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Are you searching for the Top 8 Artificial Intelligence courses in Pune? Your search ends right here! The demand for AI has grown exponentially due to its transformative capabilities in different industries. Firstly, with massive data streams from digital sources, AI’s ability to analyze and interpret this information has become invaluable to businesses. As a result, companies are looking to increase efficiency and improve decision-making by harnessing AI technology.

Here is the list of the Top 8 Artificial Intelligence Courses in Pune. These tasks include experiential learning, natural language understanding, pattern recognition, decision-making, problem solving, and adaptation to new situations. Additionally, AI aims to enable machines to mimic and emulate human intelligence, enabling them to perform complex tasks efficiently and accurately, often beyond human capabilities in some ways. Moreover, AI is a rapidly evolving field with continuous advancements and innovation.

1. Henry Harvin’s- Top 8 Artificial Intelligence courses in Pune

Henry Harvin’s

This is one of the leading names in the training and education industry. as well as the first of the top 8 Artificial Intelligence courses in Pune. It is an established ad technology company that offers over 800 courses through online platforms.


you will get the best Artificial Intelligence Course at Henry Harvin’s

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course

Key Features

  • Duration-32 hours
  • fees-15,000
  • This AI course offers a comprehensive understanding of the theories behind AI and machine learning. 
  • You’ll gain a deep insight into artificial intelligence, its purpose, scope, applications, and impact.
  •  Additionally, you’ll learn the basics of ML (Machine Learning) and DL (Deep Learning). 
  • The course covers the ML workflow and effective implementation strategies. 
  • Moreover, you’ll explore performance metrics and identify suitable methods for them, including supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning.
  • Furthermore, you’ll unlock job opportunities abroad that require expertise in AI. 
  • By completing this course, you’ll enhance your resume and LinkedIn profile, showcasing your technical and professional growth. 
  • This certification sets your resume apart from your peers, increasing your chances of promotions in your current role with these highly sought-after skills.


2. Excelr – Top 8 Artificial Intelligence courses in Pune

Excelr ML, one of the most popular AI courses of the 8 best AI courses in Pune, offers a comprehensive 40 hour course. This intensive training course covers over 60 assignments and ensures you’ll be on at least two live projects. Experts from Excelr’s ML division provide up-to-date and well-structured tutorials on machine learning. In addition, Excelr University covers a wide range of topics, including data science and artificial intelligence. . Excelr emphasizes practical training and participation in industry projects, while helping students find jobs. In addition to classroom training, Excelr also offers online learning options, giving students the flexibility to tailor the educational experience to their interests and needs.  

key features

  • Duration-85 Hours
  • fees-25,999
  • In this course, you’ll grasp the fundamentals of AI and witness how these cutting-edge technologies are reshaping the AI industry.
  • By delving into the key terms used in the AI space, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of this fascinating field.
  • Moreover, you’ll explore real-life AI applications through practical use cases, enhancing your knowledge and comprehension.
  • Pondering on the off chance that this course is right for you? ExcelR’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) course is perfect for various individuals, including management and non-technical participants.
  • If you’re a student keen on learning about artificial intelligence, this course is an ideal choice.
  • Additionally, beginners who are new to AI or unsure of its implications will find this course highly beneficial, especially as it requires no programming skills.

Rating 4.8/5

3. UpGrad Campus Top 8 Artificial Intelligence courses in Pune

Upgrade is another of the best institutes for the Top 8 Artificial Intelligence Courses in Pune. It is an educational institute that specializes in providing courses related to machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, and other related fields. Moreover, the institute boasts experienced teachers who ensure hands-on training, industry projects, and job placement assistance for their students. Additionally, Upgrade offers both online and in-class training options, providing learners with flexibility in their learning journey.

key features

  • Duration- 12 to 18 months
  • fees-55,000
  • Introducing a special organization tailored for college students where learning is made accessible and effective
  • With over 450 hours of lessons available, you can dive into various topics at your own convenience.
  • Experience the best of both worlds with live sessions and recorded classes, providing flexibility to accommodate your schedule.
  • You’ll have ample opportunities to gain practical experience by working with more than 15 cutting-edge tools.
  • Plus, get ready for an enriching session with industry experts where you can seek valuable insights and guidance.
  • As you progress, engage in more than six hands-on projects to strengthen your skills.

