Are you looking for the best Content Writing Course? Do you know what Content writing is all about?


Well, before getting into the details of content writing, let’s discuss what is Content?

Content is the information that forms the base of any blog post, websites, e-commerce portals, newspapers, magazines, etc. Good content will attract an audience. Now, to write such content requires the need for Content writers.


This is a diverse industry, that collaborates with other industries e.g. media, entertainment, blog, etc. which depends on the expression and presentation of thoughts and ideas to the customers or audience.

Content writing has the potential to add value to your old content and refresh it that appeals to your audience and drives action. Thus increasing your web presence.

It not only enhances your research abilities and knowledge but also broadens your thoughts. It improves your literary skills as a writer.

So, why is the popularity of content writing increasing?

The content writing industry has gained impetus in the last two decades as the trend in the business world has changed, it has become digital. Online marketing has become the need of the hour.

So good content is always required to increase online traffic on any business portal.

There are many forms of content writing that are largely used across the globe by internet users. And you will be surprised that the demand for such content is increasing every day. 


Therefore, aspiring copywriters, bloggers, scriptwriters, professionals from various fields and entrepreneurs want to get enrolled in this course to become a content writer. 

Writing on social media is one of the most popular careers in the field of content writing.  It has the potential to generate a returnif it is planned and executed properly. You get to work as a freelancer or you can work in any organization in the position of Content Writer depending upon your preference.

This course will help you chart a prospective career path.

It is a profession with endless opportunities. There is no specialized degree required to take this course. It is basically the expression of thoughts into words. 

“Writing comes more easily when you have something to say”, Sholem Asch.

Apart from commercial descriptive purposes, content writing is a tool to communicate with the global audience. Now,


Do you know the possible benefits of doing a Content Writing Course?

With an understanding of Content writing,

  • You can create original content and thus avoid plagiarism.
  • You are able to do research on various subjects to write the content. By researching interesting and relevant topics and converting it into useful content for readers, you can generate the lead over others.
  • You can detect grammatical and factual errors and can avoid them in your content.
  • If you want to become a blogger, this course enhances your creativity skills, thereby increasing your reader reviews and their loyalty to your blog or website.
  • It helps in creating posts for social media to promote your blog or website.
  • Other than working on the professional front, additional income can be generated by working as a freelancer.
  • If you are a Digital Marketer, the Content Writing Course gives a boost to your career, because you can create a blog post or your website by easily finding the niche that suits your interest or profession.


What are the various scope of content writing?
Your search for a job expands when you go through the  content writing tutorial. You can work in following roles like,


  • Creative writer
  • Copywriter
  • Research writer
  • Technical writer
  • Freelancer
  • Blogger
  • Web Content writer etc.

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What are the various skills required for Content Writing?

For any successful blog, website, marketing campaigns or newsletter, impressive content is required. Can you imagine a newspaper without any content? A lot of practice is required while writing.

A good content writer has the potential to provide any type of well-written content which is interesting and also helps in engaging the readers. 
 For a good content writer ………


Do you know who your reader is? If you are familiar with your target audience/ reader, you can create the desired text. The content that you will write for your boss will be different from the one that you will write to your friend. 

Knowledge of target readers is very important. This ensures that the content is not only accepted but shared with different social media platforms as well. This will definitely increase traffic on your website if your content is according to the demand of readers.

You should be clear about the topic of your content. It will be easier for the readers to decide what exactly you want to convey. The topic should be relevant to the readers. Great analytical skill is required for easy commuting of ideas from writer to reader.

Your content should be original. No plagiarism is allowed.It is mandatory to write original and unique content. It is an essential factor for SEO. Posting copied content on the web will enable google to identify it, and enforce penalties by blocking the site. You need to be very original with your ideas and content otherwise you are liable to trademark and copyright infringement.

You need to have strong research skills. To write a catchy content good research is always a very important factor coz, it adds credibility and value to any content. Doesn’t matter if we are talking about keyword research, niche research or any other type of research, you need to develop your patience.

