18. Nagalakshmi Vishwanathan, Founder, Edible Garden (cookingandme.com)

A food blogger, and the face behind Edible Garden. Nags, as addressed by her fans, started blogging when she came across a food blog on the website and felt it was quite easy.

Working full-time, and having some part-time jobs, she still continues to share many quick and healthy recipes on her site. Along with this, her interests in food photography, food styling, and restaurant reviews are an added boon to the blogs.

Her day goes by in buying ingredients, cooking, photographing, researching, obsessing and writing on this site since 2015.

Living and working in Singapore, she has won a few awards for her blogging.

How Long Does It Take To Be A Successful Blogger

Hard work is the key to becoming a blogger. Blogging requires you to create quality content to gain traffic to your site. Eventually, it will increase the traffic when you are consistent in writing. 

Furthermore, keeping up with the changing industry is the key to consistency. Therefore, reading blogs from different niches, and understanding their styles, leads to beautiful content.

On an average, it may take 2-4 years to become a successful blogger, considering the consistency and hard work you put in. Therefore, you can apply different monetization methods when you have a large enough audience.

Making Money From Blogging in India

1. Provide your services – Providing useful and informative content, for instance, can help gain web traffic. Additionally, you can also provide paid services to your online visitors or a section on your blog “work with me”.

2. Ad Networks– To summarize, it is a popular way of making money online, today, by using popular ad networks like Google AdSense, Facebook Audience Network Ads, and Yahoo Network.

3. Sell Info Products – E-books or courses are some examples of info products. Pitching your products at the correct time and at a low price can surely encourage purchases.

4. Affiliate Marketing – Promoting your products or services using a special link. A click on the link of your product, can earn you a commission.

5. Sponsored Posts / Products – Subsequently, you can get paid to write articles on brands or products.

6.  Ads Monetization – Offering advertising space on your site to businesses.

Summarizing The Concept Of Blogging

Blogging is a gateway to help you promote your brand or services and generate revenue. Thus, reading blogs of the top bloggers will give you a clear understanding of how to gain more traffic to your site.  Continuous learning and understanding of the changes in the industry keep a blogger updated on various niches.


Q.1. Do people still read blogs?

77% of internet users worldwide like reading blogs.  Once there is quality in the content, people will visit your site.

Q.2. What is the advice for a new blogger?

Blogs should be clear and have supporting images to make them more colourful. Write matters that interest you.

Q.3. How do you make money with blogging?

You can make money through sponsored posts, affiliate programs and many more.

Q.4. Which is the best blogging platform?

WordPress is the industry standard for bloggers.

Q.5. How do I increase traffic on my page?

Use relevant keywords and make memorable content.  You can use advertising to increase website traffic.

Q.6. Which is the best blogging niche?

Digital marketing, health and fitness, finance and investing, food, and self-care are some common niches.

Q.7. How can I make my blog rank first on the google page?

Backlinks boost a page’s authority.  All high authority pages rank higher.  This is how the google algorithm works.

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