Are you a travel enthusiast planning your first trip to France? How about spicing up your travel itinerary with a garnish of French language knowledge. Imagine an evening in Paris, under the mesmerizing ambience of the Eiffel Tower, and speaking fluent French language and amaze your dear ones. Which soul on this earth would not be enthralled to live this moment in their lives? Is it not better to enjoy the awe-inspiring French Alps and majestic Mont Blanc while communicating with the localities to understand their history, culture, and heritage? Moreover, a career as a French-language expert has immense scope in today’s world.

Which is the best institute to learn the French language?


The only key to learning any language is the determination to practice it uninterruptedly whatsoever be the circumstances. It is always better to seek professional help to gain the required expertise to reach the desired heights. Henry Harvin Education is the best institute for learning the French language both for beginners, intermediates, and professionals and to hone your skills.

Why Henry Harvin Education?

Henry Harvin Education makes any course very special because it makes all its learning programs wholesome and thus the participants do not need to wander outside for any extra assistance. Practice makes a man perfect and the ability to get the best out of any learning program depends on the learning appetite of an individual, Henry Harvin Education leaves no stone unturned to nourish the learners. It will serve all the necessary ingredients like a complete course with the most up-to-date curriculum, 100% practical training, learning through mobile app access to make learning on the go around-the-clock experience, 24* 7-lifetime support, and 100% money-back guarantee.

What makes Henry Harvin Education the best institute?

  • A complete course- The French language certification course learning program from Henry Harvin Education is a lifetime experience and every linguaphile must avail of this opportunity. The course is designed so that it encompasses every requisite of learning any language scientifically.
  • A complete curriculum-A well-crafted course that is developed with rigorous research and development by the subject matter experts. This is as per the European framework reference for languages. This is a perfect blend and the best medium to gain expertise in the French language.
  • A complete hands-on 100% exposure platform– In today’s cutthroat competitive world, a primary requisite of any course is to give hands-on exposure. Without this, it is not considered at par with industry requirements. The French language learning course from Henry Harvin Education is an ideal course that is based on this central idea. This course gives practical knowledge on information system functions. The participants get the opportunity to learn through the projects and grasp the essence of learning by practically doing the things. Henry Harvin Education works on the methodology of GCAO Pedagogy.

  •  A complete learning experience on the go-The tech-savvy learners nowadays is more inclined towards learning on the go and prefer institutes that provide such facilities. Henry Harvin Education understands this need of the learners and thus provides mobile app access to the modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment or in short MOODLE. This gives them access to exclusive learning management. With the login credentials, the course participants can continue their learning with their mobile phones at their convenience without having to sit with their laptops at a designated study spot.

  • A complete learning partner for life– Henry Harvin’s education understands that learning never stops and a mentor for life is most welcome by the learning enthusiasts. Irrespective of the course once enrolled with Henry Harvin Education, it never leaves them in the lurch. Live projects, internship projects, job assistance, recorded videos of the sessions, regularly arranged boot-camp sessions, personal interview, and other soft-skills preparations are all part of its learning programs.

  • A trustworthy friend, philosopher, and guide for all learning requirements– Henry Harvin Education understands the value of the hard-earned money invested by the participants and their families. In the most unlikely event of dissatisfaction after the 1st session of the French Language, the full amount will be refunded back.

Aspects of the French Language course 

Teaching any language is an art. Henry Harvin Education understands that the learners who enrol with their French language courses might be doing it out of a passion for learning a language or to pursue a career professionally. Upon pursuing the French language course, the participants will be able to speak the language proficiently and genuinely. The French language course from Henry Harvin Education is recognized worldwide.

Appropriate levels for the right learner

Henry Harvin has dedicated different levels in the French language course in accordance with the learner’s needs. It understands that while learning a language, different learners are at different levels starting from complete beginners to intermediate to advanced levels. By providing the appropriate levels of course to the right kind of learners, Henry Harvin Education proves its expertise every time at imparting education with precision.

The different levels

The various levels are the beginner’s level, the Upper beginner’s level, the intermediate level, the Upper-intermediate level, the advanced level, and the proficiency level. Let us understand them in detail.

  • A1- The Beginner’s Level: The key to learning any language is to start with the basics and then gradually progress towards the higher levels. Considering this key aspect, Henry Harvin has dedicated this level to the beginners and thus the A1 level comprises basic French Vocabulary, foundational grammar like an introduction to French nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, etc., and syntax rules and general French greeting terms.

  • A2-The Upper Beginner’s Level: This level takes the learning to the next level wherein the detailed analysis of grammatical rules like future tenses, relative pronouns, adverbs, demonstrative pronouns, and their real-world application. Various other aspects like decision-making words, comparative studies, chronological studies, expression of absolute certainty, etc.

  • B1-The Intermediate level: After having mastered the basics of grammar, vocabulary, and other basic aspects, the Intermediate level is the next level that can be taken up by the learners to progress towards writing, reading, and listening. At this level, the participants learn to frame sentences on their own in the French language.

  • B2-The Upper Intermediate Level: In this level, the participants get exposure to higher levels of French language comprehension like French dialects, complex sentences, and texts. They are able to draft long formats of written texts like speech etc and are able to communicate.