If you have the ability to do good research, you are a good writer because research develops patience.

Your understanding of SEO and WordPressshould be up to mark. You should know the crucial SEO basics. A variety of WordPress themes are available with default functions. All you need to know how to install it according to your needs.

Your text should follow readability principles. Poor readability scares the reader away from the content.

     The few Readability principles for any content are:

  • Talk directly to your reader, like things are happening in a direct tone. Use the terms ‘You’, ‘We’, ‘I’.
  • Use Active voice while writing clear content. 
  • Be simple while writing simply doesn’t drag any topic.
  • Don’t stuff unnecessary ideas. Stick to one simple idea. Don’t confuse the readers.
  • Proofread your text while writing. While proofreading you can identify your mistakes and also can review your text.   


If you want unlimited job opportunities you have to stay trendy and up-to-date.    You can write for various freelance communities, maintain a presence on various social media platforms. Sharing your content with your network will create a contact for you.

Create a hook that grabs attention. A hook can make any post irresistible. A hook can be: 

  • A strong statement
  • The self-interest hook- It connects a concept to whom readers can identify with.
  • Any story hook –It connect story concept with real life story
  • Fresh spin hook- explanation of a concept by comparing or relating with another, type of a metaphor.
  • Curation hook- Several other related concepts are connected with a concept. Curation is the act of collecting data for any reference. 


How to plan your content writing?

This is actually the correct implementation of the ideas that you wanted to pen down. If you write a consistently remarkable text you can easily build a foundation of any business. Divide your writing and editing process into stages.

To get a detailed idea of it you can check out: Top Tools to Plan Your Content Writing

A gist of it can be given as:

  • Prefer quality over quantity. Your post should grab the attention of the audience and encourage them to share your info.

         Our one post weekly will attract readers’ attention. 

  • Start with Day One- It’s time to think about your favourite topic. 

         Open up your brain and pen down your ideas on a piece of paper

  • Spend some time to craft a headline to get the attention you are looking for in your post. 


To make a consistent flow in your writing subheads are used. This forms the branches of the head.

Your subheads should beinformative enough to hold the crux of content.

This is enough, to begin with for any content, on the day one.

  • Your second day is meant for writing the details of the outline that you created on day one.       


You need to write down your thoughts, ideas. Spend some time to look for an image that compliments your text and attracts your readers too. Try to select the image that coordinates with the text.


  •  Keep editing work as Day three affair.


If you wish to rewrite your content, do it. Edit your content. It’s an important step while writing. Devote some time in formatting your text for its user-friendly readability. Better add numbering and bullets. You can italicize or highlight your text as required. Important points should be clearly visible in your content.

           Make your content convenient to read by splitting your long paras into smaller chunks.      

  •  Your work isn’t over…. Your last day is your publication day. Ensure to get it right. It is a very important part while doing content writing.

Build time into your schedule to frame exceptional content. Make sure to create it audience friendly.

Content Writing Courses

Various institutes are available that offer content writing courses. These courses are available with the options of online training and classroom lectures.

Since the sessions are interactive, you can avail of any of the two depending upon convenience. People who can’t manage the classroom sessions can easily attend the online tutorials. 

Now, what you need is an Institute providing a course in Content writing with seasoned industry experts as trainers. 


So where to start?

Well, if you’re looking for any such institute let me help you with some of them offering the best content writing course near  me that one is Henry Harvin Education.


Do you know the reason why the popularity of the course is increasing, largely in Delhi-NCR particularly in Noida? It is so because the city has become the prime hub for Internet Marketing and Content Writing.


Henry Harvin Education is a popular institute known for the best Content Writing Course in Noida. It is located in Sector -2, Noida. 

All the info regarding the course is available on their portal in a very detailed manner.

You can request a free demo of the course if you are really satisfied with the info shared on their portal. 

The key feature of their course includes- 

  1. Duration of the course- It is a 32 hours classroom session with 24 live online sessions along with life-time E-Learning access.
  2. Their trainers are experts with very good industry experience or freelancers who provide comprehensive & interactive training to provide the best content writing course online.
  3. Monthly brush-up sessions.
  4. Develop the ability to make money online with content writing.
  5. Live industry projects and assignments.