Upon successful completion, you’ll be awarded a prestigious Double Certificate from Golden Gate University, a testament to your achievements.

  • Not to mention, this program includes ChatGPT Prompt Engineering, an innovative feature that takes your learning experience to new heights.
  • Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your knowledge and career prospects!


Henry Harvin Provide these courses as well

4.Intellipaat Top 8 Artificial Intelligence courses in Pune

Intellipaat is a renowned online training platform that offers a diverse range of professional courses and certificate programs in various technology and business domains. The platform is highly regarded for its industry-specific training and certifications, catering to both individuals and corporate professionals seeking skill enhancement or exploration of new career paths.

Key features

  • duration-7 months
  • fees-100,035
  • Once you are transferred to the placement team, get ready to catch the attention of our esteemed recruiting partners, who are always on the lookout for talented individuals like you.
  • Additionally, when you have completed 80% of the course, you will gain exclusive access to Intellipaat’s dedicated job portal.
  • This opens up a world of possibilities as over 400 recruitment partners, including leading startups and established companies, actively seek to hire our learners.
  • You’ll receive personalized guidance and support throughout your job search journey, ensuring you find the best-suited positions to foster your career growth.


5. Edvancer Eduventures Top 8 Artificial Intelligence courses in Pune

In 2021, GUS Worldwide Administrations Pvt. Ltd. procured the company, making it a portion of the Worldwide College Framework (GUS).

Give Top-notch Proficient Preparing:
The worldwide instruction framework frequently battles to keep pace with the ever-changing industry and mechanical requests. Graduates in some cases need the abilities required for the working environment and require advance preparing.

key features

  • As for learning options, we offer the flexibility of live online classes, enabling real-time interaction with instructors.
  • Alternatively, choose a self-study approach with dedicated teacher support for personalized guidance.
  • The program spans 180 hours of study, complemented by 250 hours of assignments and hands-on projects, ensuring you acquire practical skills.
  • fees-41,495
  • Start your AI journey today and become a sought-after expert in this cutting-edge field!


6. Great Learning Top 8 Artificial Intelligence courses in Pune

Great Learning Academy is an outstanding online learning platform that caters to various fields, including data science, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and more. Its main goal is to equip learners with top-notch education and practical skills that make them work-ready in a competitive market. The platform offers a wide range of courses, both free and paid, ensuring accessibility for all learners. Overall, Great Learning Academy is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to upskill or build a career in the dynamic world of technology.

key features

  • Great Learning offers an outstanding learning experience with personalized mentoring sessions.
  • Learners receive dedicated professional support throughout their educational journey. With over 225 hours of online content, you can delve deep into the subject matter. Moreover, you can resolve doubts promptly with the assistance of expert advisors from the industry.
  • Also, The program enriches the learning process with over 30 real-life case studies, providing valuable insights and practical applications.
    • Furthermore, rest assured that you’ll receive proactive program support to ensure a seamless learning experience.
  • Finally, as an added bonus, you’ll earn dual certificates from top universities upon successful completion of the course.