  • C1-The Advanced Level: This level of the French language will give the participants a grasp of the long compositions and their implications. The learners after the completion of this course will be able to express themselves freely and impromptu.

  • C2-The Proficiency Level: This is the ultimate level and would equip the participants with the most advanced preparations to be an expert in the French language. They will be in a position to comprehend the written and oral information and process it efficiently in a coherent manner.

The uniqueness of the French language course

The French language course from Henry Harvin is crafted diligently with 9 unique elements.

  1. Trainers and Training– The Trainers at Henry Harvin Education are domain experts and carry with them experience of more than 1.5 decades. Also, the training programs are specially curated for online live interactive sessions. The duration of each course is distributed according to the requirement of the course level.

  • A1- The Beginner’s Level: This course has been allocated 30 hours since it is the very basic and the first level of French language learning. The course fee is INR 8999/- which is very reasonable given the plethora of facilities associated.

  • A2- The Upper Beginner’s Level: This course has also been spread across 30 hours of learning hours as per the course requirement. The course fee is INR 8999/- which is equivalent to the beginner’s level and is highly justified given the next level of the course curriculum.

  • B1The Intermediate level: As the level of difficulty slightly increases in this course, it has been allocated 40 hours of learning hours. The course fee is INR 11999/- and includes a vast variety of written text preparations like grammar and vocabulary, cultural content, and work skills.

  • B2-The Upper Intermediate Level, C1-The Advanced Level, and C2-The Proficiency Level: All these levels of French language course have been allocated 40 hours as these levels are on the higher side of difficulty levels respectively. The course fee is INR 11999/- for B2-The Upper Intermediate Level whereas it is INR 14999/- for C1-The Advanced Level and C2-The Proficiency Level.

  1. Projects-Henry Harvin Education is an ed-tech organization that is well-versed with the importance of projects in a language learning course. These projects are not only mere projects that can be copied and pasted from the internet for the sake of doing it by the participants but involve 100% practical thought-process that will be beneficial for the participants in the long run.
  2. Internship opportunities– Henry Harvin Education believes in creating every possible opportunity for its present learners and alumni. It will provide learning and paid internship opportunities so that the participants can get a real-world hang of the deadlines and timely submission at the same time not compromising on quality output.

  1. Certification– Upon the successful completion of the course, the participants are provided a Certificate of French Language Training Course fromHenry Harvin Education which is a govt. Of India recognized and award-winning institute as well as accredited by many leading corporates and premium educational institutions.

  1. 100% placement assistance– Unlike other institutions, Henry Harvin Educations strives to provide 100% placement assistance till 1 year of the course completion.

  1. E-learning access-Henry Harvin Education understands that in this technologically progressive arena, mere classroom lectures in offline/online mode will not suffice to impart the requisite amount of knowledge but a fair exposure to the course-related tools and techniques, video tutorials, etc. are required.

  1. Bootcamps– Henry Harvin Education organizes boot camps for all of its learners enrolled in a variety of programs, French Language course is a special one as it’s a foreign language and a platter of boot camps spread over 12 months of time will be even more beneficial for the participants.

  1. Hackathons-Henry Harvin Education never ceases to amaze its participants by arranging out-of-the-box events like AskHenty Hackathons and access to competitions.

  1. Membership-The participants of the French language course are entitled to gold membership of the prestigious language academy of Henry Harvin Education for 1 year.

The language academy 

The language academy of Henry Harvin houses foreign courses like the Spanish language apart from the French Language. The sole aim behind creating such an academy is to hone the language skills of the learners in lieu of the high demand for such languages in today’s corporate world.

Other similar courses from Henry Harvin Education

  • Content Writing
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Medical Writing


Learning a new language is always an added advantage and a new feather in the cap for an individual. Those who are passionate language-lovers and want to learn the French language out of the love of pursuing the exotic journey of learning the French language should always do so from a recognized institution. Henry Harvin Education ignites this spark and enables the learner to learn the language at the desired level of the candidates.

If the language is an enticing foreign language like the French language, then it will always boost the resume score and LinkedIn profile of professionals. There is an unprecedented demand for individuals who are proficient in the French language by multinational companies like Google, J.P.Morgan, and other leaders of the respective industries.

In both cases, Henry Harvin Education plays an interesting role. The French language course from Henry Harvin Education opens doors of immense opportunities for full-time as well as freelance professionals. It also promotes the working professional’s profile with remuneration and designation hikes. The presence of the French Language Certification from Henry Harvin Education itself distinguishes the profile of a candidate. Overall this course is a must for all French Language learning enthusiasts who are eager to take their career to the zenith of French Language learning and allied services.

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  1. Rajeshwari Reply

    Excellent knowledge that you presented. The French language course taught by Henry Harvin was also very helpful to me. It was a positive encounter.

  2. This course is very helpful. The Henry Harvin Faculty, which is very skilled and, most significantly, gives me a course that fits my budget, is where I am taking a french language course.

  3. This course is very helpful. The Henry Harvin Faculty, which is very skilled and, most significantly, gives me a course that fits my budget, is where I am taking a french language course.

  4. This course is quite beneficial. I am taking french language course from Henry Harvin Faculty, which is incredibly competent and, most importantly, supplies me with a course that is within my budget.

  5. Jayant Kumar Reply

    The best online french language course. This course is recommended for every professional and student.

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