The outcomes will be,

  1. Well- structured well-defined course material that is easy to consume & 24 *7 LMS access.
  2. CDCW (Certified Digital Content Writer) certification from Henry Harvin Education, Noida is affiliated with the American Association of EFL, UK Cert, UKAF, and Content writing Association in India, MSME and Government of India.
  3. Recordings of previous sessions of all the locations can easily be accessed.
  4. Post-training support + Internship opportunities (optional).
  5. Knowledge of creating more than 30 types of content.                                                             


You must be now thinking about which is the best institute that offers the best content writing course near me? 

Select the Best Content Writing Course online.

There are several factors on the basis of which you   will be   able to decide, they are: 

  1. The Brand of the organisation. You should avoid joining an Institute that is not Govt. recognised. Their certificate will be of no value.
  2. Course module
  3. Feedback and reviews of the institute.
  4. Support provided by them like internships or job support.
  5. Access to various tools used.
  6. Profile or credential of trainer. It is very important that the trainer should be seasoned one with good experience
  7. Lastly, if you are searching for the best content writing Course online then good physical infrastructure and logistics of the institute is a must..  


To get an idea of it, if we compare the learning outcomes & benefits of both the institutes mentioned above, it’s easy to select the best. 
Both of them provide government recognised certification, but the content writers from Henry Harvin can showcase themselves as Certified Digital Content Writers (CDCW) as Henry Harvin is Asia’s first institute to start a Digital content writing course.

 This is the distinguishing factor that provides global credibility since the certification mentions the course as “Certified Digital Content Writer”, simply not Content Writers, which definitely will increase your resume score.

Also, the fact is that it is South Asia’s First Digital Content Writing Course. 

It is the # Ranked No -1 Content writing course by Trainings360 India, thus making  India’s most advanced content writing course. This establishes the brand credibility.

Apart from this, other reasons why Henry Harvin’s course is worthy to be taken ? or Why should Henry Harvin Education be selected? 

  • Their curriculum and its features make it very productive. 
  • They teach you 30+ different content types.

They schedule their classes on Sundays to make it convenient for the working professionals to join the course without constraints. Their sessions are interactive, informative and practical

  • They also trained their participants how to work as freelancers.
  • They regularly send job openings to their alumni through e-mails.
  • They will enhance or develop all of your skills necessarily required for writing.  

All of their training programs are regularly updated with evolving trends in the writing industry. 
Also, the trainers at Henry Harvin are very well qualified and their level of confidence states their skills and expertise in the industry.

This Content writing course from Henry Harvin Education is also recommended for those who also want to build a career in Digital Marketing. 

If you are really looking to level up your writing and creativity skills & want to craft compelling content that is in demand, easy for readers to find & absorb it, check out CDCW from Henry Harvin Education the best content writing course in Noida.

Alumni reviews and feedback regarding Henry Harvin education are very positive and most of them recommend the Digital Marketing Course as well.

What else is different about Henry Harvin?

It is India’s most popular GST Institute which featured on Hindustan Times and Aaj Tak & It also #ranked as No-1 GST Training Institute by Trainings360 India. This also establishes their brand value.

If you too agree with my research and if  your confusions are really clear about  the best content writing institute ,It’s probably the time to request a free demo from Henry Harvin. And get enrolled into their upcoming batch.

 All the best…… Enjoy Writing!!!
“Give words to your thoughts” – Thoughtful Minds.

“We Recommend Henry Henry Education is Best for Content Writing Course in Nodia”

What is content?

Content is the information that forms the base of any blog post, websites, e-commerce portals, newspapers, magazines, etc. Good content will attract an audience. Now, to write such content requires the need for Content writers.

Why is content writing popular?

The content writing industry has gained impetus in the last two decades as the business world has changed, it has become digital. Online marketing has very important. Good content is required to increase online traffic on any business portal.

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