Rating 4.78/5

7.Edureka Top 8 Artificial Intelligence courses in Pune

The platform stands out by offering courses on trending technologies such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence. With interactive live sessions, learners can engage in real-time discussions and learning experiences. Additionally, Edureka provides both a master’s program and a graduate program, allowing students to choose the best fit for their educational journey.

key features

  • Duration-6 weeks
  • fees-19,995
  • What’s more, you get lifetime access to the course, and your access never expires, allowing you to learn at your own pace.
  • As part of Edureka’s commitment to excellence, learners also receive free access to future updates, ensuring they stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.
  • The platform offers unlimited access to course content, and you can rely on 24/7 support whenever you need assistance.
  • Moreover, With personal learning support and a dedicated support service, Edureka ensures that you receive the help you need every step of the way.
  • Also, Doubts are resolved in real-time, making learning a seamless and efficient process. Furthermore, Engage in practice and project-based learning, gaining hands-on experience through industry-related projects.
  • Lastly, Edureka provides course data sets and demo files, enriching your learning experience.


8. Seven Mentor Top 8 Artificial Intelligence courses in Pune

Seven Mentor undoubtedly ranks as the second-most prestigious brand on the list of the best Artificial Intelligence courses in Pune. Students are presented with a wide range of choices, as they can opt for either online or offline courses spanning various fields, such as IT, SAP, Human Resources, fashion, interior design, and foreign languages.

With a diverse team of over 75 mentors, Seven Mentor extends its expertise to students worldwide, conducting over 52 classes at multiple locations. What sets Seven Mentor apart from other machine learning colleges in Pune is its comprehensive course offerings, which cater to learners of all levels: beginners, intermediates, and advanced.

Key features :

  • Duration:90 hours
  • Machine Learning : Image Processing and Concept Core to Move Forward
  • Researchers play a crucial role in the design, production, and analysis of information. Whether it’s being a network, operating system, database, or application-software engineer, they ensure the smooth functioning of various systems.
  • Moreover, research in the software application domain is vital. It involves preparing requirement documents and software specifications to shape innovative and effective software solutions.


What are the advantages of machine learning courses in Pune?

Start-up opportunities: AI courses not only prepare individuals for employment but also nurture their entrepreneurial spirit. Armed with AI knowledge, individuals can explore start-up opportunities and create innovative AI-driven products or services.

In conclusion, AI courses in Pune serve as a gateway to meeting industry demands, unlocking diverse career prospects, staying updated with technological advancements, and fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. Embracing AI education in Pune will undoubtedly pave the way for a thriving AI ecosystem and promising future opportunities.


In brief, AI courses play a significant role in forming a long-term culture of innovation and advancement. The growing demand for fake insights stems from its transformative capabilities in different areas.

Additionally, AI preparing guarantees that learners remain side by side of the most recent headways and breakthroughs within the field.

Besides, AI instruction engages experts to remain ahead in a rapidly advancing mechanical scene.

Besides, AI courses not only cater to tech devotees but also welcome experts from different foundations, making AI instruction available and comprehensive. The multidisciplinary nature of AI permits people to investigate its applications in different spaces, from healthcare to finance, extending the scope of AI’s impact.

In conclusion, AI courses provide the fundamental foundation for people to exceed expectations within the domain of manufactured insights, unleashing a world of openings and advancement.

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What is AI? 

AI could be a department of computer science that centers on making machines or frameworks that can perform errands that would ordinarily require human insights. These assignments may incorporate experiential learning, thinking, problem-solving, normal dialect understanding, and design acknowledgment.

What are the common applications of AI? 

What are the common applications of AI? AI finds application in an assortment of ranges, such as virtual colleagues (like Siri and Alexa), suggestion frameworks (utilized by Netflix and Amazon), characteristic dialect preparation, picture and voice acknowledgment, self-driving vehicles, restorative diagnostics, extortion discovery, and more.

 describe ways to begin learning?

 There are various online courses, instructional exercises, and resources available to memorize AI. You’ll be able to start with essential AI courses and then dive into more specialized zones like machine learning, profound learning, and common dialect handling. 

Can AI supplant human work? 

 Can AI supplant human work? AI is capable of robotizing certain tasks, which might lead to work cuts in certain divisions. In any case, it also creates unused work openings, particularly in areas that require AI advancement, execution, and support.

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